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The very popular S.V.A. website had the most monthly verified "visits" with nearly 282,000 visits in December of 2005.  The renowned S.V.A. international website had its busiest year in 2005:  two million (2,000,000) HTML-verified visits!!  It's a real rarity.  It ranks with or beats a successful national organization.  Special recognition and gratitude must go to out-going S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson who impressively masterminded, greatly expanded, informationally increased and diligently promoted the S.V.A. website from about 100 visits a day to nearly 400 visits per hour!  It's an absolutelty incredible increase which has thus benefitted so many people with priceless educational data throughout the World! 



Sunday, December 25 -- CHRISTMAS DAY (International Holiday)

Saturday, December 24 -- HAPPY and HEALTHY BIRTHDAY to STORME DeLARVERIE on his 85th!

The S.V.A.'s Ambassador "King" Storme DeLarverie, born on Christmas Eve in 1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana, celebrates his incredible 85th birthday!  Although our original, planned celebratory birthday dinner had to be cancelled due to the disruptive, thuggish, illegal TWU 'strike' stunt depriving N.Y.C. of needed public transportation, several S.V.A. friends are taking the Stonewall King out to eat in Chelsea @ 6 p.m.  If you are interested in participating, please call S.V.A. Assistant and Storme's Godson AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.  Visit:



Tuesday, December 20 -- GROSS N.Y.C. TRANSIT STRIKE 5 DAYS before CHRISTMAS 

Not only is it just a few crucial and up til now exciting days before the major religious holidays of Christmas (an American tradition) and Chanukah but it is the busiest economic and social week of the year, particularly, in New York City -- the capital of the World!  It is also unseasonably freezing cold:  19 degrees @ 3 a.m. when the animalz declared the illegal and immoral "strike" against the transit-riding public.  This despicable, thugish and criminal act by the Transport Workers Union ("TWU") head animalz will adversely affect the lives of over seven million people who live, work or visit New York City.  This is a social, economic and physical well-being attack on N.Y.C.  It is mindless doling out 'punishment' to the citizenry, the transit system's own customers.  We wonder how many people will be injured or die as a result from being forced to walk and subsequently take a stroke or physically collapse -- and especially in frigid temperatures and icey conditions?  How many lack-of-transit related accidents?  How many no transit/weather-related strokes?  How many heart attacks?  And isn't this an 'unhappy holidays' especially for the disabled, the elderly and most children?  The "tranzies" waited this long to strike; they could have respectfully waited unti after the holiday rush and Christmas!  How many businesses will be destroyed?  In other words, the thoughtless, inconsiderate, miserable, shameful, anti-American tranzit union leader bastards are saying to everyone:  "F/U for the holidays!"  Shameful!  And to the valued and vital tourists to our great City:  "Have a horrid time; the TWU guarantees it!"  More shame!

Cancellation Notice:  Because of the grinch tranzit unyon headz, the annual S.V.A. Holiday Dinner (December 24th) must be cancelled!  Isn't that nice -- and nasty?!  We shant be deterred in wishing them a hot trip to Hell in a gasoline-soaked subway car.  If the illegal and immoral strike ends prior to Saturday, this event cannot be reasonably rescheduled.  Besides the logistics and no time for event mailing, the TWU union head kreepz cannot be trusted not to do another illegal and immoral 'strike' again this week.  



Friday, December 16 -- S.V.A. PRIVATE PRE-HOLIDAY DINNER

The S.V.A.'s private pre-holiday dinner among S.V.A. officials and special friends is always held the week before Christmas.  Early confirmations are Williamson Henderson and his boyfriend,  Liz Abzug and her girlfriend Erica Forman, Leigh McManus, Vito Abzuzzo, AnDre Christie, et al.  The special dinner is at S.V.A. sponsor Philip Marie Restaurant on Hudson Street at West 11th Street in Greenwich Village.  Owner John Greco III promises a special surprise.  Colorful holiday drinx are supremely poured @ 7:30 p.m.


Wednesday, December 14 -- N.Y.C. DEP'T of YOUTH & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 

Discussions and plans for the S.V.A.'s annual assistance in helping get part-time jobs for GLBT students.  Yeah, no one in the "community" ever got any jobs for us Gays as youths.  So, we, for a long time, have helped with decreasing the percentage of Gay youth who are treated that bad way today.  Representing the S.V.A. is its current President Williamson Henderson and his assistant and its Youth Coordinator AnDre Christie.  Meeting scheduled for 4 p.m. at the DYCD offices.



The Independence Party of New York City ("IPNYC") sponsors this worthy Sixth Annual Anti-Corruption Awards.  Several public officials such as Congressmembers Gary Ackerman (Queens) and Vito J. Fossella (Staten Island), N.Y.S. Senators Serphin Maltese (Queens) and Marty Golden (Brooklyn), N.Y.S. Assemblymembers Ann-Margaret Carrozza (Queens) and Matthew Mirones (Staten Island) and Councilmembers Leroy Comrie (Queens) and Andrew Lanza (S.I.) have confirmed attendance -- and advertising!  Representing the S.V.A. at the happening are 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman and Public Relationist Dave West.  The worthwhile event is at The Florence Altman Building at 135 West 18th Street, between Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue, in Gay Chelsea, New York.  The sit-down dinner will be in the Altman Auditorium set up as a dining hall.  For further 411, call the Independence Party at (212) 962-1699 or visit them at:


Legendary New York City Mayor Ed Koch was most thankful -- and said it twice -- to receive the personal happy and healthy birthday wishes from S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson  on behalf of the entire organization, its members and friends.  Mayor Ed had a hearty laugh out of a Williamson quip about the dismal outlook for a particular statewide 2006 political candidate and how the S.V.A. will pull out all the "Stops!" to stop him.  Birthday Koch cleverly and spritely replied:  "I'm sure you'll succeed; you've done it before."  The Mayor also repeated his  appreciation to receive the thoughtful call.  Williamson had expected to simply leave a message with his Chief-of-Staff Mrs. Smith on this special day; however, Mayor Koch on his incredible 81st birthday was in his office!  How's he doin'?  Question answered!  Subsequent to the talk, Mayor Koch also sent Williamson a signed note of appreciation for his birthday card and good wishes.    


Wednesday, December 7th -- "PEARL HARBOR DAY" - A DAY of INFAMY REMEMBERED

Now, the sneak attack by the Japanese on American Navy ships at Pearl Harbor on December 7th in 1941 is the second worst day in American history.  Since 1941, unitl four years ago, it was the worst!



Tuesday, December 6 (evening) -- BIRTHDAY BASH for CANDIDATE ANDREW M. CUOMO 

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association was thoughtfully and generously invited to be represented at this fun-filled, pre-holiday event celebrating former H.U.D. Secretary Andrew Cuomo's 48th birthday and, of course, his imminent New York statewide campaign for Attorney General.  Among the many confirmed luminaries are:  former N.Y.S. Governor Mario Cuomo (who knows the S.V.A. for nearly three decades), former N.Y.S. First Lady Matilda Cuomo, sister Maria Cuomo-Cole, brother and ABC-TV entertainment reporter Chris Cuomomany former Clinton Administration staffers such as Secretary of Defense Madeleine Albright, former Suffolk County Executive Patrick Halpern, N.Y.S. Senators such as Carl Andrews, N.Y.S. Assemblymembers such as Keith Wright, N.Y.S. Mayors such as Byron Brown (Buffalo), N.Y.S. Commissioners such as Evan Davis, N.Y.C. Councilmembers such as David Weprin, Councilmembers-Elect such as Melissa Viverito and many other public officials.  Labor leaders include Dennis Rivera and Jennifer Cunningham.  Business leaders include Kenneth Cole and Dan Kloris.  Community leaders include Ken Sunshine and Yasmin Cornelius.  Also look for Bella Abzug's old Press Secretary Harold Holzer!  GLBT political groups with tables include the Stonewall Democratic Club ("SDC", no relation to the S.V.A.).  Entertainment stars the legendary Tony Bennett with confirmed songs such as "The Best Is Yet To Come", "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" and "Fly Me To The Moon".  Attending on behalf of the S.V.A. is President Williamson Henderson and assistant AnDre Christie.  The S.V.A.'s coordinator is Secretary Dianne Yodice (as also in I-talian and ga-ga over Tony).  The venue is the beautiful and huge Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18 Street off Avenue of the Americas in Chelsea, New York.  Social hour starts @ 6:30 p.m.; sit-down dinner and speeches @ 7:30 p.m.; desserts @ 9 p.m.  For the S.V.A., this event is like a reunion with a lot of longtime friends and supporters.  Special thanks to Mr. Joe, Lady Ashley and Miss Andrea!




The S.V.A. supports as much as possible this major fund-raising event for the crucial Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS ("BC/EFA") every year as it benefits organizations that provide AIDS-related services and actually help individual AIDS patients.  This year's event is at the Neil Simon Theatre ("Hairspray") on West 52 Street just west of Broadway in the Theater District of Manhattan.  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson and Bert Coffman, from the theatrical Imperial QUEENS of New York is Princess Jenni Dee Egan and, in a quick change, representing political PRIDE Democrats is AnDre Christie (now sporting long braids).  Everyone owes great appreciation to the beyond the call of duty job done by BC/EFA's fab Executive Director Tom Viola.  The greatest, most talented and dazzling show on Broadway (once a year) -- "Gypsy-of-the-Year" -- raises its curtain at 2 p.m.


The S.V.A. atypically has been increasing (rather than decreasing during the winter months) its website viewership and strong presence consistently each and every month since Gay Pride in June, even though this is supposedly our "off season".  Clearly, this is not "Gay Pride Month".  The S.V.A. has shed its "seasonality".  In November 2005, the S.V.A. website had over 230,000 visits.  Just a few years ago in November, we had only 2,300 visits.  Wow, things sure have flown "up, up and away" -- up 1,000%!  Thanks Williamson Henderson, Matti Rothman and Leigh McManus!!!


