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From the historic and acclaimed G.L.B.T. Archives of the.......
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association

Gay Officers' Action League ("G.O.A.L.")
~~~S.V.A. Supporter~~~
from 1982 to circa 2016
1969 Historic Gay Formula:  
  Gay Patrons at The STONEWALL Club  
+ NYC Police Officers of the Sixth Precinct
= Gay Group of NYC Police Officers
-- but it took 13 years for GOAL to be organized!

Note:  At that time there was a question on
the NYCPD job application that asked
"Are you a homosexual"?!
Check off  'yes' and fag-eddaboudit!



"Stonewall 25" -- 1994

GOAL Conference:  "Together In Pride"
All-day conferences, seminars and work-shops
for Gay & Lesbian Criminal Justice Professionals.
Thursday, June 23, 1994 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
at The Merchants Club
20 Thomas Street, Manhattan, N.Y.
Cost: $39.  Mail check payable to GOAL, Inc. at:
GOAL, P.O. Box 2038, Canal St. Sta., NYC 10013
For more 411 (not 911), call GOAL (212) 996-8808.

S.V.A. & GOAL:  "Together Again: Gays & Cops"
Several GOAL-ers and their guests are attending the
 STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association
for SVA's Gay Pride conference and forum
at the Gay Community Services Centre.
208 West 13 Street, Manhattan, N.Y.
Saturday, June 25, 2004 @ 4:15 p.m.

"Stonewall 28" -- 1997

proudly hosts Gay Pride Celebration
at New York City Police Headquarters 

Queen Allyson Allante and the 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car"
Note brass lettering on brick column: "One Police Plaza"
[Photo by NYCPD Sergeant / GOAL Officer Erin J. O'Reilly]

An incredible -- really unbelievable, yet obviously realistic -- photo in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("GLBT") history.  Picture a renowned veteran of the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion -- Gays and Friends vs. New York City Police Department -- who is also not just a member but the president of the Imperial QUEENS & Kings of Greater New York -- a known transgender group definitely not well-received by the NYCPD in the Stonewall Era -- and have her with the impressive, classic blue (as in "the boys in blue") 1969 Cadillac convertible that the NYCPD notoriously 'impounded' at the first night of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and then fast-forward the person and the car to New York Police Headquarters for the celebration of a "Gay Pride" event!!!  No one could have written such a script!  Nonetheless, that's just what this one photo above colorfully shows and proves.  It happened on Thursday, June 26, 1997:  Queen Allyson Ann Allante with the 1969 "Stonewall Car" at the Gay Officers' Action League (GOAL) annual Gay Pride event at the NYCPD's One Police Plaza headquarters!!!   Notice the lettering on brick column.

New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir (a very professional and pleasant person) personally, respectfully and proudly greeted Queen Allyson.  The media, including The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News and, of course, the GOAL Gazette and the STONEWALL Newzletta had an unexpected bonanza.  Virtually all of the speakers at the 3-hour event acknowledged the 28th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion which forever -- and for the better -- changed the relationship between the New York City Police Department and the G.L.B.T. communities.  This much-improved  change of relationship and respect between the police and Gays slowly drifted throughout most of America and the World!  

The police-blue 1969 classic Cadillac convertible "Stonewall Car" is owned, maintained, insured, operated, registered and garaged by the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association aka S.V.A.


NYCPD & G.O.A.L. present "The Gay and Lesbian Celebration of Pride"

Gay Celebrities include Harvey Fierstein and Maurice Hines and Nell Carter


GOAL's appreciation to the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association,
Willson L. Henderson and the 1969 "Stonewall Car" is printed in their program

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

S.V.A. & G.O.A.L. Tribute to....
