Photo Album

   AnDre M. Christie
Youth-4-SVA Organizer (2003 - 2007)
  S.V.A. Office Manager (2008 - 2017)
S.V.A. General Manager (2018 - present)


AnDre M Christie 1

AnDre the Good Guy


AnDre M Christie 2

AnDre the Baad Boi

[Williamson took photos outdoors at the Papillon Restaurant in Greenwich Village]                                                                                                                                                                                          

AnDre M. Christie ("AMC"), originally from Hellshire, Jamaica, West Indies, came to America as a young chile.  Some of his immediate family (on the father's side) moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Some (on his mother's side)  moved to the North Bronx, New York City.  He eventually lived in both!  AnDre was a Youth-4-SVA Coordinator from June of 2003 to July of 2008.  Since then, he has been the S.V.A. Office Manager.  AnDre, in collaboration with S.V.A. officials, regularly represents the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") at various events, meetings, symposiums, tributes, seminars, dinners, forums, parades, streetfairs, luncheons, interviews, conferences, bruncheons, seminars, celebrations, fund-raisers, rallies, commemorations, forums, parties, memorials, etc. 

Among the many public officials who AnDre Christie has significantly met (some several times each) and pictures with all are all four living New York City Mayors -- Ed Koch, David Dinkins, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg (relatively few people can make that quartet claim) -- in addition to U.S. Senators (NY) Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand; former N.Y.S. Governor Mario Cuomo and grand First Lady Matilda; New York State Governor Eliot L. Spitzer and lovely wife Silda Wall (campaign ofc. '05, victory party '06 and barbeque July '07) and N.Y.S. Attorney General, now Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo (birthday dinner Dec. '05, campaign event 26 Oct. '06, election night party 7 Nov. '06 and induction 7 Jan. '07 plus 2010!); U.S. Congressmembers Carolyn B. Maloney (who owns a house in Jamaica, WI), Charles B. 'The Rangler' Rangel, Nydia M. Velazquez, Joseph J. Crowley, Anthony D. 'Hot-Dog' Weiner, Yvette D. Clarke (who is of Jamaican ancestry) and Jose N. Serrano; N.Y.C. Public Advocates Betsy Gotbaum and Letitia James; New York State Senators David A. Paterson, Eric Schneiderman, Liz Krueger, Carl Andrews and Tom Duane; Manhattan Borough Presidents Clara Virginia Fields and Scott Stringer, former Bronx Borough Presidents Fernando Ferrer and Adolfo Carrion, Jr. (AMC's 7 Jan. '07 and 19 Dec. 2012) and current Bronx Beep Ruben Diaz, Jr.; N.Y.S. Assemblymembers Keith L.T. Wright (tribute to dad 2005, Gay Parade '05, street renaming '12), Jonathan Bing (meeting 10 Jan. 2007, Holiday Party '07), Adam Clayton Powell IV (Xmas party 20 Dec. '06), Danny 'O'Dell' O'Donnell, Hakeem S. Jeffries (now congressman) and Brian Kavanagh (CBM's inauguration 12 Jan. '07, etc.); New York Judges outstanding Leslie Crocker-Snyder, legendary Doris Ling-Cohan, openly-Gay Paul D. Feinman, honorable Eve-Rachel Markewich, judicious David B. Cohen, the wonderful Elizabeth J. Yalin-Tao (AnDre's fave), the handsome Eddie McShan, the openly-Gay Javier Vargas, the perceptive Michael J. Pinckney, the pleasant Miriam M. Breier, the openly-Gay Anthony 'Tony' Cannataro and the kool and openly-Gay Evon M. 'Basketball' Asforis; New York City Councilmembers James 'Jed' Davis, Margarita 'Lo' Lopez, David I. Weprin, openly-Gay Christine 'CQ' Quinn, Bill Warren 'BDB' De Blasio (e.g., Keynoter at SVA 2009, Primary Election, Run-off, Election Party 29 Sep. '09 and now NYC mayor), Eva 'Charter Schools' Moskowitz, Robert J. 'RJ' Jackson, Melissa Mark 'Meli Mar' Viverito (many campaign events and offices), Bill 'Aunty Billa' Perkins, Inez 'Ghetto Landlady' Dickens, Eric X. Gioia (including court case he lost to S.V.A.), Rosie 'Barata' Mendez (meetings 30 Nov. '06, her ofc. Dec. '07, SVA 2014), 23 Feb. '08 at SVA and SVA event 27 June '09), Alan 'Gersey' Gerson (17 Aug. '09 debate), Jessica Lappin (S.V.A. meetings), Dan Garodnick (meetings w/ SVA-ers), John C. Liu (S.V.A. "Stonewall" anniversary party at Stonewall Club 29 June '09), Margaret 'Maggi Mae' Chin, Ben J. Kallos (speaker at S.V.A.), Helen A. Rosenthal (guest at S.V.A.); et al.; and District Leaders Jim McManus, Trudy 'The Lady In Red' Mason, Sean S. Sweeney, Kathleen 'Un-Keen' Berger, Brad 'Brat' Hoylman, Meryl Brodsky, Adam Silvera (now a NYC judge), Jean B. Grillo (debate forum 18 Aug. '09), Paul A. Newell (S.V.A. and D.I.D. events), Jenifer 'Jen with one 'n'' Rajkumar, Adam Roberts, Marisol Alcantara, et al.; and local political operatives Jeanine 'J.J.' Johnson, Maurice 'Mo' Cummings, Cathleen 'Cat' McCadden, Corey 'Core E' Ortega, Francisco 'Franni' Polanco, William Peyton 'Big Will' Smith (formerly of KLTW), et al.  


