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Remembering Marvelette Wanda Young Rogers
December 15, 2021 @ 78 in Michigan, USA
"A Breath-Taking Gal"

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The Marvelettes were the original "dreamgirls" of Motown Records in 1961!  Like all of Motown Records's girl groups, The Marvelettes were based in Michigan -- near Detroit.  The young girls dreamed for singing success and, of course, the entertainment industry.  The quintet Marvelettes had the first #1 girl group song -- first #1 song by anyone -- for Motown.  With Gladys Horton on powerful lead, their energetic and fun "Please Mr. Postman" was a history-making number one popular "pop" song and a number one rhythm 'n' blues "R&B" song.  This happened yesteryear in 1961.  The song "Postman" put Motown Records on the international map.  The marvelous Marvelettes were Motown's only girl group whose very first-released song went to #1.  In fact, Motown only had two other groups in its history many years later to boast that achievement:  Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 (in 1969) with their #1 "I Want You Back" and Rare Earth (in 1970) with their first-up release #1 "Get Ready"!  

In 1962, the then-quintet Marvelettes had the "Top 10" appealing song "Playboy (Get Away From My Door)".  By 1964, the girls were effectively advising other girls -- and Gay boys -- to listen to them and don't be bothered by a naughty lover because there were "Too Many Fish In The Sea".  That song also became a Motown classic.  Mid-decade in the 1960s, The Marvelettes had a renaissance as a trio, a new image, a new lead singer from within the group and a return to hit songs.  Sophisticated souler Wanda Young-Rogers took over all the lead singing notably with their 1966 #1 R&B / Top Ten pop song "Don't Mess With Bill", penned by their Motown stablemate and acclaimed songwriter Smokey Robinson.  He also wrote and produced the smooth soul follow-up "You're The One".  In 1967, The Marvelettes had an enduring and sultry #1 R&B hit with the Smokey-penned "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" followed up by a grand and sophistocated soul remake of Ruby & The Romantics chart-topper "When You're Youing And In Love".  Besides The Marvelettes and The Andantes and Motown's Funk Brothers band, the girls even had the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on this classy gem!  In early 1968, the girls had the cleverly-worded and uniquely-effected hit "My Baby Must Be A Magician", also written and arranged by Smokey.  The Marvelettes in a 1969 holdover had the Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson-written and underappreciated -- except at Black dance clubs and Gay bars -- "Destination Anywhere".  When the train conductor asks Wanda, "Which way are you going, Miss?", she broken-heartedly replies:  "Destination anywhere"!  For their 1970's album, "The Return of The Marvelettes" (they were only gone a year), Wanda and two gals did not return on the album cover in hip outfits or skin-exposed but with cowgirl hats, gaucho pants, black riding boots and rough-riding on tough-looking horses!  In 1980, The Marvelettes regrouped, yet including both prior lead singers Gladys Horton and Wanda Rogers, and, like many former Motown artists, recorded for Motor City Records.

Updating to newer times, as recently as 2006, The Marvelettes performed with restored original lead singer Gladys Horton on national television with the acclaimed Public Broadcasting System (PBS) television special "The Early Years of Motown".  The three ladies performed the legendary "Mr. Postman"!  In 2007 and beyond, Motown Records -- God bless them -- is still issuing previously unreleased records such as "Little Girls Grow Up" and "Love Is Good" by the marvellous Marvelettes!!!  


STONEWALL Veterans' Association  *  Current + Upcoming Events




The Marvelettes:  34 Soul Classics



Theatre:  The Marvelettes Portrayed Singing on Broadway in "Motown The Musical"


"Motown The Musical" featuring "Please Mr. Postman"
enthusiastically performed by four girls as The Marvelettes




Marvelettes Honor -- "Mr. Postman" Delivers a Singing Telegram
and "Paper Boy" Brings Good News:  Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame

The Marvelettes have fi-nal-ly been considered for the music industry's highest honor by being nominated to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame!  This is their first nomination.  Other nominees this year include Donna Summer, Procol Harem, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Kraftwerk, Joan Jett, The Meters, HeartDeep Purple and Chic.  Inductees for the R&R HOF are announced in early December.  If The Marvelettes are voted to be an inductee, thank God that there are still three original Marvelettes alive who will be able to accept the prestigeous and televised honor in person!     




