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Motown Superstar / Stonewall Legend:  
Diana Ross 
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Diana Ross "Supreme Lady" Wallpaper
[Created by Carlos Alberto Lopez a.k.a. Luv Chile]

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t the original STONEWALL Bar 
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in Greenwich Village, NY, the Gay boys and the Gay girls and their straight friends 
 started the uprising -- not the rented storefront!  Thus, the most important support is preserving the  
real history of the actual participants who created the Stonewall Rebellion!  They launched the 
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and support the people as represented proudly and exclusively for over a half-century by the 
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Current rip-off creeps selfishly give nothing to the folks who made it famous: Sronewall Vets!

This 'Go Fund Us' site includes a rarified slideshow of fascinating vintage photographs of 
members of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, all of whom were victims of the 
anti-Gay New York City Police Department raids on the original STONEWALL Club or the 
historic seven-night 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  As an authentic treat, you will hear 
music of an actual #1 girl group song from the original STONEWALL Bar & Dance Club Jukebox!
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Diana Distinctive backcover

Diana "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award" Ross


Diva Diana at Radio City Music Hall in NYC

is supremely significant that Miss Diana Ross is returning to the internationally-known Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NYC -- and so soon -- to perform during Gay Pride Week!  After all, with her legions of worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("G.L.B.T.") admirers and the fact that the Stonewall Rebellion ignited in Manhattan, makes it all the more significant!  Besides the great opening song of one of the greatest Gay anthems, "I'm Coming Out", we expect to hear several hit songs that were very supremely popular in all of the Gar Bar and Dance Club jukeboxes around the world!  Those Diana-led Supremes songs include, but are not limited to:  "Reflections", "U Keep Me Hangin' On", "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone", "I'm Gonna Make U Love Me", "(Mama Said) You Can't Hurry Love", "I'm Living In Shame", "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart", "Love Child", "My World Is Empty Without U, Babe", "There's No Stopping Us Now", "No Matter What Sign U Are", "In And Out Of Love" and, of course, "Someday We'll Be Together"!  Trust us, as always, several members of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association already have our front and center tickets for Thursday evening @ 8 p.m. to supremely enjoy all of Diana!


Diana Ross Returns to Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Diva Diana performed a whopping 25 of her songs to a sold-out show with a wildly (and
 Gay) enthusiastic audience!

Here is Diana's grrrreat songlist for the show on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 in NYC!
P.S.  Setlist.FM got it right except in one of their parenthetical sources.  "Home" from "The Wiz" is Diana's memorable song from HER movie "The Wiz"!  (The movie producers, ironically and understandably, unanimously chose Miss Ross over her desperately-wanting-the-role opponent.)   


Diana Ross's 25th Studio Record Album:  "Thank You"

Thank You singles in 2021:
* "Thank U"
* "If The World Just Danced"
"All Is Well"
"I Still Believe"


Finding A Coronavirus Vaccine is Like a Certain Diana Ross & The Supremes Song, says Expert! 


Diana Ross: Supertonic Mixes

A supertonic, stunning and supreme collection of ten Diana Ross super hit songs with new and bold mixes!  The great songs include:  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "No One Gets The Prize", "I'm Coming Out", "Surrender (Your Love)", "Love Hangover", "It's My House", "Upside Down", "Remember Me", "The Boss" and the only formerly non-dance song "Touch Me In The Morning (Then Just Walk Away)".  It is a truly super Supreme collection by any standards.  Four of the songs have been released as singles over the past two years!  All of them triumphantly and incredibly went to #1 Dance -- all after over forty years since their original release and some close to a half-century!  




"Motown 60" Television Special Starring Diana Ross


Diana Ross:  Grammy Awards "Salute to Motown and Diana Ross"

The Grammy Awards included a special tribute to Motown Records and, thus, have as their star performer:  Diana Ross!  The star-studded awards show was on Sunday evening, February 10th, 2019
@ 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. on CBS-TV!

Grammy Awards Announces "Tribute to Diamond Diana"


'Get Ready' For Diana Ross This Holiday Season!!!

Superstar Diana Ross will be starring and performing in a holiday trifecta for Thanksgiving in the legendary New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade, for Christmas at the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree-Lighting Ceremony and for New Year's Eve on the exciting New Year's Eve Party 'Live' from Times Square on NBC-TV!  Miss Ross performs her new holiday single, "(Simply Having A) Wonderful Christmas Time" from her new compilation album "Wonderful Christmas Time"!


Diana Ross Performs on "NBC's New Year's Eve Show" on December 31st @ 11:30 p.m.



Is Diana Ross the New "Queen Of Christmas"?
This Supreme Christmas article features a slide show of seven great Diana Xmas pix!


New York Christmas Tree Lighting with Diana Ross

Post-Event 411:  Diva Dame Diana Ross, looking Ross radiant and super Supreme, performed five holiday songs from her new compilation Christmas album "Wonderful Christmas Time"!  She sang (in order of performance): "Someday At Christmas", "Sleigh Ride". "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time", "Jingle Bells" and "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"!  As a super surprise,  Diana stated that "Christmas" is "home" -- quite true -- and segued into her timeless song from her movie The Wiz"... the beautiful and holiday fitting "Home"! Ross-2018

Diana Ross Stars in the N.Y.C. Thanksgiving Day Parade
Supreme Diana Ross is starring in the legendary New York City 92nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Miss Ross will have the Hallmark Channel’s Heartwarming Holiday Countdown
 float.  It is designed as a huge month of December calendar and it is a colorful three-stories high!  Diana will be at the top!  And here's the even better part, Diana will be performing!  The Turkey Day Parade is Thursday, November 22nd, 2018.  (Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of November.)  You do not have to be there to see Diana!  The extravaganza is televised 'live' from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on CBS-TV -- channel 2 in NYC.  The parade -- with 'live' performances added -- is encored nationally from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on NBC-TV -- channel 4 in Tri-State NY area.  Diana performs the beautiful "(Simply Having A) Wonderful Christmas Time".  The only person in the parade after Diva Diana and her immediate family of five children and five grandchildren is... Santa Claus and his nine reindeer!  Score: Diana - 10; Santa - 9.  Diana wins!


The Entire Ross Family Wonderfully Wears Winter White


Macy*s Thanksgiving Parade Stars Diana Ross and Santa Claus


Diva Diana remakes one of her #1 songs and is back on top of the charts! 

