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=====Stonewall 33=====
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association

New York City
, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender
Pride Parade

Sunday, June 30th
=always the Last Sunday in June=
Manhattan, New York

Empire State Building gaily Lit in Lavender for Gay Pride Weekend
[Buildings Collage via the New York Blade News]

Weeks before Manhattan, the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association travels to Queens
(always fully at the SVA's expenses) to lead the Queens County Gay Pride Parade.  Under the uphonious leadership of
cheap Danny D. Dromm, stingy Queens Gay Pride doesn't even pay for a tank of gas!  No coffee shop lunch for the alleged
'heroes' of  the G.L.B.T. community a.k.a. Stonewall veterans.  Hey, not even a boxed lunch -- or a cup of coffee.  And to cap
it off, self-promoter Danny and Queens Pride are so ignorant that they fail to send a -free- thank you note!  Happy Queens Pride!  

  Jeremiah Jay Newton (rear seat, left) born in Queens County and the President of S.V.A., proudly
touring with S.V.A. Director Willson L. Henderson (rare as the driver), S.V.A. Treasurer and AIDS
activist Terri Van Dyke (ridin' shotgun), S.V.A. Financial Secretary Ray Jay McCaffrey (born in
Brooklyn and living in New Jersey, a military veteran, wearing white cap and shades), and fashionable
Princess Jenni Egan
(from Woodside, Queens and V.P. of the Imperial QUEENS of New York City) 
in the famous blue 1969 "Stonewall Car" leading the "10th Annual Queens County Gay Pride Parade" 
on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights on Sunday, June 2, 2002.  
Factoid:  The S.V.A. has led all of the Queens G.L.G.T. Pride parades since they started in 1993!
[Photo on the S.V.A. camera by Queens Gay Committee chairperson Danny D. Dromm]


And for the always huge Gay Pride Parade with the STONEWALL Vets Assn. in Manhattan!

SVA's Shelli Vannelli disco-ing with "S/W-Car" at Gay Pride Parade Line-up
[Photo by Dave West]

The STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A.") of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion by its happenstance origin always had a real diverse variety of members -- and S.V.A. Assistant Social Chairperson Shelli Vannelli is living proof!  And, believe it or not, Shelli lives in East Long Island in the East End of Suffolk County.



Princess Jenni and Dave West
[Photo by Willson Henderson]

This is another scene at the exciting New York City Gay Pride Parade line-up at a corner on upper Fifth Avenue.  In the foreground is the stunning 1969 convertible "Stonewall Car".  Notice the pink S.V.A. button on Dave West's pants' pocket -- on the small area for it to fit!  And, Princess Jenni June Egan is attired very Hollywood starlette! 




Congressmember Carolyn J. Maloney (center), S.V.A.'s Guest of Honor
[Photo by Eldon Garrett of GLBT Political Coalition]

U.S. Congressmember and S.V.A. Honorary Female Chairperson Carolyn Jane 'Carolina' Maloney is in the back seat and center in the "Stonewall Car"!  N.Y.S. Senator Eric T. Schneiderman (right), a supporter of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, catches up with part of the S.V.A. contingency just south of 14th Street in Manhattan.  Eric energetically declared:  "I had to trot two miles down Fifth Avenue to find all of you".  Also shown are (l-2-r):  Bert Coffman, S.V.A. Vice-President (sitting with shades); Terri Van Dyke, S.V.A. Treasurer (sitting in back seat with white cap -- and cane); Cristina Hayworth, S.V.A. Ambassadress up from Puerto Rico (sitting atop rear seat, waving); U.S. Congresswoman "Carolina" Maloney, S.V.A. Honorary Female Chairperson (sitting just for this photo, smartly dressed in pink and wearing a straw hat and an S.V.A. button); and Willson L. Henderson, S.V.A. Director (standing with sunburst shirt that reads "Gay" in pink lettering).  In the busy background (left) is S/W-vet Meredith Nelson (showing hair only), Judy Popso (white shorts, talking to Meredith), Greg Lambert, Congressmember Maloney's GLBT Liaison (wearing blue cap) and Steven Gradman (right), PRIDE Democrats' Vice-President and "Friend-of-SVA" (wearing blue, tacky cut-offs and tacky t-shirt with tacky imprinting about a tacky printing shop on the back).  You can also see the royal banner for Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, another S.V.A. guest, leading the parade!.


 "The Southermost Queen" LaLa Belle arrives for "S/W-33" at Parade Line-up
[Photo by Ray McCaffrey]

Stonewall veteran and S.V.A. Executive Committee member LaLa Belle Meyers up from Key West, Florida, for the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association("S.V.A.") annual conference and Stonewall reunion and, of course, the "33rd Annual New York City G.L.B.T. Pride Parade!  Down South, she is popularly known as "The Southern-most Queen"!  It is a really beautiful and an utmost appropriate rainbow Gay Pride dress worn by LaLa plus the smartly matching rainbow parisol that she is holding high and proud.  The scene is on a cross street at Fifth Avenue in the 50s for the S.V.A. parade line-up.  Queen Belle is a longtime and proud member, spanning four decades, of the S.V.A. Executive Committee, composed exclusively of actual veterans of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  FYI, LaLa personally made the stunning rainbow dress to be on display with the S.V.A. for all the parade spectators!  


