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Stonewall Streetfair / NYC
sponsored by the New York City non-profit G.L.B.T.S. organization....
' Association

Commemorating the SVA's 19th annual NYC Streetfair in 2022!




Stonewall Streetfair Background: In 2003, the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") finally, at long last, applied for a New York City permit to have a streetfair!  Meanwhile, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("GLBT") political clubs like GLID and SDC have been having these streetfairs, which, unlike the S.V.A., are strictly self-serving.  They rake in thousands of dollars for each political group year after year after year -- and selfishly never donate a dollar to the S.V.A. or even pay a $19.69 membership!  With the S.V.A. application completed and delivered, Community Board #2 ("C.B. #2") said "yes" -- and then the City said "no"!  After former S.V.A. President Jeremiah Newton testified at a hearing before the latter, the "City Hearing Tribunal" said "no".  S.V.A. Executive Director Willson L. Henderson said this this is never -- never! -- going to happen ever again!  And, it didn't!  In 2004, C.B. #2 ridiculously, stupidly, insultingly and shamefully said "no" to the local S.V.A. and, actually and foolishly, put it in writing.  Shame on them!  Willson said "yes".  When you think "Greenwich Village", one of the themes that you should think is the "Stonewall" rebellion, the "Stonewall" club, the "Stonewall" this and the Stonewall" that.  Willson said "YES".  Right on to him!  And, Willson also beat the war drums once he was informed that the imbecilic C.B. rendering was signed in blood by the likes of an ingrate looney Gay goil who is allegedly a Stonewall vet!  Further, the Gay C.B. Chair Jim Somethingorother falsely stated that there's "...nothing he can do!" and "no!"  Can you imagine?  Willson relayed to him:  "U are a liar!" and "YES!"  The Streetfair Permit Office said "no".  Willson said "YES".  The Community Assistance Unit said "no".  Willson said "YES".  The related Office of the Mayor said "yes" to a "hearing".  That was the first break-through.  However, Willson surprisingly and challengingly said "NO"!  A "hearing" for what, Willson queried?  "They all are 100% wrong and the S.V.A. is 100% right!"  S.V.A. is not a "new" applicant, as explained above.  This is not, e.g., a "new" streetfair as wrongly stated.  The S.V.A. is, in fact, head-quartered in Greenwich Village.  Our loyal  Stonewall Newzletta readers can all appreciate the aforementioned "readings" and can readily tally all of the above.  The ultimate decision is in:  Come to the S.V.A.'s "Street Fair", our friends!

The S.V.A. specifically thanks N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who we had the honor of being in his company -- and vice versa -- three times during Gay Pride Month.  Was he informed of this scenario?  Is the Pope a Catholic?  The S.V.A. also wishes to thank all of the other concerned public officials who were on standby if needed to assist the non-profit, civil rights and historical S.V.A.  Obviously, that excludes the exclusionary and uphonious "Gay Taliban" -- who could care less!





Due to the mindless delays caused by Community Board #2's stonewalling of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association's streetfair plans, the date must be victoriously rescheduled.  The SVA's "Stonewall Streetfair" in 2004 will not be on the original planned date of July 31st due to the subsequent time restraint for vendor booking and group planning.  An alternate date months later sometime in autumn's October was offered to the S.V.A.  Williamson rightly reacted:  "Fuhgedaboudit!"  The revised date will now only be one week later on Saturday, August 7th.  And the location has been confirmed to be -- where else -- in Greenwich Village!  That's where the S.V.A. started on Christopher Street and that's where our base remains.  Our history is in Greenwich Village, our office is in The Village, our phones, etc., etc.  More S.V.A. officers live in Greenwich Village than in any other community.  The "Stonewall Car" is registered and garaged in Greenwich Village.  It's Greenwich Village especially that benefits financially, especially every June -- and throughout the year -- by millions of dollars, as a result of the influx of business and the worldwide tourists since the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  Who would think that anyone would think of an S.V.A.-sponsored streetfair anywhere but in The Village?  Butt someone(s) did!  The C.B. #2 manager ludicrously told S.V.A.'s Jeremiah Newton and Bert Coffman in person (after they made a surprise visit to the C.B. office) that the STONEWALL Veterans' Association is really not based in Greenwich Village!?  Right!  Hunh?  And Big Ben is really not located in London!  S.V.A. President Williamson called Gay him and asked, then where is the S.V.A. based?  Chinatown?  Perhaps the Stonewall Vets from the Stonewall Club of Stonewall Rebellion fame on Stonewall Place at the Stonewall Historic Site should have our streetfair on Rikers Island?


The 1969 "Stonewall Car" is in place for the 2004 NYC "STONEWALL Veterans Asssociation Streetfair"
[Photo by AnDre M. Christie]

Early streetfair set-up scene on Saturday morning, August 7, 2004 on Greenwich Avenue in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York.  Back in the Stonewall Era, this street was widely known as "Avenue of the Queens".  Pictured (l-2-r) are:  Williamson Henderson, S.V.A. President, and Robert Ashe, Clearview Festival Productions on-site manager.  Peeking out in the middle is Steven Gradman, Vice-President of PRIDE Democrats and friend of the S.V.A.  From this picture you cannot see the actual streetfair as that is actually on Greenwich Avenue for a five-block stretch.  In the background at a school playground is the special auxillary "Flea Market".  By the way, in the above photo, Willson is sticking out his tongue at who?  Who else?  AnDre!  (If U heard what the latter said to the former, we're surprised that WLH didn't stick out more than his tongue!  Ain't we got fun!)

The S.V.A. had double tables and eight quality chairs set up.  S.V.A. literature provided 411 on the organization spanning 35 years!  Besides S.V.A. coordinator Willson Henderson, other Stonewall Vetz who arrived to help man the tables or just visit included:  Jeremiah Jay Newton, King Storme DeLarverie, Biggi Berti Coffman, Principal Bill Salzman, Hurricane Dave West, Leigh McManus, Henry Koutoulas and Ramon "Rona" Bellido as well as the SVA's Community Liaison Bill Murawski and Friend-of-SVA Mikel Phipps.  Special guest to visit us was Clearview Festival Productions owner Todd Berman with his two dogs.  The most visible political clubs were PRIDE Democrats of NYC and the Village Independent Democrats with their brochures, flyers and voter registration forms on display.  William Stricklin, Jane Sullivan, Tony Hoffman and Lee Enken, among others, were present or stopped by from Village Independent Democrats ("VID").  AnDre Christie, the S.V.A. Assistant, dutifully and happily distributed over 1,000 lavender S.V.A meeting notices with the S.V.A. support and ad form on the flyer reverse.  