Let's not overlook the entertainment celebrities that AnDre Christie has met through the S.V.A. such as Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Walters, Susan "Erica Kane" Lucci, Joyce "Trixie" Randolph, Bernadette Peters, John Lloyd "Jersey Boy" Young, Meredith Vieira, Starr "The View" Jones, et al. and singers such as Diana Ross (at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY in 2010, Kings Theatre in Brooklyn in 2015 and on stage with Diana at St. George Theatre in Staten Island in 2011 and 2016), Barbra Streisand (at Barclays Center, Brooklyn 2012) Tony Bennett (at Andrew Cuomo birthday event on Dec. 6, 2005), Connie Francis (30 July '09 outdoor seaside concert in Brooklyn, NY), Ronnie Spector (at B.B. King's Nightclub in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 and N.Y. City Winery in 2015 and 2016), Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (Manhattan Ballroom 2008 and B.B. King's 2014), Donna Summer (Brooklyn Seaside Concert Series), Frankie Valli (20 July 2006 Brooklyn Seaside and King's Theatre in Btooklyn 2015), Darlene Love (B.B. King's Nightclub many Decembers from 2003 to the present and St. George Theatre in SI on Oct. 7, 1016), Heather Headley (on Broadway), the Jersey Boys (Broadway musical 2006 and 2016), Deborah Cox, et al.  

Photo of AnDre, WLH and Liz Abzug from the Summer of 2004!

AnDre, Williamson and Liz Abzug in Greenwich Village in Summer of 2004

[Outdoor night photo by The Pavillon Restaurant owner Jason O'Brien]


