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"Stone-Wall-of-Shamer-of-the-Year" (2003/2004)

X-Councilmember Phillip H. Reed


"I would be honored to support the STONEWALL Veterans' Association", proudly declared fibber Phil "Philus" Read, in 1997, when he was a candidate for the New York City Council, having arrived back in NYC after many years in Frisco.  A campaign promise unkept?  Obviously!  Is he a liar?  U be the judge!  Unfortunately, he won that election by default only because too many Spanish candidates divided the Hispanic vote.  In a phone call by an SVA-er to Philus' Upper West Side (not Spanish Harlem) pad, Miss Read pretentiously replied:  "Oh, I thought we took care of that!  Of course, I'll be honored to be a an S.V.A. supporter.  Hell, if it weren't for you guys....  Well!  I'll personally send that S.V.A. letter of commendation and sponsor check for a 100 bucks  tomorrow.  That's the very least I can do!"  Apparently, it wasn't little enough for Philus.  She did nada much except lie and disrespect!  Let's 'read' Philus!

"Philus Read" has been taking the GLBT community for a loose cable elevator ride (pun intended, she used to work for Otis Elevators) -- unpredictably skipping many floors, starting with the foundation:  the S.V.A.!  "Everyone has a responsibility to fight injustice and intolerance whenever and wherever it is found" is a stump speech Philus quip.  So, excusa us, Philus, while you don't fight it and we do!  Philus wouldn't have to look very far to find unfairness, discrimination and exclusion.  All she has to do is look in her crack'd and clouded mirror.  She has zero tolerance for anyone else's position or opinion.  In the Gay Spanish Harlem community, "Senorita Philusa Read" is known as "La Loca Necia" (gayly translated, "the nasty queen").   

Philus Read is 'term-limited' -- the sweeping out with a broom feature to remove political dirt like Philus is the only reason that undemocratic term limits can ever be considered occasionally 'democratic'.  We urge the New York City 8th Council District citizens not  to vote for whomever Philus endorses as her wannabe successor.  Let's not go from the sticky, slimey, grimey frying pan into the destructive fire with any Philus Read endorsee or we'll not fully be rid of her!  Nothing personal against the ill-fated recipient -- whoever Philus jinxes with her political kiss-of-death endorsement -- but we really need a totally new councilmember who is totally free and clear of unrepentent, duplicitous Philus, her bad advice and her poison!  "Doctor's Orders" are for an independent person.  To rude and barata Philus, we at the S.V.A. bid her "Adios, Puta!"

Meanwhile, support, endorse, help, campaign and vote for Melissa Mark Viverito!    

Key:  For those of U not familiar -- including many Gays -- with the history and traditions of the Gay community, reversing gender pronouns is a cultural trait, pointedly when U are "reading".   





18 August

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