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The National STONEWALL Veterans Association
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STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association  *  S.V.A. Events

"STONEWALL!"  *  The Movie 

The powerful "STONEWALL!" movie is available On-Demand and on D.V.D.
This exciting and informative film is directed by dedicated Roland Emmerich.

SVA's Willson Henderson is the 'Stonewall' consultant on the film "STONEWALL!"

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

[Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS]
telephone:  (212) 840-0770
fax:  (212) 840-0551


* * * * * *

  Congrats to the one-and-only and incredible in all ways S.V.A.!  
Your persevering director Willson Henderson is simply the best!

The Von Agency

All-Services Public Relations Agency

Promotions  *  Business Counseling  *  Advertisements

Marketing  *  Brochures  *  Planning  *  Social Media

Call 'The Von' at:  (718) 873-4004

Visit 'The Von' at:
The VON Agency

Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez

Nydia M Velazquez

I support the STONEWALL Vets' Assn.!

Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez 

NYC 7th Congressional District
North Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan/Chinatown

T/D Bank

TD Bank

T/D Bank -- America's most convenient bank!

Manhattan, NYC extra GLBT-friendly T/D Branches:
90 Fifth Avenue (corner West 14 Street)
phone: (212) 381-7900

122 Greenwich Avenue (off Eighth Avenue)
telephone: (212) 242-6681
80 University Place (btw. East 11 and East 12 Sts.)
phone: (212) 206-7204

All T/D branches are open until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday
Open until 1 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday


NYS Justice Doris Ling-Cohan
re-elected New York State justice
and author of the first and only
decision in New York State in favor of
Marriage Equality, in 2005,
congratulates the historic
STONEWALL Veterans' Association
on its monumental 52nd anniversary
and for all it has done and continues to do
from the adversities of 1969 to the adversities of 2021!

Congratulations to the S.V.A. on your 52nd Stonewall Anniversary!

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church


Weekly Sunday Mass @ 11 a.m.
Pastor:  Rev. Mark E. Erson

81 Christopher Street
(off Seventh Avenue South)
[#1 subway is at the corner]
Greenwich Village, NYC 10014

telephone:  (212) 627-8183

Vada Spa & Vada Hair Salon

Vada Spa

Vada Span & Salon in their brand-new, fabulous, two-level salon and spa!!

Manicures  *  Pedicures  *  Hair Styling  *  Hair coloring  *  Hair Treatments  *  Skin Moisturizing  
Body Treatments  *  Electrolysis  *  Waxing  *  Laser Hair Removal  *  Massages  *  Body Wraps

Newly-Added National Treatment Programs:
EM-Sculpt - sculpt your body and enhance muscular definition
EMsella - for pelvic floor muscle activation and for incontenance
EM-tone - cellulite reduction and body toning

364 Avenue of the Americas (aka Sixth Avenue)
(between Waverly Place and Washington Street)
Greenwich Village, New York

(212) 206-1572 (call or text)
fax:  (212) 206-1574


PRIDE* Democrats of N.Y.C.                

 * PRIDE Rainbow Independent Democrats Etc.           


PRIDE Dems meets the last Saturday of every month
except for national holidays or holiday weekends
@ 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at
The Church Of The Village
46 Seventh Avenue at corner of West 13 Street 
Manhattan, New York 10011


Steven L. Gradman, PRIDE Democrats President
Dylan M. Cepeda, PRIDE Dems Vice-President
Sanjay Miyon Peters, PRIDE Treasurer
Marlon W. Hunter, General Secretary
Gina Dora Jones, Outreach Organizer


PRIDE Democrats of NYC retains the proud title of having 
held the largest candidates' forum in New York State history!

To schedule guest speakers, electeds or candidates, phone:  (917) 374-9729.

Annual Dues: $25  *  PRIDE Sponsor/Public Officials and Candidates: $100  
Rainbow Sponsor: $1,000 (including advertising/outreach/mailings)
  Campaign Advertising / Email Blasts / Social Media / Promotion Package: $2,500


PRIDE Democrats of New York City is at FaceBook!

New York Connect 

The Internet Solutions Provider (ISP) that You can count on!