* "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (remix) {#1 Dance}

Diana Ross:  Diamond Diana - The Legacy Collection

What a fab cover of Diva Diana!  This great collection includes the original international hit and very
Stonewall jukebox "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and the bonus of the brand-new remix of
Diana's version of "ANMHE" which has hit #1 on the American dance charts!


Diamond Diana's Hit Single Release in 2018:

* "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Re-Mix) {#1 Dance}



Diana Ross Is Honored at the American Music Awards

Diana Ross grandly received
on the "45th Annual American Music Awards Show" (AMA) the "Lifetime Achievement Award" on Sunday evening, November 19th, 2017.  Diana has already received the Grammy Awards' lifetime achievement award!  The AMA is one of the endless music shows that Diana Ross has performed on and hosted AMA twice!  Besides showing vintage performance music clips with The Supremes, solo performances including her famous Central Park Concert and AMA award, Diana performed tonight!  Diva Ross performed 'live' her following hit songs:
"I'm Coming Out" (1980)
"Take Me Higher" (1995)
"Ease On Down The Road" (1978)
"The Best Years Of My Life" (1993)
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (1970)

Other singing stars who performed on this AMA show include:  Lady Gaga,
Christina Aguilera, Bruno MarsKelly Clarkson, Pink, Nick JonasDemi Lovato and Shawn Mendes!  Ironically (or maybe not so ironic), one of Diana's three daughters, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, co-star of hit television shows "Girlfriends" and "Black-ish", hosted the event which honored her Supreme mother!  The entire Ross Family was there; they later joined her on stage!  After Diana's invigorating performance for the finale of the three-hour show, she was also joined on stage by some of her Motown family namely Berry Gordy, Jr.Smokey Robinson and Lionel Ritchie.  The fulfilling AMA show was from 8 p.m. until just after 11 p.m. (EST).  It concluded with Diana!



Diana Ross Showcases at St. George Theatre, NYC

Diana Ross
has many favourite performance venues throughout her World touring.  The historic, beautifully-restored, grand St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York, is one!  She last performed there in 2001.  You can even arrive there via one of the famous Staten Island ferries with a scenic and close-up view of "The Statue of Liberty"!  The recent time that Diana performed there -- sold-out-- was "One Night Only" on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016.  Yes, the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association had a special block of tickets.  To quote the name of a Diana song from the year of her Central Park Concert, 1983, the seats were "Up Front"!  The S.V.A. contingency was led by Willson Henderson, who Diana knows starting in 1969 backstage at the Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, Long Island, NY, and AnDre M. Christie, who Diana met for the first time tonight when she eyed and winked him, signalled him with her index finger and called him (yes, a total of three times) -- AnDre was "A Breath-Taking Guy" (one of his favorite DRS songs) -- up on stage to dance with her during "Upside Down (Boy, You Move Me)"!  In fact, the Supreme seats were totally "Up Front" in the V.I.P. front row center right in front of Diana!  We could really "Reach Out And Touch...".     

Diana Ross at the grand St. George Theatre in Staten Island, NY

Queen Diana with the SVA's general manager AnDre Christie on stage
Note:  The performance was during Diana's mega hit "Upside Down"!
[Photograph by Willson Henderson at the historic St. George Theatre, Staten Island, N.Y.]
For more on AnDre:


Opening Act:  Jazz Songstress Rhonda Ross

Diana Ross's Hit Songlist:
1.  "I'm Coming Out!"
2.  "(I Love U) More Today Than Yesterday"
3.  "My World Is Empty Without You, Babe"*
4.  "Baby Love"*
5.  "Stop!  In The Name Of Love"*
6.  "(Mama Said) You Can't Hurry Love"*
7.  "You Keep Me Hangin' On"*
8.  "Touch Me In The Morning"
9.  "Love Child"**
-- musical interlude with extended funky version of "LC" --
10.  "The Boss"
11.  "Upside Down"
-- the SVA's office manager AnDre Christie dances with Diana on stage to "UD" --
12.  "Endless Love"
13.  "Love Hangover"
-- musical interlude with extended funky version of "LH" --
14.  "Take Me Higher"
15.  "Ease On Down The Road" (from "The Wiz" movie starring Diana Ross and Michael Jax)
16.  "Lady Sings The Blues" (title song of Diana Ross's Academy Award-nominated movie role)
17.  "Don't Explain" (from "Lady Sings The Blues" movie about Billie Holiday)  
18.  "Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Why Do Birds Sing So Gay)"
19.  "Chain Reaction" {dedicated to the late Princess Diana of Whales, her favourite song!}
-- musical interlude with the band's extended funky version of "CR" --
20.  "Do You Know Where You're Going To" (from Diana Ross's hit movie "Mahogany")
21.  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
22.  "I Will Survive!" {Diana's great mid-1990s disco version single}
Encore:  "Survive"  

* = Originally recorded and performed as lead singer of The Supremes
** = Originally recorded and performed as lead singer of Diana Ross & The Supremes
Record 411:  ALL of the above songs were single releases except #16 and #17 from "LSTB". 

STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association Meeting or Event

Read more about and support the renowned civil rights organization S.V.A.

STONEWALL Veterans' Association  *  Upcoming Events 411



Ease On Down The Road:  Diana Ross Sings Songs from 'The Wiz'

Surprise!  This is a previously unreleased album which was recorded by Diana Ross in 1979 after the year prior she starred in the movie version of the musical "The Wiz".  Diana performs all of the characters and sings all of the songs!  The album was initially intended as a complementary piece to "The Wiz" movie soundtrack. 
Songs include "A Brand New Day", "The Feeling We Once Had", "Be A Lion", "He's The Wizard", "U Can't Win", "Is This What Feeling Gets", "Ease On Down The Road", "Believe In Yourself" and, of course, the beautiful "Home"!



