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Veterans' Association

2006 S.V.A. Events 

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Sunday, December 31, 2006 -- NEW YEAR'S EVE



Monday, Decmbr. 25:  11,648 visits
Tuesday, Dcmbr. 26:  21,085 visits
Wednesday, Dec. 27:  17,978 visits
Thursday, Decbr. 28:  16,569 visits
Friday, Decembr. 29:  17,940 visits
Saturday, Dcmbr. 30:  15,942 visits
Sunday, Decmbr. 31:  16,854 visits

Record-Breaking Weekly
Total:  118,016!!!!!!!!

#1 file:  "Songs of The Stonewall (6)" - Diana Ross & The Supremes



Election:  Nominations for the 2007 officers of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") are open to all S.V.A. "veterans" members who are in "good standing".  The S.V.A. officerships are as follows:   (A) Vice-President, (B) Treasurer, (C) Recording Secretary, (D) Corresponding Secretary, (E) Financial Secretary, (F) Ambassador and (G) Ambassadress.  (FYI, the S.V.A. President is always elected in mid-year June.)  Any nominee must be present at this S.V.A. election meeting unless they:  (a) live out-of-NY state, (b) are provably ill with documentation; (c) are currently hospitalized; (d) must work (with confirmation); or (d) are on vacation out of the area.  Said candidates must be:  (1) nominated; (2) seconded; and (3) thirded by different S.V.A. members or Friends-of-SVA who are present at this meeting and in good standing with the S.V.A.  Said nominees may speak at this meeting on their (a) related qualifications, (b) relevant experiences; and/or (c) community interests prior to any balloting.  Qualified and signed proxy votes stating a specific nominee for a specific officership are permitted after validation.  A secret-ballot election for dues-paid S.V.A. members and Friends-of-SVA in good standing shall be conducted by a non-SVA member.  The election results shall be decided at said S.V.A. election meeting.  Meeting starts @ 4:15 p.m. as always.  This holiday weekend meeting is abbreviated one hour to adjourn @ 5:15 p.m.

Dinner:  After the meeting, there will be a celebratory, end-of-the-year, holiday drinks and 5-course dinner hosted by the S.V.A. President Williamson for the S.V.A.'s newly-elected officers, namely Vice-President Emile, Ambassador Storme, Treasurer Bert, Correponding Secretary Dianne and Recording Secretary Ruth as well as three domestic partners of the aforementioned plus a surprise guest!  Our other two elected S.V.A. officers are Financial Secretary Betty Bristol residing in Ohio and Ambassadress Jackie Bee living in Florida.  SVA-sponsor Proofreaders Unlimited is kindly sponsoring the entire festivity.  The charming restaurant is the SVA-advertiser Cafe Bruxelles at 118 Greenwich Avenue at the corner of West 13th Street -- conveniently down the block from the Gay Center.

Birthdays:  The S.V.A. is also celebrating our annual busiest week of birthdays -- 1st week Capricorns -- namely Stonewall Vetz Storme DeLarverie (Xmas eve Dec. 24th) and Bobalu Candelaria (today! Dec. 30th) plus Friends-of-SVA Mary Weiss (Dec. 28), Steven Gradman (today!), Shari Clemons (today!) and Seth Farber (yesterday) as well as the S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie (two days ago).  SVA-sponsor Proofreaders Unlimited is kindly sponsoring the entire festivity.  

Thursday, December 28 -- SOMEBODY from the S.V.A.'s BIRTHDAY?

1st clue:  It's a boy!  2nd clue:  He's not a SW-Vet!  3rd clue:  He's 20-something and cute!
Answer:  The SVA's unique and energetic assistant AnDre Christie.  For more "411", visit:


Monday, December 25 -- CHRISTMAS * HOLIDAY

Special appreciation to all of the thoughtful public officials who kindly sent Christmas holiday cards,  letters or e-mails to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  They include the following:  N.Y.S. Governor-Elect Eliot L. Spitzer, Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, former N.Y.C. Mayor Ed Koch, Attorney General-Elect Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Jose Serrano, State Assemblymember Keith Wright and Councilmembers (alphabetically) Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, Rosie Mendez, David Weprin and David Yassky.  In addition, current Council candidate Geoffrey Davis and former statewide candidate Sean Maloney as well as political consultants Liz Abzug and Scott Levenson.  Likewise, holiday greetings in writing herein from all of us Stonewallers to all of them!  Cheers! 


"86"!  Yes, that's our favorite Gay number.  It's now the age of Storme DeLarverie!  Our inimitable, legendary S.V.A. Ambassador Storme was born on Christmas Eve way down yonder in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The year was 1920!  "What's in your wallet" (year on your i/d)?!  The S.V.A. is celebrating Storme's birthday after Saturday's S.V.A. meeting with a special "BBM" cheesecake!   For more 411 on King Storme, visit his file at the S.V.A.:


Friday, December 22 (night) -- 'STONEWALL' SINGER DARLENE LOVE on "THE LATE SHOW"

Legendary singer Darlene Love has her annual appearance on "The Late Show" performing the most outstanding, soaring and daring Xmas song in Rock 'n' Roll history:  "Chistmas, Baby Please Come Home".  It unquestionably was the #1 holiday song at The Stonewall and far beyond year after year.  "CBPCH" was written by the famed Ellie Greenwich (of NYC) and originally produced by legendary Phil Spector and accompanied by his great Wall-of-Sound.  Host David Letterman delights in this musical tradition by Miss Love.  No one's appearance on "The Late Show" gets musical director Paul Schaffer more excited than Darlene singing this song.  It's quite an outstanding production with a huge girl group chorus and dramatic presentation replete with falling snow!  The 'live' show in New York City at the Ed Sullivan Theater on CBS-TV (Channel 2 television in the NY metro area) starts @ 11:35 p.m. (EST).  The incredible segment with Darlene Love is typically the finale of the program @ 12:20 a.m. (EST).   When you see this, you'll know that Christmas is upon us!  


The long-intended conference with Councilmember David Yassky -- a loyal Council colleague to the late Jed Davis, an Honorary Member of the S.V.A. -- has been arranged as the last pre-holiday meeting.  Representing the S.V.A. are four of its officers:  born-in-Brooklyn Williamson Henderson, lived-in-Brooklyn Bert Coffman and current Brooklynite Keith Lonesome.  From PRIDE Democrats is Brooklyn-residing officer Steven Gradman.  The meeting will be held at the Councilmember's district office at 114 Court Street at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  The S.V.A. always enjoys, if not prefers, the district offices as we meet more of the staff and learn more about the various communities.  Via train are the #2, #3, #4 or #5 subways to the Brooklyn Borough Hall station.  The timing is @ 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. or so.  If needed, DY's office phone number is (718) 875-5200.