AnDre knows -- and vice versa -- diverse New York City community leaders, et al. such as (alphabetically):  Queen Allyson, Liz Abzug, Richard Aborn, Vito Abzuzzoluccione, Lisa Ackerman (art), Eddie Baca, Jackie W. Barrett (FL), Todd 'Todala' Berman, David V. Bermudez (MA), Jamoca Bi-field (Jamaica), Noelle Birk (Onegin-X), Anthony Brasco, Betty C. Bristol (OH), Karen Burstein (judge), Ruthybird Campbell, Margaret S. Chin (last candidate forum 17 Aug. 2009), Maria Clara (PRIDE documentary), Shari Clemons, Berti Coffman, Michael Colosi, Yasmin Cornelius, Geoffrey Davis (Jed's bro), Steven DeCastro, Storme DeLarverie, Ken Diamondstone (14 Aug. 2009 dinner), Agnes DiSchiavi, Brian X. Ellner, Tony Feldmesser, Esq., Dr. Jessie Fields, Mini Forman, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Nia Giambi (PRIDE documentary), Joe Giovanni (Mardi Gras), Pete Gleason (DID), Gigi Gonzalez, Steven L. Gradman (PRIDE Dems), Kimberly Gray (PRIDE docu), Jitterz M. Greenfield (NJ), Emile 'The Champ' Griffith, Jr., Cristina Hayworth (PR), Williamson L. Henderson V, Gil "Gilda" Horowitz, Rogers 'Ro-Ro' Huntana, Bob Isadore (MA), Joyce Johnson, Dr. Dyane B. Karron (LI), Rev. Magora E. Kennedy, Jin P.J. Kim (2009 Chinatown campaign), Mimi M. Kline, Dan Klores, Bob Kohler (D), Joe Kopitz (SVA 29 Aug. '09), Yetta Kurland ("SVA Stonewall Party at The Stonewall Club" 29 June '09), Greg Lambert, Dodge Landesmann, Aubrey L. Lees, Ella Leggette (RPT), Eldon R. Lowery (Youth-4-SVA), Felipe Luciano, Brooke Lynn, Petie Lynn, Babsala Lynne (party 12 Aug. 2009 @ Gracie Mansion), Sean Pat Maloney (dinner May 2005), Carl A. Manzano (dinner 11 Oct. '06), Randy Mark (dinner 29 Oct. '06), Leigh P. McManus, Patrick Murphy, Phyllis Murray (RN), Shira Newmark (art), Jeremiah J. Newton, Electra O'Mara, Susan M. Olmetti (art), Joseph 'Mr. Jo' Percoco (via Andrew Cuomo), Amir 'Gorilla' Qaharr, Rev. Gerardo Ramirez, George Reid, Luis and Luisa Rodrigo, Manni Rodriguez, Jack Rojas, Matti Rothman, Jacob Ryvkin (Oy Onegin), Bill Miranda Salzman, Lisia Timoll (RPT), Mary S. Twist, Terri Van Dyke, Tom A. Viola (BC/EFA), Wilbur Weder, Hal 'Hally' Weiner, Dave F. West, Malikah Williams, Sheleste Wilson, Robert 'Lil Lord Robertaroy' Woodworth, Gina Wright (Youth-4-SVA), Dianne Yodice, Mark A. Zatlow and many others.

Williamson, Andre C, Bert Coffman

SVA's Williamson and AnDre at then-NYS Senator David Patterson's Office
at New York State Legislative Office Building on West 125 Street in Harlem
Note:  David Patterson went on to be Lieut. Gov. and Governor of NYS!  
[Photo by David A. Patterson in mid-August of 2004]


 A.M.C. Aside:  As per AnDre's real request, we are not 'allowed' to reveal the actual names of the small-minded, small-pocketed and small percentage of public officials he's met, observed and justly does not like such as... it's not easy bein' "Gang-Green", "The Glickster", "The Leprichon", "SchMarty" and "Giffy" -- nor the handful of nasty, 'bad seed', local kreepz such as The Poison Rat (so krayzee and so despised), Inzane Burnzy (so bizarrely outta it yet overpaid biggi Gay bucks), Philis X. Read (loopy lyin' lozer and now 'late') and Alana "Airhead" Kommack ('liar, lyar').  The S.V.A. will oblige "Our Guy" AnDre by not revealing any actual names from this "Low-Down 86 List".  Deal?  U bet!



 AnDre off-duty and street-posing on West 42nd Street at Times Square!
[Photo by Jamoca Byfield from Jamaica]




NYC's Mayor Michael Bloomberg with SVA's Assistant AnDre Christie at Gracie Mansion
[Official Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]