Besides helping the non-profit S.V.A. organization with this fund-raising mechanism to outreach to the local community, the city and the state -- which also gladly benfits the City of New York -- we all had a lot of great talks and fun.  And, just wait til next year!  Our "Stonewall Streetfair" will happen regardless of what witch tries what trick.  It's just that simple -- and fair (pun intended)!




The "Stonewall Veterans Streetfair" will be a post-Summer event this year mainly due to scheduling (we were holding out appropriateness and hope for June).  Despite some haters at the local Community Board, it will happen -- that's the important reality.  Once again, the disrespectful and shameful Community Board #2 foolishly signed a paper "denying their approval" of a STONEWALL Veterans' Association streetfair.  The current head of that community board, Jim Smith, you can't get any plainer than that and, in this case, even though he's unfortunately Gay, any more boring as he is, must go!  Watch what happens....

Stonewall Veterans Streetfair:  Saturday, October 8th, 2005 

The S.V.A. "Stonewall Veterans Streetfair" shall once again take place on Gay old Greenwich Avenue from Seventh Avenue passing Perry Street and Charles Street and crossing West 10th Street and Christopher Street going up to Avenue of the Americas.  It's an exciting and historic five-block stretch.  Any G.L.B.T. non-profit-organizations or political clubs (Gay or not) that want free table space to display your group's signage and information and distribute literature, please telephone S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie to make the arrangements at:  (212) 6-27-1969.   





"Stonewall Streetfair" 2006

To be a beneficial participant and to register for next year's very
well-attended and guaranteed exciting "Stonewall Streetfair", during Gay
Pride Month in June 2006, as a vendor or an exhibitor, please visit the
sponsoring website of Clearview Festival Productions at:



 STONEWALL Veterans' Association Streetfair:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Greenwich Avenue 

Greenwich Village, New York

The "Stonewall Veterans Streetfair" -- sponsored by the legendary STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Assoiation -- has its familiar, three-year, consecutive location on Gay Greenwich Avenue in the heart of Gay Greenich Village.  The S.V.A. will have tables and chairs set-up to welcome visitors and provide information.  The SVA's director Willson L. Henderson will be the field director on today's outinng.  AnDre M. Christie will be distributing the next S.V.A. meeting notice backed with the S.V.A. membership and support form.  WLH + AMC = Fun!  PRIDE Democrats of NYC will be joining us again with their table manned by Steven L. Gradman and Michael Livote to distribute campaign literature on behalf of Eliot L. Spitzer for N.Y.S. Governor and Andrew M. Cuomo for N.Y.S. Attorney General in the general election.  Rob Ashe will be providing any and all location accommodations and technical assistance.  The president of Clearview Productions, Todd Berman, will be personally joining the S.V.A. display later in the day.  After the streetfair, Todd has gayly invited Williamson, AnDre and Rob to an outdoor Brokeback Mountain dinner on Hudson Street at the Cowboy Restaurant.  Yee-haw!




SVA's Stonewall Streetfair 2007

The "Stonewall Veterans Streetfair" is confirmed by the S.V.A., endorsed (and signed) by the Community Board #2, approved (and signed) by the N.Y.C. Community Assistance Unit and has been scheduled (contract is signed) by Clearview Festival Productions.  The S.V.A. has, however, made application for "a change of venue" yet within Greenwich Village for this year.  The requested space on Washington Street has been abandoned by Heritage of Pride ("HOP"), another G.L.B.T. organization.  Thus, it is not a "new" streetfair.  It has been existing.  It would be the same blocks.  The SVA's request has been rightly and nicely approved by Community Board 2 -- under new and better management the last year or so.  The S.V.A. is awaiting re-evaluated results of that reasonable request from New York City's Community Assistance Unit ("CAU").  The result is in:  Because the City wants HOP to stay at that location and not move their streetfair to Gay Boulevard (Eighth Avenue) in Chelsea, the City is not giving said location to anyone else -- not even the S.V.A., the people who ignited the Gay Rights movement in that very Greenwich Village.  Thus, the City loses money, the S.V.A. loses money, HOP loses money, the vendors lose money, the businesses lose money, many workers lose money, everyone loses money!!!  Who is the imbecile who is responsible for this wrong decision?!

==========S.V.A. Streetfair==========

Saturday, September 29th, 2007 

on Gay old Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan
from Seventh Avenue to Avenue of the Americas
crossing Perry St., Charles St., West 10 St., Christopher St.

Opening time:  11 a.m.
Closing time:  6 p.m.

The S.V.A. provides welcoming tables -- and chairs!
On display for the world to view:  1969 "Stonewall Car"




=S.V.A. Streetfair=


September 27, 2008

from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan
from Seventh Avenue to Avenue of the Americas
crossing Perry, Charles, West 10th and Christopher Streets

The S.V.A. will have a distribution table and an information booth.




Stonewall Streetfair 2009

sponsored by:
STONEWALL Veterans' Association

arranged, directed and promoted by:
Willson L. Henderson



Saturday, September 26th
from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

 =Greenwich Village location=  
Gay Greenwich Avenue for 5 blocks!!!!!
Seventh Avenue ~to~ Avenue of the Americas

including..... Perry Street  *  Charles Street  *  West 10 Street  *  Christopher Street

S.V.A. information display is at the corner of Greenwich Av. & Charles St.
Come meet some of the veterans of the legendary 1969 Stonewall Rebellion
-- which happened on Christopher St., a streetfair cross street two blocks away!
Confirmed are as follows:  Willson, StormeRuthybird, Mary and Dr. Gil

PRIDE Democrats wil have political fliers and candidate cards for
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and NYC Comptroller John C. Liu



On Thursday, December 10, 2009, Manhattan Community Board #2's Street Activity Committee, after S.V.A. presentation and Willson L. Henderson testimony plus AnDre Christie documents (IRS, NYS, NYC, etc.), unanimously approved the annual S.V.A. "Stonewall Veterans Streetfair" at the same location with the same blocks on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich Village at the same times.


Saturday, September 25th

Note:  The S.V.A. has requested an earlier date, as we had years ago.
Stonewall veterans should not have an outdoor streetfair in Autumn,
which understandably prohibits many of the SW-Vetz from attending,
especially those vets with physical diasabilities or medical conditions
that are adversely affected by the changing, chilly and/or windy weather.
  There is also a reason why there is a SW song entitled "September Rain"! 



======Stonewall Streetfair=======

The Street Activity Committee of NYC Community Board #2 ("CB-2") in Manhattan held their streetfair hearings on March 3, 2011.  The STONEWALL Veterans' Association's annual streetfair was submitted, testified and approved unanimously that same evening!  On March 24th, likewise, the General Community Board #2 at their public meeting impressively and unanimously voted in favor of the S.V.A. streetfair.  Separate from the CB-2, the S.V.A. has a request of the event producer Clearview Festivals to move the "Stonewall Streetfair" back to Summer not early Autumn!  Although we loved movie Gay icon Joan Crawford, our song is not her film's "Autumn Leaves" theme.