Although Assemblymember Jonathan Bing and the S.V.A. share many political and social events throughout the year, this is our official sit-down with an agenda meeting.  Joining the assemblyman is his very helpful chief-of-staff Keith Powers ("KP").  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are Stonewall vets officials Williamson Henderson and Bert Coffman and Youth-4-SVA's coordinator AnDre Christie.  Among the topics are the SVA's famous "Stonewall Convertible" and next year's S.V.A. annual conference.  Location is the Assemblymember's district office at 360 East 57th Street at First Avenue (entrance on the avenue) in Manhattan.  The specially-accommodated pre-holiday meeting is @ 3 p.m.  For related 411, call KP at (212) 605-0937. 


The N.Y.S. Assembly's well-known Adam Clayton Powell IV is having a Christmas party.  Public officials confirmed include Congressmember Charles Rangel, Boro President Scott Stringer, State Senator Jose Serrano and Councilmember Melissa Viverito and her all-women staff of seven.  The S.V.A. has confirmed its President Williamson Henderson and various members of the S.V.A. Executive Committee plus S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  Besides real supper food, this party has a 6-piece band, dancing  and a bar!  The location is at the pristine Julia Burgos Latino Center's decorated assembly hall at 1680 Lexington Avenue at the corner of East 106th Street on the Upper Upper East Side.  The Assemblymember host and his staff appreciate any unwrapped toys for the many unfortunate children who will receive the gifts on Christmas Day.  The nearby train station is on Lexington Avenue at East 103rd Street on the #6 subway.  Bus lines M-101, M-102 and M-103 on Lexington Avenue stop in front of the building.  There is also the East/West crosstown M-106 bus on 106th Street.  Partytime with music, dance, food, pix and fun is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.  If you need further 411, contact ACP's district office at (212) 828-3953.  Christmas cheers!


Manhattan's East Side Councilmembers Dan Garodnick (District 4) and Jessica Lappin (District 5) co-sponsor a "Chanukah & Christmas Community Celebration".  S.V.A. officers were thoughtfully invited.  Confirmed public officials to attend include Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, Assemblymember Jonathan Bing and Manhattan Boro President Scott Stringer.  From the New York City Council -- besides the hosting Councilmembers Dan and Jessica -- are Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmembers David Yassky, Eric Gioia, David Weprin, Melinda Katz and John Liu.  Representing the S.V.A. is President Williamson Henderson and Treasurer Bert Coffman and Youth-for-SVA's Co-Chair AnDre Christie.  The holiday party location is at famed Marymount Manhattan College in their classy colonial room at 221 East 71st Street between Second and Third Avenues.  RSVP is required for the guest list at (212) 535-5554 (extension 16) or via e-mail at  Cheers!


The Zappalorti Society receives its annual in-person well wishes for the holidays from the S.V.A.  This year Bert Coffman and Michael Livote are joined by Williamson Henderson and his assistant AnDre Christie.  The theraputic and cheery happening is at the "Z" Society's weekly meeting at the GLBT Community Center.  The special visit is @ 3 p.m.  After the session the group retires to the SVA-advertiser Village Den Restaurant for a pre-holiday supper and socialization @ 4:15 p.m.


"Congressmember Carolyn's Community Christmas & Chanukah Celebration" ("6-C") on the 14th is sponsored by the victorious Maloney for Congress Committee.  The holiday hostess with the merry mostest is Congressmember Carolyn Maloney herself!  Co-hosting the happy event is N.Y.S. Assemblymember Jonathan Bing.  Confirmed public officials include City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmembers David Weprin, Eric Gioia, David Yassky, Jessica Lappin, Dan Garodnick and Gale Brewer and Manhattan Boro President Scott Stringer.  Also attending are Judges David M. Cohen, Lucy Billings and Paul Feinman.  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are officials Williamson HendersonBert Coffman and Dianne Yodice as well as Betty Bristol, Dr. Dyane KarronLeigh McManus and Gina Wright.  The venue is called Local Restaurant & Bar.  It is located at 1004 Second Avenue at East 53rd Street on the East Side of Manhattan.  The 'local' subway stop on the #6 train is East 51 Street as well as the 53rd Street station on the "F" line.  Party times are from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  RSVP (24/7) for the holiday party at (212) 860-0606 (extension 10, if your call is after regular business hours).  The party place Local's phone number is (212) 755-7020.  Enjoy!  

Tuesday, December 12 -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MAYOR-for-LIFE ED KOCH

Edward I. Koch, the famous three-term Mayor of New York City and the longtime S.V.A. Honorary Male Chairperson, celebrates his incredible 82nd birthday today!  The entire S.V.A. wishes wonderful Mayor Ed a happy and healthy and fun-filled new year in his remarkable and exciting life.  Of course, we sent a lively birthday card to Hizzoner!


This is one of the meetings that the S.V.A. has been especially anticipating since many S.V.A. members supported Jessica Lappin's council candidacy last year.  Everyone so much prefers Jessica to her predecessor.  Attending from the S.V.A. are officers Williamson HendersonBert Coffman and Ruth Campbell (if better).  Dianne Yodice, whose Councilmember is Jessica, has an appointment at the same time but will visit JSC after the holidays.  PRIDE Democrats is represented at the meeting by Steven Gradman.  The location is at the Councilmember's District 5 office in Suite C at 336 East 73rd Street between Third and Second Avenues in Manhattan.  Via subway is the #6 train to either the East 68th Street or East 77 Street station.  Jessica's office is in between both.  The time is @ 1 p.m.


The sophmoric girls have chosen the topic of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion for their project of a mini-documentary.  They have previously written to the S.V.A. and did preliminary info gathering.  Some of the questions will be "When did you first go to The Stonewall" and "How many people were arrested the first night of the rebellion".  Also the poignant question as to what criteria determined which patrons the cops released from the club and the small number that were detained for arrest.        


This meeting has been long in the making -- although officials of the S.V.A. and Councilmember Eric Gioia see and speak with each other at many events throughout the years.  Representing the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson and Bert Coffman (if better) and AnDre Christie and Gina Wright of Youth-for-SVA as well as Steven Gradmanfrom PRIDE Democrats.  Among the topics are the renewal of a sponsorship for the S.V.A.  The meeting is scheduled @ 3 p.m.  The location chosen by ENG is the Councilmember's district office at 47-01 Queens Boulevard (between 47th and 48th Streets) in Sunnyside, Queens.  Via subway, take the #7 train to the 46th Street Station at Queens Boulevard.  For additional direx for any other S.V.A. attendees, please call "Team Gioia" at (718) 383-9566.   

December 2006 -- HOLIDAY MONTH

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") wishes the berry best for all of our Members, Supporters, Friends and Advertisers.  We have announced several Chanukah and Christmas events to which the S.V.A. has been invited and will attend.  We do not post events to which we have not been officially invited nor those that we will not attend even if invited.  There are several holiday parties and/or dinners for which the S.V.A. receives personal and private invitations.  Such events will not be posted on the S.V.A. website; however, all S.V.A. invitees shall be contacted directly.  "Season's Greetings" from the year-round yet unseasonal S.V.A.  

