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leads the annual

New York City Gay Pride Parade

Sunday, June 24th
=always the last Sunday in June=

====Stonewall 38====



Will & Phyl

Willson Henderson and Phyl Murray next to the beautiful "Stonewall Car"
Not shown is AnDre Christie... behind the steering wheel!
[Photo by Hal M. Weiner]



Andre Driver
  AnDre Christie proudly driving the famous "Stonewall Car"       
  [Front-seat photo by Shari Clemons]
      For more 411 on and photos of the "S/W-Car" driver AnDre Christie:

















After the parade:  basking in the hot sun and the hot pride
[Photography by Hal Weiner]

AnDre Christie (left) is the appointed S.V.A. Assistant and Willson Henderson is the elected S.V.A. President.  The above photo was taken during a grand gust of wind after the entire exciting and somehow un-exhausting day of  the event line-up, the big car, the enthusiastic crowds, the huge parade, acknowledging the spectators' applause and the annual "Stonewall Duncheon".  Notice the cherished S.V.A. button on the shirts of both Willson and AnDre.  The happy-happy photo location is on happy Hudson Street in happy Greenwich Village in front of the happy Hudson Corner Cafe.



Note:  Many more prideful parade photos to come including.....

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Emile Griffith, Jr.

Storme DeLarverie

Tom A. Viola of BC/EFA

Cristina Hayworth

Hally Weiner

Leigh P. McManus

Ramon F. Bellido

Dr. Dyane Karron

Jack Rojas

Mary S. Twist

Scott Barnes

Chyna Fucito

"Brooklyn Bob" Diamond

Lucy Santiago
Matthew Samuelson

Shari Clemons

Councilman Bill Di Blasio

Mark Zatlow

Congressmember Yvette Clarke

and others.......


30 June

Gay PRIDE Month!


=====2020:  51st Anniversary of the Gay Stonewall Rebellion=====
 [Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969, Manhattan, New York City] 


Photo Album