The Marvelettes:  Forever More - Complete Motown Albums, Vol. 2 (1967 - 1970)


filename:  Marvelettes_Albums_Vol-2

For more info and track listings, visit


=Marvelette Transition=

Gladys Horton, sole founder and first lead singer (1961-1964) of The Marvelettes, passed away at age 65 on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011, in Sherman Oaks, California.  Gladys's voice was uniquely powerful, upbeat  powerful, upbeat, soulful and girlish  -- defining The Marvelettes.  With Gladys as the ringleader, they were the first girl group signed by Berry Gordy, Jr. to Motown Records in 1960.  The Marvelettes' incredible, ground-breaking, first single, "Please Mr. Postman" in 1961, with Gladys a mere sixteen-year-old, was a worldwide million seller!  Thanks to Gladys and her Inkster schoolgirls, then-fledgling Motown Records scored its first #1 song and its 1st million-seller!  Ironically, it was 50 years ago this year 2011, which Gladys lived to realize.  Besides "Postman", Gladys Horton sang lead on other Marvelettes hits such as "Twistin' Postman", "Playboy" (she co-wrote), "Beechwood 4-5789", "Strange I Know", "As Long As I Know He's Mine" and "Too Many Fish In The Sea".  The most popular Gladys-led Marvelettes song at the famous Stonewall Club in New York City was the driving, non-stop, dance-aholic and downright dishy, girls-take-my-advice song, "Too Many Fish".  It was classic Motown dance.  God bless Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Soul Gladys Horton, forever Motown!  Now that Gladys is in "Rock & Roll Heaven", let's back up to the station that The Marvelettes train missed....  Destination:  Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame! 

America's #1 Greatest Songs Radio Station Tribute to Gladys Horton:




The Marvelettes:  Forever - Complete Motown Albums Collection, Vol. 1 (1961 - 1966)

Marvelettes Forever Collection

At last -- and 4ever -- The Marvelettes collection of record albums!  Motown Records via Universal Music and the U.S. Postal System has finally de-livered de albums and de singles and de 'live' recordings and de rarities from The Marvelettes!  This boxed ensemble "The Marvelettes:  Forever - Complete Motown Albums, Volume 1 (1961 - 1966) is a full-postal record project including The Marvelettes' first six record albums!!!!!!  They include the albums "Please Mr. Postman", "Smash Hits of 1962", "Playboy", "The Marvellous Marvelettes", "The Marvelettes - Live!" and "The Marvelettes Greatest Hits" (one dozen hits in stereo).  The truly complete collection (1961 to early 1966) includes all of The Marvelettes' singles during this period, many of which were not on any of their Motown studio albums.  Gladys Horton is the primary lead singer during this period.  The Marvelettes' songs at the original STONEWALL Club in New York City started with the included Wanda Young-led "Don't Mess With Bill".  The Gay community of age remains forever faithful to The Marvelettes and appreciating their wonderful dancing and soulfully satisfying music to the end of their recording careers at Motown Records (1972) and Motor City Records (1990).  Since music is the gift that keeps on giving, forever is the music of The Marvelettes.   

Marvelettes Forever Boxset

Marvelettes pictured on top:  Gladys Horton and Katherine Anderson
Marvelettes shown on bottom:  Wanda Rogers and Georgeanna Tillman


For more 411 and details including the complete 3-C/D track listing, see:

Future:  A forthcoming Volume 2 featuring the Wanda-led Marvelettes will span mid-1966 to 1972.


O====O  Stonewall Spotlight on Marvelettes Song  O====O 

commemorating the 40th anniversary of....

"My Baby Must Be A Magician" includes a marvellous collection of animations of Marvelettes album covers and photos!




The Marvelettes:  The Definitive Collection

Marvelettes Definitive Collection

Photo:  Anne, Wanda and Katherine in green baby doll dresses


Marvelettes Definitive back cover

Gladys, Wanda and Katherine go green in green gowms




 Various Artists/The Marvelettes:  Cellarful of Motown, Volume 3       



[Actual "Cellarful of Motown" c/d cover to be placed here!]




