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  Ruthybird Campbell Marmelstein  
National STONEWALL Veterans' Association
  Re-tired and Re-tried and Retired S.V.A. Scheduler  


Up-Close with Miss Ruthybird Marmelstein
[Photograph by Eileen "Lezbean" Levy]


Ruthybird WLH art show

Willson Henderson with his water-color portrait and an admiring Ruthybird at Chelsea Art Show
[Photograph by artist Anthony Zito]


Ruthybird Turkeybird

Ruthybird -is- Turkeybird
[Collage by Roy's Artwork]

Ruth Mermin Feinsilver, affectionately known as "Ruthybird", had a zest for anyone as outrageous as she was at the time of the late 1960s, especially with flambouyancy and overdone make-up.  That answer was some of the femme Gay boys of Greenwich Village, particularly the 'flame queens' along Christopher Street.  Ruthybird was especially compassionate and helpful to many of the homeless Gay youth.  She gave them small amounts of money, bought them food and, in some cases, did their make-up.  They called her "La  Bird".  Remember, until January 20, 1969, in the White House with President Lyndon B. Johnson ("LBJ") was the First Lady named Lady Bird and their two White House daughters Lynda Bird and Lucie Bird!  The Gay Birdcage, if you will, was inside the black wrought iron fencing and on the benches of the quaint Sheridan Triangle Park, now known as Christopher Park, located diagonally across the street from The Stonewall Club.  Most of the Gay nightlife activity centered on Greenwich Avenue and Christopher Street in near proximity to the now famous Stonewall Club.  Although the flame queens were basically not permitted in The Stonewall Club (besides, hardly any of them had the admission fee), Ruthybird helped many of them with their hair and fashion tips for their attire besides their make-up!



Ruthybird S. Marmelstein already with her three favoirtes altready:
Director Willson Henderson and Manager AnDre Christie plus King Storme DeLarverie
[Photo by her fourth fave Rogers 'Ro-Ro' Huntana]
Note:  This photo was used for inside C/D cover of "Songs of The Stonewall 40"
and it also appeared in Newsweek magazine in 2011 for a story on Gay couples!



Ruthybird in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, NYC -- with the Birds!
[Photo by Elizabeth "Lizbit" Smith]

Ruthybird C. Marmelstein, on behalf of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association ("S.R.V.A.") was in regular communication with several New York public officials such as U.S. Congressmembers Anthony D. Weiner (Queens), Carolyn J. Maloney (Manhattan East Side), Joseph F. Crowley (Queens/East Bronx), Yvette D. Clarke (Brooklyn), Hakeem S. Jeffries (Brooklyn) and Kathleen M. Rice (Nassau County, Long Island), Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, and NYC Councilwomen Melisssa 'Meli-Mar' Viverito, Rosie Mendez, Jessica Lappin, Carlina Rivera and Lil' Margaret Chin -- plus former Councilmen James E. "Jed" Davis, Bill de Blasio, John C. Liu, Adolfo Carrion, David Weprin, James Sanders and David Yassky, the guys who all moved on to bigger and better positions!  Along with other SRVA-ers, Ruthybird formerly represented the S.R.V.A. at conferences, streetfairs, meetings, forums and dinners.  With the milestone of "Stonewall 40" in 2009, Ruthybird did several interviews with newspapers and magazines besides television locally, such as New York 1 Television News, and, nationally, about the Stonewall Era and the S.R.V.A.  Ruthybird is also the S.R.V.A. co-liaison to the Heritage of Pride ("HOP") parade organizers.  In the Summer of 2009, Ruthybird joined the SRVA-er concert outings to see Miss Connie Francis sing all of her hit songs including "Where The Boys Are" at New York City's Seaside Concert Series and Frankie Valli & His Jersey Boys, outdoors, in good old Brooklyn!  Later in the Summer of 2009 it was to see, at the same great scenic outdoor location, the "Queen of Disco" Donna Summer!  In 2010, it was to see The Beach Boys and The Monkeys and The Turtles and Paul Revere & The Raiders!  In 2011, besides Gracie Mansion in Manhattan with NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, among others, it was musically to see Bettye & The Bristol Stompers!  In 2011, Ruthybird's favorite event of the year was the "S.R.V.A. 42nd Annual Conference & Stonewall Veterans Reunion".  It was held at The Greenwich Village Auditorium at which "La Bird" spoke from the podium!  And, musically, it was to see Mary Wilson of The Supremes and Motown's The Spinners in July at Brooklyn-by-the-Sea Concerts and in August of 2011, it was the "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin!  "What's not to like already?"      


Ruthybird WLH De Blasio

Willson Henderson, NYC Public Advocate-Elect Bill De Blasio and Ruthybird
[Photo by BDB's assistant Phil Micah Jones]

The Flying Byrd!


SW 39 Gracie Mansion SVA.jpg

Ruthybird, Willson Henderson, Harriette Rose, Andrew Coren and Rogers Hunt
at NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Pride Party at Gracie Mansion
[Photograph by Hally Weiner]


Ruthybird's favourite song of the ~original~ STONEWALL Club Jukebox:
"A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush)"
by The Velvelettes
(Motown girl group)


29 July
 Summer of Miss Marmelstein!


=====2023:  54th Anniversary of the NYC Stonewall Rebellion=====
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]


1 January
"The Last Non-Supper" at Ruthybird's Rattery bi Brooklyn

Attended by two Gay couples: Willson & AnDre Christie and Mendy Seltza & Sanjay Petersen


S.V.A. 45th Conference & Stonewall Reunion at GLBT Center
21 June

S.V.A. Social Committee Dinner Meeting at Morandi Italian Restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC...
with famed movie producer and director Roland "STONEWALL!" Emmerich in arrangement for Stonewall Rebellion veteran interviews in preparation for the film!

12 May  


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Photo Album