NYCPD Sergeant and GOAL Officer Erin Jaye O'Reilly

Erin Oh! in lively and proud action at the 2000 New York City Gay Pride Parade
[Exclusive photography (© 2000) by GOAL member Tommy Jeans]

Heroic New York Police Department sergeant and loyal Gay Officers' Action League ("G.O.A.L.") officer Erin J. O'Reilly ("EJO") died suddenly at her home in Long Island on Sunday morning, June 17, 2001 (more sadly on Father's Day as Erin's dad is alive).  Erin was very metropolitan New York being born in The Bronx in the new decade on February 27, 1960, raised in suburban New Jersey, worked in various locations in Manhattan from The Village to Harlem and lived in Long Island.  

Ironically and proudly, Erin marched with G.O.A.L. in the Brooklyn Gay Pride Parade and posed for a pic with the 1969 "Stonewall Car" just the week before she passed.  EJO was greatly and gayly looking forward -- as always -- to the New York City Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan in two weeks.  She specifically spoke about this in detail with her best male friend in G.O.A.L., fellow Gay and Irish-American officer Sergeant Tommy Jeans.  There was a tremendous outpouring of love and support for Erin at her 'wake' in New Hyde Park, Long Island, especially from G.O.A.L. and a special visit from N.Y.C. Mayor Rudy W. Giuliani and the NYCPD Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik.  The STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association and its President -- and Erin's friend and confidante -- Willson L. Henderson made the huge gesture of bringing out the 1969 Cadillac convertible "Stonewall Car" (with the top down and the later realized the threat of rain) to Erin's services for all to proudly see and have on display.  This, Erin would have loved and everyone there knew it -- including the Mayor!  After all, Erin even helped arrange to have the "Stonewall Car" on display at NYPD Police Headquarters.  See the above G.O.A.L. "Gay Pride" program.  Erin captively lured Willson by jokingly asking:  "What if one of the Gay cops steals the Stonewall vets' car?"  Knowing that Willson would have a quick and quirky retort, Erin grinned with anticipation as Willson declared:  "I'll call the Gay police!"   

Ominously, less than three months after the unexpected loss of one honored New York police officer, Erin, we all experienced what even Erin must have also believed unthinkable, the dual extremist Islamic terrorists attacks on the island of Manhattan, New York, resulting in the tragic and grotesque loss of dozens of police officers -- New York Police Department and New York City Port Authority Police -- within less than two hours on September 11....


2001 -- GOAL Salutes the Twin Towers
and Fallen New York Police Dep't Officers

Two (2) Terrorist Attacks in Lower Manhattan, New York, Tuesday, September 11th, 2001

2003 - GOAL's 21st Annual Anniversary Banquet

This year's GOAL event is held on Friday, May 2, 2003, starting @ 6:30 p.m. at Ricardo's (as in Ricky) By The Bay Restaurant at 21-01 24th Avenue, Astoria, New York.  Event includes cocktail hour, 5-course dinner, awards, music and dancing! 
Tickets are a reasonable $70 for non-members.  For more "411" or reservations, phone GOAL at (212) NY1-GOAL or e-mail the group at  Visit their website at:


Former NYCPD Police Officer and Police Academy Instructor and NYC Councilmember
James E. Davis ("Jed") Murdered in City Hall Chamber in Manhattan, New York

Former NYCPD Police Officer and Police Academy Instructor
and New York City Councilman James E. "Jed" Davis



       New Millennium GOAL-NY presidents include Don Jirak (2001 - 2002),
      Ann M. Cregan (2003), Vivian Rodriguez (2004), Jaime E. Katz (2005),
     George Ferrugia (2006 - 2007) and Alice Muniz (2008 - 2010)

2006 - 24th Annual GOAL Awards & Banquet

Friday, April 21, 2006
7 p.m. to 12 midnight

Grand Prospect Hall
Brooklyn, New York
Tickets:  $75 member / $85 non-member
Purchase on-line at:



New York City Police Department Gay Liaison 

Detective Thomas S. 'Tom' Verni
34 1/2 East 12 Street
Manhattan, New York
tel:  (212) 614-6749
fax:  (212) 614-6746



2007:  Gay Officers Action League 25th Anniversary Dinner

We heard about it through the "Gay Grapevine"! 
