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"SOTS" compiled by Original STONEWALL Club Patron and S.V.A. Founder Willson L. Henderson

Archives of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association

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As The Beatles's number one song conveys, there are many reasons why you should "H-E-L-P"!
In this song, it is the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") during this on-going difficult 
 sickening and killer world health epidemic and all the dire economic consequences it has caused for 
educatational and non-profit groups!  The Gay boys and girls and their Bisexual and Straight friends 
of the original STONEWALL Club -- not the rented, commercial store -- started the brave resistance 
and the subsequent uprising and the now international historic happening!  Moreover, the authentic 
STONEWALL Club ended on December 31, 1969!  Subsequent to that, there were a variety of many 
other commercial stores, including a dry cleaner, a leather clothing and a bagel store for decades.

Therefore, the most important is preserving the real history of the actual participants in the
launching of the modern G.L.B.T. rights movement known as the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  
In other words, respect and support the people as represented exclusively for a half-century
by the voluntary, non-profit National STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association -- 
not the rented, self-serving, for-profit, 95% heterosexually-owned "Stonewall" storefront!

The 'Go Fund Us' site includes a rarified slideshow of fascinating vintage photographs of 
members of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, all of whom were victims of the 
  anti-Gay New York City Police Department raids on the original STONEWALL Club and/or  
the historic 7-night 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  As an authentic treat, you will hear 
music of an actual #1 girl group song from the original STONEWALL Bar & Dance Club Jukebox!

Supporting the S.V.A. now ensures our educational programs, our outreach services and our existence!



The "Songs of The STONEWALL Jukebox", created, prepared and styled by the Stonewaller, 1969 Stonewall Rebellion veteran and SVA-er WILLSON L. HENDERSON, and published by the non-profit organization STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."), have been catalytic gems yet a mostly overlooked Gay history subject -- until nowayears!

These Stonewall Era songs of the Gay community are a historical, social and cultural -- besides musical -- factor.  There was even a non-recorded "We Are The Stonewall Girls" semi-song with a "We Are What We Are" (from "La Cage aux Folles") type message and a Rockettes-type high-kicking choreography.  THE STONEWALL GIRLS (any group of "girlz" who gathered) jinglette "We Are The Stonewall Girls" was soooo short-short, semi-sweet and sing-songy:
"We are the Stonewall Girls, we wear our hair in curls,
We always dress with flair, we wear clean underwear, 
We wear our dungarees, above our nellie knees,
We ain't no wannabees, we pay our Stonewall fees!"

The points of the Gay song were that the STONEWALL Club drag queens, the flair queens and the crossdressers (usually non-Gay) were not shady or dirty or crazy but mostly as good and as clean and as nice as the other Stonewallers.  The "Stonewall fees" phrase was very significant as it refers to the admission cost at The STONEWALL Club front door and other charges (fees) such as the coat check and the jukebox at the actual STONEWALL Club.  In other words, these gals paid their way like everyone else!  (Realistically, many didn't and weren't allowed in the very popular yet 'member-only' STONEWALL Club.)  

Stonewall Note:  There was later a second rendition of "Stonewall Girls", which was slightly revised, slightly stupid and slightly sleazy -- and definitely not the original nor representative of Gay kids but the trash version of the catchy Stonewall jinglette.

JANIS JOPLIN, THE ROLLING STONES and JIMI HENDRIX.  By the way, only one of those five fit in with the Gays -- surprise, ELVIS!  The Black Civil Rights Movement had the "sounds" of MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., MALCOLM X, REV. JESSE JACKSON, et al.  The Gay Revolution had the "Sugar 'n' Spice" of MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS with "We've Got Honey Love"; the determination and pride of SHIRLEY BASSEY's belter anthem "This Is My Life (This Is Me)"; the comradery of THE FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION with "Grazin' In The Grass"; and the classic, upbeat romanticism of CHRIS MONTEZ with "Time After Time".

The Gay community also had the fun 'n' medium rate dance yet thoughtful, provoking and inspiring DIANA ROSS (every Queen's idol and most King's ideal) & THE SUPREMES (Mary Wilson + Cindy Birdsong) with their "(You Better Make Way For) The Young Folks", a national flipside favorite and youth anthem which popularized by first being played in Gay clubs.  Identifiable lyrics advised that "You gotta make way for the young folks".  The inspiring analogy for Gay people was substituting "young" for "Gay" and thus that "You gotta make way for the Gay folks!"  How approprite!  Besides authoring "Everybody's Talkin'" for the Gay-flavored hot movie "Midnight Cowboy", FRED NEIL of Greenwich Village also wrote a protesting youth, hit song named "Get Together" by THE YOUNGBLOODS in New York City.  
BARBRA STREISAND, fresh from winning an upset victory "Oscar" for Best Actress in March of 1969 for the prior year's Gay favorite film "Funny Girl", followed up with "Hello, Dolly!" songs being previewed in 1969.  The promotional record of "Before The Parade Passes By" was an instant anthem -- more symbolic each year with the advent of Gay Pride parades -- for Gay people.  Of course, The STONEWALL Club Jukebox had it!

Stonewall Addendum:  Ironically, 25 years later (1994), BARBRA performed in concerts in Manhattan during Gay Pride Week at the exact time of the "Stonewall 25" anniversary.  Indeed, from the Madison Square Garden stage, LA STREISAND paid verbal homage to "Stonewall" actually declaring:  "I'm so proud to be here in New York especially during Gay Pride Week and the 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion".  And, BABS sang her Gay favorite torch song "He Touched Me"!  Yes, it was memorably in The STONEWALL Club Jukebox!

Incredible, multi-gender and multi-racial (and no doubt multi-sexual orientation) SLY & THE FAMILY STONE -- always hot especially in the Gay clubs -- was perhaps the most all-encompassing, unifying, gritty and barrier-breaking maestros with their Gay-oriented "stand up/fight back" anthem "Stand!".  With a pounding dance beat and timeless "act-up" lyrics like "Stand, in the end you'll still be you, one who's done all the things you've set out to do", and "There's a midget standing tall and the giant beside him about to fall", how could a Gay Revolution not have occurred in 1969?  A quarter-of-a-century later, "Stand" is still a "Gay Power" rally.  Ask "ACT-Up"!

Astrologically-speaking, the Stonewall Era was in the heat of "The Age of Aquarius" whether you were into THE ZODIACS or not.  "Hair" was the #1 Broadway musical.  THE FIFTH DIMENSION's medley record of "Aquarius" and "Let The Sunshine In" was from the Broadway play "Hair".  Like the play, the song was very #1 -- everywhere around the world.  OLIVER, the British- and Gay-sounding singer who turned out not to be British (actually from North Carolina) nor Gay (married to a real woman with children), made it to 'numero uno' with his infectious "Good Morning Starshine" -- also from "Hair"!  (See "SOTS" #5.)  Supremely speaking, DIANA ROSS & THE (super duper) SUPREMES (MARY WILSON and CINDY BIRDSONG) appropriately had the #1 song at The STONEWALL Club when it was raided by the New York City Police Department ("NYCPD") on Friday night, June 27th, 1969.  The song, ironically, was about astrological signs -- all are chanted in the background by the girlz.  The song was gayly interpreted as very boy-lookin'-for-boy/boy-gettin'-boy aggressive as MISS ROSS declared:  "No Matter What Sign You Are (You're Gonna Be Mine You Are)"!  Along with its goovy, bump 'n' grind beat, it provided meet-someone-new confidence to even the shyest Gay guy -- or Gay gal!

 Songs of The Stonewall

"Songs of The Original STONEWALL Club Jukebox"  ***  Page Three {original
Compiled exclusively by:  S.V.A. Founder Willson L. Henderson


"Songs of The STONEWALL Club" ©  (page 4) 

Compiled by STONEWALL Club Patron and S.V.A. Founder Willson Lee Henderson

Songs of The Stonewall  |  Stonewall Various Artists  |  Diana Ross & The Supremes
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas  |  The Marvelettes of Motown  |  Post-Stonewall Songs  |  Diana Ross


From the archives of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association ("S.V.A."):  
"Songs of The STONEWALL Jukebox" (accompanying narrative) ====Page Four====

Reflecting upon and reviewing the "Songs of The STONEWALL Club" and recognizing that all these songs were played there -- and presumably at most Gay clubs throughout America -- constantly and with the emphasizing ingredients of singing and dancing to them, the increasing message of the music was a powerful catalyst for "change".  Even the titles were self-explanatory:  individualistic "It's Your Thing (Do What You Wanna Do)" by THE ISLEY BROTHERS; romantically promising "(I Love You) More Today Than Yesterday (But Not As Much As Tomorrow)" by PAT UPTON & THE SPIRAL STARECASE; economic reality advisory "Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down" by DENNIS EDWARDS & THE TEMPTATIONS; social peace advisory "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" by (Miss) JACKIE de SHANNON; psychological strength advisory "Only The Strong Survive" by JERRY BUTLER; political change advisory "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS; even a religious spiritual "Oh, Happy Day" by the EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS; and, of course, OLE BLUE EYES's be proud/be different/be yourself inspirational powerhouse "My Way", the eternal anthem for everyone!

Unfortunately, there rarely are any real Gay-oriented songs in the 1990s or beyond.  Worse yet, Gay people (and their non-Gay counterparts) basically do not even ask each other to dance anymore.  Fortunately, there are the timeless "Songs of The STONEWALL Club Jukebox" which do and must live, sing and dance on and on and on....

Gayly yours,

Willson L. Henderson
, Founder and Director
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association
"Someday We'll Be Together", 1969;
re-mixed, re-released and re-hit 1994 for "Stonewall-25"

1994 Update:  Some of the original "Songs of The STONEWALL Jukebox" were included in the Pier 25 outdoor theatrical production of "Stonewall:  The Play - 
Night Variations" Manhattan, New York.  All of the musical information about The STONEWALL Club was provided exclusively by Willson L. Henderson.

1995 Update:  An entertaining, incredible and unique 36-song cassette of "Songs of The STONEWALL Club" was created by "SOTS" compiler Willson L. Henderson.  Many of the great songs such as the strong and dance "Don't Bring Back Memories" by THE FOUR TOPS or "There Will Never Be Another You" by CHRIS MONTEZ are hard to obtain through any source.  The musical cost of the fab "SOTS" cassette is -- what else -- appropriately $19.69!  All the net proceeds are donated to the non-profit STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association.  

1996 Event:  The S.V.A. presented another truly great educational and popular "Stonewall Symposium XXVII".  Giving a really unique and atmospheric authenticism to the affair, several signature "Songs of The STONEWALL Jukebox" such as "1-2-3", "I Know A Place", "The More I See U", 
"The Old Crowd", "My Way" and, of course, "Where The Boys Are" were played prior to the start and after the event.  The symposium featured ten 5-minute biography speeches by actual veterans of The Stonewall Rebellion themselves.  The SRO event at the New York City Gay Community Center in Manhattan, New York, was hosted by "Stonewall" book author Martin Duberman.  The happening included an  interesting and exciting audience questions and answers session about all things "Stonewall"!

1996 Update:  At long last..... "Stonewall:  The Movie"!  The S.V.A. was prominent at the opening of the movie's premiere at the Joseph Papp Theater in Manhattan.  For a historic and eye-catching visual, Willson L. Henderson and Terri Van Dyke brought the blue 1969 Cadillac convertible "Stonewall Car".  The famous car was placed on display in front of the theater.  Jeremiah Newton and "His Guy" Delson arrived in an over-sized 'hot' pick-up truck -- suitable for Matty Dean!  In the film, several "Songs of The Stonewall" were showcased.  After the showing of the movie, Stonewall veterans who were interviewed in the film, notably Queen Allyson Allante and Randy Wicker, and producers and stars of the flick were all brought on stage to thunderous applause.