This newest, incredible collection from Motown's cellarful series consists of two compact discs (c/d's) of 45 never-released songs or new versions by other Motown artists includes three musical gems by The Marvelettes.  The girls' two new entries are "Little Girls Grow Up" -- it could have been a stunning single in 1965 with its perfect arrangement and perfect vocal -- and "Love Is Good".  This collection also contains another alternate version of the ultimate non-released single by The Marvelettes namely "The Boy From Crosstown"!  Q:  When U hear "Xtown", how do U spell "Mar-vel-ettes"?

For a full listing of the cellarful of Motown songs, seeing is believing:
For a review, including a Marvelettes song, of Volume 3 of the Cellarful of Motown:





O====O  Stonewall Spotlight on Marvelettes Song  O====O 

commemorating the 40th anniversary of....

"Don't Mess With Bill"  
written by Smokey Robinson





  Various Artists / The Marvelettes:  Motown Sings Motown Treasures (Volume 2)


filename:  Motown_Treasures_Vol-2


In this collector's item of "45" (get it?) mostly previously never-before-released songs of Motown artists singing other Motown artists' songs, Wanda Rogers & The Marvelettes perform a breath-takingly sexy "You Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin'", a popular Motown flipside song at The Stonewall -- and without doubt, elsewhere -- by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (written and produced by Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson).





  Marvelettes Book:  "The Original Marvelettes:  Motown's Mystery Girl Group"  

On the cover of their book (top l-2-r):  Marvelettes Wanda Young (giving sax appeal), Katherine Anderson and closed-mouth Gladys Horton and (bottom) Georgeanna Tillman  


At long last, a book has finally been published on the marvellous Marvelettes!  It is entitled:  "The Original Marvelettes: Motown's Mystery Girl Group".  Gladys!  Wanda!  Katherine!  Georgeanna!  Wyanetta!  ...and only one other, Ann Bogan (many years later)!  To all of their fans, The Marvelettes were never a "mystery".  In The STONEWALL Club jukebox, they were part of the extended family.  The book is the interesting, triumphant, challenged and tragical tale of the very first of the four classic Motown girl groups.  This is the candidly true and previously untold saga of the Berry first Motown artist to score a million-selling #1 hit song!  Although The Marvelettes continued to have hit songs throughout the 1960s and their popularity continued, albeit to a lesser degree, their touring schedule was often cruel with one nighters spread over many states for a non-stop month without any relief.  Their Motown tour "living" accommodations, especially in the racially discriminatory and thus restrictive South, were unpleasant and, sometimes, downright unhealthy.  The unusually interesting story is revealed amid the overall golden and beyond years of the legendary Motown Records.  Personnel wise, the book focuses on the main three Marvelettes:  Gladys Horton, the original, tougher, early 1960s lead singer (1961-1964); Wanda Young, the smooth soul and sexy-sounding mid-to-late 1960s lead singer (1965-1971); and Katherine Anderson, the dedicated "tall one" member and mediator (1961-1969).  In addition, the other two original, though relatively short-lived, Marvelettes are included namely Georgeanna Tillman and Wyanetta Cowart.  The first professional photo of the original "M-5" is contained in the book.       

We would not mention this Marvelettes book without our own Stonewall Era connection.  The Stonewall years from the very beginning of 1966 to the very end of 1969 are discussed in depth rallying around several Marvelettes' hit songs, which were also exceedingly popular in The STONEWALL Club's jukebox!  The main five songs are "Fish", "Bill", "Hunter", "Magician" and "Destination", all stated as in-crowd abbreviated song titles.  Authors of "TOMMMGG" are Marc Taylor and longtime Marvelette "Kat" Anderson-Schaffner.  All of our Stonewall Newzletta readers, who have read this long-awaited book, have praised and appreciated it for its well-written personal information about The Marvelettes as well as its candid and unique 411 into Motown Records in general and all of the other interacting Motown artists in particular.





Event>>>>>  Marvelettes:  Vocal Group Hall of Fame

The Marvelettes were respectfully and deservedly inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.  In person to accept the grateful award were Gladys Horton and Wanda Rogers and Katherine Anderson. 