A-1 internet connect and 24/7 service at New York Connect: 

phone:  (212) 293-2620
 fax:  (212) 293-2628


Congressmember Yvette D. Clarke



Yvette D. Clarke




Veterans' Association

on its long-lasting, significant and impressive

52nd 'Stonewall' Anniversary!

For info on Congressmember Yvette D. Clarke 
11th District, Brooklyn, New York
(718) 940-2008 (telephone)
(718) 940-2041 (fax)
.....visit her website at:

==Village Apothecary==

You can visit the Village Apothecary on-line at:

346 Bleecker Street (corner West 10 Street)
Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC 10014

V/A phone:  (212) 807-7566  *  V/A fax:  (212) 924-6221

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

52nd Admiring Anniversary of the

STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association!

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Rights are Human Rights!

S.V.A. ignited the modern civil rights movement for G.L.B.T. humans!

Book Miss Mary Wells of Motown

Please visit the Miss Mary Wells of Motown book 
by Peter Benjaminson at:

European Friends of S.V.A. since '69


Continued Appreciation

to the



Veterans' Association

of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion for Gay Rights

on your worldwide 

52nd Anniversary of Creating 

Gay His/Herstory!


from the Mary Wells' songs "Ain't It The Truth" and "Ever-Lovin'"
European G.L.B.T. Friends of the S.V.A.

European G.L.B.T. Admirers, Friends and Supporters of the 
National STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association for 
their legendary and outstanding 50 years of service to the World!



Manhattan Auto Repair

Chelsea Car Center

Manhattan Auto Repair, Inc.
(formerly Midtown Chelsea Auto Center)

552 West 48th Street
(near Eleventh Avenue)
Manhattan, New York City 10036
Phone:  (212) 757-4366

Fax:  (212) 757-4466
24-hour towing service in New York City

New York State Senator
* Jeffrey D. Klein *

Re-Elect New York State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
NYS Senate District # 34

The Bronx:  Riverdale, Morris Park, Pelham Bay, Soundview, Hunts Point, Throgs Neck, City Island
Westchester:  Mount Vernon, Bronxville, parts of New Rochelle 

Unlike the hypocrites, phonies and liars,
Jeffrey Klein is a supporter of the S.V.A.!

Village Party Store

Village Party Store

* American Flags * Costumes * Balloons * Toys * Rainbow Accessories *
13 East 8th Street (between Fifth Av. + University Pl.)
Greenwich Village, New York
phone:  (212) 675-9697
fax:  (212) 675-9812

Mardi Gras Festivals

Mardi  Gras Festivals

Mardi Gras Festivals produces more N.Y.C. streetfairs than anyone!
Suite 1202
225 Broadway
Manhattan, NY
phone:  (212) 809-5200
  fax:  (212) 809-7345

U.S.A. Connect Long-Distance Phone Service

Tell USA-Connect that the S.V.A. told U to call!  For more 411, visit:

Proofreaders Unlimited, Ltd.

-- the first and only proofreading agency in the World!

Proofreaders Unlimited, Ltd.

 Proofreaders Unlimited Personnel Agency
Since 1979 -- Celebrating our 42nd Anniversary!
Willson L. Henderson, Founder, Owner and Director,
of the first *proofreading agency* in the World!
telephone:  (212) 369-1969

N.Y. State Senator Diane Jean Savino

N.Y. State Senator Diane J. Savino, 23rd District:
Staten Island (North Shore, St. George, East Staten Isle)
Brooklyn (Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge)

RossoPomoDoro Italian Restaurant

RossoPomoDoro Organic Neapolitan Italian Restaurant
118 Greenwich Avenue near Eighth Avenue and at corner of West 13 St.
Manhattan, N.Y.C.
telephone:  212-242-2310
fax:  212-242-2311

MacGregor Insurance Company

 David MacGregor Company dishing out insurance for over a century!

Campbell Funeral Chapel

From Judy in 1969 to Luther in 2005 to Heath in 2008 to Geraldine in 2011:

U.S. Congressperson
* Sean Patrick Maloney *
New York State Attorney General

Sean Pat Maloney for New York State Attorney General - September 13, 2018
Sean Patrick Maloney for New York State Attorney General
Sean is the only candidate who sought the A/G position before
-- runner-up in 2006 to... 
Andrew Cuomo
and Sean has studied the N.Y.S. office of the Attorney General before 
and ever since and thus, those factors combined, and much more, Sean knows more 
about the A/G job and its responsibilities than any of his wannabe rivals!

