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Mayor Edward I. Koch
STONEWALL Veterans' Association
S.V.A. Honorary Male Chairperson, In Memorium
(1969 - 2013)
N.Y.C. Mayor Edward I. Kochc

Special Guest Mayor Ed Koch with Willson Henderson
[Photo in 1998 by Liz J. Abzug]

Former New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch -- elected in 1977 after a primary election (with Bella Abzug, et al.), a run-off election (with Mario Cuomo) and the general election and tenured from January 1, 1978 to December 31, 1989 -- is happily shown with STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") President Willson Lee Henderson at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender ("GLBT") Community Centre ("GLBT Centre") on West 13 Street in Manhattan, New York, on Thursday, October 22, 1998.  The occasion was for sponsor PRIDE Democrats of New York City's "General Election Candidates' Forum".  The event was the follow-up to the hugely successful, largest-ever candidates' forum, also sponsored by PRIDE Democrats and ci-sponsored by the S.V.A. on Thursday, August 27, 1998.  At that time, Mayor Ed's busy schedule had him elsewhere in America.  However, the Mayor personally told Willson to "....let him know when you have your next event and I'll be there!"  True to his word, here he is: Mayor-for-Life Edward I. Koch!  See the 'terrific' photo above.  And, "How's he doin'?"  Great!  The forum was co-sponsored by:
 the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."), Gay Men of African Descent ("GMAD"), the Imperial QUEENS & Kings of Greater New York ("IQKNY"), Asians & Friends, the G.L.B.T. Political Coalition "GLBT/PC"), Gay & Lesbian Hispanic Americans ("GLHA"), the Millennium Triangle Democratic Club ("MTDC"), the Stonewall Car Club ("SCC") and others -- a very real diversity!  Mayor Koch is the one and the only S.V.A. Honorary Male Chairperson since the beginning of the organization in 1969.  On occasions, he has also been the S.V.A. Honorary Project Chairperson.  

                                                                          Ed Koch and Helen H and WLH

Mrs. Helen Henderson, Mayor Ed Koch and Willson Henderson
[Photo in 2000 by Miss Jodi Getman]

ack to the PRIDE Democrats of NYC Candidates' Forum, esteemed Mayor Ed Koch was, of course, the big star of the show and every candidate so acknowledged that reality!  And what greater and internationally known Democrat in New York City history than Mayor Koch?  None!  And, yes it was part show biz.  The members of the Imperial QUEENS attending did not come in tuxedoes!  In fact, Mayor Ed was first welcomed by the grand Duchess Rayette of IQKNY.  Plus, it was media savvy; several journalists attended.  Candidate speakers included:  Judge Karen S. Burstein as the dynamic surrogate speaker for U.S. Senate general election candidate Charles Schumer; Eliot L. Spitzer for N.Y.S. Attorney General; H. Carl McCall for (re-election) N.Y.S. Comptroller; Sandra Frankel (in a red dress) for N.Y.S. Lieutenant Governor; and four candidates for the New York City Council 3rd District, namely, openly-Gay District Leader/Stonewall vet Aubrey Lees, un-openly-Gay McManus Democratic Club President Carl Manzano, openly-Gay former N.Y.C. Department of Transportation Commissioner and current Tax Commissioner (both in Mayor Rudy's administration) Christopher Lynn, a longtime supporter of the IQKNY, and openly-Gay S.V.A. non-supporter Christine Quinn.  In this Council contest, Mayor Ed endorsed Chris.... Lynn!  Due to a hectic election schedule, Mayor Ed's longtime colleague and friend Peter Vallone, Sr., missed this one; however, he was the first of the 24 candidate speakers at the August 27 event.  Both forums were sponsored by PRIDE Democrats under the leadership of Willson Henderson and both forums were hosted by PRIDE and SVA's President Willson.  By the way, which candidate did Mayor Koch speak on behalf of?  He didn't come just to be nice and have chicken soup (we didn't have any).  The Mayor spoke candidly, very effectively and rather sincerely for the re-election of his longtime friend U.S. Senator Alphonse "Al" D'Amato and, crossing party lines again, for Republican N.Y.S. Governor George Pataki.  Mayor Koch is a quintessential New Yorker and is unequivocably unique and truly special.


"Native New Yorkers"
[Photo by Koch staffer Jodi Getman]

New York City Mayor-for-Life Edward I. Koch is visited at his scenic Avenue of the Americas at West 52nd Street in Midtown Manhattan office by the STONEWALL Veterans' Association founder Willson Henderson's mother, Helen Henderson, a native New Yorker but Floridian now, but always glad to be back in her hometown New York City, especially with her favorite mayor and her favorite son.  Ironically, the three were born in three different New York City boroughs:  Koch in The Bronx, Mrs. Henderson in Queens and Willson in Brooklyn!

2013:  44th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in Manhattan, New York
-- from which the late and great Ed Koch was Greenwich Village District Leader,
N.Y.C. Councilmember, U.S. Congressmember and New York City Mayor!!!

For more 411 regarding Mayor Ed Koch and the STONEWALL Veterans' Association:

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