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Supporters of S.V.A.

STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association
2024 S.R.V.A. Supporters
U.S. Congressm
ember Hakeem S. Jeffries
(in Congress since Jan. 2013)
S.R.V.A. Honorary Chairperson
(since Feb. 2013 succeeding Congressman / NYC Mayor Ed Koch)
New York State Assemblymember
(2007 to 2012)
S.R.V.A. Supporter
(since 2000, way before he was in elected public office)


SRVA's Willson Henderson and longtime Friend Hakeem Jeffries

STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association director Willson Henderson with
Brooklyn Representative and Congressional Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries
[photo by J.P. Photography]

Hakeem S. Jeffries was born in the 'Summer of 1970', a year after the 'Summer of 1969' historic Stonewall Rebellion -- and in the same city!  Ironically,
the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association's ("S.R.V.A.") founder and elected director Willson Lee Hendersonand Hakeem were both born in Brooklyn, USA!  The former in Flatbush, the latter in Crown Heights, where he still resides.  Ironically, years later in college, both Willson and Hakeem, appropriately, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.  The former from Hofstra University in Long Island; the latter from Binghamton University in upstate New York.

Some additional photos of Brooklyn, NYC Congressmember Hakeem Jeffries and the legendary SRVA's leader Willson Henderson shall also be posted!  The S.R.V.A. has literally hundreds of organization and public official letters and photographs from the S.R.V.A. to post!  However, for various reasons, the group is under-funded and short-staffed.  For example, the supposed U.S. Congressional Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("G.L.B.T.") Caucus has not provided a sponsorship nor a dollar in over a decade!  That is not very congressional!  Rather than acknowledging that the G.L.B.T. rights movement ignited with the actual Stonewall veterans, they pretend that it fell from a fruit tree.  Stay tuned....  Also, to answer inquiries, the S.R.V.A. has many requests for information about Hakeem's wife Kennisandra ("Kenni").  No one in the S.R.V.A., even with endless members and supporters in Brooklyn congressional District 8, has seen nor heard from her in about twenty years.


Hakeem Jeffries elected as the "Leader of The Pack" in Congress!

Born in Brooklyn, USA, Hakeem Jeffries 'moved on up' to the Democratic Minority Party Leader in the U.S. Congress!  In 2019, as a forerunner, Hakeem became chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, a position that made him the fifth-highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.  On November 30th, 2022, Hakeem was unanimously elected by all of his Democratic colleagues to succeed longtime House leader Nancy Pelosi.  This year also marks one decade since Hakeem successfully won his election to Congress!    


Hakeem Jeffries is Chosen as #1 in "Brooklyn's Power 100"
For Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, this is a most signficant showing and really supreme compliment!


Hakeem Jeffries' Third Re-Election to U.S. Congress


[PLACE] re-election flyer here at asterisk (*)

New York Eighth Congressional District:
The 8th District includes:  Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, East New York,
Canarsie, Mill Basin and Coney Island in Brooklyn, and South Ozone Park and Howard Beach in Queens.

Congressman Hakeem's 2018 Letter of Appreciation to the S.R.V.A.

Congressman Hakeem's 2018 Letter of Appreciation to the S.V.A.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries appropriately and uniquely summarized some of the many services provided by the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association to veterans of the historic Stonewall Uprising, who otherwise would not receive such individualized and compassionate assistance, and nor would the worldwide public-at-large receive the tremendous educational information and services as exempfified by this website as also zeroed in by the congressman!




Letter from Congressman Hakeem Jeffries to the S.R.V.A.



Video Message from Congressman Hakeem Jeffries


[PLACE] H.S.J. 2014 campaign flyer above at *


Subject:  Happy New Year!
From:  "Hakeem Jeffries" <>
Date:  Mon., December 31, 2012, 2:22 pm


Dear Friends -

Here's wishing that your New Year is filled with good health and happiness,
and that you welcome and embrace 2013 with a renewed hope and spirit.

For those of you who will be in the Washington D.C. area, I will be Sworn-In
as the new Congress member for the New York 8th District on January 3,
 2013 at 12 noon, with a reception to follow at 2 p.m.  For more information,
please contact Tiffany Bryant [mail to:]. 
It would be a delight to see you there!

Mark your calendars and save the date -- Sunday, January 27th at 4 p.m.
in Brooklyn, New York, for my district Swearing-In.  More information
on  my activities will follow soon.

It has been wonderful to be on this journey with you. 
Thank you for your incredible support and friendship.

Happy New Year!



Jeffries for Congress | 39 Broadway | New York | NY | 10006


Hakeem Jeffries is Featured Speaker at the SVA's Annual N.Y.C. Conference

SVA Conference Reunion 2012 A

The "SVA's 43rd Annual Conference & Stonewall Veterans Reunion", hosted by SVA's director Willson L. Henderson, features, in addition to actual veterans of the historic Stonewall Rebellion, many prominent New York public officials including this year:  U.S. congressmembers Carolyn J. Maloney, Yvette D. Clarke and Hakeem S. Jeffries!