Friday, April 20, 2007 @ 7 p.m.
Tickets:  $140
(fabulous) Tavern on the Green Restaurant
(beautiful) Central Park, New York
You may visit GOAL at



=2008 GOAL transition= 
Sargeant Charles Ciochran dies!

 Charles H. Cochrane, the co-founder and first president of the Gay Officers' Action League
("GOAL") in New York City in 1982, died on May 5, 2008 at age 64 in Pompano Beach, Florida.
He had a long battle with cancer and, unfortunately, had not been up to New York in many years.
Charles will be remembered for his considered courage in "coming out", especially in any inherrently
anti-Gay police department in that recent post-Stonewall Era over a quarter-of-a-century ago.
In late 1981, he testified before the New York City Council that he's a proud Gay police officer!  
When he co-founded GOAL, Gay officer Charles Cochrane understandably and smartly contacted
the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.").  No Gay group had more experience
with and changed the New York City Police Department more than the S.V.A. members with
our watershed, historic achievement of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in the Sixth Precinct.  
Stonewallers were even part of having competitive fun baseball games with the NYCPD.  
"CC" must also be recalled for his determination against all odds -- and threats -- in leading
the GOAL group with many deterrents and minimal support even from Gay police officers.  
The diverse Gay community has lost another authentic and effective hero for all!  

=Statement by former GOAL Official=

"Sargeant Charles "Charlie" Cochrane is someone whom I can honestly and proudly
state actually changed my life.  When he publicly came out Gay, I was deeply honored
to know him.  His influence, integrity and leadership made me better as a police officer
and as a person.  He was an inspiration to me and his strength is something I've taken
into all areas of my life.  I thank him for being the true hero that he was and still is."
                                                                                   ----- Sargeant Tommy Jeans



GOAL sponsors Law Enforcement Conference

of Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Police Personnel

June 24th to June 26th, 2009 - Conferences and Social Events

at John Jay College
West 59 Street
Manhattan, New York


Saturday, June 27 -- STONEWALL Veterans' Association

"SVA's 40th Anniversary Conference & Stonewall Veterans Reunion"
is at the GLBT Community Centre from 4:15 p.m. to 7 p.m. at
212 West 13 Street (off Seventh Avenue), Greenwich Village, N.Y.
One of the special features is a forum panel with "Stonewall Copz
& Stonewall Vetz" relating to the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in the
NYCPD's Sixth Precinct.  There is a questions and answers session.

Sunday morning, June 28 -- GOAL Stonewall Memorial Breakfast
 The traditional Gay Pride breakfast is on-duty @ 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.  
The cost is $30.  Eatery is Ferro's Restaurant at 145 East 50th Street
in Midtown Manhattan.  It is located near parade line-up.  For more
event 411, you know who to ask:  'Go ask Alice':  (917) 763-4160.

Sunday afternoon, June 28 -- 40th Annual N.Y.C. Gay, Lesbian, 
Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade
-- including G.O.A.L.!  
The 2009 Gay Pride Parade kicks off on time @ 12 high noon
and is led by STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Asscociation
with the famous (thanks to NYCPD) 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car"!



Demise of GOAL's Co-Founder Sam Ciccione

Salvatore "Sam" Ciccione, co-founder of the Gay Officers Action League ("GOAL") with his partner Charles H. Cochran, Jr. in 1982, died from heart disease on May 10th at the age of 71 in Manhattan.  Sam was born in 1944 on March 18th in New Jersey and served on the police force there for many years before relocating to Manhattan to fully become himself and rejoin the force.  Sam used to have the SVA's director, Willson Henderson, the founder of Proofreaders Unlimited, Ltd. ("PRU"), do proofreading for GOAL letters, notices and flyers.  They were brought directly to Williamson's Manhattan office on Fifth Avenue, proofed by him personally and handed back to Sam and/or Charles -- all free-of-charge.  In fact, Williamson hired many GOAL police officers as temporary, free-lance proofers with his company.  One of them was Carroll Hunter, a former president of GOAL.  Knowing legalese, cops were sent primarily to law firms.  Williamson was proud to help make ends meet and then some for openly-Gay police officers.  It was also a perfect fit since like the NYCPD schedule, PRU was also open 24/7/365.  Thus, they could work when they wanted.  It's sad that neither Sam nor Charles got to see the forthcoming new "STONEWALL" movie about Gays and the NYC police in the Spring of 1969 and the ultimate rebellion on the hot Summer night of June 27th!  The film also portrays the Gay-enemy, then-commander of the old Sixth Precinct in Greenwich Village.  Fastforword, the last time a GOAL officer was at the annual SVA conference was in June of 2009!  Unfortunately for the Gay community, GOAL has seemingly become so jaded the last several years (Sam agreed) that it did not even bother to notify the loss to the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association of which Sam -- and Charles -- greatly admired and emulated!