1997 Event:  "Stonewall Symposium XXVIII" was sponsored by the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans Association.  The forum was held at the New York City Gay Community Center.  It featured Willson Henderson, Storme DeLarverie, Terri Van Dyke, Yvonne Ritter and Rusti Rose, among other Stonewall veterans.  It was hosted by openly-Gay NYC judge Karen S. Burstein.  The S.V.A. had a disc jockey play some "Songs of The STONEWALL Club" before the symposium commenced -- like musical bookends -- and after it concluded!  The last song of the Gay night was symbolically the national Gay anthem:  "Where The Boys Are"!

2014 Update:  A new and much-expanded "STONEWALL" movie was filmed in the Summer of 2014.  It will realistically feature actual "Songs of The STONEWALL Club Jukebox" compiled by Willson Lee Henderson.  The much-anticipated film is directed by the higly-acclaimed and openly-Gay Roland Emmerich.  He and his movie producers interviewed many, and on multiple occasions, veterans of the  NYCPD police raids on The STONEWALL Club and the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.

2015 Update:  The new, expanded, bigger budget and better version of the movie "STONEWALL!" premiered worldwide, appropriately on a Friday -- like the first night of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969 -- on September 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California!

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Songs of The Stonewall

"Songs of The STONEWALL Jukebox"  ****  Page Four {original}

Special "STONEWALL Club Jukebox Songs" compiled by Willson L. Henderson 

Stonewall Songstress Tribute!

*  Cilla Black  *

 Songstress Cilla Black, born Priscilla White, is from England.  Like The Beatles, she was born in Liverpool and in the same era.  In fact, The Beatles' openly-Gay manager Brian Epstein (of NYC) got Cilla her first record contract.  Cilla's powerful remake of Dionne Warwick's hit "Anyone Who Had A Heart" went to #1 in England.  The Beatles were friends of Cilla's for decades.  Her first single and many others were written by Lennon & McCartney.  One of her other powerful songs, "You're My World" was number one in Europe and charted in America.  Originally, the Italian song was entitled "Il Mio Mundo".  It was a huge hit especially in the Gay bars.  At The Stonewall Club the song was frequently acted out.  It's a very dramatic song.  With lyrics like, "You're my world, you're my night and day... without you I would die!", how could it not be?  Cilla belted it out!  Her original version of the Burt Bacharach movie song "(What's It All About) Alfie" was also big hit in Europe.  In America, the song belonged to Dionne Warwick in 1967.  Yes, it was a favorite at The Stonewall Club.  As a matter of fact, Cilla's book is entitled "What's It All About?".  In addition to her singing career, Cilla remained in the entertainment industry as an actress and as the host of a few popular British television shows.  She had her own popular variety show "Cilla" on which she sang and had musical guests.  Recently, "YMW" was submitted as a possible finale song for the upcoming new "STONEWALL" film.  Cilla passed at her other home in Spain. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr released separate heartfelt press releases on the sudden loss.  Miss Cilla Black was a real showbiz icon in the UK and a singing sensation especially at The Stonewall and every Gay bar and club throughout the World!  Cilla, here's your tribute song:  "You're Our World"!  See a Cilla album cover photo and her discography at SVA's website at the "Songs of The Stonewall Club #5" at:  www.STONEWALLvets.org/songsofStonewall-5.htm.

Princess Cilla Black grandly performing "You're My World" on TV in a full-length dress:

[Cilla Black's Sunrise:  27 May 1943  *****  Cilla's Sunset:  1 August 2015]


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==2021:  52nd Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion==
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969]


O=O=O=O  STONEWALL Club Jukebox Song  O=O=O=O

"Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie"
by Jay & The Techniques (1967)

See the lively 'n' hot Jay Proctor & The Boys perform their 1968 hit song "Strawberry Shortcake":

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