Thursday, November 30 -- COUNCILMEMBER ROSIE MENDEZ MEETING with the S.V.A.

This is a new tradition of the S.V.A. of annual meetings with special N.Y.C. Councilmembers.  Included on the agenda will be the S.V.A.'s special needs prior to the next Stonewall anniversary and inclusion in the City Council's GLBT pride event.  Confirmed attendees today from the S.V.A. are all people whom Rosie Mendez knows, namely S.V.A. officers Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman and Ruth Campbell (if better) and assistant AnDre Christie.  From PRIDE Democrats is Steven Gradman, who has worked with Rosie on many campaigns including hers.  Jasmin Torres from the council office is also attending.  The revised meeting location is at the Councilmember's district office at 237 First Avenue at the corner of East 14 Street inside the East Village.  This is the same building (but not the same office) as Rosie's predecessor Margarita Lopez.  The revised meeting time is 4 p.m.    

Wednesday, November 29 -- POST-ELECTION FORUM for GLBT COMMUNITY

Sponsored by The New School, this political forum will discuss the positive effects of the recent U.S.A. and New York State elections for the Gay community.  The panelists are from the Human Rights Campaign ("H.R.C."), the National Stonewall Democrats, the Log Cabin Republicans and the GLBT Political Coalition.  The moderator is longtime S.V.A. supporter Fred Hochberg.  Confirmed from the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson, Bert CoffmanLeigh McManus and Rose Giordano.  Also attending is S.V.A. advance man Will Garyson.  Location is at The New School's auxiliary building at 66 West 12 Street between Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  The forum starts @ 7 p.m.


The highly-acclaimed film "Brokeback Mountain" ("BBM") premieres on television tonight.  This is an entertainment event that millions of people have been awaiting for many months.  The landmark, eight-time Academy Award-nominated, Gay-oriented love relationship between two cowboys BBM movie premieres on t.v. on Home Box Office ("HBO") @ 7:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. (EST).  BBM is repeated tonight on HBO @ 2:30 a.m. -- for those who can't sleep after viewing the emotionally-packed movie the first (or fifth) time.

Saturday, November 25 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING

Williamson Henderson presides over the Thanksgiving weekend meeting.  He also presents a special tribute to "Fallen Stonewall Veterans" since the New Millennium.  Bert Coffman reports his updates on public officials, gatherings or meetings with several politicians and sponsorship renewals.  Ruth Campbell provides new info regarding various GLBT organizations vis-a-vis the S.V.A.  Storme DeLarverie unveils ideas to link the famous Jewel Box Revue to the S.V.A.  (Storme has the legal rights to the JBR name.)  Refreshments are served at this post-Thanksgiving meeting.  

The guest speaker is Geoffrey A. Davis ("GAD"), brother of the late and great Councilman James E. "Jed" Davis.  Geoffrey is also the Director of the JED Foundation.  Besides his commitment to annually speak at an S.V.A. meeting, GAD is renewing his sponsorship.  Moreover, Geoffrey is announcing that he is a candidate for the New York City Council's District 40.  That district is currently represented by Yvette Clark, who was recently elected to Congress (effective January 1st).  The 40th district includes parts of Flatbush, East Flatbush and Kensington.  Geoffrey outlines his broad-based and inclusive platform as "the person who will represent all of the people".    

After the S.V.A. meeting is dinner at The Village Den restaurant on Greenwich Avenue and West 12th Street just two blocks from the GLBT Center.    

Thursday, November 23 -- THANKSGIVING DAY * HOLIDAY

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members, friends, supporters and advertisers.  We are thankful for all of the veterans of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion that we do have alive and pray for their well-being.  We hope that they all will be more active with the venerable STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  In a reminiscent way, we are thankful that exactly 37 years ago the Stonewall Club was open for Thanksgivingtime 1969.  That weekend was the best!  

Monday, November 20 -- ANDREW CUOMO'S "THANK YOU" PARTY

N.Y.S. Attorney General-Elect Andrew M. Cuomo is showing his appreciation for his supporters  with a "Thank-You Party"!  Special speakers -- besides Andrew -- include his famous father former N.Y.S. Governor Mario Cuomo and his lovely mother former First Lady Matilda Cuomo.  Confirmed public officials include:  Queens Congressman Joseph Crowley, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Manhattan Boro Prez Scott Stringer, N.Y.S. Assemblymembers Keith Wright, Herman Farrell and Jonathan Bing and N.Y.C. Councilmembers Jessica Lappin and Melissa Viverito.  Event is hosted by AMC's hands-on, energetic and successful Campaign Manager Joe Percoco.  The party is at =AMC= Headquarters on the eighth floor at 1740 Broadway between  West 54th and West 55th Streets in Manhattan, New York @ 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.  Confirmed S.V.A. officials include Williamson HendersonBert Coffman and Dianne Yodice in addition to Dr. Dyane Karron, Steven Gradman and AnDre Christie.  What a grateful gesture is this event!  (This event is understandably by guest list invitation.)

Friday, November 17 -- QUEENS COUNTY COUNCILMEMBER MEETING with the S.V.A.

This meeting has been rescheduled by the S.V.A. to the 8th of December.  This was necessary due to the important extended meeting with Clearview Productions for next year's S.V.A. annual streetfair.   

Sunday, November 12 --  BUSIEST WEEK at the S.V.A. WEBSITE

The week of November 6th through the 14th with over 118,000 visits was another record-breaker for the S.V.A. website.  This included the top two busiest days.


Ironically on "Veterans' Day", the S.V.A. website broke yesterday's new record-breaker with its new busiest day today!  Coincidentally on "11/11", the number of visits to the S.V.A. website hit its highest with nearly 32,500 in one fine day!
 To paraphrase a Supremes' hit song:  "Up The Ladder Through The Roof"!

Saturday, November 11 -- VETERANS' DAY * HOLIDAY

The very popular website of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association broke all of its single-day records with an avalanche of over 31,300 visits to the site today!  We know from the detailed stats that the surge is directly related to our extensive "Songs of The Stonewall" files, particularly the unique, informative and appealing Diana Ross & The Supremes ("D.R.S.") file.  It is a statistical fact that more people go to the S.V.A. for info on D.R.S. than to the Motown Records website!  Congratulations to the S.V.A. on its record-breaking day!     

Tuesday, November 7 -- AMERICAN ELECTION DAY

Don't be apathetic, lazy and/or stupid -- VOTE!  The election polls in New York are open from early 6 a.m. to late 9 p.m.  In New Jersey and Connecticut the polls also open @ 6 a.m. but close @ 8 p.m.
S.V.A. officials have been invited to an Election Night Party at The Sheraton Hotel Ballroom at 811 Seventh Avenue at West 53rd Street @ 9 p.m.  The huge party will celebrate the combined Democratic victories of Hillary R. Clinton re-elected as a U.S. Senator from New York, Eliot L. Spitzer for the next N.Y.S. Governor, David A. Paterson for Lieutenant Governor and Andrew M. Cuomo as Attorney General.  
Outstanding special guests include former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former N.Y.S. Governor Mario Cuomo and his wife Matilda.  In addition, S.V.A. officials will attend a private suite victory party, also at The Sheraton, for the re-election to Congress of our Honorary Female Chairperson Carolyn B. Maloney.  Please advise the S.V.A.'s AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969 of your confirmation to attend either or both events.  For further direx, call Sherry Baybee at (212) 581-1000.