Saturday, September 24


Special Exhibit:  The Rubinstein Gallery
featuring Ruthala's Designer Gift Boxes
-- in all designs for all ages in all sizes!

==Greenwich Avenue==
5 blocks
Seventh Avenue to Avenue of the Americas
    including Perry Street, Charles Street, West 10 Street and Christopher Street 

Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York



STONEWALL V.A. 9th Annual Streetfair


Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Notice:  No more "Autumn Leaves" streetfairs for the
legendary S.V.A. STONEWALL Veterans' Association
whose collective actions created the "Pride" in Summer
43 years ago and millions of dollars to NYC's coffers
-- much as the SW-Vetz love the Joan Crawford movie
"Autumn Leaves" and its #1 song of the same name!

"Stonewall Veterans Greenwich Avenue Streetfair"
Greenwich Avenue from Seventh Avenue to Avenue of the Americas
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The S.V.A. sets up streetfair shop from 12 noon to 6 p.m.
Look for the big white STONEWALL V.A. canvass tent.
We distribute our educational literature about the historic
1969 Stonewall Era and Rebellion and a helluva lot more!
As ever, the S.V.A. provides NY voter registration forms.


Special thanks to the Mayor of the City of New York
~~~ Michael R. Bloomberg ~~~
for continuing to understand and support N.Y.C. streetfairs
which are good for the community and great for the economy!!


S.V.A. 10th Annual Greenwich Village Streetfair

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Background for 2013 a.k.a. Shame on Manhattan Community Bored #2:

This year, due simultaneously to a wintry blizzard and, thus, the
SVA's auxillary office move having to be rescheduled in between
point "A" and "B" and necessarily held over three days by the
moving company, Calypso Movers, which could not insurance-wise
drive a huge truck through a snowstorm -- with the valuable and
cherished property of the S.V.A. in their truck -- the miserable
and rude Manhattan Community Board #2 (C/B-2) Street Activities
Committee ludicrously refused, when requested by Joe Giovanni, to
reschedule our annual 'hearing'.  Instead, they mindlessly and
meanly voted against the legendary, education-driven, non-profit
S.V.A. (in our absence) from having a streetfair.  Yet they gave
their rubber stamp of approval to endless groups who are no where
near the community-mindedness and deeds of the S.V.A.  They 4got
that in the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, we won against the armed
NYCPD!  Thus, a few local lying cowards like Maury Schnott and
Ma-rhea Pastanante are no match for the S.V.A.  Shamefully, one
of the haterz who foolishly voted against the S.V.A. is a staffer
at the Gay Center; let's call him "Roberta"!  The S.V.A. has been
bringing the center information, luminaries, funding and cash for
30+ years!

As a respected and qualified prior chairman of C/B-2's Street
Activity Committee stated in writing:  "Our opinion is that there
 are too many NYC streetfairs and we are attempting to ensure
that no streetfairs take place in our district that benefit illegitimate
 organizations that do not provide a benefit to our community
 or some other public good.  I am in no way inferring that the
SVA is one of these such groups but we must ask the questions and,
 yes, as you pointed out, they must be fair-minded and relevant.
I think you and your colleagues have answered them this evening. 
I am satisfied with them and their intelligent and detailed answers.
We also received letters and calls from public officials attesting
 to the longevity and worthiness of the STONEWALL Association." 
In 2013, Community Bored #2, not to be undone by their hate and
 lies the prior year, escalated their mindless vendetta (and against
who, indigent S/W-Vetz)  went on to unnecessarily and ignorantly
 make more inaccurate and false comments in writing in their
wrong-headed decision.  Some of that shall be dealt with in a
 different venue.  But to say and sign that the S.V.A. is a "one  man
 band" is stupid besides false.  C/B-2 members have seen the S.V.A.
 website, some for many years.  And, if any of them did not, they
 should have.  The site had over 5 million 'verified' visits last year!
Nonetheless, the S.V.A. ultimately and justly won after the due
diligence and fatual familiarity via the New York City Mayor and 
his professional and intellectually-honest Street Activities Permit
 Office ("SAPO").  The SAPO acts upon facts and fairness not
fiction and hate.  Proceeds from the S.V.A. streetfair are always
needed for SVA's educational programs and for community out-
reach for our promotions for "Stonewall 44" in Gay Pride Month.
The bottom line:  the S.V.A. 10th annual streetfair is tomorrow!!

The 10th yearly "Stonewall Streefair" sponsored by the S.V.A.
STONEWALL Veterans' Association is Sunday, May 19th, 2013. 
The 5-block event is produced by the generous Mardi Gras Festivals.

Please stop by the SW-Streetfair if you are a "Friend of SVA" or a
supporter.  If you are a SW-Vet or an S.V.A. member, contact us
 by Saturday if you would volunteer and help 'people' our display
 tables to provide 411 and hand out our flyers for "SVA's 40th
Conference & Reunion" next month on Saturday, June 29th.
Even if you availed yourself for an hour or so, it would be helpful
 to S.V.A.  Remember, most surviving S/W-Vetz now live out of
NYC and many others are disabled.  It's shamefully disrespectful
and false for any members of a local community board to pretend
 that they don't exist!

SVA Streetfair 2013

Stonewall Streetfair:  "Same time, same place" {like the name of the movie}
Greenwich Avenue from Seventh Avenue South crossing Perry Street, Charles Street, West 10th Street and Christopher Sreet to Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village where the circumstances created the S.V.A. which was founded two weeks after the historic Stonewall Rebellion!


STONEWALL V.A. 11th Annual Streetfair

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Location:  Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Village, NYC

Soon, the S.V.A. will be providing factual reports of this year's discriminatory process
and inherent insults and disgrace to the G.L.B.T. community particularly the disgracing
of all of the S.V.A. veterans who we've lost over the years, mainly due to AIDS,
only to have their lives and works desecrated and marginalized by the likes of ill-fit haters
and liars like Maury the Schnott and William the Mahr-ed, shameful, truth-deprived Gays!
They both lied again and falsely stated that "there is no 'evidence' of the SVA's programs"!?
Really?  The colleges and high schools that we speak at find our programs and praise them!  
Millions find plenty of educational information on SVA's website every year!  It is internationally 
known what the S.V.A. does daily, particularly with Gay history education and G.L.B.T. rights!
The S.V.A. has over two thousand dollars in cancelled checks paid yearly to the NYC Gay
Centre just from the last year or so yet 'Roberta Worthless' (of the Gay Center and now C/B-2) 
wilfully lies that she has no idea where the money goes?  Why don't the slanderers ask the political 
clubs that people really wonder where it goes?!  Problem is not money but the lack thereof for the 

In hypocritical contrast, C/B-2 voted 40 to 1 in favor of the S.V.A. streetfair just a few years ago.