Diana Ross Re-Opens the Grand Kings Theatre in Brooklyn


Diva Diana Ross is the supreme superstar, sold-out, sole performer who grandly re-opened the legendary and multi-million dollar Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  This is a tremendous honor as nearly 100 million dollars was spent to fully restore the classic theatre to its full grandeur and beauty modelled after the spectacular Palace of Versailles and the glamorous Paris Opera House in France, as it was when built in 1929!  The theatre closed in 1977 -- ironically, the same year that the post-Diana Supremes ended!  "Our World Is Empty Without You"!
For more about the two legends, Diana Ross and the Kings Theatre, visit:

Diana Ross:  "In The Name Of Love" Tour Songlist

1.  "I'm Coming Out" (1980) (with surprise entrance from rear of theatre)
2.  "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" (2007)  
3.  "My World Is Empty Without You, Babe" (1966)
4.  "Come See About Me" (1964)
5.  "Baby Love" (1964)
6.  "Stop!  In The Name Of Love" (1965)
7.  "You Can't Hurry Love" (1966)
8.  "Love Child" (1968)
9.  "The Boss" (1979)
10.  "Touch Me In The Morning" (1972)  
11.  "Upside Down" (1980)
12.  "Love Hangover" (1976)
13.  "Take Me Higher" (1995)
14.  "Ease On Down The Road"
(from "The Wiz") (1978)
15.  "The Look Of Love" (2007)
16.  "Don't Explain" (from "Lady Sings The Blues") (1972)
17.  "Good Morning Heartache" 
(from "Lady Sings The Blues") (1972)
18.  "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (1981)
19.  "Chain Reaction" (1986) {dedicated to Brooklyn, New York City}
20.  "Do You Know Where You're Going To"
(from "Mahogany") (1975)
21.  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (1970)
22.  "I Will Survive" (1996)
Encore:  23.  "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" (1970)
Reprise:  "Survive"


Music Royalty:  Diana Ross Reopens the grand Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NYC
Attention:  Jon Caramanica, NYX music reporter -- besides all the news why not print all the facts and not careless innacuracy?
Diana Ross hit songs like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" are not 'other people's songs'!  That is ridiculous!  
And, you ludicrously misstated that "about one third of the songlist" were other's songs.  Math is not your forte.  That's like saying, Jon, you have too many "o"'s in your last name!  Each of the three songs that you mentioned were single release records, besides in studio albums and record compilations, by Diana Ross!  They then became hers!  For example, Motown owner Berry Gordy, Jr. and songwriters Valerie Simpson and Nicholas Ashford wanted Motown's sole #1 female star to re-record "ANMHE".  She sure did and with a totally different arrangement and style and hit it out of the international park at #1 with a bullet!  Diana's version is considered by most as the ultimate theme song of Motown!  Did you see the Broadway musical "Motown"?  Jon, think Marvin Gay re-doing Gladys Knight & The Pips' song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine".  Mind you, this is all with in the same record company!  Duh!  Would you refer to James Taylor performing "You've Got A Friend" as "someone else's song"?  We don't think so.  And what about all the singers who have 'covered' the songs of The Supremes and Diana Ross?!   


Diana Ross Headlines Brooklyn Theater Grand Reopening
This on-the-scene story covers both of the stars:  Diana and the theatre!!  The article's sub-title is:  "The veteran star Diana Ross is the first to perform at the historic theatre in Flatbush since its $95 million dollar restoration."  This story is an interesting and accurate accounting of the evening.  Reporter Frank Scheck describes Diana Ross later in the show requesting the house lights to be turned on and talking to the audience about the grandness and the beauty of the theatre, encouraging them to look around and up.  "I feel like a queen", Diana appropriately quipped.  The feature article uniquely includes the concert songlist of Miss Ross.


Diva Diana Ross Shines at Opening of Kings Theatre
This Diana Ross article in the New York Post authored by (the unknown to us) Hardeep Phull may have the least errors in the three main dailies of the star, the songlist and the event but nonetheless it has them.  The story is also, unfortunately, sprinkled with snide remarks.  No doubt the author Hardeep was not alive in 1975 or in another land not knowing that the thought-provoking and inspiring "Do You Know Where You're Going To" was a solid across-the-baord, top-of-the-charts song.  Instead, he fluffs it off and disses the song?  Duh!  He ludicrously implies that Diana does not like the theme song of her movie "Mahogany".  The heck she don't!  By the way, many people think the film "Slumdog Millionaire" was 'sappy'.  The article has a stupid ending paragraph not about Miss Ross or the fabled theatre but about an unprecocious child.  Of course, a 5-year youngin' was 'reluctant' to bounce onto a stage screamin' "here I am!" in a strange land in front of 3,000 people!  Then worse, speaking from the imagined mind of the child, the author ended the off-track story with a mindless analogy reference to the demised Donna Summer!


Grand Dames:  The Eternally Regal Diana Ross Opens Brooklyn's Lavish Kings Theatre
Diana Ross's show, gowns, songs, audience and venue are excitingly described in this best article on the great event!  The author Lindsay Zoladz (the only female reporter) actually arrived by subway on the appropriate "Q" for Queen line.  Most of the STONEWALL Veterans Association members who train-ed it also took the "Q".  This reporter clearly and effervescently enjoyed the entire show from "I'm Coming Out" to "I Will Survive"!  


Diana Ross Performs her Hits at Re-Opening of Kings Theatre
Attention:  Jim Farber at the New York Daily News (for a quarter-of-a-century)!
Diana Ross's playlist, unlike what you incorrectly wrote (set-list is up to the 1980s), actually includes the 1990s and, in fact, the 2000s!

"Take Me Higher" #1 dance hit song is from 1995, "I Will Survive" is #1 dance song (and incredibly exciting video) from 1996 and "(I Love You) More Today Than Yesterday" is her single from 2007 -- just eight years ago, Jim, not the 1980s!  "Take Me Higher" was memorably (we thought unforgetably) performed by Diana Ross when she was the half-time entertainment for Super Bowl XXX in 1996!  For your info, folks, "Survive" was written by two former Motown songwriters.  While at Motown, Freddie Perren co-wrote "I Want U Back", "ABC" and "The Love U Save" and more for the Jackson 5.  "Survive" was intended for Diana Ross but Berry Gordy, Jr., rejected it as the songwriters left Motown.  (Berry quickly admitted the big mistake.)  It is quite fitting that the song was recorded two decades later and released as a single by the intended singer:  Diana Ross!  


