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=====Stonewall 36===== 

New York City G.L.B.T. Pride Parade 

Manhattan, New York , USA

Sunday, June 26th
~always the last Sunday in June~

   @ high noon     


Rebellion Veterans Association
"Leader of the Parade"


S.V.A.'s June 2005 "Gay Pride Month" Meeting Notice
[Original Design by Leigh McManus]



The long, long and long-lived "Stonewall Car" traditionally leads the Gay Parade 
[Photo by Hal M. Weiner]

Pictured above, standing alongside the mighty blue 1969 convertible known as the "Stonewall Car" is S.V.A. founder and president Willson L. Henderson.  Riding "shotgun" in the car and partially obscured is S.V.A. ambassador Storme DeLarverie (wearing a blue hat).  "Gay Power" fist-saluting from the backseat is S.V.A. 2nd vice-president Bert ("Biggi Berti") Coffman.  Standing in the car is S.V.A. ambassadress Cristina Santiago Hayworth up from Puerta Rica.  Also in the backseat on the far side is S.V.A. executive committeemember 'Old Rose' Giordano.  Driving the legendary "Stonewall Car" is the proud, red-shirted S.V.A. assistant AnDre Christie -- who is about two decades younger than the car!  Walking behind the "S/W-Car" is Stonewall veteran David Velasco Bermudez and his spouse (not visble) Bob Isadore, down to New York City from Massachusetts.

 For more 411 on and pix of the S.V.A. "Stonewall Car" driver, AnDre M. Christie, visit:





Rear view photo of "Stonewall Car" in NYC Gay Pride Parade
with AnDre Christie (red shirt and brown arm) driving several
Stonewall Vetz such as Bert Coffman, Charles Snyder, Cristina
Hayworth (standing) and Rose Giordano (not shown in this pic)
[Photography by Hal M. Weiner]   



After the Gay Parade:  two sun-beat but happy warriors
[Digital photgraphy by]

Proudly pictured above are Stonewall veterans 'Chief' Dave West the S.V.A. public relationist and Willson Henderson the S.V.A. president.  The sunny scene is after the NYC Gay Pride Parade at the SVA's "Stonewall Duncheon" at the Hudson Corner Cafe on Hudson Street in the West Village of Manhattan.  By the following year's parade, Dave West was sadly deceased!



[Another NYC Pride Parade photo will be placed here!]   



Symbolic photograph of AnDre (20s) Christie and Storme (80s) DeLarverie

walking in the annual New York City G.L.B.T. Pride Parade shown here 
on legendary Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, N.Y.

[Super digital photography by Hal M. Weiner] 

P.S.  The "Stonewall Car" was behind them.  AnDre took a driving break!




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11th July
52nd Anniversary of the S.R.V.A.!


=====2021:  52nd Anniversary of the G.L.B.T. Stonewall Rebellion=====
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City]


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