The S.V.A. did not change except get bigger, more important and do more.  Somebody is
spreading rumors, lies and hate and Maury Shnott is foolish enough to sign his name to it.  

Both have inappropriately abused their ethical responsibilities of NYC community boards.
Hopefully, the new and improved Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, an
honorable and wise person, will rid the fresh community garden of the poisonous fruit!!
Since they pretend to be interested (not) let's count (and we will) how many Manhattan 

community bored #2 members attend the "SVA's 45th "Conference" on Sat., June 21st!
Where?  In Greenwich Village, of course, at the New York GLBT Community Center!

Most recent annual S.V.A. Streetfair:  Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a successful streetfair and unique and so helpful to the City and the non-profit S.V.A.!
Oddly, though expectedly, no one from Community Bored #2 showed up with any question.

To quote the U.S. President: "From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall"!


If you are new in town or just an unhappy liar on Community Bored #2 or one of
their willing victims who was duped into slandering an outstanding organization,
here's some of what the STONEWALL Veterans' Association does:

Let's get the answers from the rubber-stamped groups that C/B-2 pushes
through year after year without any documentation or any questions!



The SVA's annual streetfair has been confirmed by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York -- not by the lunacies and lies of the local Manhattan Commmunity Bored of haters!  It' sone thiong to lie but to be so stupoid aboiut it referreing to the S.V.A. as a "One Man Band" when the S.V.A. super transparently publicly lists about twenty-five board members and executive committee members and staff with phone numbers and or email addresses including on this website!    

The S.V.A. had the C/B-2 Streetfair Activity Committee meeting and this
year it was professionally, intelligently and pleasantly with a mostly (6 of 8)
unchanged committee membership but without the 'gotcha by twisting the
facts' operandis.  The new committee chairperson was an improvement.
Nonetheless, the ad hoc committee is comprised of haters, liars and, at
least, one who is the victim of poisonous peer pressure.  What can you
expect from such a group?  This committee has not been investigated as
yet by the slow-moving Manhattan Borough President's office nor the
current careless Community Board president.  Let's see what happens.....


STONEWALL Veterans' Association Non-Profit Organization
New York State Charities Bureau Renewal!

We saw!  The legendary and non-profit STONEWALL Veterans' Association saw it in writing!  Duh!  It was co-signed by Maria Pastanante Derr, a local political loser and vengeful 'fabiscina', and Tobi Bergman, whoever she is!  The Manhattan Community Board #2 (appropriate #) intentionally lied again!  They falsely -- and signed it (stupid move) -- lied that the S.V.A. was a "One-Man Band".  Stupid, easily-proven, imbecilic lie!  Didn't they describe Jesus that way as a "One Man Band" even so he had 12 disciples and thousands of followers?  Well, the same description goes here!  Let's henceforth refer to the SVA's elected leader Willson Henderson as "Gay Jesus"!  A chief difference is that the S.V.A. has over ten million verified visits to its popular website and thousands of subscribers besides hundreds of supporters and let's not forget the satisfied paid advertisers!  The C/B-2 liars did not stop with their 'one-man band' song.  They slandered and libeled further falsely stating that "only that person benefits from it".  Truth-be-told: There is only one person who unequivocably does not benefit from it... Willson Lee Henderson!  It personally costs him in time, energy and money!  Let's see what the Civil Court of the City of New York decides?  No, only that person does NOT benefit from the S.V.A. in any way  That incredible and giving person works for free!  Derr!  It's also a knowing lie as over the past few years, several officials have spoken publicly with the facts at the C/B-2 open monthly meetings at a microphone.  It is a matter of record.  They know this yet they lie anyway.  They are liars!  It can and will easily be proven.  We'll do it any time, any place!  Liars about community, particularly non-profit, organizations and persons who appear before the community board do not belong on the community board.  They are ill fit.  To say the least, they are abusing their trusted position.  They cannot be trusted.  To say that such liars are "arbitrary and capricious" is an understatement.  The lying and the slander and the defamation and the libel are going to stop one way or the other!  Again, they are boldfaced liars!  The positive news is that the governor, the mayor, the public advocate, the borough president, congressmembers, state senators, state assemblymembers, city councilmembers, state committeepersons, district leaders, et al. -- except The Phat Man -- know this reality!  Actually, he knows too but, as a C/B-2 enabler, doesn't acknowledge.  Year after year, the C/B-2's manipulated 'advisory' is not yielded.  Yet, they continue the charade, the slander and the lies!  Except with Manhattan C/B-2, when you play a game and lose... you lose!  Changes at the C/B-2 Activity Committee (aka Haters-R-Us) must be made immediately!  If it is not corrected from within C/B-2, it will be righted from without such as by a court!  That's a promise carved in stone-wall!  One of our S/W-vet members suggested that the S.V.A. cancel all of our community-minded and educational speaking engagements at high schools and colleges.  SVA's Leigh McManus answered:  "No, that would deprive the students, not the depraved ones".  The ~only~ reason that the S.V.A. as a group and Willson Henderson as an individual has not taken legal action against the destructive and foolish offenders at C/B-2 is that we were, in person, recently requested by a prominent, concerned and honorable New York City public official to "hold-off for now to see that everything isn't resolved without legal action".  Agreeable S.V.A. agreed -- for now!  

Advisory:  The Stonewall veterans didn't take the physical attacks and the lies from the cops -- who had billy sticks, handcuffs and guns -- in mid-1969, we're not gonna take the verbal attacks and lies from some local wannabes who have venemous tongues and poison pens and seemingly lacking any real lives of their own!  "Stonewall" has become synonymous worldwide as 'fight back'!


Manhattan Community Board #2 should rescind the totally shameful and intended-to-harm false decision, apologize publicly at a C/B-2 meeting and in writing (or they're likely to deny it next year) and make amends -- with the promise not to repeat the slanderous sham and other offenses! 


"Who's the Liar, Anyway"?  
In her, once again, losing NYC campaign (13%), Maria Pastanante Derr falsely claimed the 'endorsement' of not one but three SVA-supporter groups -- Midtown Democratic Club, the NYC League of Humane Voters and PRIDE Democrats
of New York City
-- now that's a losing strategy and stupid as it is easily disproved: Quinn-challenger-Maria-Passannante-Derr-caught-endorsement-lies