The amount of S.V.A. officers next year shall probably remain the same at eight as in "Eight Is (More Than) Enough".  One current officer, Williamson Henderson, respectfully refused to be a nominee again for President (or any other position).  He quoted the explicit name of another classic t.v. series: "Gimme A Break!"  At the motions of Storme, Ruth C. and Rose Giordano, the S.V.A. membership unanimously approved an extension of Williamson's term.  However, the non-nominee even declined being the "acting" or "temporary" president until the next S.V.A. meeting, which WLH emphasized is not until far away next year and at the very end of January!  Thus, an S.V.A. president for 2006 had to be elected now in accordance with the S.V.A. "Bi-Laws".  The question:  Who will it be?  Williamson broke the deafening silence and nominated the current 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman.  Thus, without any opposition, Bert was elected as the next S.V.A. President.  "Berti" was ecstatic!  The topic of a 2nd Vice-President replacement -- or not -- had to be tabled until the next meeting, when the 1st Vice-President Emile Griffith would be present for input and, if needed, qualified nominees for 2nd V.P.  For S.V.A. Treasurer, most people wanted a local "SW-Vet".  Mark Zatlow, in an upset result insofar as he is based in Los Angeles, California, was re-elected as Treasurer.  Moreover, that is one of the impressive points that the S.V.A. is a national and beyond GLBT organization.  MZ does keep in regular contact and is updated regularly.  However, more must be done by S.V.A. members to input funds.  Ad anyone?  Two current officers (both females) were voted out of office....  Who says 'dinosaurs' don't bite?  One, absent Dianne Yodice, was replaced as Recording Secretary by present-at-the-meeting (and taking the meeting "minutes") Ruthy Campbell.  Yeah, "Ruthybird"!  The S.V.A. Public Relationist Dave West cellphoned into the meeting to comply with the S.V.A. "Bi-Laws".  Dave stated (via phone) to Steven Gradman that although he was verifiably working, he definitely loves and wants to be re-elected in his current S.V.A. position.  And so Dave won hands up!  

The other (referred to above) female who was fished out with a shiny hook was Cristina Hayworth of Puerta Rica.  She was overwhelmingly and enthusiastically replaced as the next Ambassadress by the entertaining and 'original' Jackie Barrett of New York (nominated by Bert, seconded by Storme, thirded by Rose, fourthed by Ruth, fifthed by Mary, etc.).  Jackie now resides actively in Miami Beach, Florida, and expands our officers' geography again.  Actually, in the absence of any responsibilities by her predecessor, Jackie has helpfully been the Acting Ambassadress since Gay Pride Month.  The S.V.A. can never again have any "officers" in name only who do absolutely nada!  And, lastly, for his position, "King" Storme DeLarverie was unchallenged and unanimously re-elected as the S.V.A. Ambassador and is ecstatic about having a new counterpart.  By the way, Emile Griffith, as 1st Vice-President, was the only S.V.A. officer not up for election.  The S.V.A. Community Liaison, an appointed position, was tabled by Rose G's approved motion until 2006 when the next S.V.A. President will appoint a qualified person who is also responsible and reliable.  This was one of the most well-run, participatory and interesting S.V.A. election meetings in years!       



Saturday, November 26 -- S.V.A. MEETING:  ELECTION of  2006 S.V.A. OFFICERS, GUEST SPEAKER and MORE 

The S.V.A.'s exciting, year-end monthly meeting is divided into three parts:

4:15 p.m. - Unfinished and New S.V.A. Business
5:15 p.m. - Guest Speakers and "Q & A" Session
6:15 p.m. - Election of the 2006 S.V.A. Officers
7:00 p.m. - Turkey Dinner at the Chelsea Gallery Restaurant

This is the annual S.V.A. election meeting of the following year's S.V.A. officers.  It is particularly significant this year for the S.V.A. as the current and longtime S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson has not consented to being a nominee.  For many years, WLH has been the absolute  longest-serving Gay person in the same position in the GLBT community.  One of WLH's quotes on his "maybe but unlikely" candidacy is as follows:  "If I'm not a nominee, I can't be elected -- sounds familiar?!"  In any event, there are definitely contests for the S.V.A. Secretary and the S.V.A. Ambassadress and maybe the S.V.A. Treasurer.  If you do not have a copy of the S.V.A. "Bi-Laws", please read the requirements for all S.V.A. officerships below at the October 29th "nominations" entry.  The election will take place at approximately 6 p.m. allowing for greater membership participation.  Confirmed Stonewall veterans include Williamson, Storme, Bert Coffman, Bill Salzman, Rose Giordano, Ruthybird, et al.   

The S.V.A.'s year-end meeting will appropriately include a guest speaker who may be pivotal in starting off the new political year at the New York City Council (on Januray 4th):  a N.Y.C. Councilmember who is a City Council Speaker candidate!  All but one of the CCS candidates were personally handed the entire SVA-pac with the invitation to contact the S.V.A.; to the 7th, it was ground-mailed.  The one who responded and quickly was Councilmember David Weprin, who is an established supporter of the S.V.A. and a real friend of our late Honorary Member, Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis.     

Openly-Gay N.Y.C. District 2 Councilmember-elect Rosaura L. Mendez has been rescheduled to this meeting.  An East Village activist friend's memorial services overlapped for Rosie with the last S.V.A. meeting.  RLM has confirmed to appear with her thanksgiving gift of... thanks.  Rosie's recent letter sincerely expresses her appreciation for the S.V.A.'s mutually committed support to each other now and for the future.  This is the way the GLBT comm-UNITY is supposed to work.  We thank you, too, Rosie for your recognition, support and wit.  Plus, those from the S.V.A. who attended, enjoyed Rosie's Election Night Victory Party at Nice Guy Eddie's Club.  It was very "cosmopolitan"! 

Reminder:  This is the last scheduled S.V.A. meeting of the year.  The S.V.A. no longer has a December meeting.  Besides, the last Saturday is New Year's Eve -- one of the reasons for no "Deck" meeting.! 




The three renowned GLBT groups -- STONEWALL Veterans' Association, PRIDE Democrats and the Imperial QUEENS & Kings of New York -- were subjected to an agregious action with an embarrassing back-and-forth 'interrogation' by a cowardly and rude staff member ("Sin-dala") via the office building phone in the lobby.  After that weird protracted procedure, the three GLBT leaders -- Bert Coffman, Steven Gradman and Williamson Henderson -- got the disrespectful and rude treatment of being then discriminately told that they couldn't come up at all -- "without an appointment"!?  They never needed an appointment the past several years.  What pure bulls*it!  Instead, the public official's big wig sent a non-staff, non-paid, teenage once-a-week (Monday) volunteer to the busy public lobby to find out "what's up".  Although the volunteer is surprisingly professional, personable and pleasant -- unlike the one who sent him -- this was nonetheless an outrageous affront to all three organizations.  To be standing in a public lobby conducting a nutshell meeting agenda, which ironically was concerned complaints and unresolved issues, was ludicrously rude!  Even the building personnel were mortified!  One of the Gay group reps is disabled and stood there with increasingly painful, swollen feet and with a cane!  (There is no seating in that lobby.)  We must get the clear message out as to what some of these public officials and/or their staffers really think of the Gay community.  

Like a 1966 song at The Stonewall:  "Monday, Monday, can't trust that day!"  Will this bad scene have ramifications?  Is the Pope a Catholic?  In fact, this public official is generating a filling barrelful of bad press already on a multitude of other subjects.  Trust us, much more to come.... 



City Councilmembers -- from four of the five boroughs -- who are interested in being New York City's next Council Speaker number about seven.  This unique opportunity forum is a chance to see and hear candidates such as David Weprin (Queens), Bill de Blasio (Brooklyn), Melinda Katz (Queens), Jo-el Rivera (The Bronx), Lewis Fidler (Brooklyn) and Leroy Comrie (Queens).  The two-hour forum is co-sponsored by the Citizens Union Foundation, the League of Conservation Voters, the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College and our favorite on-line newsletter the Gotham Gazette.  Confirmed (who are in touch with the S.V.A.) public official attendees -- besides the candidates -- include former N.Y.C. Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith Wright, N.Y.C. Councilmembers Oliver Koppell, Robert Jackson, Vincent GentileMiguel Martinez and Gale Brewer, Community Board Manager Yasmin Cornelius, District Leader Trudy Mason, et al.  The beautiful venue is Baruch College in Manhattan at 55 Lexington Avenue at the corner of East 24th Street in the wide auditorium on the 14th floor.  S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson will head up the S.V.A. delegation.  AnDre C will distribute new Thanksgiving brown S.V.A. meeting flyers.  The forum is scheduled for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by socializing and light foods.  For more info, visit: or    

Note:  The S.V.A. wants -- and the GLBT community should honestly demand -- a Council Speaker who supports and respects the S.V.A.  No one realistic and honest could argue with that; it's so plain and so simple -- and so correct.  In other words, a New York City Council Speaker who is all of professional, democratic, supportive, inclusive and pleasant such as the former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. -- definitely not his "suckessor" or anyone of that ilk.  This, therefore, leaves out the rude Gay councilmember who has rudely ig'd the S.V.A. for seven long years.  No... the other one besides the out-going Philis X. Reed.  The one who remains:  Christine "Q" Quinn!



The S.V.A.'s new (since summer) Volunteer Coordinator R. Blaze Watson was ready, willing and able when he hit the S.V.A. auxillary location to work the new S.V.A. mailing regarding the next S.V.A. meeting and the election of 2006 S.V.A. officers on the 26th.  In fact, Blaze worked it like a house afire until after 3:30 a.m. to get the time-sensitive job done.  Special thanks to Williamson and AnDre without whom it would not have been possible.  We look forward to Blaze's repeat performances as the S.V.A. always has significant mailings, etc. to coordinate and get out!




First, V-O-T-E!  Election polling places in N.Y.C. are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Election Night victory parties on the S.V.A.'s schedule -- with different Stonewall Vetz going to different parties -- include Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and Councilmember Rosie Mendez -- all of whom shall win big time.  Melissa Viverito did not have an opponent in the General Election; her victory party was last month.  


The event -- not the "SW-Vetz" -- is slated to warrant already-reserved space for television crews and will be covered on all of the news shows!  The S.V.A. was invited by some longtime, loyal staff (not the new out-of-the-blue start-ups) of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the political guest of honor.  Among the special supporters are the Governor of Puerto Rico and the Mayor of San Juan plus Roberto Clemente, Jr.!  Four of the six recent Democartic candidates for City Council in that district (#8) will be there -- all of whom know the S.V.A.  Count on seeing the multi-motivated duo of Williamson Lee and AnDre C.  And, Rico Rodriguez, the Latino Liaison for PRIDE Democrats, among endless other friends and associates.  Besides Mayor Michael and former State Senator Olga Mendez (two prior Dems), virtually everyone there will be a Democrat.  Legendary musician Willie Colon will not only be on stage supporting Mayor MRB but performing!  Look forward to Spanish drinks -- Hi, Margarita -- will she be there?  Probably! --  and great Italian food!  The legendary restaurant and sometimes nightclub is located on First Avenue at East 117th Street in Spanish Harlem.  For further 411, call Manni Onativia at (212) 828-3045.



Wednesday, November 2, 2005 -- NEW MONTH KICK-OFF with ACTION ALERT VIZ to a PUBLIC OFFICIAL's OFFICE @ 2 p.m.

Ooopz!  The one that Bert Coffman and Michael Livote and company chose... moved!  Too bad they didn't have the common sense or courtesy to let us know in advance that they moved.  Oh, well, next time -- at their new and improved ultra-lux locale on the East Side of Midtown-Manhattan.