'Hurricane' Dave West -- the Disco Cowboy! 
[Photo by Leigh McManus]


N.Y.C. Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum is S.V.A. Special Guest
[Photo by Rick Rodrigues]

"On Fifth Avenue..." leading the 2002 GLBT Pride Parade are (l-2-r):  Steven Gradman, Vice-President of PRIDE Democrats (oy! in tacky, cut-off dungaree shorts, ugh!); Williamson Henderson, SVA's Director and the host with the most; lovely and loved Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, S.V.A. Honorary Chairperson; Rev. Magora Kennedy, S.V.A. Chaplain (with traditional African garb); and New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, S.V.A. Honorary Member and Special Guest.  The fun scene is near the Fifth Avenue Library.


The S.V.A.'s 2002 Gay Parade ad in The New York Blade

Filename:  Gay-Pride-Parade_SVA_2002  


The Grandest Car in any Gay Pride Parade
[Photography by Timothy Zimmer]

Riding above in the blue 1969 "Stonewall Car" are (l-2-r):  Bert Coffman, S.V.A. Vice-President (sitting in left rear); Cristina Hayworth, Ambassadress (standing and waving); Jeremiah Newton, S.V.A. President (ridin' shotgun); and Ray McCaffrey, Financial Secretary (driving the 'Big Blue').  Obstructed, except for his white cap and waving arm, is S.V.A. Treasurer Terri Van Dyke (sitting in right rear).  Traditionally, some Stonewall Vetz usually alternate riding in the very popular "Stonewall Car" during each parade (see other car photo below).


S.V.A. Stonewall Vetz 3 at "S/W-33"
[Photo by Willson Henderson]

Stonewallers above are (l-2-r):  Shelli Vannelli, Dave West and Stormé DeLarverie.


"Stonewall Car" grandly glides Gay
[Photo by Luis Torres]

Proudly pictured above riding in the "Big Blue" as it glides grandly and slowly down spectator-packed Christopher Street in Greenwich Village on Sunday, June 30, are (l-2-r):  Terri Van Dyke, S.V.A. Treasurer (sitting in back with white cap with red brim); Cristina Hayworth, S.V.A. Ambassadress (yelling "Stonewall" back to the Gay boys up on the fire escapes); Bert Coffman, S.V.A. Vice-President (partially obscured, also sitting in back seat, wearing sunglasses); Reverend Magora Kennedy, S.V.A. Chaplain (with big white hat facing other crowd); David Foxworth, S.V.A. Social Chairperson (riding 'shotgun'); and Ray McCaffrey, S.V.A. Financial Secretary (driving the "S/W Car" very carefully).


Some STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association members on "Stonewall Sunday" in front of The Stonewall Club on Stonewall Place during the "Stonewall G.L.B.T. Pride Parade" with the "Stonewall Car" for the annual "Stonewall Portrait" saying the "Stonewall Prayer" with the "Stonewall Chaplain"
[Photo by Meredith P. Nelson]

Proudly shown above in the blazing sun are (l-2-r):  Rose Jordan Giordano, S.V.A. Executive Committee; Congressmember Carolyn Jane Maloney (a.k.a. "The Lady-in-Pink"), non-S/W-Vet but S.V.A. Honorary Female Chairperson; Willson L. Henderson, S.V.A. Director; Reverend Magora Kennedy ("Good God almighty, the woman sure makes us feel real, y'all!"), the S.V.A. Chaplain; SVA's Ambassadress Cristina Hayworth (said a prayer in Spanish); and S.V.A. President Jeremiah J. Newton.  The arm on the right belongs to Bert Coffman, S.V.A. 'Vice' President.  Thirty-three years ago it was the "Vice" squad.  Also on the scene then and now was "Papa" Jean Devente.  Notice the brick facade of The Stonewall Club hasn't changed a bit -- that is the original outside!  You can see part of the club's big Gay balloon arch.  On the entire parade route, this popular scene -- or opposite in front of Sheridan Square -- is the ultimate place to be:  "Where it all ignited!"


1st Place:  1969 "Stonewall Car"
[Photo by Willson Henderson]

Shown at a parade halt on Christopher Street crossing (Baby Jane) Hudson Street are (l-2-r):  Rose Giordano (standing), Jack Rojas (with Gay activists sign), Cristina Hayworth (standing in car with arms extended a la Evita Peron), the S.V.A. Chaplain Rev. Magora Kennedy (standing in car) and Stonewall vet and S.V.A. Executive Committee member Aubrey Lees (shades and smile), proudly posed with the well-known 1969 "Stonewall Car" sign.




=====2019:  50th Anniversary of the Gay Stonewall Rebellion=====
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]

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