Newly-elected Gay Officers Action League ("G.O.A.L.") president Brian E. Downey was the surprise guest speaker at the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A.")  on Saturday, May 28th, 2016.  He just popped in!  BTW, Brian beat that Tim Duffy aka Stuffy Duffy, no friend of the S.V.A.  For this S.V.A. meeting at the Manhattan LGBT Centre, it was Memorial Weekend, when the S.V.A. appropriately tributes the Stonewall veterans that have been lost over the years.  Brian declared up front that he wanted his G.O.A.L. administarion to start fresh with the Stonewall veterans.  He informed about what G.O.A.L. has been doing the last few years including a needed re-organizing.  Brian acknowledged that the G.L.B.T. community in New York City has been, at the least, remiss or, at the most, very slow to truly appreciate the history and the value of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association:  "The Stonewall veterans earned the right to be honored a long, long, long time ago!"  The positive planning now is to restore G.O.A.L. and the S.V.A. back on track working together.  Openly-Gay Detective Downey assured that the S.V.A. members could count on it!  Brian ended his interesting, inspiring and promising presentation with GOAL's new motto:  "Out and Proud -- your NYC Police Department!"


GOAL Gay Pride Celebration / Stonewall-47
New York City Police Department Headquarters 

Co-Sponsor:  NYPD Commissioner William J. "Bill" Bratton

GOAL President:  Brian E. Downey

Gay Officers' Action League / New York

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 @ 5 p.m. (doors open)

2016 GLBT Ally Award:  Chief of Department James P. "Bill" O'Neill

Original Message ------------------------------
Subject: Gay Officers Action League Pride Flyer
From: "Brian E. Downey" <>
Date: Mon, June 13, 2016 5:27 pm
To: "Willson L. Henderson" <>
"Stonewall Veterans Assn." <>

Special invitation to our longtime friends at the SVA
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association. Please see
the enclosed invitation flier.

It was an honor and a pleasure being the guest speaker
at the recent SVA monthly meeting and as you proudly
referred to me as "Mr. May".

In pride,
Brian E. Downey, President
Gay Officers Action League
P.O. Box 1774
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113
Hotline - (212) NY1-GOAL
Cell - (917) 371-7757


Note:  After being invited in person, via email and on the telephone (an invitational trifecta), several legendary STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association members attended, including, but not limited to, the S.V.A. founder and elected director Willson L. Henderson and a former S.V.A. president Jeremiah Newton and current Vice-President Bert Coffman; however, none of them were acknowledged as being in the house!  How do you spell rude?  G-O-A-L!  Nonetheless, the one enjoyable lining in the cloudy evening was reuniting with the relatively few remaining GOAL members of the 1990s!  Said GOAL-ers always appreciated and respected the Pride-delivering Stonewall vets of the S.V.A.!  Something happened to Det. Downeybetween the time that he spoke at the S.V.A. and when he failed to show up for SVA's conference as the male keynoter less than a month later!  (The female keynoter was a U.S. congressmember!)  SVA's own 'detectives' theorized that Down-ey must have read a hit-piece blurb via the slanderous and vicious Gayragpaper -- queerly, the only Gay newspaper in all of NYC!  But how could anyone in NYC 'law enforcement' believe anything written by the proven dubious and convicted liar Druncan Ozburn?  Duh!  Vintage GOALers know that the S.V.A. previously sued in NYC Civil Court the Gayragpaper aka LGBT New York (one of its many prior incarnations).  The court, the jury of peers and the judge decided as in "Decision" after several days of trial and eyewitness testimonies (under oath on behalf of the S.V.A.) that the SVA-ers are analogous to the Suffragets and that Willson is the "Gay Rosa Parks"!  (Ohh, and you thought it was....  No, she wasn't even there!)  What part of the 7-page, landmark, legal decision do some 'law enforcement' GOALers not understand?  And, in fact, continue to slander the once-again vindicated aforementioned heroes?!   