This exciting and colorful parade in its 32nd year lines up on Avenue of the Americas below Spring Street near (Witch's) Broom Street @ 6 p.m. or so.  The thrilling, spooky and fun parade blasts off @ 8 p.m.  Wanna see Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Diana RossCher, Dolly, Liza, Madonna, et al.?  You'll likely see those Gay icons -- and Marilyn, too!  C'mon over to see the Halloween Parade along Avenue of the Americas through NoHo and Greenwich Village ending too soon at West 21st Street in Chelsea.  The parade is traditionally broadcast "live" on NY-1 News (channel 1) starting @ 8 p.m.  "Before The Parade Passes By", =l-oo-k= for the glowing blue 1969 "Stonewall Car" with the top down (estimated temp: 69 degrees) featuring Queen Allyson Allante!  For more 411, visit the Halloween paraders at their website with prior years' Halloween Parade pix at:



It's two years ago tomorrow (with a different date) when G&T (Gay and Transgender) activist and former S.V.A. Treasurer Terri J. Van Dyke was found dead in bed at his apartment in Manhattan.  There will be a memorial dinner at Famiglia's Restaurant on the Upper East Side on First Avenue and East 69th Street with Terri's Dad Robert @ 7 p.m.  Confirmed to attend are Friends-of-SVA (A-B-C-D-E):  AnDre, Beyon, Christyne, Dwayne, Et al.  (Bert Coffman is out of town at a GLBT alternative psyhological healthcare conference in Arizona.)  If you are interested in attending the S.V.A. "Remembrance of Terri" dinner, r.s.v.p. to the S.V.A. at:  (212) 6-27-1969.  




"Trick" =or= "Treat"!!  It's the elongated weekend of pre-Halloween!  Also known in the Stonewall Era as "Gay Xmas", for Halloween weekend we encourage attendees to wear a costume -- or at least some face make-up or a funny hat -- to this festive S.V.A. meeting on the Eve of All Hallow's Eve. 

This S.V.A. meeting agenda is headlined by the re-election of the S.V.A. Board of Directors to three-year terms starting January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2008.  This meeting is also the annual "Nominations of 2006 S.V.A. Officers".  The S.V.A. officerships to be nominated are the following:  President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Recording Secretary, Public Relationist, Ambassador and Ambassadress.  The celebratory 1st Vice-President officership is currently assigned to legendary Stonewall vet and boxing champion Emile Griffith, Jr.  The nominations will be conducted by a guest GLBT community leader at theend  of the meeting for greatest S.V.A. voting membership participation.

S.V.A. Bi-Laws:  All candidates nominated for S.V.A. officerships must be:  (A) an actual veteran of any of the five nights of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion; (B) in S.V.A. good-standing without any financial obligations to the S.V.A.; and (C) physically present at the S.V.A. nominations meeting unless the person is (a) out of state, (b) on official vacation, (c) hospitalized, (d) verifiably ill on the day of the election and/or (e) jailed or imprisoned (there is a difference).

The real Stonewall's special October speaker is Sean Patrick Maloney, prime candidate for New York State Attorney General in 2006.  Sean P. Maloney is currently a prominent attorney in the similiar manner of the current Attorney General's pre-election history.  Sean has the unique experience of having worked three years in the Oval Office for U.S. President Bill Clinton as well as WJC's two successful presidential campaigns.  Besides actually being Gay -- not just in favor of Gay rights -- Sean travels the state of New York without heavy green or empty yellow baggage!  The S.V.A. expects to continue the productive and positive tradition of having an attorney general, such as Robert D. AbramsG. Oliver Koppell and Eliot L. Spitzer, who is respectful, appreciative and supportive of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  Obviously, the attorney general represents much that is important to the veterans of the 1969 civil rights Stonewall Rebellion.  For more 411 on this guest speaker, see his paid Sean Maloney political ad in the Stonewall Newzletta at:

Dr. Jessie A. Fields, the Independence Party and openly-Gay candidate for Manhattan Borough President and a supporter of the S.V.A. and an advertiser in our Stonewall Newzletta is making a return appearance to an S.V.A. meeting -- and with her brand-new, big, colorful, exciting, two-sided campaign literature.  Jessie has been steadfast, consistent and democratic for her support of ALL of the GLBT community -- and long before it became en vogue!  In shameful contrast, Jessie's chief opponent, "The Schlub", has never made an appearance at an S.V.A. meeting nor an S.V.A. symposium  nor any S.V.A. event or tribute nor ever contributed a dollar to the S.V.A.  And that's called shame!  Yet, "The Schlub" salivates for Gay money, Gay support, Gay money, Gay volunteers, Gay money, Gay endorsements, Gay money, etc.  Bottom line:  It is suggested that Manhattan keeps the same last name for the Manhattan Borough President that we have now:  Fields!!  See Jessie's paid ad with the S.V.A.'s Stonewall Newzletta at:  

Members of PRIDE Democrats will be pre-Election appropriately present.  Steven Gradman, Vice-President of PRIDE Dems, will give an indictment of his horrible experience (pending legal action) at the recent October 6th near million-dollar (but not a buck for the S.V.A.) dinner of ESPA.  Besides our lovely S.V.A. Recording Secretary, the meeting will also be covered by New York City's only Gay-owned newspaper, the New York Blade.  James Withers is the Blade reporter.  AnDre C is the SVA membership and sponsorship form distributor.




Rosa Parks, at age 42, removed from a city bus and arrested for sitting up to discrimination, was a forerunner to the Stonewall Veterans, much younger at mostly teen ages, who also got tired of being threatened with or really arrested and/or moved from public places by the police motivated by discrimination.  In both of these historic cases -- Rosa and Stonewall -- there were actually discriminatory and hate-motivated arrests.  Miss Parks' civil rights solo action took place on the 1st of December in 1955 on the 10-cent Cleveland Avenue bus in Montgomery, Alabama.  The Stonewall Rebellion, only thirteen-and-a-half years later, was a group that acted in oneness effort.  Both events sparked civil rights, social and ultimately legal revolution to the status quo.  Both events led to the freeing of two major groups who were the objects of discrimination and harassment: Blacks and Gays.  

Civil rights icon Rosa McCauley Parks, born on the 4th of February in 1913, died today at age 92 of natural causes in Detroit, Michigan, where she has lived for many years.  Miss Parks was blessed to live an incredible and full half-century after her pivotol act of courage.  Motown legend, Detroit City Council candidate and S.V.A. Honorary Member Martha Reeves, who knows Rosa, will be involved in the Rosa Parks tribute and services.  The Stonewall connection to Rosa Parks continues....




This ground-breaking report of "Police Abuse and Misconduct Against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People in the United States" is the basis for this special program entitled "Stonewalled".  It is presented by Outfront and sponsored by Amnesty International USA.  A short film presentation will precede the testimonies and discussions.  Members of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association such as Williamson Henderson and Storme DeLarverie are among the scheduled speakers.  Also representing the S.V.A. is Bert Coffman.  The S.V.A. will have an informational table.  The program begins @ 6 p.m.  It is held in the auditorium at the Gay Community Center.  For further 411, visit "Center Happenings" at: or telephone Rayblin Vargas at:  (917) 309-5022.     




The annual "Stonewall Streetfair" is sponsored by the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  It starts @ 11 a.m. and continues until 6 p.m.  The Manhattan location is on Greenwich Avenue -- the S.V.A.'s home turf -- from Seventh Avenue, including Perry Street, Charles Street, West 10 Street and Christopher Street, to Avenue of the Americas.  Any other non-profit groups or political candidates who are supporters of the S.V.A. and want display space at no charge, call AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969 to make arrangements.  This streetfair is produced by S.V.A. sponsor and advertiser Clearview Festival Productions.  Special thanks go to Mister Todd Berman and Madam DeBella!  The S.V.A. will have a guest relax area and special distribution tables. Come to the fair!  It's also a good place to cruise -- especially on Greenwich Avenue!  Visit:


Wednesday, October 5 -- WILLIAMSON'S BIRTHDAY DINNER @ 5 p.m. 

Williamson L. Henderson ("WLH")'s birthday dinner is being held at Brasserie Les Halles at their outdoor, friendly and scenic cafe.  The restaurant is located on Park Avenue between East 28 and East 29 Streets.  Confirmed SVA-ers -- besides Williamson -- include Bert Coffman, Dave West and Rose Giordano and, of course, B-Boi AnDre Christie!  Members of PRIDE Democrats such as Diana G. and Jonas S. have also confirmed.  The very talented Mr. West has promised to perform a stylish "Happy Birthday" singing telegram to WLH with special Stonewall lyrics set to the tune of "Hello, Dolly!"  The restaurant's specialty beverage is their incredibly powerful and smooth green apple martini.  Traveling via subway, the #6 local subway is conveniently at the corner of East 28th Street.  For further details and participation, contact the host, S.V.A. 2nd Vice-President Bert, at (917) 286-0616.  




The actual support from members and supporters of the S.V.A. for Melissa Viverito's spirited 6-way City Council District 8 campaign was so strong, special and sincere that we are greatly look forward  to this celebration of the historic victory.  PRIDE Democrats is the other half of the GLBT essential support.  Expect to see only those two GLBT groups represented at this event.  The celebration is being held at the former and spacious La Palma Nightclub at 181 East 108 Street between Lexington and Third Avenues on the Upper, Upper East Side of Manhattan.  There will be "live" entertainment and plenty of home-made appetizer, dinner and dessert dishes.  The celebratory event spans from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.  The N.Y.C. subway #6 is nearby at the East 110th Street Station.  For further 411, call MMV's headquarters and ask for Randy Mark at (212) 348-4106.

Post-Event Note:  See the diverse assortment of pix, including the cover photo of the S.V.A.'s Williamson Henderson and AnDre Christie with Melissa Viverito ("WAM") at:  PRIDE Democrats members who attended include:  Marlon Hunter, Steven Gradman, Diana Silverman, Jonas Sirugar, Christine McKaskill and Gina Wright.  Click on the main W/A/M photo to view a diverse collection of over 100 event pix taken by Marina Ortiz of Virtual Boricua.