At most public events, S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie is recognizable and appreciated for his effective distribution of S.V.A. literature and its colorful flyers.  AnDre also coordinates the Youth-for-SVA for special occasions and volunteer efforts.  He gladly volunteers for the political campaigns of special S.V.A. supporters such as Carolyn, Michael, Virginia, Eliot, Margarita, Andrew and Melissa.  At the S.V.A. office, AnDre handles processing mail, answering phones, making calls, faxing information, e-mail replies, welcoming guests, contacting politicians, mailing SVA-pax, communicating with other organizations and groups, promoting S.V.A. advertisers, document deliveries, financial pick-ups, distributing meeting notices, bank deposits and providing 411 about the S.V.A.  In June 2005, AnDre was shown (wearing a bright red designer shirt) on network television news shows driving the famous 1969 "Stonewall Car" in the 36th New York City Pride Parade.  Moreover, AnDre's chief responsibilities are to assist the S.V.A. Board of Directors, the multi-tasked and consistently-busy S.V.A. Director Williamson Henderson and the widespread and diverse S.V.A. Executive Committee.



  AnDre Christie driving the really big Cadillac "Stonewall Car"  
  carrying Storme DeL., Bert C., Cristina H. and Rose G.  
with the S.V.A. leading the N.Y.C. Pride Parade
[Digital photography by Hal M. Weiner]




  AnDre's favorite SVA-involved events are the New York City Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue with endless cheering spectators and the eye-candy 1969 "Stonewall Car" in the limelight; the New York City Stonewall Business Expo at the New York Convention Center with the 1969 "Stonewall Car" on exhibit; and the S.V.A. Stonewall Streetfair in Greenwich Village with the 1969 "Stonewall Car" on display.  You'll notice the obvious common denominator.  Apart from exciting events involving thee car, AnDre enjoys the private meetings with public officials as they are all so different from each other.  His favorite "event" in 2005 besides the above three "Stonewall Car"-related and Gracie Mansion was not a public event but private at a corner booth of a tasty restaurant.  The special occasion was a luncheon with Councilwoman Margarica Lopez and Williamson with community leader Liz Abzug, wherein AnDre was privy to learning a lot going back to the years of former Congresswoman Bella Abzug!  The S.V.A.'s assistant AMC enthusiastically enjoys the monthly S.V.A. meetings, which are also quite different from each other.  Opined AnDre, "The S.V.A. monthly meetings on the last Saturday are something that I always look forward to as they are always interesting, exciting, informative, enjoyable and fun thanks mainly to Williamson".  On the S.V.A.'s office telephone recording, one usually hears:  "Greetings, you have reached the community office of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  Although no one is available to handle your call at the moment, you may leave a dee-tailed message.  Please be sure to leave your call back phone number.  The next meeting of the S.V.A. is on.......... at the Community Center in Man-hat-tan.  Bless!" -- all from the inimitable voice of AnDre Christie.



Driving the "Big Blue" down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is AnDre Christie.
Notice the red short-sleeve shirt and brown arm.  They belong to AnDre!
[On- the-scene Photo by Hally Weiner]



"W/A/M":  Williamson/AnDre/Melissa
 [Photo by Marina Ortiz of Virtual Boricua] 

AnDre Christie is proudly and happily shown with Williamson Henderson and the big District 8 winner herself at N.Y.C. Councilmember-elect Melissa Viverito's post-Election "Victory Party".  It was held on Saturday night, October 1st, 2005, at La Palma Nightclub in the Upper Upper East Side.  The joyous, diverse, fun-filled and colorful close-up photo was chosen as the first choice of the Viverito Victory Party (October 1, 2005) by campaign webmaster Marina Ortiz.  The picture proudly topped Melissa's campaign photo album at her website for years! 



Once at that website, go to the event header picture of "WAM" and click the photo to reveal the interesting collection of over 100 pix, including AnDre eatin' and a pic of Williamson and AnDre sitting in booth #1 (shown above) being interviewed by free-lance reporter Laura Rivera about how Melissa met them, how it all gelled, what campaign strategies the boys used and the ultimately successful, closely-won Melissa Vee victory results.  Interestingly, the very first person from the S.V.A. whom Melissa met -- in hot July in the early evening while she was campaigning solo at a street-level #6 subway uptown exit in front of a Dunkin' Donuts on Lexington Avenue in East Harlem -- was AnDre!




On March 30, 2006, at an SVA-attended government reform policy event by former U.S. Housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo at Baruch College, AnDre was interviewed by a writer with The New York Post.  The NYP would later go on to endorse Andrew!  Was it the AnDre connection?  AnDre was also shown on television that evening on New York-1 News' "Inside City Politics" show in two different shots -- and twice!!  Ironically, the one televised scene showed AnDre in action dutifully handing out the new yellow S.V.A. meeting notices.



Williamson AnDre AMC 2005

AnDre and Williamson at Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo's Birthday Party
at the Grand Metropolitan Pavillion in Chelsea, New York
{Andrew M. Cuomo is currently the governor of New York!}
[Photo by Mr. Joe Percoco]  



AnDre Williamson AMC 2005 

SVA Director Williamson and Youth-4-SVA AnDre
at Andrew Mario Cuomo's Big Birthday Bash

[Photo by Chris Cuomo of ABC-TV]



In the late Summer of 2006, because of his substantial knowledge of and involvement with the educational STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association, AnDre was interviewed for an upcoming documentary named "PRIDE".  The producers wanted and obtained the interesting views of a prime Youth-for-SVA.  AnDre did swell with views.  He will also serve in the film as eye candy!  AnDre was the star attraction at the documentary's premiere on July 11th at a movie theatre in Greenwich Village, NY.  One of the many business dinners that AnDre attends representing the S.V.A. was, for example, with the Midtown Democratic Club President on October 16th, 2006 at the Village Restaurant in Greenwich Village.  On October 26th, it was a support and tribute event for N.Y.S. Attorney General candidate Andrew Cuomo at the Villa Pazzo, also located in The Village.  Boxing champ Emile Griffith was among the S.V.A.'s guests and AnDre's pals.  By the way, Andrew won and AnDre was there on victory night in a ballroom at The Sheraton Hotel.  In late November, AnDre was a participant at an S.V.A. agenda meeting with Councilmember Rosie Mendez at her district office.  In December, it was several invitations to holiday parties by public officials including Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, Assemblymember Adam Powell IV and Councilmembers Dan Garodnick and Jessica Lappin.  AnDre mostly concluded the holiday month with his "Birthday Boi" routine on the 28th of "Deck the Halls"!     



"Naughty Boy" {take-off on Beyonce's song "Naughty Girl"}
[Photo by Jazzpur]





Andre Christie

 AnDre C at A/G Andrew Cuomo's A-1 Celebration
  [Photo by Ruthybird]

AnDre M. Christie kicked off the New Year 2007 with the S.V.A. -- besides as a staffer -- by attending the full-house and exciting "swearing-in" ceremony and party celebration of Andrew Cuomo as N.Y.S. Attorney General.  AnDre's close-up picture above is from that AMC event.  The proud occasion was held on the 7th of January in the ancient, huge and spectacular Temple of Dendur at the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Less than a week later, AnDre and many SVA-ers were at the revered Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.  That coronation was with his favorite female public official, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, celebrating her re-inauguration ceremony and party hearty.  AnDre and the Congresswoman also enjoyed reminiscing about a tropical place that is very special to both of them:  Montego Bay!  With Springtime, AnDre walked with Williamson personally distributing the 2007 S.V.A. advertising literature to restaurants, stores, churches and clubs in The Village -- including a drop-by at the famous Stonewall Inn.  Once again, the big and valuable "Stonewall Car" was proudly and perfectly driven by AnDre in the huge New York City Pride Parade.  AnDre happily served on the "June 27th Anniversary Committee" and helpfully serves on the S.V.A. "10/10 History Committee" -- two S.V.A. fun-/fund-raising events  Among the summer events involving the S.V.A. was a barbeque party and pix with N.Y.S. Governor Eliot and First Lady Silda Spitzer at the fabled 79th Street Boat Basin on the Upper West Side.  The state's First Couple have welcomingly met AnDre many times.  At one of Congressmember Carolyn Maloney's "Rumors Of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" book-release forums in the Spring of 2008, she nicely wrote in the inside cover:  "Dear AnDre, my special S.V.A. friend from Jamaica!  Be well, Carolyn Maloney".     





AnDre Christie happily driving the 1969 classic Cadillac convertible
Question:  Who is in the blue and white checkered shirt?
[Close-up photograph by Shari Clemons, sitting in the front seat]




"Leaders of The Parade":  Williamson and AnDre Christie
Notice that both guys are wearing the S.V.A. button!
[Photo by Leigh McManus]


AnDre Christie gets a bird's eye view -- decades later --
of how the famous Stonewall Rebellion likely ignited.
Only this time, Andre is driving the classic Stonewall Car
which  is surrounded by policeman and ordering that the car not
 proceed any furthrer and other law enforcement on stand by.  
See the remarkable and telling photograph taken on Christopher
 Street at the near end of the Manhattan Pride Parade.



WLH & AnDre in SW-Car

After the Pride Parade and after the Stonewall Supper
Note:  Photo taken on Hudson Street in Greenwich Village
[Photography by Hally Weiner]



=highlights 2008 events=
AnDre Christie again co-represented the STONEWALL Veterans' Association and joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a public service celebration at Gracie Mansion.  The invitation-only, guest-list event on Tuesday, August 12th, honored the American Disabilities Act with an awards ceremony.  The SVA's member outreach program helps the physically disabled.  At this annual event, AnDre particularly enjoyed the outdoor fresh food festival and multiple barbeques!  There was 'live' jazz entertainment.  The impressive location is East End Avenue in the Upper East Side of the "Capital of the World".  



 AnDre Christie with Mayor MRB 2008

 Mayor Bloomberg's greeting for strong-arm AnDre once again
[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]




AnDre and Williamson at Gracie Mansion Party
[Close-up photo by Maria Estevez of S.V.A.]




"1-2-3" Generations representing the S.V.A.
[Photo by Rogers "Ro-Ro" Hunt at The Chelsea Hotel]


Storme DeLarverie is a legendary entertainer, singer and actor from a half-century ago!  He was the star of the famous Jewel Box Revue.  The entertaining and unique musical show travelled throughout America in all of the major cities and some small ones, too. They toured the South of America as a mixed racial troupe when it was dangerous and uncomfortable to do so. Although they span four generations, Storme considers himself AnDre's great godfather.  AnDre admires Storme's great show biz His-tory, durability and courage.  Both with the same zodiac sign, in December, Storme turned 89 and AnDre turned 20-something! 


AnDre Christie Storme

AnDre co-hosts Reception for Apollo Theater legend Storme DeLarverie
[Photo by Rogers Hunt]


A day in the 2009 life of the S.V.A. staff assistant found AnDre Christie in one triple-header:  (1) visiting the New York City congressional office of Carolyn B. Maloney; (2) treated to an outdoor dinner at a fun restaurant at the street level of the congressmember's office building and (3) attending Congresswoman Maloney's book reception and book-signing at an Upper East Side bookstore.  So that he would have a Congressmember Carolyn book for reference at home and at the office, S.V.A. Director Williamson bought AnDre another CBM book "Rumors Of Our Progress"!  The wonderful Congresswoman took smiling photos with them and signed this book:  "Dear AnDre -- My very special Jamaican and Stonewall V.A. friend!  Love, Carolyn B. Maloney".       


AnDre Carolyn Williamson

AnDre C, Congresswoman Carolyn and S.V.A. Williamson
[On-location photo by Brice Pyere]

On another day in the life of the S.V.A.'s Staff Assistant, AnDre gets to attend official business meetings such as with the branch manager and assistant manager of the S.V.A.'s bank!  In preparation for the S.V.A.'s promotion and events for the monumental new "SW-40" year, AnDre has already particpated in several business planning get-togethers.  One occasion was on Friday the 21st of November at a luncheon meeting with Care Alternative * North America at an authentic Belgian Restaurant in Greenwich Village.  With 2009, AnDre is appreciating his sixth year with the S.V.A., continuing to learn and helping the organization prepare and promote the 40th historic anniversary of legendary Stonewall!  The latter, for example, includes his meeting with the producers of the celebratory parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City.  AnDre has the reserved honor of driving the famous "Stonewall Car". With the campaign season of 2009, the classic Cadillac convertible, with AnDre driving the two-and-a-half ton vehicle, made its first campaign visit.  It was in Manhattan on the West Side Drive for N.Y. City Council (3rd District) candidate Yetta Kurland.  On behalf of Youth-4-SVA, AnDre visited many campaign offices and met with many candidates including Bill de Blasio for NYC Public Advocate, John Liu for NYC Comptroller, Judge Leslie Snyder for Manhattan District Attorney and Ken Diamondstone and Josh Skaler for NYC Council in Brooklyn. After the virtual end of the political season, in a total change of events, AnDre led the S.V.A. contingency at the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in Manhattan!    


