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STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association

S.R.V.A. founded by Willson Lee Henderson

25th Anniversary
of the
1969 New York City
Gay, Lesbian
, BisexualTransgender
and Straight Allies (G.L.B.T.S.) Rebellion
The Original STONEWALL Club, NYC

"Stonewall 25"
Sunday, 26th June

 Stonewall Rebellion Veterans On-Stage 
with an Audience of way over One Million People at
The Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City, U.S.A.

Incredible backstage view of some Stonewall Veterans at SW-25

Incredible backstage view of some Stonewall Veterans at "STONEWALL-25" Rally
[Photo by Rockwell O'Neill]

STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A.") members historically and incredibly pictured standing in front of a crowd of over one million people above (left-2-right) is firstly "The Stonewall Queen" Allyson Ann Allante (grandly statured in a muave sequinced gown and long blonde hair), the second is Rolando Ortiz-Torres (in tight white tee-shirt and tight blue jeans, well-built Puerto Rican originally from The Bronx and now up from Florida and staying in Brooklyn), the third person is S.V.A. Treasurer Terri Van Dyke (wearing unique yellow pants and carrying his/her ever-present huge shoulder bag), the S.V.A. Secretary Yvonne Ritter (with red hair up) is fourth, Danny Garvin (in tacky shorts, unfit and shady for this momentous occasion) is fifth, Christian Holland the "Stonewall Dutch Boy" (in traditional Hollandaise garb) is sixth, John O'Brien (aka JOB wearing dark blue shirt and slacks, in from Los Angeles) is seventh.... Also on stage but not shown in this photo are (alphabetically):  Molly Bennett Aitken (down with her partner from their farm in Massachusetts).....  David Bermudez and Bob Isadore (also down from Massachusetts).....  Brooke Lynn (in from Park Slope, Brooklyn)....  Bert Coffman (up from The Prince Residential Hotel in Midtown Manhattan).....  King Storme DeLarverie (from Chelsea's Hotel Chelsea in Chelsea, NYC).....  David Jenkins-Foxworth (up from Philadelphia).....  Xavier Harrison (up from Atlanta, Georgia).....  Cristina Santiago Hayworth (up by air-o-plane from Puerta Rica).....  Willson L. Henderson (down from his Upper West Side condominium via his Allante roadster).....  Wayne R. Herndon (in from Hollywood, CA).....  Carl J. Keller (in from Connecticut).....  Leigh P. McManus (in from Huntington, Long Island)..... Jeremiah Jay Newton (up from Avenue C in the East Village).....  Ronnie J. Nieves (over from Staten Island, NYC).....  Electra O'Mara (down from Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan)..... John-Paul Ranieri (in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin).....  Sylvia Rae Rivera (flew in on her broom fueled by alcohol).....  Jack Rojas (from the Times Square Hotel, Manhattan).....  Rita "Rusty" Rose (in via LIRR from Amityville, Long Island).....  Bill Miranda-Salzman (over the bridge from Williamsburg, Brooklyn).....  Monsignor Charles Snyder (the Archbishop of Greenwich Village).....  Antonio 'Tony' Viera (down from The West Bronx).....  Richard J. Strahan (in from the South Shore, New Jersey).....  Mary S. Twist (via ferry from Staten Island, NYC).....  Ivana Valentin (up from the very East Village).....  Dave F. West (up from Midtown Manhattan, NYC)..... Ramon F. Bellido (down from Spanish Harlem)....  Patti Stone (up from Miami, Florida).....  et al.....

The well-organized STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."), which had just led the outstanding and exciting "Spirit of Stonewall March" with the metallic blue 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car" up Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, from The Stonewall Club area in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, and, now, finally, after waiting over an hour, broadsided the very high and very wide stage in Central Park, USA.  Only one-third of the S/W-Vetz present on stage are shown in this incredible photo.  The approximate one million (1,000,000)-plus attendees from all over the world responded with a great, sound-breaking, five-minute chant of "Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Thank you..."!  Every Stonewall Veteran -- except one -- was overcome with emotion, lightly crying with pride or just having a few tears of joy or sadness stream from their eyes.  Queen Allyson Ann, the President of the Imperial QUEENS & Kings of Greater New York and the Spokesperson of the S.V.A., was not having her professionally-done make-up ruined.  Anxious to begin her prepared speech, Allyson finally said to the huge millionish crowd (a la Barbra Streisand and invoking a Jewish Brooklyn accent):  "Thank you from the STONEWALL Veterans' Association of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  Thanks!  Alright already... enough already.  Ohhh!  Thank you!  Already enough, thanks!  Oy!  We thank you, too -- for being here today on the 25th!  Enough now!"  What's a queen supposed to do already?  Oi!  "Thanx!  (Convincing one million people to "Stop!" is not easy!)  We love you, too!"  However, the enthusiastic crowd continued their extraordinary chant:  "Thank you...  Thank you...  Thank you...  Thank you....  Thank you...."
Highlights of the entire Stonewall 25 event, including the S.V.A. segment is/was available on the Heritage of Pride video, "The Future is Ours" -- a queerly inane title for the hugest Gay event in world history!  The furture is ours?  The tired title does not even give a clue much less state who is 'ours'!  It shoukld have been entitled, for example:  "STONEWALL-25!"  Celebrities speaking at the monumental G.L.B.T. celebration rally included openly-Gay actor/entertainer Harvey Fierstein who stated that none of us would be here today on this stage if not for the Stonewall Veterans!  And, another Gay favorite, Liza Minnelli who reminded everyone that "It is the 25th anniversary of Stonewall.... and it is also the 25th Anniversary of Mama" -- referring to the great international Gay icon of Miss Judy Garland, whose funeral was the first day of the rebellion that night June 27th.  Coincidence?  No!


"STONEWALL 25":  Post-Events Video Report and Film Clips including S.V.A.

In this limited (yet something's better than nada) on-site report of the two New York City Gay Pride Marches for "STONEWALL 25" on Sunday, June 26th, 1994, you will catch the drift of the huge G.L.B.T. celebration split.  You will actually see and hear from some of the officials of the S.V.A. Executive Committee of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association.  You will even catch a quick glimpse of the long, blue 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car" leading the (alternate) "Spirit of Stonewall March"!  You should observe that the 'alternate' march is really dense, much more so than the 'official' march.   



STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association Event: 

"STONEWALL-52":  Saturday, June 26th, 2021 

This annual STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association conference and Stonewall 
reunion features several iconic Gay and Bi veterans of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  
The happening ignites promptly at 
3:15 p.m. rollicking on to approximately 6:15 p.m.  
The entire conference is hosted by Stonewall vet and S.V.A. director Willson Henderson!  
Event happens at the historic St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 
81 Christopher Street (a stone's throw from Seventh Avenue) in Greenwich Village, 
Manhattan, New York City


For more 411, visit the S.V.A. current and upcoming events at:

   25 June    
Gay Pride Month!  


=====2021:  52nd Anniversary of the GLBT Stonewall Rebellion=====
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]      


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