Unlike the discriminatory, dismal and ignore-the-Stonewall-Vetz negative campaign of Alan Gifford "Giffy" Miller, the PRIDE Democrats' Gay and Afro-American President Marlon Hunter is a proud supporter of the S.V.A.  In contrast, Giffy spent millions of dollars (mostly taxpayers -- mailings and matching funds) to tank yet never saw fit to give a buck to the S.V.A.!  (Did he think we'd spend it on booze, drugs, guns, gambling or under-aged boys?)  Oh, excuse us (not) for being witty and dishy but this is the GAY community, Alana Kommack!  Nonetheless, being mindlessly and rudely anti-SVA (a usual walk into political quicksand) surely did not slow up Giffy ("I'm straight and I'm married to a woman and I'm straight and I have kids... and I'm straight....") from politically whoring and begging all over the City for Gay support, Gay volunteers, Gay endorsements, Gay dollar$, Gay press conferences, etc.  Of course, Giffy's ill-conceived and ill-fated mayoral campaign was flushed down the political toilet with a vengeance.  One not-too-bright Gay non-leader, named Alana Komack, had made the imbecilic, rude comment that "Gifford has led this community"!?  What community is that?  When?  How?  It surely is not the Gay one!  Perhaps he was confusing Giffy with Williamson?  Anyway, Giffy's fairytale wish is gone!  In sharp contrast, as Barbra sings, "(I'm) We're still here".  A lot of Gay people shamefully made the wrong "investment".  Maybe it's time for them to sing Aretha's "Respect".  Support the S.V.A.!  Meanwhile, indulge and savor Marlon's "tell it like it is" lively Letter-to-the-Editor in the New York Blade News at:



Saturday, September 24 -- MONTHLY MEETING of the S.V.A. at the GLBT CENTER @ 4:15 p.m.

Fund-raising for the S.V.A. is item #1.  The S.V.A.'s expenses are for its worthwhile existence, promotion, outreach, education and survival -- not "payroll".  Among the S.V.A. expense items are the following:  car garage rental, new convertible top motors for the classic "SW-Car", expanded auto insurance coverage, new license plates, vehicle inspection, S.V.A. storage, printing (letterheads, imprinted envelopes in three sizes and business cards), flyers, postage, webmaster, website input, website hosting, telephone(s), fax line, cellphone, reprints, educational material, office supplies, transportation, etc.  Up for political discussion are the results of the recent Primary Election (plenty happening there) and the forthcoming General Election (not much happening there).

The S.V.A. September special speaker is Patrick M. Murphy, openly-Gay candidate for the New York City Council District 4.  The Manhattan district stretches in a zig-zag fashion from East 14th Street (Stuyvesant Town) to the Upper East Side (East 97th Street).  Some of the areas in between that the district covers are Grand Central, Carnegie Hill, Central Park South, Lenox Hill and Central Park East.  Ironically, the #4 subway runs through this district #4.  As always, the S.V.A. -- not a political club -- provides a real questions-and-answers session (not prior-submitted, written index cards for "approval" to be asked).

Also, expecting a stop-in with her personal appreciation for the S.V.A.'s successful support will be N.Y.C. Councilmember-Elect Melissa Viverito, who just won District 8 after a recount with an 86-vote lead!  The S.V.A. gave special attention to this hotly-contested 6-way race.  Individuals of the S.V.A. leafletted over 1,000 election pieces (completely) under doors and mailed out another 1,000 flyers in addition to street-corner distributing (another 1,000), faxing (100s), e-mailing (100s) and phone calls (100s).  You do the math!  All that -- and much more -- in addition to the effective ad that Camp Melissa smartly placed on the S.V.A. website's popular "Business, Political & Other Advertisers" with over 10,000 viewers just for part of September!  We are so extra proud of Melissa -- and her most helpful, friendly and openly-Gay brother Randy!




This Gay candidacy involves yet another City Council race.  This one is for District #4 in Manhattan for the General Election as Patrick Murphy is Republican, Independence and Liberal.  The S.V.A. never heard from his opponent, whoever is that man.  Patrick, of course, knows the S.V.A. for many years.  His opponent apparently doesn't.  Patrick was with candidate Michael Bloomberg in 2001 when the latter was introduced to the Gay Pride Parade as a guest of none other but the S.V.A. leading the parade -- along with our regular mayoral guest Rudy!  The eatery is SVA-supporter The Village Den -- out-doors.  Confirmed to attend this mini-lunch meet are S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson and S.V.A. Public Relationist Dave West.



Tuesday, September 13 -- PRIMARY ELECTION DAY in NEW YORK from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The S.V.A. is not a "political" group (contrary to what The Schlub stupidly thinks).  We're a little bigger and a lot more rooted and much wider-spread than that.  According to Mayor Ed Koch's public declarations over the years, the S.V.A. also has more "clout" than the political clubs.  Nonetheless, the S.V.A. does educate the Gay and non-Gay public and we are longtime  politically-aware, -astute and -active.  The S.V.A. can in various ways "support" the goodies (e.g., "Miracle Mike" or "Betsy!") and not support the baddies (e.g., "Gang Green" or "The Schlub").

Advisory:  Do not support any candidate for public office who does not support the S.V.A.  If they want the GLBT support, the GLBT endorsements, the GLBT volunteers, the GLBT money and the GLBT vote, the barometer starts registering with the Stonewall Veterans of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion!  This is common political and community sense -- and respect!  If they don't support our GLBT history, its participants and the rough struggles of the past which paved the smooth way for the present and the future, they don't really support our heritage, heroes, traditions, values and pride.  Therefore, they don't deserve -- nor have they really earned -- our worthwhile GLBT support.  This policy is not new for the GLBT community; most of its offenders are the newies.  The unwritten policy is thus frequently unknown or, more oft, forgotten.  We are here to publicly remind everyone!



Sunday, September 11 -- 4th SAD ANNIVERSARY of the SEPTEMBER 11th TERRORIST ATTACKS!!!!

In honor of and tribute to the nearly 3,000 victims killed and the approximately 10,000 injured and the endless first responders who have died, are dying or are ill-healthed as a result of the catastrophe, the S.V.A. office, right here in Manhattan at the epicenter of the September 11, 2001 attacks (as in two) on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, shall be totally closed and without any communication in any form whatsoever.  This is likewise the tribute for all of those lost in the West Wedge at The Pentagon in Arlington, Viirginia, and the open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and all of the doomed passengers who were illegally hijacked and mercilessly killed in all four airplanes!!!!



Saturday, September 10 -- CAMPAIGNING with the FAMOUS "STONEWALL CAR"

The historic automobile and vehicular eye candy metallic blue 1969 Cadillac convertible will be seen throughout Manhattan campaigning with several,  actual supporters of the S.V.A. who are currently "candy-dates".  To book the "Stonewall Car", contact S.V.A. Assistant/Driver AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.  For everyone's 411, the car has been used in the successful campaigns of John Lindsay, Ed Koch, Bella Abzug, Rudy Giuliani, Carolyn Maloney, Michael Bloomberg, Margarita Lopez, Eliot Spitzer, Betsy GotbaumKeith Wright, Virginia Fields, Jed Davis, among others -- as well as the campaigns of Geraldine Ferraro, Betsy McCaughey, Karen Burstein, Hakeem Jeffries and Liz Abzug.  Tens of thousands -- if not more -- of votes have been garnered thanks to the 'genius' of the famous "Stonewall Car".




S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson and S.V.A. 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman are representing the S.V.A. in this oft-delayed meeting with arrogant Terence Tolbert and nasty Laura Gall of the MRB campaign.  Since both knew literally nothing about the S.V.A. or the Stonewall Rebellion, in contrast to their boss, they have been mailed, faxed and e-mailed 411 over the past few months to give them basic understandings.  Neither one had any idea that there was an association for Stonewall veterans.  Thus, they not know that the S.V.A. was the instrumental GLBT group in the Mayor winning in the first place.  And that is a well-known, multi-documented fact!  Both of these nonpersonnas act like they are 'it'!  They're not -- at all!  Fortunately, many others at the campaign know the successful, cooperative and cordial history of the S.V.A. and Mayor Michael Bloomberg!   



Saturday, August 27 -- S.V.A.'s SUMMERTIME MONTHLY MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

Williamson Henderson uniquely chairs the meeting with a necessary emphasis on fund-raising for bill-paying.  There are many groups in the GLBT community that literally exist because of what we -- and, of course, many others -- have done.  There are many individuals who likewise have cushy Gay jobs thanks to our incremental successes.  It was voluntary members of the S.V.A. (not paid employees with benefits of ESPA) that banged on public officials' doors -- and sometimes 'kicked' them in.  Yet, some of these same people are so disingenuous and disrespectful to give credit where credit is due and too selfish to give a dollar.  Nonetheless, they are good at collecting undeserved praise and endless money for themselves.  (ESPA instantly comes to mind.)  Bert Coffman gives a Public Officials' Report.  Mark Zatlow (in from L.A.) provides an unfortunately brief Treasurer's Report.  The S.V.A. fill-in Webmaster Matti Rothman delivers exciting S.V.A. website updates.

Since it is of great concern to the S.V.A. who is in our New York City Council, we continue with more City Council candidates.  Confirmed are new Melissa Viverito for the 8th District (East Harlem, Upper Upper Westside and Port Morris) and the rescheduled Rosie Mendez for the 2nd District (East Village, Lower East Side and Gramercy).  A prior Council candidate guest speaker, whom only the S.V.A. in the GLBT community supports, Yasmin Cornelius (9th District), just received the endorsement of The New York Times.  "Yas" may stop by with thanks to and updates for the S.V.A.  We may have a very special surprise political guest, too!



Saturday, August 20 -- 13th ANNUAL STOP THE VIOLENCE MARCH @ 2 p.m.

This perennial public display against violence was started by the late Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis.  The march is now named in his honor.  Jed was a big supporter and an Honorary Member of the S.V.A.  In tribute to him, the march is symbolically lead by the 1969 "Stonewall Car" (which Jed loved and had driven).  The event takes place in Brooklyn.  The Grand Marshal is Manhattan Borough President and N.Y.C. mayoral candidate C. Virginia Fields.  There are guest speakers after the march.  The event-sponsoring James E. Davis Foundation is headed by Jed's younger and very dedicated brother Geoffrey A. Davis.  At the end of the march, street guest speaker is Lenora Fulani of the Independence Party.  Williamson Henderson heads up the S.V.A. contingency with Youth-for-SVA members such as Gina Wright, Gay Jaye and AnDre C.  Start-up location is Macon Street near Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue, the latter re-named James E. Davis Avenue in honor of Councilmember Jed on July 23rd!  Kick-off for the march is @ 2 p.m.  By subway, take the "A" train to Nostrand Avenue and walk only one block.  The march proceeds to Eastern Parkway.  For event details, contact the JED Foundation at (718) 221-2911.



Wednesday, August 17 -- S.V.A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LUNCHEON MEETING @ 1 p.m.

On the table are several purposes of the S.V.A. which must be promoted and enforced and a few green-spined detractors who must be dealt with in no uncertain Stonewall terms.  Executive Committee members (36 eligible) should contact arranger AnDre Christie to confirm your attendance.  Brother Beyon Christie will do the greeting and the "roll call".  Feisty foods, cold beverages and much more will be hotly dished out at the Rhode Island Cafe.




We can tell you this.... the Manhattan New York City Council candidate and her assistant are meeting with S.V.A.'s President Williamson Henderson, Vice-President Bert Coffman and S.V.A. coordinator Dwayne Kingston @ 2:30 p.m. at a Spanish restaurant.