The Marvelettes:  The Millennium Collection

Pictured 1964:  Wanda Young, Gladys Horton, Georgeanna Tillman and Katherine Anderson 


Not Too Many Fish In The Sea:  Gladys, Wanda and Katherine in Amsterdam  



The Marvelettes:  Motown Legends, Volume 2



The Marvelettes:  Motown Legends, Volume 1



The Marvelettes:  Deliver - The Singles (1961 - 1971)


The most Marvelettes' songs in The STONEWALL Club jukebox are included in this "Deliver - The Singles" collection.  The songs include:  "Too Many Fish In The Sea" (perennial favorite), "Don't Mess With Bill", "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Gane", "When You're Young And In Love", "My Baby Must Be A Magician", "Destination Anywhere" and "What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One"!





1990's new (4th) decade songs by The Marvelettes (on MCR):

* "Used To Be A Playboy"

* "Hey, What's Your Name"

Line-up:  Gladys Horton, Wanda Rogers, Jackie and Regina Holleman





Re-grouped Marvelettes song (on Motor City Records) in 1989:

* "Holding On With Both Hands"

Line-up:  Gladys Horton, Wanda Rogers, Echo Johnson and Jean McLain




The Marvelettes:  The Ultimate Collection

Pictured above (1964):  Gladys Horton, Georgeanna Tillman, Wanda Young and Katherine Anderson 

This album contains all of The Marvelettes songs that were at The Stonewall Club.  These gems include "Don't Mess With Bill", "Paper Boy" (a "B" side), "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game", "When You're Young And In Love", "My Baby Must Be A Magician", "Here I Am Baby" and "Destination Anywhere".


Pictured above (l-2-r):  Georgeanna, Katherine, Wanda and Gladys




Motown Artists featuring The Marvelettes:  25 #1 Hits From 25 Years

25 Number 1 Hits Motown 25 Years

"25 Hits" features The Marvelettes' #1 "Please Mr. Postman"
Notice the yellow Tamla label Marvelettes' "PMP" record!



The Marvelettes:  Anthology




Final Marvelettes on Motown single in 1971:

* "A Breath-Taking Guy"
{remake of Supremes song} =b/w= "You're The One For Me, Bobby"

Line-up:  Marvelette Wanda Young (lead) and The Andantes  





The Marvelettes:  The Return of The Marvelettes



["The Return of The Wanda-ettes" pic showing 3 Marvelette girls on 3 horses 
-- great (the best) photo album cover -- to be placed here in Summer of 2010.]



Post-Stonewall 1970 Marvelettes sad songs:

* "That's How Heartaches Are Made" {remake of Baby Washington song}

* "Marionette"

Line-up:  Miraculous Marvelette Wanda Young-Rogers and Two Mystery Girls   




The Marvelettes:  In Full Bloom



[Marvelettes beautiful album cover "In Full Bloom" from 1969 will be placed here.]



Pictured above (l-2-r):  Wanda Rogers (soultry lead singer), Ann Bogan (replaced Gladys Horton last year) and Katherine Anderson (the statuesque one)


The Marvelettes' bouncy songs at The Stonewall in 1969:

* "Destination: Anywhere" {their jukebox song at Stonewall Rebellion time} 

* "I'm Gonna Hold On Long As I Can" [lead: Anne Bogan]

Marvelettes Line-up:  Wanda Rogers, Anne Bogan and Katherine Anderson





The Marvelettes:  Sophisticated Soul

Marvelettes Sophisticated Soul


Songs at the 1968 Stonewall by the sophisticated Marvelettes:

* "Here I Am Baby"

* "Reachin' For Something I Can't Have" 

* "What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One" {remake of Mary Wells song}


 Sophisticated Soul Marvelettes

 This Marvelettes album had a plentiful 6 singles:  all hits at The Stonewall!


Marvelettes Sophisticated outtake

A-1 out-take photo from "Sophisticated Soul" session
{Clearly, Motown chose the wrong pic for album cover!}





The Marvelettes:  The Marvelettes



[Pink record album cover of 1967's "The Marvelettes" to be placed here!
Note:  We have the original album and record -- both in pristene condition.]