 During this campaign, according to The Villager newspaper, Maria Derr was known as "the angry candidate" and after the election, "the bitter loser"

Note:  Posting at the S.V.A. website is after our timely but verifiable process.

The S.V.A. uniquely and only announces and states solely the facts.
No $treetfair organization bring$ more visitor$ to NYC than the
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association!
This year the themes are "Stonewall 46"
and American National Gay Marriage 
The S.V.A. is New York City!!!

"SVA's 12th Annual Streetfair"!

sponsored by the non-profit organization

STONEWALL Veterans' Association

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Greenwich Avenue

(from Seventh Av., crossing West 12 St., Bank St., Horatio St., to Eighth Av.)

Greenwich Village, N.Y.C.



STONEWALL V.A. 13th Annual Streetfair

Sunday, June 19th, 2016
appropriately during Gay Pride Month!

Location:  University Place in Greenwich Village
between East 14th Street (a stone's throw from where SVA was founded)
and Waverly Place (which connects to the block of The Stonewall)

Display:  Famous blue 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car" shall be on display!
Bring your cameras... errr, camera cellphones, too!

The S.V.A. really wants to.......... but instead we'll
thank all of the individual members of the
Manhattan Comm-diss-unity Bored "#2"
who were supportive of the STONEWALL Veterans Assn.!
{list in formation}
Again, thanks to all of those listed!

2017 -- 14th Annual STONEWALL Veterans Streetfair

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") had a streetfair activity hearing with Manhattan Community Board #2 (C/B-2)'s 'Quality of Life' Committee (f/k/a Street Activity Committee) on Monday, March 13, 2017 at a rented room at the New York University complex near Washington Square Park.  Welcomed news that C/B-2 has a new chaiperson was short-lived when she ludicrously signed-off on a pack of libel, stupidity and outright lies.  Teresa L. "Terry Lu" Grodner Cude is the worst chairperson of C/B-2 since Brat "Stealing Stonewall" Hoylman!  The S.V.A. assumed that with 4/5ths of the activity committee are new to 'Quality of Life', there would ne honesty and fairmness.  Unfortunately in their poisonous negative decion, there was neither.  The two old left-overs (pun intended); one a sanzy hater, the other a karin kook, surprisingly hood-winked the other members.  None acted in a community-minded manner.  The desperately-needed new committee chair, although only 'acting' Cristy Dwyer, allegedly some kind of a teacher, miserably failed to be honest, sensible or fair.  She is a bad 'act'!  Her signed decision is shameful, void of truth and she failed to reflect anything relevant.  Miss Dwyer gets an "F" for failure.  Duplicitous Miss Dwyer should be removed immediately by the Manhattan Borough President who oversees the community boards.  We witnessed that two rotten apples spoiled the whole barrel!  FYI, the one lying hater is the half-baked manager of a local South American restaurant with roaches on the wall, mouse dropings on the floor and rats in the cellar!  And she's gonna judge the national S.V.A.?  Fahgeddaboudit!  

At the "Stonewall Streetfair" is the unique provision of having the famous, impounded by the NYC police, classic 1969  convertible on display!  Even if someone does not know or understand the history of the classic vehicle, nonetheless, the car represents autos from a half-century ago and, specifically, the Stonewall Era of the late 1960s!  The SVA's scheduled streetfair is for Saturday, June 17th on University Place from East 14th Street down to East 10th Street in The Village.  As always, there will be actual Stonewall Rebellion veterans volunteering their day (as usual) and tables of educational literature!  Students are especially welcome!  Take a photo with the "S/W Car"! 


Annual letter of praise for and appreciation to the S.V.A. from the Manhattan Borough President's Office



The STONEWALL Veterans' Association reps wasted their valuable and prestigious time, once again, by participating in the monthly Manhattan Community Bored #2 public session @ 6 p.m.  Although there were only five speakers from the public including the SVA's director Willson L. Henderson, they kept barking "You're time is up!"  "You're time is up!"  "You're time is up!"  Really?  No!  A measly and moronic one hundred seconds is an inadequte time to explain all of the accomplishments and work that the S.V.A. did and does and all the while refute point-by point the false 'decision' regarding the S.V.A. annual streetfair which was never delivered to the S.V.A. until we saw it 'lying' (pun intended) on a public table this eve.  After said 100 seconds, a buzzer goes off and you are rudely interrupted mid-sentence.  It is reminiscent of Germany in the late 1930s and early 1940s!  Fortunately, there is a United States venue where you can finish your evidence, thoughts and facts and Manhattan C/B-2 will be told to stop interrupting and shut-up:  Court!  Each C/B-2 liar and libeler shall be sued one by one, each one a month in Court, until the libel fully ceases!   



With the "Ides of March" behind us ten days ago (no one died), the S.V.A. has just three months before its annual S.V.A. conference and the Gay Pride parade.  Those are the chief topics and planning on deck.  In connection with the latter topic, the SVA's guests this month are appropriately officials from Heritage of Pride ("HOP").  Several of the HOP committee chais are participating including for the community, the rally and the march and parade!  The hard-working volunteers from HOP are responsible for the mutiple and mega projects of the annual New York GLBT Parade (and/or March), Pride Island, the Rally, the Pridefest and the Dance-on-the-Pier, among many other Gay events.  Willson L. Henderson moderates the interesting get-together with assistance from other Stonewall veterans.  Berti Coffman updates on public officials who S.V.A. has met with in the past month.  Plenty!  Ruthybird provides the correspondence from public officials such as Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer and GLBT groups such as the Human Rights Campaign.  Mendy Seltza updates on the local, lying and libelous Manhattan Community Bored #2 and their psychotic activities committee!  This time it is likely the liars will be sued in court under oath where they will have to shut their lying mouths!  The S.V.A. shall not be judged by liars and losers of C/B-2!  AnDre Christie greets members and guests at the door.  (He was also at the C/B-2 debacle the other eve and described them as 'crazy behavior rude nasties'.).  Light foods are be served thanks to generous S.V.A.!     

The next streetfair of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association is:
Saturday, June 3 , 2017 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
at the same location:  University Place from East 14th St. to Waverly Place. 