Post-Event Quiz Answer:   Melissa Viverito and her assistant  Sunshine Ludder at Mercado's Spanish Cuisine on Lexington Avenue in Spanish Harlem!



Wednesday, August 10 -- S.V.A. MEETING with GAY N.Y.S. ASSEMBLYMEMBER DEBORAH GLICK @ 3 p.m.

Confirmed representing the S.V.A. are Bert Coffman, Storme DeLarverie and Dave West plus Friend-of-SVA Michael Livote.  The meeting is at the Assemblymember's longtime office on the Greenwich Village segment of Broadway south of 14th Street.  (For your 411, New York State only has two openly-Gay Assemblymembers but it's two more than less than two decades ago.)  

Post-non-Event Note:  "The Glickster" screwed up on this overdue opportunity after she or her office allegedly and/or ineptly failed to place this meeting in her schedule book even after a staffer of hers confirmed twice with S.V.A. Vice-President Bert.  The Glickster rudely walked out with four SVA-ers, who went out of their non-paid way to be there, sitting right in front of her in her office.  Glick's office then added insult to injury by failing to reschedule the botched appointment (though they promised to do so).  No GLBT organization should have anything to do with The Glickster until she apologizes to the S.V.A. and makes good.  Meanwhile, are we bothered?  Glad you asked!  Here's the Gay answer:  The Glickster's in contrast honorable colleague N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith Wright met with S.V.A. reps at his office, attended an S.V.A. meeting as a guest speaker, renewed his S.V.A. sponsorship (and doubled it), marched with the S.V.A. leading the Gay Pride Parade and sent a sincere letter of recognition and appreciation for the S.V.A.'s accomplishments past, present and future -- plus his unconditional, glad and continued support of the S.V.A.  



Saturday, August 6, 2005 -- ANDRE'S BACKYARD COOKOUT ("ABC") for YOUTH-FOR-SVA

S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie put this event together with his brother Beyon and sister Chrissy McKay for many of the active Youth-for-SVA.  If only other Gay organizations sponsored events like this for people other than themselves.  The N.Y.C. borough of choice is The Bronx.  The cook-OUT ignites at high noon.  For more  411 -- if you are a Youth-for-SVA (Gay or not) -- call  Andre at (212) 6-27-1969.




Brenda Howard is one of the relatively few GLBT activists who have been dilligently and effectively at it for the past few decades -- in the tradition of the S.V.A.'s Williamson, Storme, Bert Coffman, Terri Van Dyke, Electra O'Mara, et al., all of whom Brenda knew for years.  Brenda told the S.V.A. many times over the years that what started her in GLBT activism was inspired by what we and others did creating the Stonewall Rebellion.  Subsequent to the Gay rebellion, Brenda helped organize the first Gay Pride Rally about a month later in Washington Square Park, where she first met many Stonewall veterans.  Brenda was active for several months in the short-termed (one-year) Gay Liberation Front ("GLF") and for several years in the decade-long (1970s) Gay Activists Alliance ("GAA").  Ironically, Brenda passed away proudly in her late 50s on June 28th during Gay Pride Week from colon cancer in the N.Y.C. Borough of Queens.  What you didn't see written in the Gay papers or elsewhere is that after taking Williamson Henderson's proofreading course, Brenda worked for his personnel agency, Proofreaders Unlimited for years on and off as a temporary "proofer".  As such, "BH" frequented the very top law firms in New York.    

The tribute starts at high noon at the GLBT Community Center in Manhattan and continues through 2 p.m. or beyond.  Nobody's gonna limit B.H. to the clock -- then or now!  Besides her longtime bisexual partner Larry Nelson, there will be many GLBT activist speakers, including Storme DeLarverie and Williamson from the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  The S.V.A. -- and especially the blue "Stonewall Car" -- were greatly acknowledeged and respected for a long time by our real friend, Brenda.  The Queens chapter of the Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays ("P-FLAG") has appropriately named an award in Brenda's honor.  It is the first time that an award has been named in honor of a bisexual activist for the person's bisexual activism and accomplishments.  And, the first recipient is appropriately and deservedly Brenda's partner Larry Nelson!  To contact the New York Area Bisexual Network regarding Brenda's memorial, you can e-mail at:  For more 411, see the Brenda Howard Memorial at:



Saturday, July 30 -- S.V.A.'s POST-PRIDE MONTH MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

The veterans, the supporters and the friends of the S.V.A. discuss all aspects of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.  Reports given on which media such as the New York Blade had the smarts and the respect to include the S.V.A.  Also, which public officials were respectful and inclusive and which should be blackballed from any GLBT support whatsoever.  (You'd think that they would have learned by now.  Who do they think taught everyone Gay rights to begin with?)

Quite appropriately after the S.V.A. being at the N.Y.C. Council Chambers just the week prior, confirmed guest speakers are New York City Council candidates:  Rosie Mendez (2nd Council District), Felipe Luciano (8th), Meryl Brodsky (4th) and Yasmin Cornelius (9th District) and openly-Gay District Leader candidate Eddie Baca {no show} -- plus one surprise political-related guest!  The S.V.A. -- unlike some un-democratic groups -- always has a one-on-one (no 'shut-up' index cards) for the audience with a full "questions and answers" session.

The classic 1969 Cadillac "Stonewall Car" is on display out front of the GLBT Community Center, where the S.V.A. meeting is held each month.




Rosie Mendez unfortunately and painfully sprained her ankle.  Her impressive staff quickly, responsibly and thoughtfully advised three different S.V.A. people -- Bert Coffman, Leigh McManus and AnDre Christie -- at three different phone numbers of the S.V.A.  The 'eating meeting' will be rescheduled.  SVA-er Rose Giordano will advise the invitees.  N.Y.C. Council (District 2) candidate Rosie thus must also be rescheduled as a planned July 30th (tomorrow) S.V.A. guest speaker.



Thursday, July 28 -- S.V.A. LUNCHEON MEETING with R.D.P. GROUP/GAY EXPO

The R.D.P. Group is the producer of the annual "Original Gay Business Expo" at the Javits Convention Center.  Two fine people, Steven Wesler (RDP President) and Sharmayne (RDP Vice-President), are representing the R.D.P. Group.  Reping the S.V.A. is the one and only one they want: S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson.  Topics include a more prominent location at the Expo for the S.V.A. and the "Stonewall Car", defining the acronym "G.L.B.T." on all data, confirming the roster of guest speakers, more promotion of the opening ceremonies, adding the opening ceremonies information in the Gay Expo booklet, keeping the annual event date sometime after St. Patrick's Day every year (never in February again) and other suggestions gathered at S.V.A. meetings.  Hosting the luncheon is Expo sponsor/S.V.A. supporter HSBC bank's Thom Paccione.  The locale is Chelsea Ristorante on Gay Boulevard at East 15th Street in Manhattan @ 1 p.m.



Monday, July 25 -- LUNCHEON with S.V.A. HONORARY MEMBER LIZ ABZUG @ 1 p.m.

The venue is Spaghetti Western Restaurant, a particularly Gay-friendly eatery, west of the City Hall area, introduced to the S.V.A. decades ago by our longtime corporate counsel Karen Burstein.  Ironically, it is the restaurant of choice today by Liz Abzug.  There will be a special public official guest.  The luncheon meeting is planned and hosted by Williamson Henderson with assistance and attendance by AnDre Christie.

Post-Event Note:  The special person was Councilmember Margarita Lopez and the positive result was Liz Abzug's enthusiastic endorsement of Margarita for Manhattan Borough President!




The worst day in New York City history was Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  Just 22 months later, the worst day in New York City Hall history occurred on Wednesday, July 23, 2003, when City Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis was shockingly and senselessly murdered in City Hall Chambers in the line of duty.  This special two-year tribute to the victim Jed commences early at 9 a.m.  The chief speaker will be Jed's younger brother Geoffrey A. Davis plus several City Council colleagues who worked with Jed and Jed's special friend Williamson Henderson speaks on behalf of the S.V.A.




Topics include current renewal support of the S.V.A. and the original pix of M.B.P. Clara Virginia Fields' great tribute event for the S.V.A. on our 30th anniversary in June of 1999.  Representing the S.V.A. are its president Williamson Henderson, its chaplain Magora Kennedy and its assistant AnDre C.




A semi-annual tradition at the S.V.A.'s Honorary Female Chairperson's Manhattan district office.  Confirmed representing the Congressmember (who must be in D.C.) are Minna Elias, Chief-of-Staff; Juanita Reyes, District Office Manager; and Nicole Brydson, Constituent Representative.  Definitely attending on behalf of the S.V.A. are senior officers Williamson Henderson and Bert Coffman -- plus a favourite of the Congressmember, S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  Dinner after the meeting at nearby Fetch's Restaurant, served by our favorite "Eastside Idol" waitress Deanna.




S.V.A. Boardmember Eddie Baca has his annual Gay Independence Day holiday barbeque.





The New York City Gay Pride Parade & March coverage story in New York's only Gay-owned newspaper, the New York Blade, is understatedly entitled "A Walk Down The Avenue".  The S.V.A. gave in-person Gay interviews to "Q-Television", when they came with film crew to the pre-parade day S.V.A. meeting; "Gay U.S.A." with Andy Humm, excitedly in action during the parade; and the New York Blade newspaper, post-parade interviews.  The Blade appropriately and symbolically concluded their story with quotes from the S.V.A.'s President:  "Williamson Henderson of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association wants people to remember the historical events that the parade commemorates....  The Gay Pride Parade commemorates the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, Henderson said.  It's a celebration, a parade and a march.  It is crucial for the entire Gay community and the biggest sign of visibility that we have every year".  To read the full parade article, visit the New York Blade on the internet at or call the Blade at (212) 268-2711 for them to Gay-ly mail you a complementery copy!




Luther Vandross, besides an accomplished songwriter, record producer and successful singer, was himself a huge, inspired fan of the Girl Groups.  Luther met many Stonewall veterans at the grand opening event of the Motown Cafe on East 57th Street in Manhattan nearly ten years ago (September 1995).  Besides members of the S.V.A. such as Terri Van Dyke, Electra O'Mara, Dave West and Leigh McManus, his fellow Gay friend Williamson Henderson also introduced an enthusiastic Luther to one of his longtime Girl Group idols:  Martha Reeves!  L.V.'s hit singles include:  "Never Too Much", "Here And Now", "Power Of Love", "Your Secret Love" and "Dance With My Father".




Over 200,000 verified "visitors" in one month to the popular S.V.A. website during June 2005 "Gay Pride Month" is the newest record-breaking statistic. Over a fifth-of-a-million monthly visits to any GLBT organization website is unheard of for any other GLBT group.  This outstanding strength further solidifies the S.V.A. as the ultimate educator of the history of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and the S.V.A.'s continuing current purposes.  The S.V.A.'s strong internet presence in excess of two million "visits" per year is a purple flag for any business advertiser with the S.V.A. Newzletta.  Congratulations to the S.V.A. for 'giving, giving, giving' and, once again, being so internationally validated!




Ironically and proudly, the three openly-Gay Democratic candidates that The Victory Fund has endorsed are all supporters of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association!  They are as follows:  Margarita L. Lopez for Manhattan Borough President and Rosie L. Mendez for New York City Council this year and Sean Patrick Maloney for New York State Attorney General next year.  Besides the hosts, only the STONEWALL Veterans Association was mentioned by all three candidates in their individual, positive, grateful speeches at the sunny press conference on the famous front steps of New York City Hall.  A fourth candidate, the openly-Gay Republican for City Council District 4, Patrick M. Murphy, stated that he planned to be in contact, a supporter of the S.V.A. and a guest speaker at an S.V.A. meeting.  (He did all three!)



Sunday, June 26 -- S.V.A.'s ANNUAL "STONEWALL PRIDE BRUNCHEON" @ 2:30 p.m.

Folks, after the Gay Pride Parade, this is the real thing -- not the wannabe "Pride" breakfast, brunch and supper events, which typically and rudely exclude any actual veterans of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  This unique, memorable and fun gathering is a virtual reunion of many of the SW-Vetz.  It's also a golden opportunity for many people to come by, say hello and pay their real heritage of pride respects.  That's why we have the bruncheon outdoors -- as always, to be visible.

The S.V.A. by-invitation-only event is hosted lively by Williamson Henderson.  It is again (and again) at the Hudson Corner Cafe, with the Peyton Place-type white picket fence, located on colorful (Baby Jane) Hudson Street at the corner of West 11th Street in West Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York.  Look for the big, bad, bold, blue 1969 Cadillac convertible "Stonewall Car" parked out front at its prominent 'reserved' parking space (a.k.a. fire hydrant).  For bruncheon reservations, call S.V.A. Assistant AnDre at: (212) 6-27-1969.  The restaurant's Gay owner, Brother Anthony, traditionally gives a "Gay Pride Drink" (whatever you want) to everyone with the S.V.A. contingency.  For restaurant direx and facilities 411, call Sister Agnes (God bless Aggie) at: (212) 229-2727.

Happy Gay Pride Day!




The STONEWALL Veterans' Association traditionally -- yet unconventionally -- leads the Parade with the 1969 "Stonewall Car" and other convertible cars, escorted ahead by the va-va-vooming motorcycles, which effectively sound the trumpets and clear the avenue.  The Parade kicks off at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in Upper Midtown Manhattan, appropriately at "high noon".  The Parade travels down "The Queen of Avenues" (Fifth) all the way into Greenwich Village at 8th Street, where the parade route turns west.  At the intersection of famous Greenwich Avenue (kind of an extension of 8th Street) and the beginning of notorious Christopher Street, the Parade turns left and heads southwest down the full length of vibrant "C.S." before it disperses a block before the Hudson (Sisters) River.

Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney, S.V.A.'s six-year Honorary Female Chairperson, has confirmed marching with the S.V.A. once again.  Likewise, Honorary Member N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith L. Wright and S.V.A. Boardmember Eddie L. Baca.  We are pending response from the N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer.  (After all, his one and only former campaign G.L.B.T. Community Liaison is the President of the S.V.A.)  Our policy is to only invite a few representative, diverse and, of course, supportive public officials to join the S.V.A. in leading the Parade.

Stonewall Veterans confirmed to participate include the following SVA-ers:  Williamson Henderson (the "Leader of the Pack") , Storme DeLarverie (ridin' "shotgun"), Bert Coffman (riding in the touring car rearseat left), Dave West (as the Indian Chief), Dianne Yodice (as the Saks Fourth Avenue Girl), David Velasco-Bermudez with Massachusetts-married partner Robert Isadore, Christina Hayworth (as the Puerto Rican Evita), Leigh McManus (Editor-in-Chief), Shelli Vannelli (without Milli Vanilli!), Jack Rojas (with Gay rights sign), Rose Giordano (riding in the touring car rear seat right), Robert Fucito and Chyna (the pink-haired D/Q)!  Also marching (riding) is S.V.A.'s Legal Advisor and Digital Photographer Hal Weiner.  SW-Vet Bill Salzman joins the S.V.A. at the bruncheon.  (Emile Griffith will be in St. Thomas at an event and ceremony in his honor.)  For this very special event for the historic SVA-owned vehicle, this year the 1969 Cadillac "Stonewall Car" is being carefully and attractively driven by the S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.   Bi the way, the car is (much) older than him!

Happy Gay Pride Day!



Saturday, June 25 -- STONEWALL PRIDE DINNER @ 7 p.m.

This very special dinner takes place following the monthly S.V.A. meeting.  The SVA-supportive Philip Marie Restaurant on (Blanche) Hudson Street at West 11th Street is the locale.  This festive, exciting and fun-filled outdoor dinner is co-sponsored by the STONEWALL Veterans' Association and the Zappalorti Society.  Co-Hosts are the S.V.A.'s Ambassadress Cristina Hayworth (up to N.Y. from P.R.) and the Z-Society's Michael Lavote.  Restaurant reservations start time is 7 p.m.  Look for the classic blue 1969 "Stonewall Car" out front.  Since we need a precise seating count, you must r.s.v.p. with Assistant AnDre Christie at: (212) 6-27 1969, if you plan to be a member of the dinner party.

Happy Gay Pride Weekend!



Saturday, June 25 -- S.V.A. GAY PRIDE MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

S.V.A.'s June Gay Pride meeting is unquestionably the best and the favorite of the Stonewall veterans.  Besides all else, it celebrates the exact weekend of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  It also ignites our annual reunion!  Many SW-Vetz who live out of New York State -- such as LaLa Belle, David Bermudez, David Foxworth, Cristina Hayworth, Patti Stone and Mark Zatlow -- are in New York City to attend this meeting and, of course, the parade.  Presiding over the entire meeting and festivities is proud S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson

We also take care of unfinished, regular, new and special business of the S.V.A. at this meeting.  There will be a Treasurer's Report on this month's expenses (staff assistant, car garage, printing, storage, telephone, stationery, website hosting, postage, imprinted rainbow pens, webmaster, cellphone, business cards, fax line, etc.) and the income of new and renewed business ads as well as the renewed and additional G.L.B.T. groups and public official supporters.

Many special, organizational and political guests, including candidates, are already confirmed to attend.  Do not expect to see any of the "Gay Taliban" such as Duanda, Q-Tip, Gargoyle or Rozie O'D's big bro.  They have neither the gutz nor the respect.  In the true Gay N.Y.C. tradition and, especially, The Stonewall culture, yesss, they get deservedly dished!  "This is not Kansas!"  And the band played on....

After the informative and lively S.V.A. meeting, it's load up the SW-Car with SW-Vetz, ride down the full length of famous Christopher Street and then out to dinner at an SVA-supportive outdoor eatery... (the restaurant to be announced prior).  S.V.A. Public Relationist Dave West will comprise the dinner list at the meeting.  See Dave; he won't be wearing much!

Happy Gay Pride Weekend!




The Mayoral Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgeneder Pride Celebration will be held by Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion for his fourth consecutive year!  As a special added feature to the big Gay event, the Mayor is hosting an on-stage "Gay History Game Show" with three random contestants from the under-the-big-tent audience.  Unlike any other G.L.B.T. organization, the S.V.A. has been a reliable, expected ingredient at the Mayoral Gay Pride events through five mayors.  A grand -- and, of course -- invitation-only event.   Bring your cameras.  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are President Williamson Henderson, 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman, Treasurer Mark Zatlow, Ambassadress Cristina Hayworth (up from P.R.), Boardmember Eddie Baca, Executive Committee Members Leigh McManus and Rose Giordano, Legal Advisor Hal Weiner and S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie, among others.  The Mayor's Office called to inform us that the S.V.A. is the one G.L.B.T. organization which the Mayor mentions in his speech.  (As such they request that the S.V.A. confirm our arrival with the coordinator at the event location.)




This is a private Stonewall Pride reception for the STONEWALL Veterans' Association's 36-member Executive Committee of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  All of the S.V.A. E/C's eligible and great-standing members have been invited.  The venue, of course, is in Greenwich Village, where it all ignited!  If needed (S.V.A. E/C members only) contact Leigh McManus via e-mail at:



Monday, June 20 -- THE G.L.B.T. CENTER'S 22nd ANNUAL "GARDEN PARTY"

This year, instead of being named a "garden party", it could accurately be called a "river party".  This fund-raiser for The Center and outdoor Gay Pride event takes place for the first time at Pier 54 at West 14th Street on the Westside of Manhattan at the Hudson (Sisters) River.  The event starts at 6 p.m. and winds down at about 9:30 p.m.  For further 411, call The Center at (212) 620-7310 or visit their website at:  (You will find the S.V.A. listed in the section "Groups that meet at The Center".)



Monday, June 13 -- S.V.A. REPS ATTEND H.O.P. MEETING @ 8 p.m.

Heading up the S.V.A. contingency is S.V.A. 2nd V.P. Bert Coffman with at least two Michaels.  The meeting is at the G.L.B.T. Center.




The S.V.A. will be speaking on stage again at the Brooklyn G.L.B.T. Pride Festival in Prospect Park at approximately 5 p.m.  Political speakers related to the Gay community include Geoffrey A. Davis, brother of the late S.V.A. Honorary Member and N.Y.C. Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis, and Sean Patrick Maloney, the openly-Gay (and very handsome) candidate for N.Y.S. Attorney General next year to succeed S.V.A. Honorary Member and current Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer.  Speaking for the S.V.A. will be Bert Coffman, Storme DeLarverie and Keith Lonesome.  On display will be the fab 'n' gorge blue '69 Caddy convertible!   The entire festival happens from 12 noon to 6 p.m. with the on-stage talent and guest speakers commencing @ 2 p.m.

The Parade, hours later (plenty of time to get a full dinner), starts at 8 p.m.  This is New York City's only nightime parade -- and every time it comes up for a vote, we urge them to keep it that way.  Nightime is the right time!  The STONEWALL Veterans' Association proudly and gladly leads this Gay Pride Parade with the 1969 Cadillac convertible "Stonewall Car".  Come see the car with its eight lights on!  The Parade line-up is along Prospect Park West from 10th to 15th Streets.  The Parade route starts there at the Bartel-Pritchard Circle (a historic, former trolley car turn-around), goes up 15th Street several blocks and then turns right and heads Northeast following Seventh Avenue almost all the way to Flatbush Avenue.  Public officials verified to partake are N.Y.C. Comptroller Bill Thompson, Jr., and N.Y.C. Council Speaker Gifford Miller in addition to openly-Gay (and handsome) N.Y.S. Attorney General candidate Sean Maloney.  Confirmed to march from the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson (Pres.), Bert Coffman (2nd V.P.), Pauline Ferrara (Exec. Comm.), Hugh Bruce (Exec. Comm.) plus Friend of the S.V.A. Michael Phipps and S.V.A. Asst. Andre Christie.  Also joining them is former 5-time Brooklyn Pride Chairperson Sonia Galarza and her partner Dezi Martinez.  Driving the "SW-Car" in this parade is Rob Ashe from longtime S.V.A. supporter and promoter Clearview Festival Productions.  You can obtain more 411 on all the Gay festivities by telephoning Brooklyn Gay Pride at (718) 670-3337.

Happy Gay Pride Night!




This is a confirmed, private, invitation-only Midtown Manhattan event and, therefore, we are not giving out all the 411.  The main fact is that the S.V.A. is represented at a function with our long-standing Honorary Project Chairperson, the three-time New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch.  Carved in stone (pun intended) to represent the S.V.A. are President Williamson Henderson and the excited (to meet this mayor) S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  (Via the S.V.A., in just one month this is the third N.Y.C. Mayor that "A/C" has met -- one to go!)




Although their own "Parade Registration" form erroneously states that it is their "Twelfth Annual" parade, actually it is their 13th!  (Leave it to us to point out a boo-boo!)  Anywho, unlucky number (13) for us in this instant matter, so we'll skip it (again) this year.  (If Alana Komack gives her "Okey dokey, Smokey", we'll maybe divulge the real reason.)  Parade kick-up your heels tyme for those who do attend is 12 noon along 37th Avenue from 89th to 91st Streets in Jackson Heights, Queens!  For further 411, call the Queens Lesbian & Gay Pryde Committee at (718) 429-2300 or visit their website at




The newest and first-of-the-season Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Pride Parade is now in Staten Island.  All aboard -- the ferry!  It's about time that S.I. had a Gay Pride Parade!  The S.V.A. congratulates them, sends Gay wishes big time and provides full support.  Yesss, that includes the legendary 1969 "Stonewall Car".

The parade kicks-off @ 12:30 p.m. on the South Beach Boardwalk at Midland Beach Promenade in Staten Island.  The scenic route is one mile long.  The festival starts at 12 noon.  The rally and speakers begins immediately after the parade.  This premiere year, all of the S.I. Gay Pride events are sponsored by the Community Health Action of Staten Island.  Hats off to Allyson, Matthew, John, Anthony, Sharon, et al.  For more 411, please telephone (718) 273-5833.



Saturday, June 4 -- TRIBUTE to the LATE JUDGE BRUCE M. WRIGHT

N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith L. Wright, one of Judge Wright's five sons (and one daughter) hosts this family-sponsored celebration of the latter's life and achievements.  The event is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Aaron Davis Hall on the campus of the City College of New York on Convent Avenue at West 135th Street.  Since Judge Wright was an admirer and supporter of the also rebellious and thus notorious S.V.A., Assemblymember Wright thoughtfully and personally invited the S.V.A. to be represented on this double-duty day.  Confirmed to speak are U.S. Congressmember Charles Rangel, former N.Y.C. Mayor David Dinkins, N.Y.S. Senator David Paterson, "Stop The Violence" Director Geoffrey Davis, N.Y.C. Councilmembers Charles Barron, Bill Perkins, and Robert Jackson, many Judge colleagues of the father and many Assembly colleagues of the son.  For more 411, call Woody at (212) 866-5809.






Tuesday, May 31 -- S.V.A. MEETING with ESPA @ 3 p.m.

Representing the S.V.A. is 2nd V.P. Bert Coffman, Executive Committeemember Rose Giordano, S.V.A. staffer AnDre Christie regarding several unfilled promises and commited understandings from the last meeting (March 15) as well as the failure to communicate (not very Gay) and other issues and concerns.  Representing ESPA is its current Director Alan Van Capelle and Assistant Director Carmen Vazquez.  The S.V.A. shall provide a written and oral report on the results and agreements, if any.



Saturday, May 28 -- MONTHLY MEETING of the S.V.A. @ 4:15 p.m.

The S.V.A. meeting agenda includes plans and preparations for Gay Pride parades in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and Manhattan, New York, as well as special events tributing or involving the S.V.A. during Gay Pride Month.

The Guest Speaker is our own S.V.A. First Vice-President, Emile Griffith, Jr., who is better known as a multi-winning, professional boxing champion -- Welterweight and Middleweight -- and legend and the controversial Gay subject and riveting sports star of the recent documentary film "Ring of Fire".  What it was like to be Gay and going to The Stonewall club are part of the talks.  Emile and his longtime partner is Luis Rodrigo will also be joining us for our post-SVA meeting dinner.

Memorial Day weekend is always an especially beautiful, peaceful, pleasant and pensive time in Manhattan.  For the S.V.A. it is also a time to remember the veterans of the Stonewall Rebellion that we have lost and to appreciate those SW-Vetz that we still have with us.  A special tribute will be provided by S.V.A. Ambassador Storme DeLarverie.



Thursday, May 26 -- S.V.A. CONFERENCE at N.Y.S. LEGISLATIVE BUILDING @ 2 p.m.

The impressive Harlem State Office Building on West 125th Street in Manhattan will be the venue for separate meetings with N.Y.S. David Paterson and N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith Wright.  Representing the S.V.A. will be President Williamson Henderson, 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman and Boardmember and N.Y.C. Council candidate Eddie Baca.  Also on hand, after a meeting at the Latino AIDS organization, will be S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.




This exclusionary (as in exclude certain groups) event is co-sponsored by the G.L.B.T. Community Center. It is held at The Center from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Unlike the S.V.A.'s format of direct personal and appreciated participation by those attending, this is a "fill-out-a-card" house wins game where maybe (though doubtfully) your question will get asked.  That is not the Gay way!

What will be most revealing about this affair is which candidates who didn't participate in the S.V.A.'s "MBP Forum" two weeks ago -- also at The G.L.B.T. Center -- partake in this one?!  They don't think the originators are worthwhile or relevant?  For starters, they should get knowledgeable advisors borm im New York City not out-of-reality revisionists from Georgia and denialists from Tennessee.  It's bad enough to be limiting and rude but stupid and exclusionary are not traits that warrant election as the next MBP!  In fact, they are severe negatives to disqualify G.L.B.T. voting consideration.  We will inform you -- and the current MBP -- of the culprits, in addition to The Schlub!




Just like the MBP, it should be very important to the G.L.B.T. community, and definitely the S.V.A., as to whom is elected next year as the successor to the current A/G and S.V.A.  Honorary Member Eliot L. Spitzer, who will be running for Governator of New York.  The S.V.A. has no intention of gearing the "Stonewall Car" in reverse!  Sean Patrick Maloney is the host candidate for this dinner meeting.  Attending with him is his assistant Peter Bellis.  The host eatery is the S.V.A.'s newest and bluest (as in GOAL) advertiser: Philip Marie Restaurant, located on Hudson Street at West 11th Street.  Confirmed to attend on behalf of the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson (S.V.A. President), Eddie Baca (Board), Dave West (Public Relationist) and AnDre Christie (Staff).  Beverages and 411 kick off @ 6:30 p.m.




This important event hosted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg also celebrates the coming out of the relative "dark ages" in how N.Y.C. people are accommodated vis-a-vis mental services and proper treatment.  There will be speeches on these subjects from past and present N.Y.C. health and mental service administrators.  The S.V.A. has some deceased members and has some currently in the system.  S.V.A.'s Bert Coffman will be present (in a suit!) also representing the Zappalorti Society, a group for G.L.B.T. persons with mental problems, issues or concerns.  Representing the S.V.A. will be Williamson Henderson.  Also attending is Mayor Michael's favorite S.V.A. staffer AnDre Christie.  The reception, food and beverages commence @ 5 p.m.




Although he had been seriously ill battling leukemia, it is a shock that we no longer have significant Gay activist and longtime S.V.A. friend Jack Nichols.  Although he was born in Washington, DC, Jack later lived in New York City and, interestingly, worked awhile for the New York Post.  Jack died in Cocoa Beach in Florida at 67.  In 1965, Jack was one of the sign-carrying protestors for Gay rights in front of Independence Plaza in Philadelphia.  With his boyfriend "Lige", Jack created the first Gay weekly newspaper post-Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, boldly named "GAY".  The paper succeeded for several years.  It inspired the next N.Y.C. Gay weekly paper named "Gaysweek".  As a Gay couple, Jack and Lige wrote a break-through book about their well-known relationship happily entitled "I Have More Fun With You Than Anybody".  Jack's solo books include "Welcome To Fire Island:  Visions of Cherry Grove and The Pines".  Over the decades, Jack Nichols was at many events involving the STONEWALL Veterans' Association particularly "Stonewall 25" in 1994 and "Stonewall 30" in 1999.  He officially reported on both events.  "SW-25" included both Stonewall anniversary marches, of which Jack relied on the S.V.A.'s Williamson Henderson for inside 411 on the developments of the second "Stonewall" march.  Both marches happened and culminated with the million-plus rally in Central Park.  Jack later wrote:  "There hasn't yet been a prouder moment in Gay history!"  For "SW-30" in New York City, Jack was front and center in the 1,000-plus audience at St. John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan when Williamson and Jeremiah Newton, both representing the S.V.A., spoke on the 30th anniversary of Stonewall.  Out on the steps of the cathedral, they all partook in photo ops.  After the celebration, Jack went out to eat with friends including members of the S.V.A. such as Storme DeLarverie and the former Gay Activists Alliance like Joe Kennedy.  Jack also reported on the outrage of the "Stonewall 30" parade when a horrid official of Heritage of Pride was responsible for shamefully having the police threaten the Stonewall veterans with arrest and their cars impounded during the parade because the Vetz stopped for their annual tribute in front of The Stonewall Club!  For "Stonewall 35" in 2004, Jack Nichols was in the N.Y.C. Gay Pride Parade on an honorary float for Gay pioneers.  Jack remained active in his popular internet news magazine  Ironically and sadly, Jack had lost his lover Elijah H. Clarke when Lige was tragically killed in a suspiciously Gay bias murder in Mexico exactly twenty years prior.



Sunday, May 1, 2005 -- EQUALITY FORUM PRESENTS "40 YEARS/40 G.L.B.T. HEROES"

The Equality Forum celebrates the pre-Stonewall "40th anniversary of the G.L.B.T. Civil Rights Movement".  One of the 40 G.L.B.T. heroes is the S.V.A.'s longtime Ambassador Storme DeLarverie.  Storme has a facinating life and adventuresome experience as an entertainer.  Storme's Gay activism crystalized in New York City on Friday night, June 27, 1969, at the beginning of the Stonewall Rebellion.  Incredibly, Storme is one of the very rare few who probably qualifies for all four in "G.L.B.T.".  As per the specific request of the Equality Forum, the "Lifetime Achievement Award" is being presented on stage to Storme by longtime friend and fellow Stonewall Vet and S.V.A. official Williamson Henderson.  In the backdrop will be a huge, colorful picture of Storme leaning on the very chromed front of the blue 1969 "Stonewall Car".

This great event takes place in that Declaration of Independence city, Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, in front of the appropriately-named Independence Hall on Independence Plaza.  The STONEWALL Veterans' Association is a listed, national, participating non-profit organization in the event.  For more 411 and tickets, visit







This new television movie is about the S.V.A.'s First Vice-President, Emile Griffith, Jr., who, in fact, is a Stonewall veteran.  The Stonewall is one of the many Gay establishments that Emile frequented regularly.  That is where he met fellow Stonewaller -- and future paramour -- Williamson Henderson.  The "Gay" subject is well-covered in this powerful, illuminating and interesting documentary.  Many people in the New York G.L.B.T. community have met Emile at various S.V.A. meetings and functions, most recently E.G.'s co-representing the S.V.A. at the New York Gay Business Expo.

Emile, of course, is better known for his illustrious boxing career and his multiple title of both "Welterweight" and "Middleweight Champion-of-the-World".  At a 1960's championship weigh-in at Madison Square Garden, Emile was taunted (once again) and attempted to be "outed" (once again) with a recorded and televised anti-Gay slur by his opponent, who also grabbed Emile's butt when he said it.  In the 12th round of this grudge match, the opponent lost the fight -- and lost his life several days later from the beating he took by the "Gay" challenger Emile in the ring of fire!  You will see that and a lot more in the moving documentary by filmmaker Dan Klores.

"Ring of Fire" broadcasts at 9 p.m., on the USA cable network channel.  Emile is a former "Middleweight" and "Welterweight-Champion-of-the-World", with one of his winning boxing matches particularly notorious after his opponent died from injuries sustained in the fight.



Friday, April 15 -- SPECIAL SCREENING: "RING OF FIRE" FILM @ 6 p.m
Emile Griffith personally arranged for the STONEWALL Veterans' Association officers to be present at his documentary's professional debut.  A special invitation-only screening of "Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story" is scheduled at the famous Museum of Television and Radio on West 52nd Street off Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.  Representing the STONEWALL Veterans' Association is the person in the Gay community who knows Emile Griffith the longest, the best and the most intimate, Williamson Henderson.  They met in 1969 at The Stonewall!  Emile even knows and loves Williamson's mother Helen!

After the screening, there will be a stage panel of the film's producer Dan Klores with sports journalists, boxing columnists and sports experts for a discussion of the documentary film, the boxing industry, the Gay component and, of course, Mr. Griffith and his career.  Representing the G.L.B.T. community on the panel will be Ann Northrop, co-Host of "Gay USA".  There will also be an audience question and answer session.  The program commences @ 6 p.m.   To be included for this event, if you are an active S.V.A. member, contact Emile's protege and S.V.A.'s assistant, AnDre Christie, at (212) 613-6039.



Sunday, April 3, 2005 -- GAY WOMEN'S KOFFEE HOUSE

Rose Giordano, a member of S.V.A.'s Executive Committee, is the facilitator of the Gay Women's Koffee House at The G.L.B.T. Center.  The guest speaker is Reverend Pat Bumgardner, who will discuss "Gay Marriage".  Historically, this concept was first publicized on the second through fifth nights of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion when many signs read "Gay Marriage".  There will be a "Q & A" session.  Besides "Roby", several members of the S.V.A. are attending.  Coffee (of course), snax and "Jesus Juice".  This event is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Saturday, March 26 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING at THE CENTER @ 4:15 p.m.

Specially-added Guest Speaker is openly-Gay N.Y.C. Councilmember Margarita L. Lopez, who is also a candidate for Manhattan Borough President.  To leave a message or r.s.v.p. for the meeting, please call AnDre C at the S.V.A. at (212) 6-27-1969 at any time (en el dia or por la noche).




This forum is of great interest to the S.V.A. as we started and are principally located in the Borough of Manhattan.  A Congressional District sponsors this event and it is moderated by the affable U.S. Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney.  The current M.B.P., Clara Virginia Fields, is a longtime supporter of the S.V.A., has produced a tribute event for the S.V.A. and has provided a prior grant to the S.V.A.  She's a hard act to follow in our popular book!  The crop of hopefuls include Gay candidates Councilmember Margarita Lopez, Brian(a) Ellner and Carl Manzano in addition to N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith Wright, proudly endorsed by PRIDE Democrats, and Scott Stringer and long-shot councilmembers wannabe MBPs Eva Moskowitz, Bill Perkins, Adriano Espaillat and Stanley Michels (former).  There is also a tenth candidate!  Assisting C.B.M. will be N.Y.S. Assemblymember Jonathan Bing.  Speaking on behalf of the S.V.A. is Williamson Henderson with back-up by Bert Coffman.  S.V.A. green meeting notices backed with S.V.A. support forms will be personally distributed by S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  Quality foods and hot beverages are provided (at no cost).  The forum is scheduled at New York University Medical Center Forum Room from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.




Congressmember Carolyn rolls out the green!  This annual "green" event is always exciting and so much fun -- and with an abundance of quality food!  There are endless public official guests such as definitely N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a green birdie told us maybe former N.Y.C. Mayor Ed Koch.  Also confirmed are other S.V.A. supporters N.Y.C. Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and N.Y.S. Senators Eric Schneiderman and Liz Krueger.  The event is at Thank God It's Friday Restaurant & Bar from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.  The S.V.A. officials attending, including Bert Coffman and Dave West, will arrive for the last hour!  Expect to see S.V.A.'s Webmistress Babsala and her biker buddy and Petie Lynn.  TGIF is located just west of Grand Central Station on big East 42 Street near Madison Avenue.  Wear something green (no orange)!



Tuesday, March 15, 2005 -- S.V.A. MEETING with E.S.P.A.

The long, overdue conference with a full agenda will be at the new offices of the Empire State Pride Agenda ("ESPA").  Confirmed to represent the S.V.A. are President Williamson Henderson, 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman and Public Relationist Dave West.  Representing ESPA will be Carmen Vasquez, their Deputy Director, with a stop-in by their boy Director Alan Van Capelle, among other ESPA staffers.  On the agenda is mutual organizational support, ESPA as a sponsor of the S.V.A., a letter of due praise and appreciation, advertising in the "Stonewall Newzletta", joint links to the websites and ESPA staffers attending S.V.A. meetings.  What makes the conference even gayer is that both groups know each other for many years!  The sit-down starts @ 4 p.m.



Sunday, February 26 -- 2nd DAY of the INTN'L GAY BUSINESS EXPO

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("GLBT") Business Expo is open from 12 noon until 6 p.m. on this second day of the event.  S.V.A. representatives include Williamson Henderson, Storme DeLarverie, Mark Zatlow and Leigh McManus.  Other Stonewall veterans will be stopping by to visit.  The longtime and innovative producers of the expo is the RDP Group.



Saturday, February 25 -- S.V.A. MEETING at the CONVENTION CENTER

Since this is the day -- the last Saturday of the month -- for the monthly meeting of the S.V.A., we traditionally have an improptu meeting at our expo space in the Convention Center!




The "Official Opening Ceremonies" for the GLBT Expo are Saturday morning @ 11 a.m.  (Thank RDP that the start time was moved forward an hour like it used to be.)  Steven Wesler, the director of the expo's RDP producers, will introduce Williamson Henderson, the traditional yet unconventional host.  Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, who is also the S.V.A.'s Honorary Female Chairperson, is the popular and recurring keynote speaker.  HSBC bank V.P. and branch manager, Thomas Paccione, who is also the banker of the S.V.A., is the business speaker.  HSBC is a proud sponsor of both the expo and the S.V.A.  A musical finale is provided by the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus singing "America the Beautiful".  

Representing the S.V.A. at its open booth area, in addition to Williamson, are S.V.A. V.P.s Emile Griffith and Bert Coffman, Public Relationist Dave West (look for the big white cowboy hat) and S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie (distributing green S.V.A. flyers).  On display at the S.V.A.'s big exhibition space is the big blue 1969 Cadillac "Stonewall Car".  This huge event is held at the Javits Convention Center on Eleventh Avenue and West 35th to 38th Streets in Manhattan, New York.  The expo is open today eight hours until 7 p.m.  




This year the dinner shall ignite @ 7 p.m. at Tavern-On-The-Green Restaurant.  Wear something red -- or no entry to our reserved tables!  We encourage all couples whether they be lovers, close friends, dating or all three!  To confirm your "red" attendance, which we must know by the 11th, contact the S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.



Saturday, January 29 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING at GAY CENTER @ 4:15 p.m.

The first meeting of the new year will have a very full and interesting agenda.  It will be presided over by S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson.  Included topics will be the S.V.A.'s needed fund-raising and soliciting business ads as well as the Gay Biz Expo next month.  Our Special Guest Speaker is Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney, the Honorary Female Chairperson of the S.V.A.  The Congressmember will conduct the Induction of the 2005 S.V.A. Officers.  There will also be an open question and answer session.  S.V.A. Vice-President Emile Griffith, Jr., will announce all the 411 for his upcoming and winning USA channel t.v. documentary film "Ring of Fire" -- including the notorious K.O.  And, S.V.A. 2nd Vice-President Bert Coffman will provide all the 411 about his K.O. in Court last month against the Gay Pride assailant "Grincha".  Thus, two champs!!  S.V.A. Recording Secretary Ruth Campbell will read the meeting minutes from the last S.V.A. monthly session to recap and for approval.  The new year's S.V.A. dues -- and any donations -- are now due and needed should be paid by check or money order and given to AnDre Christie at the meeting. 



Saturday, January 1, 2005 -- HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR to S.V.A. & FRIENDS

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association looks forward to the 36th celebration of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and the 36th anniversary of our organization.  The S.V.A. officers typically get together for dinner on the first day of the new year and this year will be no exception.  The dinner at Cafe Bruxelles will be @ 5 p.m.  To r.s.v.p., please contact AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.



2005 S.V.A. Staff & Credits

S.V.A. Editor:  Leigh P. McManus

Webmistress:  Babsala R. Lynne

Computer Guy:  Matti B. Rothman

STONEWALL Newz Reporter:  Vito J. Abzuzzoluccione

S.V.A. Herstorian:  Rachael L. Woodhouse

STONEWALL Newzletta Advertising:  Jon M. Buenatesta 

S.V.A. Assistant:  AnDre M. Christie 

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