Diana Ross's 1996 hit song (#1 Dance) "I Will Survive" with Photo Collage

Diana was Super Bowl XXX "Take Mme Higher" Haltime Show performing Many Hits


STONEWALL Newzletta Editor's Note:  Ever since there have been singing divas, going back to Judy Garland in 1939, it seems that the usually Gay male writers who review their shows always have to add disparaging remarks as if they are in competition with these multi-talented, who are also glamorous, female legends including Barbra, Shirley Bassey, Cher,  Madonna, Mariah Carey and, of course, Diana!  And, these seemingly envious wannabes are carelessly music fact-challenged such as falsely stating that Miss Ross's setlist hasn't changed since the 1980s.  In fact, diva Diana's concert songlist has three singles from the 1990s and 2000s!  The reality is that it would be irrelevant if Miss Ross's stellar songlist didn't change from the 1960s!  She has at least 25 hit songs just from then!  In conclusion, "Someday We'll Be Together"!  


Glamorous Diana Ross performing her 1996 hit song "I Will Survive" on the "The Late Show"



.......special Diana Ross posting coming here!


Diana Ross Portrayal on Broadway:  "
Motown The Musical"


Diana Ross solo single-release songs that are performed in "Motown The Musical" include "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand", "Remember Me", "Good Morning Heartache" and the grand finale, impressively led by the Diana character with the entire ensemble (portraying The Temptations, Mary Wells, The Four Tops, The Marvelettes, Michael & The Jackson 5, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, et al.), "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"!

Question:  Will Miss Diana Ross be arriving at the opening of "Motown The Musical" on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Sunday, April 14th?

Answer:  Of course!  Diana's real life character, portrayed to rave reviews, is the co-star, along with real-life character Berry Gordy, Jr., of the entire great show!
 FYI, besides astonishing careers, they also share a daughter Rhonda Gordy-Ross and a grandchild!   And, now, heeeeeeere's Diana:

Berry Gordy Smokey Diana Ross

Berry Gordy Jr., Smokey and Diana at "Motown" Premiere
on Sunday, April 14, 2013 at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in NYC

[Photo courtesy of Mark J. Reilly]

*  *  *

Diana Ross:  Playlist




Diana Ross:  Idol

Diana Ross Idol

Close-Up Idol:  Diana Ross 

Diana Ross Idol backcover

The original one-and-only Motown diva... Diana Ross!  

Diana Ross:  Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

After 50 years -- and counting -- in show business and with a stellar career of bringing joy to the World, inspiring other artists, having her work 'sampled', chart-busting, memorable songs, fourteen number one songs leading the number one girl group in history Diana Ross & The Supremes and two dozen hit songs solo, including eight number one songs, The Grammys fi-nal-ly presented the one-and-only Diana Ross with something that she has earned and deserved since her first #1 million-seller "Where Did Our Love Go" in 1964:  a Grammy award!  Ironically, the song "WDOLG" was ultimately inducted (in 1999) into the Grammy Hall-of-Fame ("HOF")!  The song did not sing itself!  Subsequently, "You Keep Me Hangin' On" was inducted into the Grammy HOF in 2000 and "Stop! In The Name Of Love" in 2001.  Years ago in the Gay community, and no doubt elsewhere worldwide, the question was "Who would get a Grammy first:  Diana Ross or Milli Vanilli?  Hey, Milli won!  The next bet was serious:  "Who would get the award first:  Diana Ross with a Grammy or Susan Lucci with an Emmy, since both stars went so long empty-handed though greatly deserving, as was well known by everyone.  Well, we had that bet wrong, too:  La Lucci got it first!  And, now, Diva Diana can triumphantly and supremely sing her song:  "It's My Turn"!

As leader of The Supremes, Diana and the girls were nominated for Grammy awards for "Baby Love" and "Stop! In The Name Of Love".  Surprisingly, there weren't several other #1 songs nominated.  Diana Ross's Grammy-nominated post-Supremes solo records include the following:  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" {written by Ashford & Simpson}, "I Love You, Call Me" (album cut) {written by Aretha}, "Touch Me In The Morning" {written by Michael Masser}, "Love Hangover", "Your Love Is So Good For Me", "Ease On Down The Road" (with Michael Jackson), "Upside Down" {written by Nile Rogers}, "Endless Love" (with Lionel Richie; twice, for record-of-the-year and best duet) {written by Lionel} and "Muscles" {sensuously and gayly written by Michael Jackson}.
The 54th Annual Grammy Awards event was "The Happening" (speaking of DR #1s) on Sunday, February 12, 2012, televised on the CBS-TV network from Los Angeles, California @ 8 p.m.  Diva Diana was euphoric and grand and, yes, Berry thankful!


Diana Ross St George Theatre

Event>>>>>  Diana Ross "The Greatest Hits" Concert Tour culminating in the City of The Stonewall Uprising

The endless energy Supreme One had a 4-week, 20-city, 10-state American tour!  On Sunday, March 20th (the last night) -- just six days before her birthday -- Diana Ross performed (for the first time) at the historic, cathedral-like, newly-restored St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York City @ 7 p.m.  Expect to hear some "Songs of The Stonewall" such as "My World Is Empty Without U",  "You Keep Me Hangin' On", "Reflections", "Love Child" and "Someday We'll Be Together" performed Supremely!  Yes, the Stonewall Veterans contingency had our super Supreme seats!  
The theater is located just a few scenic blocks from the famous Staten Island Ferry passing the historic Statue of Liberty.  See photos of Diana Ross and the theater plus concert info at:  

Diana's Songlist - Finale of Winter 2011 U.S.A. tour
1.  "I'm Coming Out"
2.  "(I Love U) More Today Than Yesterday"
3.  "Reflections"
4.  "Where Did Our Love Go"
5.  "Baby Love"
6.  "Stop! In The Name Of Love"
7.  "(mama Said) You Can't Hurry Love"
8.  "Love Child"
9.  "The Boss"
10.  "Upside Down"
11.  "Touch Me In The Morning"  
12.  "It's My House"
13.  "Love Hangover"
14.  "Take Me Higher"
15.  "Ease On Down The Road"
16.  "The Look Of Love"
17.  "Fine And Mellow"
18.  "Good Morning Heartache"
19.  "Don't Explain"
20.  "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
21.  "Do You Know Where You're Going To"
22.  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
Note:  S.V.A. Director WLH presented Diana with a
now classic, collector's item rainbow Stonewall pen!

23.  "I Will Survive"
Encore:  24.  "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand"  



Event>>>>>  Diana Ross "More Today Than Yesterday" Tour

Diana Ross 2010 Radio City Music Hall

Diana Ross starring at Radio City Music Hall

[Article and photo courtesy of the "Radio City Music Hall Insider"]

Showtime:  Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

with 18-piece orchestra @ 8 p.m.

Radio City Music Hall
Manhattan, New York

Diana Ross 2010 Concert "More Today Than Yesterday" Tour Songlist 

1.  "The Boss" {#1}  
2.  "More Today Than Yesterday" (single cover version of 1969 song)  
3.  "Reflections"* {#1}
4.  "You Can't Hurry Love"* {#1}
5.  "Come See About Me"* {#1}
6.  "Stop!  In The Name Of Love"* {#1}
7.  "My World Is Empty Without You"*
8.  =Tribute to Fallen Motown Stars (Flo, Marvin, Tammi, Levi, David, Eddie, Paul, et al.)=
"It's Hard For Me To Say"
(with big screen pictures of many legendary Motowners) 
9.  "You Keep Me Hangin'  On"* {#1}
10.  "Love Child"* {#1}
11.  "I'm Coming Out" {#1 Dance}  
12.  "Upside Down" {#1}  
13.  "Mirror, Mirror"
14.  "Touch Me In The Morning" {#1}
15.  "It's My House"
16.  "What About Love" (from "I Love U" album)
17.  "Love Hangover" {#1}
18.  "Take Me Higher" {#1 Dance}
19.  "Ease On Down The Road" (from Diana Ross's third movie 'The Wiz')
20.  "The Look Of Love" {with blue lighting, blue setting and blue gown}
21.  "Fine And Mellow" (from 'Lady Sings The Blues' movie)
22.  "Don't Explain" (from 'LSTB')
23.  "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
24.  "Endless Love" {#1}
25.  "Do You Know Where You're Going To" (from 'Mahogany' movie) {#1}
26.  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" {int'l #1}
27.  "I Will Survive" {#1 Dance}
28.  =tribute to international start and personal friend Michael Jackson=   
"Missing You"
(with photos of Diana & Michael on huge screen)
29.  "You Are Not Alone" (Michael Jax song dedicated to his life)
30.  "We Are The World" {#1}  (NYC concert only)

* = #1 hit song -- except #5 "MWIEWY" -- as lead singer of The Supremes
----- = musical interludes / separates grand costume changes

Diana Ross 2010 American Tour:
This "limited" Diana Ross American tour 'only' includes New York (Manhattan), Massachusetts (Boston), New Jersey (Atlantic City and Red Bank), Connecticut (Mashantucket), Maryland (Bethesda), Illinois (Chicago), Ohio (Cleveland), Michigan (Detroit), Missouri (St. Louis), 
Georgia (Atlanta), Tennessee (Memphis and Knoxville) and California (Los Angeles, San Diego and Saratoga) -- plus Canada (Toronto)!




Diana Ross:  The Almighty Remixes


[Almighty Records great Diana Ross c/d cover of "TAR" will be placed here!]





The Almighty Remixes include Diana signature singles:  "Reach Out And Touch", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Remember Me", "I'm Still Waiting", "Surrender", "Touch Me In The Morning", "It Took A Little Time This Time", "Love Hangover", "Lovin', Livin', Givin'", "The Boss", "No One Gets The Prize", "Upside Down" and "I'm Coming Out" among other remixed Ross single record releases. 



Diana Ross:  The Definitive Collection (Motown 50 edition)

Diana Ross Distinctive

Twenty-song collection of singles -- spanning immediate post-Stonewall from "Reach Out And Touch" and "Good Morning Heartache" to "Muscles" (written by MJ) and "Mirrror, Mirror" to "Swept Away" and "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" -- in an unusual and interesting order of play and including two duets with two different male singers.




  Diana singles two faves in 2008:

* "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" {from the "Blue" collection}

* "My Funny Valentine" (special radio rotation release{from the DRS classic Rodgers & Hart collection} 




World Tour:  Diana Ross "I Love You" Concerts  


Legendary Diva Diana Concert Songlist

1.  "I'm Coming Out"
2.  "More Today Than Yesterday"
3.  "My World Is Empty Without You"
4.  "Where Did Our Love Go"
5.  "Baby Love"
6.  "Stop! In The Name of Love"
7.  "Touch Me In The Morning"
8.  "Love Hangover"
9.  "The Boss"
10.  "It's My House"
11.  "Upside Down"
12.  "Love Child"
13.  "Ease On Down The Road" (from 'The Wiz' movie)
14.  "Fine And Mellow" (from 'Lady Sings The Blues' film)
15.  "Don't Explain" (from 'LSTB' movie) 
16.  "Reflections"
   17.  "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" 
18.  "Do You Know Where You're Going To" (from 'Mahogany')
19.  "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
20.  "I Will Survive"     
21.  "I Love You"    


*  *  *


Diana Ross:  I Love You

Diana Ross I Love You

Miss Ross, we love U, too!  It's 'more today than yesterday'. 

Diana's long-anticipated 2007 album contains three songs from the Stonewall Era:  "More Today Than Yesterday" (1969), the top of the charts song originally by the Spiral Starecase; "The Look Of Love" (1968), the hit single by Dusty Springfield; and "This Magic Moment" (1969), the popular remake of The Drifters song by Jay & The Americans.  

*  *  *

   Dream Diva Diana remakes a #1 song from the 1969 Stonewall: 

* "(I Love You) More Today Than Yesterday" (remake of Spiral Starecase song)

Note:  This Diana Ross album is on her new label Manhattan Records located in.... Manhattan!
Update:  The original 'Dreamgirl' Diana Ross perfectly performed her new single-release, the bouncy song "(I Love You) More Today Than Yesterday (But Not As Much As Tomorrow)" with her own band "live" on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (CBS t.v.) in New York on Tuesday evening, January 16, 2007.  A musically terrific and animated performance was showcased by enthusiastic Diva Diana to overwhelming applause!





Diana Ross:  The Original Definitive Collection




[DER "Definitive Collection" c/d cover will be placed here!]