Hakeem S. Jeffries for U.S. Congress


Brooklyn - 10th District
* Bedford-Stuyvesant
* Boerum Hill (parts)
* Brooklyn Heights (parts)
* Brownsville
* Canarsie
* Central Brooklyn
* Downtown Brooklyn
* East New York
* Flatbush (parts)
* Fort Greene (parts)
* Flatlands
* Ocean Hill
* Prospect Heights
* Prospect Park South
* South Slope
* Williamsburg (parts) 

Question:  How can one congressional district in New York City
have so many and such diverse communities in its district?
Answers:  The 10th district is (1) shaped like a sideways "V";
(2) very large; and (3) the result of bizarre gerrymandering!


New York Observer Story:  Hakeem became the Barack of Brooklyn:


Hakeem S. Jeffries for Congress:


Letter to S.V.A. from NYS Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries






                Hakeem Jeffries letter to S.V.A. will be retrieved from the S.R.V.A. Archives!


filename:  Hakeem_Jeffries_2008     




N.Y.S. Assemblymember Hakeem S. Jeffries

Assemblyman Hakeem's new district includes:  
Clinton Hill  *  Fort Greene (not Roger)  *  Prospect Heights
and parts of
Bedford-Stuyvesant  *  Crown Heights  *  Park Slope  

Visit the Assemblymember and the 57th District on-line at:


Momentum Builds As Some Progressive Organizations
Endorse the Candidacy of Hakeem Jeffries for
New York State Assembly in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY – June 22, 2006 – People for Jeffries, the campaign committee for Hakeem S. Jeffries, a progressive attorney and community activist from Brooklyn, today announced that three community organizations have endorsed their candidate for State Assembly.

The Progressive Association for Political Action (PAPA), the Working Families Party (of North Brooklyn) and the citywide PRIDE Democrats of New York City (Pride Rainbow Independent Democrats Etc.) have all thrown their support behind Jeffries, touting his longtime achievements both in the community and the courtroom as reasons to back the First Amendment attorney, who is running for the 57th district seat that is being vacated by the incumbent.  PRIDE Dems has been the sole consistent endorser of Mr. Jeffries since his first Assembly run in 2000.  It eminated as the independent political arm of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association (of the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion) civil rights group.

“In order to strengthen the public school system, build affordable housing and promote neighborhood-friendly economic development, we must move to a political dynamic that is progressive, principled and public service-oriented”, said Jeffries. “That is why the endorsement of these forward-thinking organizations is so important to the success of my campaign.”

These endorsements come on the heels of winning the support of Communication Workers of America (CWA) District 1 and SEIU Local 32-BJ.  Jeffries will also have the Working Families Party ballot line in the November general election.

Hakeem Jeffries was born at Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Hospital.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science from the State University of New York at Binghamton, NY, a Master’s Degree in public policy from Georgetown University in Virginia and graduated magna cum laude from New York University Law School!  Hakeem grew up in Crown Heights and now lives with his wife, Kennisandra, and their two young sons, Jeremiah and Joshua, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.

The 57th Assembly District includes the neighborhoods of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and some parts of Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NY.



                 Hakeem Jeffries, candidate, 57th Assembly District

  Vote for Hakeem in the Democrat Primary on Tue., Sep. 10, 2002



                          Letter from Hakeem Jeffries to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association

Hakeem's appreciative letter to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association


NYC Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis endorses Hakeem!
Former Councilmember Mary Pinkett endorses Mr. Jeffries!!



New York State Comptroller H. Carl McCall endorses Hakeem Jeffries!


In the G.L.B.T. Communities:

STONEWALL Veterans' Association. supports Hakeem!

PRIDE Democrats of NYC endorses Jeffries!

G.L.B.T. Political Coalition unanimously supports H.S.J.!

Note:  All of the other Gay groups seemingly want greater discrimination. 
deeper corruption, expanded exclusion, worse incompetencies and more insults
by the shameful Ass-emblyman Lil' Roger Green and his bag lady 'Tush' James!




4th March


2 September 2019 (Mon.) 
West Indian-American Parade
Brooklyn, NYC


20 May 2018 (Su.)
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's Campaign Rally
with keynote speaker Congressman Hakeem
in front of the Brooklyn Museum of Art


12 November (Thu.)

Tribute to Congressman Hakeem S. Jeffries
at The Harvard Club New York
featuring Host and NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
and the SVA's director Willson L. Henderson
Manhattan, NYC


3 February (Tue.)
Diana Ross Concert commemorating Reopening Kings Theatre
1027 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


29 January (Thu.)
"State of the 8th Congressional District Address"
Brooklyn, NY


29 September (Tue.)
Cong. HSJ meeting with S.V.A.
Archives Restaurant
Brooklyn, NYC


December (Sat.)
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's Holiday Party
Brooklyn, NYC


9 November (Wed.)
Democratic Leadership - 21st Century
Belmont Lounge
Manhattan, New York City


26 November (Sat.)
S.V.A. Executive Committee Meeting
GLBT Community Center 
Greenwich Village, NYC


3 December (Sat.)
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's Birthday Gala
Kai Studio Hall (with 50' ceilings)
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC


15 January (Sun.)

Hakeem Jeffries' Announcement
Steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall
Downtown Brooklyn, N.Y.


26 June (Tue.)
Hakeem Jeffries wins Democratic Primary for U.S. Congress!

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Supporters of S.V.A.