AnDre C and Yetta K and Williamson

AnDre and Williamson bookend City Council candidate Kurland
at the "SVA's 40th Anniversary Party" at The Stonewall Club

[photo by Leigh McManus]


John Liu Stonewall

Williamson, John C. Liu and AnDre Christie at The Stonewall Club
Note:  Mr. Liu went on to win as New York City Comptroller!
[Photo by Bonnie Duen of J-Liu Office]



AnDre Christie Mayor MRBloomberg 2009

SVA's AnDre Christie with NYC's Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion
[Photo courtesy of the Office of the New York City Mayor]     




New York City Pride Parade

Storme  & AnDre

"Hey, Storme, are U sure this ain't the West Indian Parade?"

Location:  Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, NY
[Photo by Hal B. Weiner]


AnDre Christie Fire Island

AnDre on a summertime out-ing in Fire Island!
[Photo by Paul "Jamoca" Byfield]




AnDre Christie Awarded "New York City Council Citizenry Award"

AnDre Christie NYC Council  

AnDre Christie presented with 2010 New York City Council Citation
as an "outstanding citizen" for his work with the civil rights group S.V.A. 
This citizenry citation was granted by NYC Councilmember Rosie Mendez.





SVA 42 Annual Conference June 2011

AnDre Christie disc-jockey's the 2011 "S.V.A. 42nd Conference & Stonewall Reunion" reprising incredible classic Pop and R&B "Songs of The Stonewall Club" from 1969 including #1 hits by Diana Ross & The Supremes, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Barbra Streisand, Marvin Gay, The Shangri-Las, The Jackson 5, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Four Tops, Connie Francis, Len "1-2-3" Barry, The Marvelettes, The Beach Boys, Tammi Terrell, Bob Marley, Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles, and many more!   



Pre-Halloween SVA Party before the Halloween Parade


S.V.A. Crew:  Director Williamson, Office Manager AnDre,
Ambassador Storme DeLarverie and Scheduler Ruthybird  
[Photo by Rogers Hunt]





filename:  AnDre_Christie_Onegin

AnDre Christie enjoying an S.V.A. dinner at opulent Onegin Restaurant
[Photo by Ruthybird]


AnDre Personal Philosophy Quiz:

"No one can make You feel inferior -- without your consent!"

And, who said it?
A)  Susan B. Anthony
B)  Eleanor Roosevelt
C)  Queen Allyson
D)  Rosa Parks

Read the interesting answer down below....



Believe it or not.....
AnDre Christie in The Wall Street Journal

AnDre Christie at yet another "AC" event:  Adolfo Carrion for NYC Mayor
[Photograph in The Wall Street Journal by a WSJ photographer]



Eldon R. Johnson and AnDre M. Christie
Note:  The fellas' flags are swtiched from previous picture #32.
[Photograph by Alonzo Boldin for Zo Photography of The Bronx, NYC]



AnDre Christie goes to NYC's Gracie Mansion -- again!


filename:  AnDre_Christie_Bloomberg-2013

[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]




"SVA's 45th Annual Conference & Reunion" -- June 21st, 2014



Tara Ross, AnDre Christie and Williamson Henderson
at the "SVA's 46th Annual Conference & Reunion"
[photo by Eldon R. Johnson]