To be a volunteer for a campaign of a candidate who is supportive of the S.V.A. and in order to coordinate these individual efforts, please contact S.V.A.'s assistant AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.  If the candidate is Andrew M. Cuomo for N.Y.S. Attorney General, directly contact S.V.A.'s secretary Ruth Campbell at (347) 404-4427 to coordinate volunteering for Saturday and/or Sunday at =AMC= Headquarters.


For those who knew the former Gay activist and S.V.A. Treasurer Terri Van Dyke, this is a very sad day as after three years is usually the time that this type of loss fully sets.  A private tribute dinner with fellow Stonewallers, and including Terri's father Robert Van Dyke, has been arranged by Terri's former partner 'n' pal Williamson for this evening @ 7 p.m.    



The internationally famous Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village is America's largest Halloween celebration.  Over one million people participate as costumed marchers or enthusiastic spectators.  Yes, the S.V.A. traditionally takes part parading in this fun, fun, fun event!  For those who've asked, "Where's Queen Allyson Ann"?  Come and "Hail to the Queen!"  This year Queen AAA is wearing a bright orange, multi-sequinced, full-length designer gown.  The S.V.A. segment is called "Stonewallers in Disguise".  Costumes are a must to be with us!  The Grand Marshal is the legendary rock group KISS including Gene Simmons!  Parade line-up begins @ 6 p.m. along Avenue of the Americas from Spring Street and (appropriately) a-cross Broome Street and any street north of Canal Street.  The parade electrifies @ 7 p.m.  New York 1 News (Channel 1 in N.Y.C.) will televise the event "live". For more 411 on the parade itself, prior pix, parade route and an area map, visit:

Tuesday, October 31 (day) -- COUNCILMEMBER DAVID WEPRIN MEETING with S.V.A.

Longtime supporter Councilmember David Weprin's annual meet with some heads of the S.V.A.  Confirmed to attend are S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson, Treasurer Bert Coffman and Secretary Ruth Campbell.  From PRIDE Democrats is Steven Gradman.  The time of the meeting is @ 11:30 a.m.  Location is on the 18th floor of the City Council office building at 250 Broadway in view of City Hall
.  (This meeting was rescheduled by the S.V.A. from last Thursday.)

Saturday, October 28 -- S.V.A. PRE-HALLOWEEN MEETING

The regular monthly meeting with the S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson presiding.  All of the other elected S.V.A. officers in New York, including Emile Griffith, Bert Coffman, Ruth Campbell, Dianne Yodice and Storme DeLarverie, will give their annual S.V.A. reports and recommendations.  Jackie Barrett in Florida will send her report via U.S. mail and telephone the S.V.A. meeting in progress.
As a special treat or spooky trick  -- you be the judge! -- the S.V.A. is importing a transexual lez-bean Gay witch from East Bavaria in Germany!  Yah!  The witch's broomhandle is Anka "PipeDrain" Gundelach.  FYI, how she got her salacious nickname PipeDrain involves several big, burly black boyz and a "pipe".  Ooops, "don't ask, don't tell"!  By the way, folks, her real reason for flying over here non-stop on her broom is a mandatory criminal court appearance -- but don't tell.  The best Halloween costume will be decided by our visiting trio of Gay Germanic judges:  Farsin, Hanns and Jurgen.  Stay tuned.... much more to come in time for Halloween!  Trick or treat!!  Meeting lites up @ 4:15 p.m.

Note:  PRIDE Democrats' Halloween Dinner Party this evening is thoughtfully timed after the S.V.A. meeting.  It includes several costumed people from the S.V.A.  Their event is by their invitation only.  


Andrew M. Cuomo has earned and deserves the support of the vast and diverse Gay community in New York State.  This is a fund- and fun-raising event for AMC as the next Attorney General of New York State ("A/G").  Williamson Henderson (President), Emile Griffith (Vice-President) and Bert Coffman (Treasurer) of the S.V.A. and Marlon Hunter and Steven Gradman of PRIDE Democrats are among the GLBT-ers on the =AMC= Host Committee.  Also attending from the S.V.A. are Storme DeLarverie (Ambassador), Ruth Campbell (Recording Secretary) and AnDre Christie (non-vet Assistant) -- plus Luis Rodrigo (Emile's partner).  
Host reception is @ 6 p.m. with very special guest former N.Y.S. Governor Mario M. Cuomo -- also the famous dad of Andrew!  Gay public official guest supporters confirmed to attend include N.Y.C. Council Speaker Christine Quinn, N.Y.S. Senator Tom Duane, N.Y.S. Assemblymember Daniel O'DonnellN.Y.C. Commissioner Margarita Lopez, Councilmembers Rosie Mendez and Melisssa Viverito and District Leader Brad Hoylman.  Also, openly-Gay recent A/G candidate Sean Maloney.  The party location is at Villa Pazzo, appropriately in Greenwich Village, at 296 Bleecker Street at the corner of Seventh Avenue South on the west side of the avenue.  Their phone number is (212) 488-2700.  General reception times are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  For more 411 about the =AMC= campaign, including contributing and volunteering, visit:

Thursday, October 26 (day) -- COUNCILMEMBER DAVID WEPRIN MEETING with S.V.A.

Longtime and active supporter David Weprin's annual private meet with some heads of the S.V.A.  Confirmed to attend are S.V.A. Treasurer Bert Coffman, Secretary Ruth Campbell, Liaison Michael Livote and Assistant AnDre Christie.  The time of the meeting is @ 3 p.m.  Location is on the 18th floor of the City Council office building at 250 Broadway in view of City Hall

Thursday, October 19  (eve) -- ELECTION LAW REFORM in NEW YORK FORUM

Congressmember CBM's Chief-of-Staff Minna Elias has personally invited S.V.A. officers to attend a timely discussion about proposals and discussions for election law reform in New York State.  Congressmember Carolyn Maloney is one of three expert panelisits in addition to Doug Kelher, N.Y.S. Election Commissioner, and Larry Norden of NYU's Brennan Center for Justice.  One of the main subjects is what type of new electronic election machines?  And, the accompanying problems such as security, reliability and accuracy.  Audience participation is included in the program.  Confirmed to be present are Williamson Henderson from the S.V.A. as well as officials from PRIDE Democrats, Village Independent Democrats and Village Reform Democratic Club.  The setting is at the historic mansion-like building of forum sponsor New York County Lawyers' Association at 14 Vesey Street between Broadway and Church Streets near the World Trade Center site.  The forum begins @ 6 p.m.