Marvelettes in Trafalgar Square, near St. Martin's-in-the-Field Church
(clearly visible in the right rear), in London (l-2-r):  Gladys Horton,
Katherine "Kat" Anderson and Wanda Rogers

1967 Marvelettes' sexy hit songs at The STONEWALL Club:

* "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game"
{#1 R&B}

* "When You're Young And In Love"
{#1 A/C} {remake of Ruby & Romantics song}

* "My Baby Must Be A Magician"
{#1 NYC} =b/w= "I Need Someone"

Marvelettes Line-up:  Wanda Rogers, Gladys Horton and Katherine Anderson




The Marvelettes:  Greatest Hits
Marvelettes Greatest Hits

Marvelettes Greatest Hits back cover


Stonewall boy songs in 1966 by The Marvelettes:

* "Don't Mess With Bill" {#1 R&B}

* "You're The One"
=b/w= "Paper Boy"





Colorful Marvelettes (l-2-r):  Gladys, Katherine, Georgeanna and Wanda

The rollicking Marvelettes' 1965 songs:

* "I'll Keep Holding On"

* "Danger Heartbreak, Dead Ahead"

Line-up (now a trio):  Gladys Horton, Wanda Rogers and Katherine Anderson  
Note:  Also as of 1965, Wanda Young-Rogers is lead singer on all songs but one.




The Marvelettes:  The Marvelettes On-Stage

Marvelettes On-Stage live album


Marvelettes Live album back cover


The Marvelettes go fishin' with their 1964 songs:

* "Silly Boy" {U.K. and The Philippines}

* "He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)"

* "You're My Remedy"

* "Too Many Fish In The Sea"




The Marvelettes:  The Marvellous Marvelettes

Marvelettes Marvelous Marvelettes


[Place back cover of The Marvellous Marvelettes album here!

filename:  Marvellous_ Marvelettes_ back-cover

1963 songs forever by The Marvelettes:

* "Locking Up My Heart"
=b/w= "Forever"

* "My Daddy Knows Best"

* "As Long As I Know He's Mine"

* "Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye" [as The Darnells]

Line-up (quartet):  Gladys Horton, Wanda Young, Katherine Anderson and Georgeanna Tillman




The Marvelettes:  Playboy

Marvelettes Playboy album

 "Playboy, this is one Fish you will never ever hook!"

Marvelettes Playboy back cover  


The Marvelettes' 1962 songs playing:

* "Mashed Potato Time" (promotional single only)
Musical Note:  Motown sued the non-original writers of this song as plaguerizing
(copyright infringement) "Please Mr. Postman" and won the suit!  Thus, this song 
became a Motown song!  To rub it in, Berry Gordy had The Marvelettes with Gladys 
Horton on lead record it as Side 1/Song 1 of their "The Marvelettes Sing Smash Hits 
of 1962" album.  "MPT" really is similiar to "Mr. Postman" with a near-same melody!

 The 5 writers of "Postman" are thus credited as the writers of "Mashed Potato Time"!

* "Playboy" {#1 R&B}

* "Beechwood 4-5789" {#1 R&B}
=b/w=  "Someday, Someway"

* "Strange I Know" =b/w= "Too Strong To Be Strung Along"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Marvelettes:  Sing Smash Hits of 1962


[Place album cover of The Marvelettes "Smash Hits" here!]


filename:  Marvelettes_1962_Sing-Smash-Hits





The Marvelettes:  Please Mr. Postman

Marvelettes Please Mr. Postman

     "De-liver de letter de sooner de better!"

Marvelettes Postman back cover

A Personal Letter from The Marvelettes to You!
"Deliver de Letter, de Sooner de Better"


1961 songs delivered on Tamla Records by The Marvelettes:

* "Please Mr. Postman" {int'l #1 song}

Musical Milestone Note:  The Marvelettes' "Mr. Postman" was Motown's first #1 song!

* "Twistin' Postman"

Line-up (quintet):  Gladys Horton, Wanda Young, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman and Wyanetta Cowart 



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=Marvelettes' Songs Quotes=

"This is one fish you'll never ever hook!"
-- Marvelette Gladys Horton to the Playboy
in "Playboy (Get Away From My Door)"

"East or West... I don't care!"
-- Marvelette Wanda Young to the Train Conductor
in "Destination Anywhere"


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===== Marvelettes Memoriam =====  

Georgeanna Tillman (February 6, 1944 -- January 6, 1980)

Gladys Horton (May 30, 1945 -- January 26, 2011) 

Wanda Young Rogers (August 9, 1943 -- December 15, 2021)


E-mail set up by Miss Gladys Horton and received now by the surviving original Marvelette: