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STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association
2013 S.V.A. Supporters
New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
(108th Mayor of New York City)
Elected N.Y.C. Mayor 3 terms:  2001, re-elected 2005 and 2009

Served as New York City Mayor from 2002 through 2013
2019:  U.S. Presidential Candidate for the 2020 Election

==OoO==   Stonewall * SVA * Spotlights   ==OoO== 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (MRB) -- for ALL of the People -- is the guest (again) of the legendary STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association (S.V.A.) leading the 
New York City Annual G.L.B.T. Pride Parade with the 1969 'Stonewall Convertible'!

Reality:  When MRB first ran for mayor, the S.V.A. was the ~one-and-only~ G.L.B.T. group to support him!  S.V.A. had candidate MRB as our 2001 parade guest introducing him to over 1 million spectators!  He's been forever grateful  

See the mayor, the vets and the convertible:


Mayor Bloomberg Hosts the 23rd Americans with Disabilities Awards

[PLACE]  event promo card


filename:  Michael_Bloomberg_AWDA-2013


[PLACE] AnDre Christie w/ Mayor MRB - 2013


fileneme:  AnDre-Christie_2013_Mayor-Bloomberg


Mayor Bloomberg's 2013 Letter to the STONEWALL V.A.




Mayor Michael's 11th Annual Gay Pride Celebration


filename:  Michael_Bloomberg_Gay-NYC-2012


NYC Mayor Michael III's "Stonewall Car" Letter to STONEWALL Veterans



Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 10th Annual GLBT Pride Party

Michael Bloomberg Gay NYC 2011

Invitation to Mayor Michael B's 10th Annual GLBT Pride Celebration
[GLBT Event Invitation Card designed by NYC Office of the Mayor]   



Mayor Bloomberg's Letter to the STONEWALL Vets Assn.
Michael Bloomberg 2011

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2011 Gay Pride letter to the
STONEWALL Veterans' Association comprehensively and
thoughtfully including the SVA's 42nd Annual Conference, 
the passage of the New York State Marriage Equality law,
the Stonewall Veterans Reunion event, the 42nd New York
City Gay Pride Parade and the famous 1969 "Stonewall Car".



Mayor Bloomberg Invokes 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in Supporting Gay Marriage

It was historically accurate, intellectually astute and socially appropriate for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to smartly invoke the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in New York City bridging the decades to Gay Marriage in New York State.  The knowledgeable-on-the-subject Mayor has had first-hand accounts of the Stonewall Uprising for exactly a decade since he personally met with, and then paraded with, the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association.


Mayor Bloomberg Gay NYC 2010

     GLBT Invitation Card to Mayor's Gay Pride Celebration
[Design via the Office of the NYC Mayor]




Mayor Michael Bloomberg Honoring the Americans With Disbabilities Act  

AnDre Christie Mayor MRBloomberg 2009

AnDre Christie via S.V.A. and Michael Bloomberg via N.Y.C.
[Photography by the Mayor of the City of New York's Special Events Office]

For more information on and pictures of AnDre Christie, visit:


Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion -- ceremonial home of NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
for all three terms of his Mayorality from 2002 through 2013


Mayor Michael Bloomberg Honoring "Stonewall-40 & Gay Pride Celebration"


Mayor Michael Bloomberg with Youth-4-SVA's Gina D. Wright
Note:  The Mayor was clearly happy to meet happy, yet nervous, Gina!
[Photography by the Mayor of the City of New York's Special Events Office]

For more information on and pictures of "Stonewall 40", visit:



  Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosting Gay Pride event at Gracie Mansion

Mayor MRB 2009 Gay Pride

Mayor Michael hosts NYC Gay Pride Celebration at Gracie Mansion
[Photography by S.V.A. Webmistress Babsala R. Lynne]  


 Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2009 Congratulatory Letter to the S.V.A.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg 2009



   Speaking out for New York City's Term Limits Expansion - 2009:    

"'Term limits' are like Lee's press-on nails... they're artificial!"
-- Williamson Henderson, S.V.A. Founder


 "New York City's the last place in the world where people need to be told how to vote with that 'who-you-can't-vote-for' non-sense!"
-- Justin Holt, Youth-for-SVA


   "The millions of citizens of New York City should be grateful that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has most generously agreed to continue in public service of the highest order and to be available as mayor.  It's not like he needs the annual salary of one dollar!
-- Marlon S. Hunter, PRIDE Democrats 


"Term limits for what?  We've got 'em in the voting booth!  Let's get rid of term limits!  Meantime, extend 'em!"
-- AnDre Christie, S.V.A. Office Manager

"City Council members were elected democratically by the public.  They have the right and the obligation to do what is right and practical for the City including the extension of 'term limits'.  God bless the majority for doing the right thing!  Majority rules!"
-- Mary S. Twist, S.V.A. Executive Committee


"Since we were successful in knocking down the barriers at Stonewall and starting the largest civil rights movement in the world, coming down on the side of "no barriers" in voter choices is a no-brainer for Stonewallers!"
-- Leigh McManus, S.V.A. Newzletta Editor


 Question:  How do you spell "term limits"?  Answer:  s-t-u-p-i-d
-- Bobalu Candelaria, Veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion





 AnDre Christie 2008  with Mayor MRB   

Mayor Michael strong arms again wth Youth-4-SVA's AnDre Christie
[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of The City of New York]




Mayor Michael Bloomberg leading a New York City Gay Pride Parade 
with the STONEWALL Veterans' Association as their special guest.





NYC happy Mayor Michael with the SVA's colorful Director Willson
[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]





Mayor Bloomberg proudly greets PRIDE Democrats Vice-President Steven Gradman





Mayor Michael warmly welcomes S.V.A. Assistant AnDre to Gracie again in 2005



Mayor Michael deadpans with a Stonewall Rebellion veteran after the Mayor makes a funni




NYC Mayor Michael Hosts Gay Pride Event at Gracie Mansion


  [Recently retrieved 2004 invitation shall be posted here!]



Mayor Bloomberg's World AIDS Day Breakfast




 2003 - Mayor Michael's Gay Pride Celebration

Princess Jenni Egan of IQKNY with NYC Mayor Bloomberg
[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]



2003 - 10th Annual Gay Business Expo & Entertainment Festival





Stonewall Vet Dave West with Mayor Michael at Gracie Mansion
[Photography by the Office of the New York City Mayor]



2002 - Mayor Michael's Gay Pride Celebration






Mayor Bloomberg's First Mayoral Term Letter to the STONEWALL Vets Assn.


 05 November
Election Day


4 February
Mayor Ed Koch's Funeral Services
co-hosted by Mayor Bloomberg


14 January
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 11th Annual "State-of-the-City"
Morris High School Grand Auditorium, The Bronx, N.Y.


17 of March
"New York City Annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Party"
at Thank God It's Friday Restaurant in Manhattan, NYC.


20 of June
NYC Mayor Michael B's Yearly Gay Pride Celebration Party
Gracie Mansion, Manhattan, NY


8th of August
Mayor Bloomberg's Annual Americans with Disabilities Act Commemoration
Gracie Mansion, New York City


26th of June
Mayor Michael's Annual Gay Pride Celebration


5th of August
Mayor Bloomberg's Annual Americans With Disabilities


30 October


5 November
Election Day

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Home Prominent
Supporters of S.V.A.