Thursday, October 19 (day) -- COUNCILMEMBER BILL de BLASIO MEETING with S.V.A.

Long planned in-person meeting (since his original election) -- "...though we run into each other at all the right places" -- with S.V.A. supporter and friend Councilmember Bill de Blasio of Brooklyn.  Since the tragic loss of Councilmember Jed Davis three years ago, Bill has proudly been our chief Brooklyn Councilmember!  Confirmed to attend are S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson and PRIDE Democrats Vice-President Steven Gradman as well as S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie and Sharada from the Councilmember's office.  Meeting time is @ 3:30 p.m.  The location is at the Councilmember's City Hall office on the 17th floor at 250 Broadway opposite City Hall.


S.V.A. Honorary Member and longtime friend Liz J. Abzug will be the guest speaker.  Liz will mostly speak about the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute ("BALI") named in honor of her renowned mother.  BALI's main purpose is to inspire and assist young women in high school and college choose a principled career in politics.  "Lizala" will also discuss the life and work of the late Congresswoman Bella!  The Women's Koffee House is hosted by S.V.A. Executive Committee member Rose Giordano.  The gathering at the GLBT Center is @ 3 p.m.  Coffee and desserts will be served.  (Admission fee is $6.)

Wednesday, October 11 -- MIDTOWN DEMOCRATIC CLUB RE-MEETS with S.V.A.

This will be a reunion and re-establish get-together between the two organizations.  The Midtown Democratic Club president Carl A. Manzano ("CAM") will be proudly present.  Representing the S.V.A. are its president Williamson Henderson and his assistant AnDre Christie.  The dinner meeting takes place (chosen by CAM) at the classic Village Restaurant on West 9th Street right off Avenue of the Americas in The Village -- just a stone's throw from where Christopher Street begins.  Colorful rainbow drinks will be ordered starting @ 7:30 p.m.:  Red Rhine wine for Carl, green apple martini for 'Will' and pink Shirley Temple for 'Dre'!  The weather forecast is that it will be "Raining Men".


To provide educational seminars, particularly during "Gay Coming Out Week", the Live Out Loud ("LOL") organization is proudly sponsoring "The Changing Faces of G.L.B.T. Activism".  In addition to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") with panelist Williamson Henderson, other organizations represented on the diverse panel include:  U.N. AIDS Committee, Columbia University Gay Student Union, Marriage Equality and Right Rides.  The forum is being hosted by Barbara Raab, a producer of "NBC Nightly News".  S.V.A. attendees will be head-lined by Bert Coffman sitting in the reserved front row.  There is no admission fee.  The forum begins @ 7:30 p.m.  After the event, there will be refreshments.  The location is at The New School of Social Research in their Wollman Hall.  This auxillary building is at 65 West 11th Street off lower Fifth Avenue.  The venue is convenient by several subway lines including the "4", "5", "6", "B", "D", "L", "N", "R" and, of course, the "Q" (for Queen)!  All train stops are 14th Street stations exeept the "L" (Union Square) which runs across 14th Streeet.  For more 411 on the sponsor "LOL", visit:  


Officials of the S.V.A. have been invited to join U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, former Congressmember Geraldine Ferraro, former N.Y.C. Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. and the next N.Y.S. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo leading the annual New York Columbus Day Parade.  Also verified to march are N.Y.C. Councilmembers Bill de Blasio, Alan Gerson, Eric Gioa, John C. Liu, Peter Vallone, Jr., and David Weprin.  Confirmed to represent the  S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson and Dianne Yodice (speaking of Italian).  Look for the newest friend of the S.V.A. vuluptuous blonde Italian-Spanish actress Janette Miranda.  You can't miss her!  Line-up starts in the heart of midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue north of 42nd Street.  The parade travels uptown past Lord & Taylor, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Plaza Hotel and the General Motors Building, among other international landmarks, to East 79 Street at Central Park East.  This parade starts @ high noon.  For additional 411, contact =AMC= headquarters at (212) 425-1110.  The weather forecast is "I" for incredible!


Save the eve to celebrate another year with Williamson Henderson!  The birthday location will be at an SVA-supportive Greenwich Village Restaurant in Manhattan.  (It will not be at the HCC -- too easy a guess.)  Details will be announced only to those who contact AnDre Christie at the S.V.A. with their confirmation to attend and par-tee!  Dessert will be a custom cherry birthday cake inspired by Jack's mother in Brokeback Mountain"!  The flare-up time will be @ 6 p.m.  



Both Andrew M. Cuomo (Democrat) and Jeanine F. Pirro (Republican), the two General Election candidates for N.Y.S. Attorney General, will be participating in this forum.  Many SVA-ers saw Mr. Cuomo speak at this same location in a great wide room several months ago during the Primary Election.  In fact, Andre Christie was shown on television news that night with AMC!  This forum is sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters.  The location is Baruch College on the third floor at 135 East 22nd Street off Lexington Avenue.  N.Y.C. local subway #6 is nearby with a train station at East 23rd Street.  The program starts at 12 noon with Jeanine speaking first, followed by Andrew @ 1 p.m. and completes @ 2 p.m..

Saturday, September 30 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

"See You In September" is one of the many wonderful songs at the original Stonewall Club.  Oh, you didn't know that?  That's because you weren't there!  If you are like Alana Kommack, you weren't even born (yet with so much to say on the subject).  We were there!  We know!  See you in September -- at the S.V.A. meeting!

The monthly meeting is held at the New York City GLBT Community Services Center.  The presiding officer is Williamson Henderson, who has a full agenda of updates, issues, events, ideas and decisions.  Storme DeLarverie will be proposing an additional S.V.A. fund-raising approach.  Steven Gradman will present the political updates on behalf of PRIDE Democrats including meetings with five councilmembers.  Members, friends and guests may arrive @ 4 p.m. or after, the meeting is commenced @ 4:15 p.m., the guest speaker is @ approximately 5 p.m. and the proceedings adjourn @ 6 to 6:15 p.m.  This month's scheduled guest speaker is a representative from the Live Out Loud organization regarding their upcoming Gay activists' forum on "10/10".  After this meeting, many members, headed up by Bert Coffman, are eating at Sammy's Noodle Houset on Avenue of the Americas at West 11th Street in easy walking distance from The Center.  AnDre loves Sammy's shrimp dishes -- besides Will's dishy dishes!!  