The STONEWALL Veterans' Association activities committee has a "Stonewall Supper" at White Oak Tavern on Waverly Place at Greene Street in the East Village @ 6 p.m.  The dinner precedes the Manhattan Community Bored #2 ("C/B-2") annual "Streetfair Hearing" @ 7:30 p.m. around-the-corner at the Silver Building at 32 Washington Square East at N.Y.U.  The out-of-control (no regulation) C/B-2's activities committee, now ludicrously called 'quality of life' committee (what a misnomer) is known verbally and in writing for years as being slanderous, libelous and outright liars!  The S.V.A. has the written, published and signed evidence.  Last year, the now-bounced activities committee chair was Christy Dwyer the Liar.  Among other stupid lies she wrote in their 'opinion' that "....the SVA's streetfair proceeds are used to maintain the 1969 Stonewall convertible".  What if that were the case?  After all, the car is owned and maintained by the S.V.A.  However, it is 100% lie.  Why did she say that?  Not a dollar from the streetfair goes to the famous car!  This year it is a nice-looking, obviously-Gay, Irish-American chairperson of C/B-2.  Will he go against the nice-looking, openly-Gay, Irish-American head of the S.V.A.?  Lettuce see what happens this year!  Perhaps some of the liars will have an epiphony?  Attending both events are Stonewall vets Willson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Ramon Bellido and Joni Sobel.  In addition, the SVA's general manager, with a roomy BMW sedan, AnDre Christie participates via driving the S/W Vetz!  Looking forward to the SVA's 15th annual NYC Streetfair! 

Oooopz!  They damn did it again!

Sordid slander, sleaze and slime Manhattan Community Bored #2 details to follow....... (pardon the delay; no rush!)


Update:  Liars + Losers

IF they don't like being accurately labeled as liars, they should stop lying!  Meanwhile, in any streetfair event, they are losers as they have lost again (and again and again and again and again).  Obviously, they collectively get-off on making fools of themselves.   

Game Quiz:  Guess which lying C/B-2 member is voted for S.V.A. to sue in Court?
a) Cristy Dwyer the Liar
b) Joe-Ann Gallagher
c) Terri G. Crude
d) Rocia "Aunt Pepe" Sans  
VOTE via email to SVA's Social Committee Chair:
Look for the answer and final decision which is now printed below!



The 16th streetfair of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association is:
 Sunday, May 19th , 2019  
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
at the same location:  University Place from East 14th St. to Waverly Place
in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A. 


Legal Notice:  This year, 2019, any slanderous, libelous and/or defamatory statements made by the truth-challenged NYC Manhattan Community Bored '#2' will be met with a civil suit for slander and libel and defamation!  Last time that the S.V.A. had to take that American democratic step, the S.V.A., in the winning, landmark, seven-page decision, were declared by the court, the jury of peers and the judge as analagous to the women's movement "Suffragets"!  Our elected S.V.A. director Willson Henderson was deemed by the NYC Civil Court as the "Gay Rosa Parks"!  It's a matter of record and shall be provided as prima facie evidence.  After lengthy waits per occurrence, it took five court appearances before the case got started and five more before it finished!  What's not to like -- for the S.V.A.?!


Unlike Manhattan Diss-unity Bored #2, the Honorable Eric Lee Adams Salutes the S.R.V.A.!


2020:  The SVA's 17th Annual N.Y.C. Streetfair

In violation of their own rules and guidelines, Manhattan Community Bored #2 sent notice to the SVA's
streetfair producer Mardi Gras Productions demanding that the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans
-- celebrating its 50th anniversary -- must appear at a 'hearing' staged by C/B-2's
fact-challenged Street Activity Committee.  That function is for new applicant streetfairs and other street
or sidewalk activities or changes -- not renewals!  Said sham was held on Monday, February 10th at the
Little Red Schoolhouse on Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village, NYC.

Wherefore / Therefore Resolution:  S.V.A. Wins; Community Bored #2 loses (again)!!  

Even on the legendary STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association's 50th anniversary, the local Manhattan Diss-unity Bored #2 concocted, that is, lied, with ludicrous excuses and mindless hypotheticals as to why they do not 'recommend' the S.V.A. having a streetfair to assist the under-funded yet vital non-profit organization.  Trust us, the heroes of the G.L.B.T. communities are not interested in what liars 'recommend'!  Most people know that many, if not most, current ocsupants of Manhattan Diss-unity Bored #2 are liars and/or haters.  In reality, that's why 3/4s of NYC voters fi-nal-ly and overwhelmingly voted to 'term limit' them!  Too bad the new law is not retroactive -- as the S.V.A. 'recommended' -- to clean house now! 


Upcoming S.V.A. 51st Annual Conference & Stonewall Veterans Reunion:
(U will never see anyone from phony Comm. Bored #2 at that legendary and informative community event!)
Saturday, June 27th, 2020 at St. John's Lutheran Church in Greenwich Village @ 3:15 p.m,


Scheduled and Confirmed STONEWALL Veterans Association Streetfair:
Saturday, May 16, 2020:  "SVA's 17th Annual NYC Streetfair"!
Update:  Unfortunately, all N.Y.C. streetfairs cancelled due to the killer Coronavirus pandemic!



SVA's 18th Annual N.Y.C. Streetfair

Despite the fact that last year, due to the Communitst China government unleashing a worldwide sickening and killing, plus financial tsunami pandemic, known among other labels as COVID-19 aka Wuhan Virus, there were no streetfairs in New York City!  Thus, the City lost millions of dollars and every non-profit organization such as the STONEWALL Veterans' Association with a NYC 'permit' to stage a streetfair lost their budget-appropriated, intended funds!  It was an economic disaster for the hard-working production companies such as Mardi Gras Productions.  Nonetheless, the notorious Manhattan Community Bored #2 and its undemocratic Street Activities Committee, insisted that the S.V.A. have yet another 'streetfair hearing' even though the organization had one last year and received nothing for it! 

SVA's Response to the blatant Stupidity and conspiratorial Hatred from Manhattan Diss-unity Bored '# 2':

Original Message -----------------------------
Subject: S.V.A. Refutes Manhattan Diss-unity Bored #2!!
From:    "Stonewall Vets NYC" <>
Date:    Tue, May 4, 2021 8:57 pm
To:      "Stefan Grybauskas, SAPO Dir." <>
Cc:  "Mayor Bill DeBlasio" <>
"Joe Giovanni" <>
         "Chanelle Green" <>
         "Desire Beach" <>
[Updated - 'Welcome Back' Edition]

STONEWALL Veterans' Association
Suite 128
511 Av. of the Americas
Greenwich Village, NY 10011-8410

NYC Street Activity Permit Office
253 Broadway, Suite 600
Manhattan, NY 10007

30 April 2021

Re:  SVA's 18th Annual New York City Streetfair
     Event name: "Stonewall Village Fair and Expo"
     New York City Manhattan Community Bored #2

Dear Street Activity Permit Office:

"Same ole, same ole!"  Nothing stops these naysayers and libelers!  It was