Skip a few totally non-communication GOAL years with S.V.A. and fast-forward to... 2019


Many Gay decades ago when the Gay Officers' Action League ("GOAL") still respected, worked with and supported the legendary STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."), the latter legally bequethed the famous police-blue 1969 classic convertible known as the "Stonewall Car" to GOAL!  The codicil stipulated that it would be effective subsequent to the future "Stonewall 50" milestone in 2019, after which of a half-century, when the S.V.A. planned to no longer lead Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("G.L.B.T.") Pride parades with said car, which would also reach its 50th year!  It was further stated that GOAL would henceforth present said vehicle in any and all New York City G.L.B.T. Pride parades in which would be particpated by GOAL.  But, it is now 2019!  

Sounds like a Gay history nightmare, but it's true that unlike the GOAL of yesteryears, the current version is more interested in the 'GLBTQRSIA' merry-go-round and placating self-servers and phonies rather than r-e-s-p-e-c-ting and supporting the historic folks who not only launched the modern G.L.B.T. movement but were the people who originally and actually changed the New York City Police Department ("NYCPD") -- long before GOAL commenced thirteen years after the Stonewall Uprising (it was not a 'riot')! 

For the first Gay Pride at Gracie Mansion, it's grateful Mayor Ed Koch and SVA's Willson Henderson!  See the photo:

The first Gay Pride celebration at New York City's fabled Gracie Mansion was held in 1978 by the great Gayor Ed Koch in his first year!  Things were not fully 'out' at that time so the event was entitled "Summer Celebration"!  The only two G.L.B.T. groups invited were his favorite, the STONEWALL Veterans' Association and its sister group the Imperial QUEENS & Kings of New York.  Of course, GOAL could not have been there as it was not created until a half-decade later.  The SVA's contingency was headed up by Willson Henderson, Jeremiah Newton, Storme DeLarverie, Emile Griffith, Dave West and Terri Van Dyke (all known to GOAL).  In fact, Mayor Koch was the honorary male chairman of the S.V.A. from whence it ignited in the Summer of 1969 until the day he passed six years ago.  Hey, obviously, S.V.A. had the best!  (That's a clue as to who's who.)  Koch hosted twelve Gay Prides at Gracie Mansion.  The apple of his eye was always and admittedly Willson, the founder of S.V.A.  The group has been featured and/or honored -- particulalrly by mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg (that covered another twenty years) and at least applauded at every Gracie Gay Pride event... ummm... until Stonewall 50!  Wtf?  All of a sudden the Stonewall Veterans weren't even invited much less 'honored'.  Surely, there must be some, if not a majority, of GOALers who smell something fishy with that!  You don't have to be a detective to figure it 'out'!  Instead, in a photo in the slanderous Gayragpaper (currently being sued in civil court for libel), folks who read the rag, saw a photo of self-promoter Brian Drowney with his head popping out and surrounded by GOALers -- instead of selfless Willson Henderson, et al. with history-making SVAers, the ones who inducted all the 'pride'!  BTW, both groups should have been there.  Was there any collusion with this NYC administration?  Ask the NYCPD's alleged Gay liaison.  His alleged 'outreach' excludes the Stonewall veterans.  Queer.  Didn't any GOALers honestly wonder: Why aren't there any Stonewall veterans right here in Manhattan at the NYC' mayor's event for "Stonewall 50"?

For the 50th Stonewall Anniversary, it's not the S.V.A. but greedy GOAL and "Posse" (?) at this Mayor's 'Pride':     www.GayCityNews.NYC/Stories/2019/15/Gracie-Mansion-Pride-Pose-2019-06-27


The STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."), the one and only organization representing the legendary 'veterans' of the notorious and discriminatory NYCPD police raids and the historic police vs. Gays Stonewall Uprising, recently held its "S.V.A. 50th Annual Conference & Stonewall Veterans Reunion + S/W Testimonials" in Greenwich Village, NYC.  Ironically, the venue was a block or so from the NYCPD precinct that SVA-ers put on the map: The Sixth!  Back in 1969 it was the allegedly heterosexual cops who were discriminatory and slanderous; now it's the Gay cops, et al. in GOAL!  Wtf?!  At said significant S.V.A. conference event (Drowney would have loved all of the media - newspapers galore, television, magazines and radio), there was diss-respectfully and rudely not one member of GOAL present!  Pathetic!  Clearly, their smear campaign is in effect!  Interestingly, there were original NYCPD Stonewall Rebellion police officers from the Old Sixth in attendance!  They would know more about the Stonewall everything than any GOALers, despite what some of the latter may imagine.  FYI, you will see three of the "S/W cops" interviewed on camera for the first time in the upcoming and revealing documentary "Inside STONEWALL!".  They confirm everything claimed by the 149 deceased and alive Stonewall members of the S.V.A.  Det. Drowney did so many "S/W-50" events about the Stonewall Uprising and the NYCPD.  Unfortunately, there weren't ever any "S/W vets" included!  Drowney never ever mentioned the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association!  It's like we don't even exist anymore... in his mind.  The S.V.A. was incredibly excluded from a segment "Stonewall Rebellion and the NYCPD"!  Wtf?  How discriminatory and exclusionary is that?  Very.  For "Stonewall 50" (aha-ha-ha-ha), GOAL could not get (or worse, didn't even think of it) one GOALer to contact the S.V.A. and say one word: "Thanks".  Beyond jaded, it's so sad.     

In the meantime, GOAL, since the S.V.A. is well aware (i.e., prima facie evidence), should stop the slander, stop the sleaze, stop the slime, stop the scum, stop the lies and stop the hate against the alleged G.L.B.T. 'heros'!  Towards that 'goal', maybe read The New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, Long Island Newsday or even the Staten Island Advance, and avoid absorbing the libelous -- with a pending law suit for libel, defamation and slander by the S.V.A. and a civil court date -- NYC Gayragpaper!  Law enforcement persons believing what's printed in the scurrilous, anti-police, fact-challenged Gayragpaper?  That's too oxiomoronic for words!  Most readers of the GayRag know that they fully endorsed the admittedly and so-advertised anti-police 'Queer Liberation March'!  The Gayragpaper even did an op-ed anti-police in any Gay Pride march!  Hey, GOAL, wake-up and smell the poison!     

Bottom Line:  How much has the Gay Officers' Action League contributed in any way to any S.V.A. programs, donated to any S.V.A. causes, contributed for indigent S/W vets, bought tickets to S.V.A. events, attended a Stonewall veteran 'wake' or funeral or even took a paid ad on the popular S.V.A. website?  $0; across-the-board total in four decades: $0!


Upcoming:  "Inside STONEWALL!" documentary to be presented on televised media, plus newspaper reviews, in a stunning, historic and revealing collaboration betweeen two NYCPD police organizations (no, not GOAL) and the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association!  The S.V.A. appropriately gets to select which prominent NYC police official they want interviewed in the film (no, not him... we don't know him... never met him).  You'll even see bubble-top police cars from 1969!  Stay tuned!


11th September


=====2019:  50th Anniversary of the Gay Stonewall Rebellion=====
 [Friday night, June 27th ~thru~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]  

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