Friday, September 29 -- TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the LOSS of ELECTRA O'MARA

It's exactly two yerars ago that we lost our beloved and fun Electra.  She was a veteran, an officer and a friend to all of the key people in her equally beloved S.V.A.  Williamson called and spoke at length with EJO's swell sister Joan in Boston.  True to Electra, our Miss Joan maintains her annual sponsorship to the S.V.A.  To view Electra's webfile at the S.V.A., visit:


Once known as the "Dentist to the Models",  Dr. James A. Yee succumbed to a long illness while recently hospitalized at the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Rehabilitation Center on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  For decades, "Dr. Yee" was known as "The Dentist to the Models" as he had so many high fashion and commercial models as patients.  That's how Dr. Yee met our then very young Dr. Stonewall in 1969.  In addition to the celebrities, actors and models, he was also the much-appreciated, pain-less dentist for Stonewall vets Williamson Henderson, John Watts, Eddie Wright, Michael Toney, Amir Qaharr and Stanley Dunne besides Friends-of-SVA Gerald Paige, Baron Morris, Evalene Denes, Farrell Armstrong and, most recently, Andre Christie.  For the past two decades, Dr. Yee lived in a four-story townhouse he owns off Park Avenue on one of the most beautiful blocks in the Upper East Side, where he also housed his renowned floor-through dental practice.  Dr. Yee divorced over 30  years ago and predictably never remarried.  He is survived by his wonderful son Wayne, also a friend of the S.V.A.  

Sunday, September 24 -- 20th ANNUAL BROADWAY FLEA MARKET & AUCTION

Broadway Cares Poster

This popular and friendly annual event is a big outdoor benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  Among the many special and unique offerings for sale are vintage Broadway cast record albums, costume pieces, original scripts, vintage wardrobes, celebrity autographs, Broadway musical c/ds, signed posters, pictures and playbills.  In addition, in exchange for a decent donation to BC/EFA, you can pose for a photo with your favorite Broadway, off-Broadway and daytime television stars.  Some confirmed stars are current Tony Award-winner John Lloyd Young (the lead "Jersey Boy"), former Tony winner Patti LuPone ("Evita"), Carol Kane (loved her in "When A Stranger Calls"), Bebe Neuwirth, Edie Falco ("The Sopranos"), Lucie Arnaz ("Here's Lucy"), another new Tony winner Christopher Hoff ("Jersey Boys"), LaChanze ("The Lion King"), Andrea McArdle, Tevin Campbell and countless others.  S.V.A. members shall call out as "present"!  Location for this exciting event is at famous Shubert Alley, just west of Broadway between West 44th and 45th Streets, and all of 44th Street is closed from Broadway to Eighth Avenue for the fanfare, exhibits and displays in a real streetfair setting.  The flea market opens at 10 a.m. for a solid nine hours until 7 p.m.  The "Live" Grand Auction hits the first gavel about 4:30 p.m.  The entire marvelous event is produced by Tom Viola.  For more detailed 411, please call BC/EFA at (212) 840-0770 and/or visit:

Tuesday, September 19 --  STONEWALL REPS at =AMC= HEADQUARTERS

Post-Primary Election review, meeting and plans at the winning Democratic candidate for New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's headquarters office.  Confirmed to attend representing the S.V.A. are Williamson (S.V.A. Prez), Dianne Yodice (S.V.A. Corresponding Secretary) and, later, AnDre Christie (S.V.A. Assistant).  The S.V.A. group rendezvous is with Mr. Jo and Eli Rubin.  Yes, the heroic Gang-Green slayer will be there!  The location is 1740 Broadway at West 55th Street on the eighth floor in midtown Manhattan.  Party toasts @ 3 p.m.


The S.V.A. 's annual streetfair is located on Greenwich Avenue between Seventh Avenue South at West 11th Street, crossing Perry, Charles, West 10th and Christopher Streets, up until Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village.  S.V.A. Prez Williamson Henderson is coordinating the group's  presence.  The STONEWALL Veterans' Association will have a welcoming and information table hosted by Allyson Allante and her Stonewall Gyrlz.  S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie will be distributing lavender S.V.A. (flyers while listening to music from his ear-plugged I-pod).  PRIDE Democrats will have its own display table personed by Steven Gradman and Michael Livote. Friend-of-SVA and author John Amodeo will be promoting his book "Voices of Hell's Kitchen".  Technical support for everything S.V.A. is handled by Rob B. Ashe.  Special drinks and food are provided complementary to only SVA-ers by concessioneer Anthony Mirando and his Lattuccino!  Hours for the open fair are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or later.

Clearview Festival Productions is the super producer of this streetfair, as they arrange a majority of Manhattan streetfairs.  Todd Berman, head of CFP, invited Williamson, AnDre and Friend-of-SVA Rob Ashe to a celebratory outdoor dinner at the SVA-supportive Cowgirl Restaurant on Hudson Street and West 10th Street in the West Village.  Yeeee-haw!


The meeting is at Councilmember Melissa Viverito's District Office at 105 East 116 Street off Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, N.Y.  The S.V.A. will have our general annual agenda for supportive public officials including sponsorship and their attending a Stonewall vets event.  Confirmed S.V.A. officials include Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman and Ruth Campbell.  Meeting is scheduled @ 4 p.m.  The Eastside subway #6 stops conveniently up the street from MMV's office.

Tuesday, September 12 -- PRIMARY ELECTION DAY in NEW YORK

Voting locations are open in New York from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.  The S.V.A. arranges to pick up members in good standing and transport them to their polling station and home.  The onlycondition is that you swear to vote against the perennial political horrow show "Gang-Green"!  You can't beat that deal!  Independent volunteers are also provided via the S.V.A. for various approved campaigns whose candidates are supportive of the S.V.A., our history and out purposes.  By the way, the S.V.A. has been invited to the confirmed victory party of Andrew M. Cuomo for N.Y.S. Attorney General.  The big =AMC= celebration is at The Sheraton Hotel at 811 Seventh Avenue between West 52 and West 53 Streets.  For more location details, call Sherry Baybee at (212) 581-1000.

Monday, "September 11th" -- 5th TRAGIC ANNIVERSARY of the SEPTEMBER 11th ATTACKS!!!!

Remembering the horrific, senseless and viscious tragedy of the four violent attacks by Islamic extremists five years ago on September 11th in New York City, Arlington, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the S.V.A. will be totally closed!  It is "A Day of Remembrance" and deep respect throughout sorrowful America and the civilized World.  Locally, a contingency from the S.V.A. will be attending the early morning ceremonies in Lower Manhattan, NYC, to commence with the "clock times" of the two doomed airplanes used for attacking the two World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001!!    


This year's New York City Council proclamation to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association was sponsored and is arranged by Councilmember Melissa Viverito.  

The proclamation states, in part:  "Whereas: The Council of the City of New York is pleased and proud to honor the STONEWALL Veterans' Association for its distinguished service to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community; and Whereas: the Stonewall Rebellion was a watershed moment in the history of our country and for all members of the G.L.B.T. community.... and most of said persons were or are members of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association -- and five other major points.  

AnDre Christie, on behalf of the S.V.A. and personally known to Councilmember Melissa, picks up the framed document at the Councilmember's district office today and meets with her chief of staff Melinda Velez.  Copies of the proclamation will be included in the S.V.A.'s next mailing.