The 45th Annual S.V.A. Conference Crew
Pictured above include (l-2-R):  S.V.A. director Williamson Henderson, Youth-4-SVA Eldon Johnson (with backwards hat), S.V.A. scheduler Ruthybird Marmelstein (eyes wide shut), S.V.A. office manager AnDre Christie, entertainer Miss Tyra Ross (the tallest one), computer guy Ro-Ro Havana and S.V.A. liaison Joanette Serrano (the pride of PR at River Park Towers)
[Photograph by Hally Weiner]




Entertainment:  new, 2015, feature-length, exciting movie:  "STONEWALL"

Directed by Roland Emmerich, known for "Independence Day" with Will Smith, "StarGate" with Kurt Russell and Jaye Davidson, "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, "The Day After Tomorrow" with Jake Gyllenhaal, "2012" and "White House Down" with Jamie Foxx among many other great films!  And, now, "STONEWALL"!  Mr. Emmerich's next big film (in 2016) is back to science fiction, in fact, a sequel:  "Independence Day Forever". 


AnDre Christie Guest of Movie Director Roland Emmerich at Hollywood Red-Carpet Event


"STONEWALL" Movie Press Conference, Red-Carpet Event and Film Premiere
at the Siver Screen Theatre at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood, California 
Pictured are film's director Roland Emmerich and SVA's manager AnDre Christie
[Silk Screen Photograph by Al Iondiorio]

See a picture of the state-of-the-art center and the theatre at:  Pacific Design Center



SVA Monthly Meet September 2012ing

  For more 411 on S.V.A. events and news, visit:



AnDre Attends 'Premiere' of exciting Movie "STONEWALL" in Hollywood, California


[Additional Hollywood event photo with AnDre to be added here soon.]




AnDre Christie at Diana Ross Concert and Dances with Diana on Stage!


Note:  This is an in-motion photo as Diana is moving and actually saying something to AnDre:

"You are gonna have to do more dancing than that!"  That's why AnDre has that surprise
look on his face yet big happy smile!  Guess what?  AnDre then danced more and better!

[Photo of Queen Diana and Prince AnDre by Williamson Henderson]


See AnDre Christie on stage with Diana Ross in photo #7!
As a matter of fact, Miss Ross only invited AnDre up on stage!

After AnDre danced to the entire "Upside Down (Boy U Move Me)" on stage, 
Diana then asked him to "Come See About Me, Boy" for his hug with her!


STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association at FaceBook:

It includes photos of the SVA's office manager AnDre M. Christie!

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3 November 2018 (Sat.)
Chateau Haveli Indian Cuisine

Queens Bl., Forest Hills, NYC

31 October 2017 (Wed.)
"Halloween Parade!" 

Greenwich Village, NYC

11 October 2017 (Wed.)
NYC 2021 Mayoral Candidate Supper Meeting
RossoPomoDoro Restaurant
Manhattan, NYC

7 October 2016
Darlene Love Concert
St. George Theatre
Staten Island, NYC

1 January 2016 
S.V.A. Annual Board Dinner Meeting
Purity Diner/Restauarnt
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC

14 December 2015
"Congresswoman Carolina's Christmas Celebration"
with Willson, Mendy Seltza, Mrs. Reyes, Minna Elias, Trisha, Sanjay Petersen, et al.

22 to 25 September 2015
"STONEWALL" Movie Press Conference + Red-Carpet + Film Premiere + After-Party
Hollywood, California

30 June 2013
NYC Pride Parade
Venus Restaurant
Manhattan, NY

21 June 2014
S.V.A. 45th Annual Conference
Greenwich Village, NY

29 June 2013
S.V.A. 44th Conference & Reunion

September 6 + October 20, 2012; June 27, 2013
Manatus Restaurant

Greenwich Village, NYC

29 March + 21 June 2013
"Motown The Musical"

Broadway, NYC

17 April 2013
ADA Event @ Gracie Mansion with Mayor Michael Bloomberg

5 January 2013
Storme DeLarverie's Reunion Party

18 December 2012
Congressmember Carolyn's Christmas Celebration (4-C)

Manhattan, NYC

1 December 2012
Congressmember Yvette's Birthday Party
Brooklyn, NYC

 July 6, August 25, November 6 and 18, 2012
Onegin Restaurant
Greenwich Village, NYC

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