Diana Ross:  Blue

Diana Ross Blue

Diana Ross's previously unreleased and expanded album "Blue"  

*  *  * 

Diana Ross Blue promo  ard

Promotional card for Diana Ross's "Blue" album
[image provided by UM Univeral Music]

*  *  *

Diana Blue gives 2006 her jazzy single of the year:

* "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes"



Ross royally returns to rave single recordings in 2005:

* "I've Got A Crush On You" [duet w/ Rod Stewart]

* "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" [duet w/ Westlife] (re-do of Diana Ross song!) {#1 Ireland} {#2 England}

*  *  *

Diana Ross duet Westlife

 Diana Ross & Westlife (British Boy Band)

 View the beautiful video and hear the powerful singing (#1 in United Kingdom):


Diana Ross:  The Number #1s

Diana Ross & The Supremes

Pictured (artistically):  Diana Ross, Mary Wilson Florence Ballard

Besides featuring the fourteen (14) number one songs of Diana Ross & The Supremes and the number one song of the post-Diana Supremes, this incredibly impressive #1s collection features eight number one songs of Diana Ross the solo artist.  They include the anthematic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", the sex-related "Touch Me In The Morning", the questioning "Do You Know Where You're Going To", the dance hypnotic "Love Hangover", the boy-crazy "Upside Down" and the Gay-inspired "I'm Coming Out".  With a collection of 20+ #1 songs, Diana Ross is in the exclusive company of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and, later, Diana's protoge Michael Jackson.



Diana Ross:  diana (deluxe)

["diana" deluxe 2-album set]





Diana Ross:  The Lady Sings... Jazz And Blues

Diana Ross Lady Sings Jazz Blues

Diana Ross The Lady Sings




Diana Ross:  Life & Love - The Very Best Of Diana Ross


["L&L: TVBODR" album]



This imported compilation contains an untypical assortment of 41 Ross songs.  Nine of them are DRS #1 hits such as "Where Did Our Love Go", "You Keep Me Hangin' On", "The Happening", "Reflections" and their signature swan song "Someday".  Interestingly, the two-disc set starts off with the solo yet Supremish "Chain Reaction".  The solo songs beside all the basic big hits include "Work That Body", "The Force Behind The Power", "Not Over You Yet", "Until We Meet Again" and the original "WYTMTYLM".     

*  *  *

Diana Ross Performs World Trade Center Victims Tribute Song
 after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks!!!!

Diana Ross Mets Sep 11 2001

After "9/11", Diana Ross helps get America back on the ball!
Diana performed a poignant version of "God Bless America"
Location:  Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets, Queens, NYC 

*  *  *

Goin' back in 2001 with Diana Ross:

* "Goin' Back" (tribute to Dusty Springfield) 




Diana Ross:  The Millennium Collection

Up Front and So Close:  Diana Ross, The Supreme Face


Diana Ross:  Every Day Is A New Day


["EDIAND" album]

*  *  *
Re-meeting with 1999 single records by Diana Ross

* "Until We Meet Again" {#1 Dance}

* "Sugarfree"

* "Not Over You Yet" {U.K. and Holland only}

* "Every Day Is A New Day"


Diana Ross & Cast:  "Double Platinum" (movie)




Diana Ross:  Chain Reaction
(European compilation)

Diana Ross Europe Chain Reaction

"Chain Reaction" was voted the SVA's favourite #1 Diana Ross song!

*  *  *

1998's sampling the Supreme:

* "Diana Ross Sampler" (promotional) =b/w= "Reach Out And Touch"


Diana Ross:  The Ultimate Collection
Diana Ross Ultimate Collection

The "Ultimate Collection" is not only ultimate for solo Diana Ross to date but it also includes some of her #1 songs -- "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Stop!", "You Can't Hurry Love" and the very Stonewallish "Reflections" -- while leading The Supremes.  There is also the great dance remix of their 1969 #1 song "Someday We'll Be Together".  

*  *  *

Diana Ross' dual promising discs in 1997:

* "Promise Me You'll Try" (dedicated to the SVA's AnDre Christie)

* "I Will Survive" (re-mixed/re-released)

* "I Hear The Voice Of Love" {Japan}



Diana Ross:  A Gift Of Love

    Diana Ross Gift of Love  


*  *  *

Disco Diva Diana's 1996 soul survivors:

* "I Will Survive" (remake of Gloria Gay-nor song)
{#1 Dance}

* "If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right"

* "Voice Of The Heart"

* "In The Ones You Love"

*  *  *  

1996 Event>>>>>  Diana Ross performs at the Super Bowl




Diana Ross:  Take Me Higher

["Higher" album]

*  *  *

  1995 sees Diana's gone Ross higher:

* "Take Me Higher" {#1 Dance}

* "Gone"


Diana Ross:  Diana Extended 

Fierce photo of fierce-as-ever Diva Diana in fierce pose

Fierce musical release is this hottie on the "I'm Coming Out" anthem "25th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion".  The big surprise here is the 25th anniversary remix of Diana Ross & The Supremes' #1 finale signature song "Someday We'll Be Together" -- also from 1969!  "Someday" is very appropriately, smartly and gay-ly included on this solo Diana Ross compact disc.  This great "SWBT" dance remix became the unofficial theme song of "Stonewall 25".  People, who were already reminiscing back to the Stonewall Era songs, instantly had the authentic music (with a new twist) for great  accompaniment.  "Someday Well Be Together", the 1969 climatic song of The Stonewall, is particularly poignant for all of the Gay veterans of the New York City Stonewall Rebellion in 1969.

*  *  *

Supreme Diana revs up the Stonewall Anniversary in 1994:

* "Someday We'll Be Together" [w/ The Supremes] (remixed)

* "Big Bad Love" [w/ Ray Charles] (from the film "The Favor")

*  *  *

Diana Ross & Cast:  "Out Of Darkness" (television movie)


*  *  *

Diana Ross:  A Very Special Season (Christmas)



Diana Ross:  Christmas In Vienna


["Christmas Vienna" album]


*  *  * 

Loving her best years -- Diana's single songs in 1993:

* "Heart (Don't Change My Mind)" {U.K. only}

* "Chain Reaction II" (re-released) {remixed}

* "When You Dream" {Japan only}

* "The Best Years Of My Life"

* "Your Love" {U.K. only}



Diana Ross:  Forever (Box Set)


[box cover of Diana Ross "Forever" 4-album set]




Momentous Ross-ities in 1992 as single songs:

* "One Shining Moment" {U.K. only}

* "You're Gonna Love It"

* "Waiting In The Wings" [w/ saxy Gerald Albright]

* "That's Why I Call You My Friend" {Japan only}



Diana Ross:  The Force Behind The Power


["TFBTP" album]


 *  *  *  

1991's loving and strong songs from forceful Diana:

* "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" {#1 A.C.} {#1 U.K.}
  (The song was repopularized on "American Idol" (ensemble) in 2005
  and again later in 2005 when Diana dueted with boy band Westlife.)