Saturday, August 26 -- S.V.A. SUMMER MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

Williamson Henderson, recently re-elected and reinstated as the S.V.A. President, orchestrates and presides over this S.V.A. meeting for the newest beginning of the legendary S.V.A.  Emile Griffith and his 'assistant' (a.k.a. life partner) Luis Rodrigo will outline their plans to promote the S.V.A.  Bert Coffman will deliver the updates on public officials including Eliot Spitzer,
Carolyn Maloney, Andrew Cuomo, Margarita Lopez, David Paterson, Melissa Viverito, David Yassky, Rosie Mendez and others.

The special guest speaker will be former Federal Housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo ("AMC"), Democratic candidate for N.Y.S. Attorney General.  Gee, it seems like only a year or so ago that we had the current Attorney General Eliot Spitzer as our special guest speaker (in 1998).  Just like then, there is a questions-and-answers session.  Because this regularly-scheduled S.V.A. meeting is held pre-election New York Primaries, expect to see and hear some local unannounced but welcomed political candidates.  

There will be a special presentation and update from Kimberly Gray, producer at 77 Films, Inc. and their GLBT documentary project "Out In Manhattan" series, which includes the recent acclaimed "Life on Christopher Street" and the forthcoming "PRIDE" about Gay Pride including the parades.  During the meeting there will be a filmed interview with AnDre Christie, the S.V.A. Assistant, as coordinator for Youth-for-SVA.  

S.V.A. members and friends will go out to an outdoor dinner at an SVA-advertising restaurant after the meeting @ 6 p.m.


In addition to the S.V.A. agenda, Councilmember Melisssa Viverito is presenting the S.V.A. with a Council Proclamation for the recent "Gay Pride Month" and its historic connection with the S.V.A.  The meeting is @ 4 p.m. at MMV's Councilmatic Office at 105 East 116th Street in Manhattan.  It is located just west of Lexington Avenue on the wide, two-way 116th.  The office is a stone's throw from the 116th Street station of the Lexington Avenue #6 train.  By the way, the #6 was just voted the best subway line in N.Y.C.!  To confrim your attendance, please call AnDre (a favorite of Melissa) at (212) 6-27-1969.     


For a mini-conference with some Councilmember Rosie staffers, S.V.A. official Bert Coffman is representing the S.V.A.
 Specific topics relate to the continuance of mutual interests and concerns, including funding, established with the predecessor councilmember.  The conference is at the Councilmember's District Office on East 14th Street at First Avenue in Manhattan @ 4 p.m.

Sunday, Augusrt 20 -- MARTIN BARRETO, FRIEND of S.V.A., KILLED @ 49

This is shocking to the Stonewall veterans who knew Gay and kindly Martin Barreto.  We met "MB" through former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an S.V.A. Honorary Memeber.  Martin was on the Mayor's staff in the communications department.  His boss was our longtime friend Cristyne Lategano (now Nicholas).  Martin was at the Mayor's Gay Pride celebrations at Gracie Mansion and the annual New York City Gay Pride Parades.  On one occasion, he personally brought a letter of commendation from Mayor Rudy to the monthly S.V.A. meeting.  MB stayed for the entire meeting.  This tragic event apparently occured very late Saturday night in Martin's home in Greenwich Village.  We've missed seeing Martin the past few years and now we'll miss... muchacho mucho mas

Although it won't bring Martin back, it was actually worse without the news that about a week after the crime, on August 28, really alert New York City detectives on this case, spotted the killer who they were looking for in Midtown Manhattan on the East Side.  The well-dressed, athletic, hispanic assailant bolted; however, he got trapped in a closed-in parking lot and was arrested on murder charges.  It was confirmed that Martin and this man met on the street and went to the former's apartment.  Although there was a Gay involvement, the assailant was a drug addict who was bent on robbery and selling the stolen goods.    


This is the fourteenth annual march to "stop the violence", originated by James "Jed" Davis and now named in his honor.  Tragically, as a N.Y.C. Councilmember, Jed was the fatal victim of violence three years ago in City Hall.  There will be many public officials attending this popular public march.   Geoffrey A. Davis, Jed's younger brother, is the event host, march leader and speakers emcee.  The S.V.A. as always is represented by Williamson Henderson.  Start-up location is Nostrand Avenue (renamed James E. Davis Avenue) at Fulton Street.  The march procedes down Nostrand Avenue to Empire Boulevard at the James E. Davis Post Office.  With the street closed off, a speakers rally with seating for attendees happens at the end of the march.  Subway trains are convenient at both ends.  The "A" subway to Nostrand Avenue is the closest train to the event.  The march starts @ 2 p.m.  For additional  information, please call the JED Stop the Violence Foundation at (718) 221-2911.



The Attorney General ("A/G") of New York State is a position of great importance to a civil rights organization such as the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  The office of the A/G has always been particularly significant to the S.V.A.  We've had regular communication and input through several attorneys general, including Louie Lefkowitz, Robert Abrams and Oliver Koppell, spanning four decades.

Tonight's stand-up debate includes Democratic candidates Andrew M. Cuomo (former Federal Secretray of Housing & Urban Development), openly-Gay Sean P. Maloney (former Clinton Oval Office right-hand man) and openly-Brown Charlie King (also a former President Clinton employee).  The fourth individual is the perennially losing and confrontational challenger Marc "Gang" Green, an avowed disrespecter and ignorer of the S.V.A.  Let's see who has the last loud lesbian laugh.

Special guests confirmed include former Congressmember Geraldine Ferraro and her husband John Zaccaro, former N.Y.S. Attorney General candidate Karen Burstein and former Manhattan Boro President Percy Sutton as well as current MBP Scott Stringer.  The S.V.A. contingency is headed up by its enthusiastic President Williamson Henderson

This political happening is sponsored by New York One News, produced by Bob Hardt, Jr., hosted by Dominic Carter and is aired "live" and repeated later on local Channel 1.  Andrew Kirtzman from CBS-TV are among the newscasters covering the forum.  The all-man debate ignites @ 7 p.m. at Pace University Amphitheater on Beekman Place near City Hall.  The S.V.A. has ten tickets to the landmark event.  If you are an S.V.A. member in good standing and want to attend, contact AnDre Christie at (212 6-27-1969. 