dubious to have another 'hearing' when the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association had another one in 2020 yet there was, understandbly due to the pandemic, no streetfair!  It would be understandable not to have two 'hearings' for the same streetfair... which may not happen this year either! The original 'hearing' was scheduled for March 8, 2020 but due to a time error and many other errors and glitches from the Manhattan Community Board #2 side and after two hours of trying to access "Zoom", it did not happen.  The 'hearing' was rescheduled for April 5 but, yet again, due to glitches via "Zoom", none of the four S.R.V.A. officials could link in.  The SRVA's event producer Joe Giovanni from Mardi Gras Productions was then interviewed separately via a conference call.  Three S.V.A. officials Bert Coffman, Joani Sobel and Ramon Bellido were left out of said call and were thus deprived of representing the S.R.V.A. and verifying various facts!  FYI, for the first decade, the S.R.V.A. streetfair was approved unanimously year-after-year!  What happened?  It flies in the face of N.Y.C. activity permit regulations that the iconic S.R.V.A. ever had to return for this annual ritual of harassment!

On the positive side of New York City life in 2021 with the universally
celebrated 50th anniversary of everything "STONEWALL", all of which was
literally ignited by members of the legendary S.R.V.A. STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association, and on the negative side of life, the sickening and killer Corona virus pandemic!  Lettuce add the reality check that all of the Stonewall veterans of the historic Stonewall incident in Greenwich Village are now all revered elders -- except at C/B #2 -- of the New York City community at large!

At the popular S.R.V.A. website with over ten million verified visits (all
tabulated independently by a global institution) and surely more than any
other streetfair applicant (some of whom have no website or one that has
been abandoned), you can see the work/dedication/forums/outreach and all
the prominent sponsors, citizenry supporters and the friends of the S.R.V.A.

At the supposed and unjustified 'hearing' via a no-see coneference call,
at many times, different unknown individuals, some barking out questions
simultaneously, commenced without apology for all the time we spent to
gain access.  From the getgo, it was clearly undemocratic and an ambush.
The alleged chairperson 'John Gallagher' (with no contact 411) exhibited no control.  Nobody introduced themselves.  Rude!  For reference purposes, I had to ask who was speaking several times.  One man "Bill", a longtime and negative member of this committee, who has previously voted against the S.R.V.A. streetfair (he should not have a 5th or 8th chance at the apple), asked if S.R.V.A. was non-profit!  Is the Pope a Catholic?  Duh.  'Big Bill'  asks the same dumb queery every year.  All of the SRVA's literature, website, e-mails, social media, brochures, business cards, etc., etc. makes that abundantly clear.  It is a known fact!  Besides, what would the S.R.V.A.
sell?  Veterans?  I informed them the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association, aka S.V.A., has renewed its annual registration with the N.Y.S. Charities Bureau.  See samples above.  While on the phone, 'Big Bill' looked it up on the NYS 'CharBur' website and stated he did not see it!  What, am I a liar?  I ordered: "Look harder, B"!  (The 'B' was not for 'Bill').  He then admitted that he found it.  Duh.  S.R.V.A. is registered with Charities!

Refutation:  The C/B-2 'recommendation' of denial does all the farce,
short of blaming the world-famous Stonewall vets for the configuration
of the streets.  The truth-distorters at the C/B-2 know that for over
a dozen years the S.R.V.A. held its annual - and approved - streetfairs on
University Place (south of East 14 St.)!  The truth is that we, against
our preferred turf, accommodated the request of the City of New York to
"please" have it on the Broadway location south of East 14 Street.  So,
do not blame the S.V.A. for being agreeable.  In fact, four of the five
so-called "Whereas..." items do not even relate to the S.V.A.  Tell the
other organizations, et al. that have a streetfair at that same location
that they are "denied"!  You would not dare, would you, C/B #2?  No way!

Another individual (who had to be asked her name three times with her
first replies "Why do you want to know") is called "Rocio Sans" (name
provided by the chairman).  This is about her 9th time at the 'hearing'
with her noxiously voting against the S.R.V.A.  If she was an honest lady
(she's not), she would have recused herself.  If this was an honest 'hearing',
she should have been banned from her participation by the chairman.  To
say she had a conflict of interest and was biased is an understatement.  She
was beligerent, particularly to an established leader in the NYC community.
Miss Sans wears unwarranted hatred toward the S.V.A. like a 'badge of
honor'!  She demanded: "What did YOU do with the MONEY from last year?"  I calmly responded: "MONEY?  That's a crude term.  We never deal with MONEY!  And, further it is the organization, not ME!  As you well know, although this C/B-2 activity committee a few years ago -- in writing --
slanderously and ludicrously characterized the half-century, non-profit S.R.V.A. as a "one-man band", the reality is that SRVA's board of directors of five and its executive committee of sixteen and staff of six is well-publicized and is right now available on the homepage of the S.R.V.A. website.  Those numbers do not add up to 'one'!  To correct another misleading accusation by C/B #2, the organization democratically makes its decisions, not any one person!

When another person asked does the S.R.V.A. meet 'virtually' since the GLBT Community Center is closed due to the pandemic, I stated: "No, we have not met there for three years!  Obviously, they failed to look at website!
The S.R.V.A. meets at a Greenwich Village Church and while that has been
closed for in-person meetings this year, so far, due to the pandemic, the
S.R.V.A. has its monthly meetings at the large and accommodating Morandi
Restaurant with its social distancing and safety guidelines.  Since she
is the co-manager of a (fill-in-the-blank) restaurant, Miss Sans snapped:
"How many did you have at your dinner meeting at the Morandi Restaurant"!
I finally ended her barrage of questions:  "How would I know?  I did not
say I was there"!  To that, she grunted, "Ohhhhhh".  I could go on but....
You do not need a Master's Degree in psychology to know that Miss Sans
is a hater, although I do have said M.A.  For certificate proof, view my weblink:

Refutation:  Although the Manhattan Community Bored #2's assertions
 are less venemous and with no personal attacks, unlike previous years,
they have now lowered themselves to downright stupidity.  Foolishly
stating -- in writing and signing it -- that the "....S.V.A. does not plan to
include other neighborhood or G.L.B.T. organizations in their streetfair"
is absolutely stupid!  In fact, the S.V.A. is the tree and all the G.L.B.T.
are braches off  the S.V.A.  The openly-Gay chairman of the so-called
'activity commitee' asked Me in the hearing if the S.V.A. is in contact
with other Gay groups!  What?  I exclaimed: "Of course, we are!"  As a
matter of record, I voluntarily offered a half-dozen G.L.B.T. organizations
that are supporters (that includes sponsorship$) of the S.V.A. including
the Human Rights Campaign (H.R.C.), Seniors Active in a Gay Environment
(SAGE), the New York State G.L.B.T. Political Coalition, national
Gill Foundation, and Gay Alliance of the NYS Court System, for starters!
Yet, Mr. Gallagher wilfully lied and duped ignorant to the facts C/B-#2