NOTE:  We will remove Sean Pat's old campaign ad when, as agreed, he pays for it!  P.S. He lost!

Match-2-Blue:  Mobile Social Network

match2blue Logo

~~~social networking
via ipod phones~~~


>>>>> Arrow >>>>> Pharmacy >>>>> 

Arrow Pharmacy

>>> Follow >>> the >>> Arrow >>>     


The Cubbyhole Club

The Cubbyhole Bar with a vintage Stonewall-ish Jukebox!


More culinary appetizing 411 at:


H.S.B.C. Bank

Taxi over to HSBC bank at:

Visit in person the most Gay HSBC bank:
Eighth Avenue (Gay Boulevard) and West 14 Street
"The Gay Crossroads"
Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.
telly:  (212) 242-7638
faxy:  (212) NY1-2472

New York City Public Advocate Candidate:  Jared M. Rich

Jared Matthew Rich - New York City Public Advocate Candidate ad

Jared Matthew Rich, Esq. for New York City Public Advocate
Visit Jared at his website and read his issues, his ideas and his solutions!
campaign phone:  (347) 875-RICH

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea

The famous hotel in the heart of Chelsea, New York!



Stop Smokin', Fellas!

Hey, urban cowboy Marc Gang Greene, wassup wit U publicly 
advocate-ing doze Marlborough Blights in N.Y.C?  U dumb dog!

New York Chemists

77 Christopher Street (off Seventh Avenue South)
with the M.T.A. #1 subway station a stone's throw!
Greenwich Village, Manhattan, N.Y.C.
tel.: (212) 255-2525
fax: (212) 255-2524

 Susan OlmettiArtist 
.......abstract painter of the renowned and whimsical "Mr. Minkel"

Mr Minkel Olmetti

"Mister Minkel"

This whimsical painting is available for sale as a benefit for the 
non-profit, civil rights STONEWALL Veterans' Association.
Interested purchasers may contact AnDre Christie at the 
S.V.A. or the artist Miss Olmetti at (708) 682-2986.  
The non-negotiable price of the original artwork:  $2,500.
To see more work of the artist, Susan Olmetti, visit:

S.V.A. 2021 Membership and Advertising Form

 2021  *  S.V.A. 3-in-1 Membership/Sponsorship/Advertising Form  *  2021

Download STONEWALL Veterans' Association 2021 Membership/Sponsorship Form (pdf)


To place a business advertisement or campaign ad, please print-out the above form and mail it to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association with your ad and payment.  For more 411 or ad advice, please contact S.V.A. General Manager AnDre M. Christie at (212) 6-27-1969 or email him at  

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STONEWALL Vets' Assn. Executive Committee

Veterans' Association's
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"The butler did it!"

    25 October      

52nd Anniversary of the S.R.V.A.


   =====2021:  52nd Anniversary of the NYC Stonewall Rebellion=====
    [Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]


Gay History Notes:  It is now over 52 years since the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion
 in NYC!  Friday, June 27th was the first night of the spontaneous uprising directly in front
of the ~original~ STONEWALL Bar & Dance Club.  It was done by Gay boys and Gay 
-- not the inaccurately termed Gay men and Lesbians.  "Stonewall" was a civil rights 
rebellion not a 'riot'.  There were no burning cars, no stabbings, no looting, no killings, no
molotov cocktails, no tanks and not even an assault on a passersby.  The local St. Vincent's 
Hospital emergency room was not overflowing!  There was only one person (a straight
man waiting for his wife to give birth).  There were no insurance claims; not even one!  
Thus, no 'riot'!  The pivotol Gay uprising ended on Thursday evening, July 3rd, 1969,
followed by a spontaneous Gay march down gay Christopher Street to the piers at the 
Hudson River!  On the very next day, ironically, Gay people in New York City celebrated 
-- another term cleverly 'coined' by numismatist, Stonewall survivor and S.V.A. founder
and director Willson Lee Henderson -- namely "Gay Independence Day" on the 3rd!

The SVA's color theme for October is always orange for Halloween!  

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