* "The Force Behind The Power"

* "Battlefield" {Germany only}


Diana Ross:  Diana Ross Greatest Hits Live in London

Diana Ross Hits Live in London

*  *  *

Boss Ross hip-hops around some songs in the 1990s:

* "No Matter What You Do" [w/ Al B. Sure]

* "I'm Still Waiting" (reissued/edited remix) {Europe only}




Diana Ross:  Workin' Overtime


["Workin'" album]


*  *  *  

1989 worked Diana Ross' return to Motown singles:

* "Love Hangover '89" (remixed)

* "Workin' Overtime" {#1 R&B} 

* "This House" =b/w= "Paradise" 

* "Bottom Line"




Diana Ross:  Greatest Hits - The RCA Years

Hollywood glamorous Diana 

*  *  *

Diana Bobbetting in 1988 with pop singles:

* "Love Hangover 1988" (remixed, reissued and re-hit)

* "If We Hold On Together" (from film "The Land Before Time") {#1 Japan}

* "Mr. Lee" (tribute to girl group Bobbettes) {Europe only}

 *  *  *  


Diana Ross & Cast:  The Land Before Time (soundtrack)


["TLBT" soundtrack album]





Diana Ross:  Red Hot Rhythm And Blues


["RHRAB" album]



*  *  *


Sexy shockwaving singles by La Ross in 1987:

* "Dirty Looks"

* "Tell Me Again"

* "Shockwaves" {Europe}




Diana Ross:  Chain Reaction


["Chain" album {import}]



  *  *  *   

Diana Ross' supreme 1986 songs are Princess Diana's favourites:

* "Chain Reaction" {#1 Dance} {#1 song U.K.}

* "Experience" {U.K. only}




Diana Ross:  Eaten Alive


["Eaten Alive" album]

*  *  *


1985 worldly hits of thrilling Diana Ross:

* "We Are The World" [w/ Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Dionne Warwick, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Lionel Ritchie, Cyndi Lauper, et al.] {#1 int'l song}

* "Telephone" =b/w= "Fool For Your Love"

* "Eaten Alive" {#1 Dance}




Diana Ross:  All The Great Love Songs (on Motown)

Diana Ross All Great Love Songs

Diana Ross Love Songs backcover

Diva Diana reaching out! 

*  *  *

R.C.A. Ross sweeps you all hit songs in 1984:

* "All Of You" [w/ Julio Iglesias] {#1 A/C}

* "Missing You" {#1 R&B}

* "Swept Away" {#1 Dance}

* "Touch By Touch" {single U.K. only}

*  *  *

Diana Ross:  Swept Away


["Swept Away" album]






Diana Ross:  Ross 


["Ross/Ice" album]


  *  *  *


Up close 1983 single songs of Diana Ross:

* "So Close"

* "Pieces Of Ice"

* "Up Front" =b/w= "Love Or Loneliness"

* "Let's Go Up"

*  *  *

Concerts >>>  Diana Ross in Central Park (New York)

*  *  *

Motown Reunion:   Diana Ross with The Supremes (Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong)

The televised spectacular of the 25th anniversary of Motown Records was and is an incredible showcase of super and unforgettable talent with everlasting songs.  The two-hour special culminates with an impressive collage of television performances and studio photos of Diana Ross & The Supremes spanning a decade seguing into the appearance of Diana Ross sweeping down the aisle singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" continuing to the stage.  After over a baker's dozen years, it finally happened:  Reunion of Diana Ross & The Supremes -- Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong -- on stage!  To a rousing and dazzled audience, 'the Girls' sang "Someday We'll Be Together".  As the finale number of the show, the girls were joined on stage and in song by:  Michael Jackson & The Jacksons, Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves, The Four Tops, Dennis Edwards & The Temptations, Mary Wells, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, High Energy, Junior Walker, DeBarge and other Motown luminaries.  See it all in this incredible 'live' film clip from the show:





Diana Ross:  Silk Electric


["S.E." album]


*  *  *


1982 mirrored hits of Diana Ross:

* "Mirror, Mirror" {#1 R&B}

* "We Can Never Light That Old Flame Again" =b/w= "Old Funky Rolls"
{Note:  Although Miss Ross was now with RCA, this single released by Motown.} 

* "Work That Body" {#1 Fitness/Work-Out}

* "Muscles" (written by Michael Jackson) {#1 Gay clubs}

* "It's Never Too Late" {U.K.}




Diana Ross:  All The Great Hits



["Great Hits" album]




This double album contains a whopping 41 Diana Ross songs from several #1 songs with The Supremes to platinum solo smashes such as "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to "Endless Love".

*  *  * 


1981's Diva Diana's hits are endless:

* "One More Chance"

* "Cryin' My Heart Out Over You" =b/w= "To Love Again"

* "Endless Love" [w/ Lionel Ritchie] {#1 int'l song}

 *  *  *  


Diana Ross:  To Love Again



["To Love Again" album]





Note:  Diana Ross moves from Motown to RCA Rercords from late 1981 through 1988.

Diana Ross:  Why Do Fools Fall In Love



["WDFFIL" album]


*  *  *

Despite the label change, Diana's continued success in 1981:

* "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" {#1 song}




Diana Ross:  diana


["diana" album]



  *  *  *


Diana's new decade songs turn 1980 upside out:

* "Upside Down" {#1 int'l song}

* "I'm Coming Out" {#1 Dance}

* "My Old Piano" {U.K. only}

* "It's My Turn" (from the film "It's My Turn") {#1 A.C.}




Diana Ross:  The Boss



["Boss" album]


  *  *  *   

Disco Diana bosses the songs in 1979:

* "Pops, We Love You" [w/ Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder]
{dedicated to Berry Gordy, Jr.'s father Berry Gordy, Sr., on his 90th Birthday}

* "The Boss" {#1 song}

* "It's My House" =b/w= "Sparkle"

* "No One Gets The Prize" {#1 Dance} 




Diana Ross:  Ross


["Ross" album]


  *  *  *   

1978 songs of "Dorothy" Ross wiz on out:

* "You Got It" {dedicated to Gregory L. Demps of The Bronx and now Florida}

* "Lovin', Livin' and Givin'" (from "Thank God It's Friday" movie)

* "Ease On Down The Road" [w/ Michael Jackson] (from "The Wiz" film)

* "What You Gave Me" (remake of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell song)

*  *  *

Diana Ross & Cast (including Michael Jackson):  The Wiz (movie soundtrack) 


["The Wiz" soundtrack]






Diana Ross:  Baby, It's Me

["Baby, It's Me" album]



*  *  *

The Queen of Motown Ross' 1977 smooth songs:

* "Gettin' Ready For Love"

* "Top Of The World"

* "Your Love Is So Good For Me" =b/w= "Baby, It's Me"

*  *  *


Diana Ross:  An Evening With Diana Ross (Live) 


["An Evening w/ Diana Ross" album]

Note:  This Diana Ross 'live' concert album *won* a Tony Award! 