members -- and signed his name to it -- that the S.V.A. and Gay groups
is a no-go!  Yeah, and Santa does not invite his elves to make the toys!

See a New York City mayor as Guest of S.V.A. leading a NYC Pride parade!

Shhhhh!  Do not tell Manhattan Community Bored #2 that in the past year+
that the S.V.A., under my leadership and my co-ordinating, distributed
thousands of prepared dinners, tens of thousands of face coverings (in
three forms), endless hundreds of gallons of hand sanitizers, thousands
of latex gloves and many thousands of canned and boxed foods and fresh
vegetables and fruits to needy NYC citizens who have been financially
burdened by the pandemic and to help protect them from disease and maybe
death!  This was/is in collaboartion with humanitarian organizations and
several public officials including a U.S. congressmember, a NY state senator,
an assemblymember and three New York City councilmembers!  But, C/B #2
slanders and says we do not invite the neighborhood?!  Yet, S.V.A. continues!


The SVA's first vice-president R. Bert Coffman has spoken with the Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer ("MBP"), with an official complaint about the fact-challenged and selective discrimination of the Manhattan Community Bored #2 so-called 'street activity committee'.  The MBP has promised to have the matter investigated (again).  Of course, Miss Brewer is longtime familiar with the disingenuous, shameful and insulting situation for the past several years!

Hopefully, there shall be a pandemic plan to allow for NYC streetfairs this year!
Thank you to all of the S.R.V.A. admirers and supporters including all =7=
N.Y.C. mayors from John V. Lindsay -to- W. Bill de Blasio! 

P.S.  The S.R.V.A. has already met with the top two NYC mayoral contenders for next year's mayor (no, not Snott the Schlub nor Horey Johnsin -- I said winners, not losers)!  One mayoral candidate guaranteed a
"STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association Day" in the entire
City of New York!  The last one was just in one NYC borough!


Willson L. Henderson, Founder and Elected Director
of the quintessential Greenwich Village organization
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association

cc:  New York City Mayor W. Bill DeBlasio
   U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn Jane Maloney
  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Lee Adams
   Manhattan Boro President Gale A. Brewer
Queens Boro President Melinda R. Katz
              NYC Commissioner Kathryn A. Garcia          
NYS Senator Brat D. Hoylman
   NYC Councilwoman Carlina L. Rivera
    NYS Assemblyman Debora Glick
NYC Councilman Keith C. Powers
NYC Councilman Ben J. Kallos
Manhattan Community Bored #2


The SVA's 18th annual streetfair was fully *approved* by the
City of New York.  The entire SAPO staff is well aware of the
bizarre hate games that Manhattan Community Bored #2 liars
play with the legendary STONEWALL Veterans' Association!  
They, like all other sensible people, are also aware of the reality
that what the members of the S.V.A. and some others did in June
of 1969 reaps million$ of dollar$ into NYC each and every year!

Due to the COVID-86 a.k.a. Wuhan Virus pandemic, once again,
all NYC streetfairs have had to be cancelled causing irreperable
harm to legitimate non-profit organizations such as the S.V.A.
The SRVA's streetfair had been scheduled for May 16th, 2021.

Updates:  In mid-Summer, the NYC streetfairs were re-established, after a one-and-a-half years absence, with certain COVID pandemic concerns addressed.  The Mayor of the City of New York was contacted directly by a high-profile intermediatory regarding the appropriate need to include the non-profit STONEWALL Veterans' Association being rescheduled on the NYC Streetfairs Calender!  

"STONEWALL Veterans' Association's 18th Annual New York City Streetfair"!

New York City Streetfairs are back!  The STONEWALL Veterans Association's traditional streetfair has fortunately been re-scheduled from mid-May, after being cancelled for the second year due to COVID pandemic health crisis, to Sunday, September 26th!  The S.V.A. shall have a featured display along with tables, chairs, keepsakes and informative literature about the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  Plenty of foods!  The streetfair is on Broadway just below Union Square from East 14th Street down to East 9th Street.  The SVA's display plus tables and chairs is on Broadway between East 11th and 12th streets.  Hosted by SVA's elected director Willson Henderson.  On-site organizers are the SVA's office manager AnDre Christie and assistant manager Leoni Castillo.  The streetfair is titled "STONEWALL Market & Expo".  It starts @ 12 noon to 6 p.m.  The SVA's streetfair is produced by Mardi Gras Productions.  Special thanks to the Mayor's Office and the N.Y.C. Street Activities Permit Office ("SAPO") for their professionalism and accommodations!  The weather on Sunday will be streetfair perfect!  Lettuce see how many memberz of Manhattan Diss-unity Bored #2 visit?  Our experienced and predictable guess:  None!

For a public listing of the S.V.A. 18th Annual NYC Streetfair, visit:

P.S.  The SRVA's Honorary Male Chairperson aka NYC Mayor-elect may be visiting!  Clearly, E.L.A. is a longtime, multi-proven, sincere supporter of the S.R.V.A.!



STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association: 19th Streetfair Anniversary!

The "STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association's Nineteenth (19th) Annual New York City Streetfair" shall be held on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, at the same yearly location in Manhattan on Broadway south of Union Square from below East 14th Street down to East 9th Street!  Any legitimate and non-profit G.L.B.T. organization may contact the S.V.A. at SVA@StonewallVets.orgif they are interested in having a display table and chairs at our streetfair.  Sorry, this is not a complimentery offer to any political groups.  Several NYC and one from Long Island public officials have confirmed their appearance because it is a streetfair that benefits the City of New York and the STONEWALL Veterans' Association!!



S.R.V.A. 20th Annual New York City Streetfair

Saturday, May 13th, 2023
from 10 a.m. -to- 6 p.m.

On display:  the classic and famous 1969 "Stonewall Convertible"

Broadway below Union Square Park
5 blocks from East 14 Street -to- East 9th Street
  East Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York
[New York City Event #682923]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Stonewall Streetfair" produced and promoted exclusively by:
Mardi Gras Festivals
Sir Jo E. Giovanni, Ringmaster
Mr. Arti Tisi, Sideshow Host

Suite 1202
225 Broadway
Manhattan, NY  10007
tel.:  (212) 809-5200
fax:  (212) 809-7345


12 May (Friday) 

Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City
Home of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association
-- celebrating our 54th Anniversary of the legendary S.R.V.A.!


==2023:  54th Anniversary of the Gay Stonewall Rebellion==
Where?  Greenwich Village!  Who brought it?  Veterans of The Stonewall.... we know who!


Answer to C/B #2 Game Quiz:  Terri Ann Grodner Crude
(S.V.A. has the prima facie evidence on her!)

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