Diana Ross:  Greatest Hits


["Greatest (Solo) Hits" album]



  *  *  *   

Hangin' over Diana's Motown songs in 1976:

* "I Thought It Took A Little Time (But Today I Fell In Love)"

* "Love Hangover" {#1 int'l song} =b/w= "Kiss Me Now"

* "One Love In My Lifetime" =b/w= "Smile"


*  *  *


Diana Ross:  Diana Ross '76
...featuring "Love Hangover"

["Diana Ross" album]



Diana Ross & Cast:  Mahogany (soundtrack)


["Mahogany" movie soundtrack album]

*  *  *


1975 inspiring songs of Mahogany Diana Ross:

* "Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right" =b/w= "Together"

* "You Are Everything" [w/ Marvin Gaye] {U.K. only}

* "Do You Know Where You're Going To" (from her "Mahogany" film) {#1 int'l song}

* "Stop, Look, Listen To Your Heart" [w/ Marvin Gaye] {Europe only}




Diana Ross:  Last Time I Saw Him


["LTISH" album]


*  *  *


Miss Diana Ross' 1974 Motown songs:

* "Last Time I Saw Him" =b/w= "Save The Children"

* "My Mistake Was To Love You" [w/ Marvin Gaye]

* "Sleepin'" =b/w= "You"

* "Don't Knock My Love" [w/ Marvin Gaye]

*  *  *

Diana Ross:  'Live' At Ceasar's Palace


["LACP" album]





Diana Ross:  Touch Me In The Morning


["TMITM" album]

*  *  *


Touching Motown songs by Diana Ross in 1973:

* "Touch Me In The Morning" {#1 int'l song}

* "You're A Special Part Of Me" [w/ Marvin Gaye]

*  *  *


Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye:  Diana & Marvin

   Diana Ross Marvin Gaye

Back-to-back:  Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye


Up-close and personal:  Marvin and Diana 




Diana Ross & Cast:  Lady Sings The Blues (soundtrack)


["LSTB" movie soundtrack album]


*  *  *


1972 single song release by Oscar-nominee Lady Diana Ross:

* "My Man"/"You've Changed" (from "Lady Sings The Blues") (movie promo) 

* "Good Morning Heartache" (from "Lady Sings The Blues" film) =b/w= "God Bless The Child"





Diana Ross:  Surrender

Diana Ross Surrender


Supreme Diana Ross' 1971 solo single songs:

* "Reach Out, I'll Be There" =b/w= "Close To You"

* "Surrender" =b/w= "I'm A Winner"

* "I'm Still Waiting" {#1 song U.K.} {message to Gregory Demps of NY & FL}

* "Everything Is Everything" 



*  *  *

Diana Ross & Cast:  Diana! (television show)


["Diana!" cast album]

The "Diana!" television special cast includes a wonderfully performing Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 and a comical Bill Cosby!!!!!




Diana Ross:  Everything Is Everything


Diana Ross' debut solo year Motown songs in 1970:

* "Time And Love" {single un-released}

* "Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)" {#1 A.C.}

* "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" {#1 int'l song} {Gay anthem}

* "Remember Me"


  *  *  * 


Diana Ross:  Diana Ross (debut solo album)



["Diana Ross" first solo album]



Note:  The album name was subsequently, smartly and rightfully changed to its #1 megahit song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Diana Ross:  The Motown Flipsides (1970 - 1982)

Diva-ishly included in this incredibly unique and very valuable compact disc, "Diana Ross:  The Motown Flipsides" from 1970 to 1982, are almost all of the Motown "flipside" (B-side record) songs of Diana Ross such as Ashford & Simpson's "Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow", Burt Bacharach's "They Long To Be Close To You" (live!), the Las Vegas-ish "I'm A Winner", the pensive "God Bless The Child", the Marvin Gaye-authored and pleading "Save The Children", the happy-in-love "Together", the gay-ly campy "Kiss Me Now", the classic advisory "Smile", an album-titled song "Baby It's Me", the heartfelt "Friend To Friend" and the delightfully campy "Old Funky Rolls", among a dozen other Ross-ities!  (This compact disc should be but is not yet part of the Motown Records catalog.)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sponsored by the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.")
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19th May 


 13 September
Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NYC


26th March
Diana's Supreme Birthday!


26th March
DR's 'Thank U' Birthday!


26th March 
Diana Ross's Re-Mix Birthday!


Radio City Music Hall Concert
22 June
'Gay Pride Week'



NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
28 November


  21 November  
Diana Ross honored and performed on American Music Awards on Nov. 19th!


March 11, 2013:  "Motown The Musical" opened to sold-out
previews at the famous Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway!

March 29, 2013:  STONEWALL Veterans' Association contingency
headed up by S.V.A. director Williamson Henderson, S.V.A. office 
manager AnDre M. Christie and Youth-4-SVA Elton L. Johnson,
in premium seats, enjoy an out-standing new musical: "Motown"!

April 14, 2013:  "Motown The Musical" premiered on Broadway, NYC
with Diana Ross attending MTM show and Motown After-Party!


Diana Ross's 61st Supreme Anniversary in Show Biz!
1961 to 2022 (and supremely counting.......)

*  singing  *  record-producing  *  acting  *  performing  

*  fashion designing  *  authoring  *  mothering  *


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=in Memoriam to International Superstar
and longtime Diana Ross intimate friend=

Michael Jackson

=tribute song=
"We Are The World" (1985) {int'l #1 song}




As seen in "The Wiz" movie, Diana Ross beautifully sings....  Home!