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 -- CAMPAIGN PARTY for ANDREW CUOMO 

As anyone should expect, the office of the Attorney General must be important to a Gay organization, particularly one that is civil rights-oriented and politically-aware -- of which the S.V.A. is both!!  This is a "Volunteer Kick-Off Party" for the friends of Andrew M. Cuomo ("AMC").  He has many "friends" at the S.V.A.  Special guest speaker will be former New York State First Lady Matilda Cuomo, who, like her son Andrew, knows the S.V.A. for many years.  There will be public officials such as openly-Gay N.Y.S. Senator Tom Duane and S.V.A. supporter N.Y.C. Councilmember Miguel Martinez, among others, attending.  Representing the S.V.A. are confirmed-in-stone officers Williamson Henderson, Dianne Yodice and Ruth Campbell in addition to several S.V.A. friends.  Hosting the "Heat Wave" -- the campaign is heating up -- event will be AMC's hot and impressive campaign manager and friend Mr. Joe Percoco.  Everyone will have substantial and quality supper food, beverages and desserts.  The great skyscraper location is on the eighth floor at 1740 Broadway, between West 55th and 56th Streets, in Manhattan.  The huge entrance is in the middle of the block.  It is a high-security building, so have photo identification available.  Time:  5:30 p.m.  To confirm with the S.V.A., call AnDre at (212) 6-27-1969.  For more 411, call AMC's headquarters at (212) 425-1110 or visit:  

Saturday, July 29 -- S.V.A. POST-GAY PRIDE MONTH MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

The S.V.A. discusses Gay Pride Month and the events that we were invited to such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Gay Pride Party and those where we were disrespectfully and rudely excluded such as openly-Gay but ever-the-hater Qwistine Qwinn's charade promoting herself at City Hall's inanenly-named "Pride".  Huh?  "Pride" in what?  Witnesses confirm that Q.Q. never mentioned The Stonewall, the Stonewall Rebellion or the Stonewall Veterans nor the STONEWALL Veterans' Association!!!!  That's Gay "Pride" -- not!  It's Gay shame!  Incrementally, QQ got her job through us and not vice versa.  Another meeting topic, the day of the Gay Pride Parade's "Tell It To The Rain" (by FVFS) theme can only be reflected.  You can't parade out top-down convertibles in the rain!  Nontheless, we had one: a vintage Mercedes ragtop.  And, the S.V.A. led the parade!  By the way, rude one-day only Grand Marshal Christine Quinn did not even come say hello to the SW-Vets.

Mid-year election -- or 'switching' -- for S.V.A. President and Treasurer shall be conducted.

Guest speakers at this S.V.A. meeting are several political candidates who are aware of the significance and the success that one typically enjoys as a candidate at the polls with the unique and active "support" of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  After all, the S.V.A. has been doing it longer -- and better!  Don't be mad or jealous; attend the S.V.A. meeting!  There will also be a very special appearance!



This is the second annual tribute for the late and great Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis.  He was tragically, needlessly and scandalously ambushed and gunned down in City Hall Council Chambers on July 23, 2003.  The keynote speaker and host is Councilmember Jed's younger brother Geoffrey A. Davis.  Among the scheduled speakers are the Councilmember's mother Thelma Davis, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, N.Y.C. Councilmembers David Yassky, Letitia James and David Weprin, activist Dr. Lenora Fulani, political friend Hakeem Jeffries and social friend Williamson Henderson.  Invocation is by Rabbi Shea Hecht.  The tribute commences at City Hall @ 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Foods and beverages are provided buffet-style in the City Hall Rotunda after the tribute event.  The S.V.A. greatly misses the one-and-only Jed!



You can actually see Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons ("FVFS") perform big hit songs that were in the jukebox at the original Stonewall Club.  These "Songs of The Stonewall" will probably include "Let's Hang On", "Working My Way Back To You Babe" and "I've Got You Under My Skin" and will definitely include the #1 Frankie Valli solo "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You".  You can also expect many of FVFS' other big hit songs such as "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Walk Like A Man", "Candy Girl", "Dawn, Go Away", "Rag Doll", "Bye, Bye Baby", "Beggin'", "C'mon Marianne", "My Eyes Adored You", "Oh, What A Night", "Swearin' To God", "Who Loves You" and more!  This is the fifth year of FVFS at this concert series.  Hey, these are the real "Jersey Boys" on which the #1 hit Broadway play is based.  The concert takes place at Asser Levy Seaside Park at the Atlantic Ocean between Surf Avenue and West 5th Street in Brooklyn!  Access via subways include the "Q" (Ocean Parkway station), the "B" (Brighton Beach), "D" (Stillwell Avenue), "F" (West 8 Street) and "N" (Coney Island) trains.  All of these stations are in close proximity.  To coordinate your attendance at this outdoor and free event, phone AnDre "Peanut" Christie at (212) 6-27-1969 (24/7).  For more 411, visit Brooklyn's Seaside Summer Concerts schedule at:


July 3, 2006 -- 37th ANNIVERSARY of END of the 1969 STONEWALL REBELLION

Where else would you read about this G.L.B.T. community historical fact than at the S.V.A. website?  Most people in the community do not even know what year the rebellion took place much less the date it ended.



"The 27th of June" is the exact date (not day) of the first-night anniversary of the now historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion at The Stonewall Club in Greenwich Village!  Come celebrate "The Happening" with the surviving, active Stonewall veterans of the historic rebellion at the place "where it all started" -- where we ignited it all:  The Stonewall!  To quote an original song of The Stonewall, "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing".  This is a fun 'n' fund raiser for the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.").  The program commences in the Stonewall Cabaret on the entire second floor @ 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.  "Bi the Gay" (an authentic Stonewall phrase), the old Stonewall bartender is Fred "Tree" Folkinovskev.  Well-built, personable and handsome Evyl will be the assistant 'tender!  For more 411 about this S.V.A. Stonewall happening and benefit, you can phone The Stonewall Club directly or contact the event promoter Steven Gradman at (212) 613-6039.

Entertainment:  Headlining the "Stonewall Showtyme" will be Queen Allyson & The Allysonians ("QAA")!!!  They will be reprising their "Stonewall Show" at The Stonewall from exactly ten years ago with the release of "Stonewall: The Movie" (1996).  QAA will be performing several songs of The Shangri-Las, including "Remember, Walking In The Sand", "Give Him A Graet Big Kiss", "Out In The Streets" and  "Past Present And Future", the theme song of the movie "Stonewall".  Opening the entertainment part of the evening is The Supreme Boyz -- three Gay guys -- will open the show, performing three original Stonewall jukebox songs of Diana Ross & The Supremes, namely "Stop! In The Name Of Love", "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and "Someday, We'll Be Together".  The first person we signed for the new "Stonewall Showtyme" is AnDre Christie as Frankie Valli of Four Seasons fame performing three songs, "Let's Hang On", a fave of the kids', "Peanut", a mob fave, and "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You", everybody's fave, that were all in the jukebox at The Stonewall!  For more 411 about the entertainment, you can call the S.V.A. at any time at (212) 6-27-1969 -- the exact date of the first night of the Stonewall Rebellion, June 27, 1969!

Admission:  $25 (minimum donation)



The new weekly record-breaker of verified visits to the S.V.A. website is 88,797!  Understandably and appropriately, this coincided with Gay Pride Week in New York.  The week also included S.V.A.'s busiest website day ever.  




In the "Spirit of Stonewall", the S.V.A. is not going to tolerate any assaults on our group or any personal attacks on our leaders -- especially from within the divisive and dysfunctional, and, in this case, degenerate GLBT "community".  Y'all come back for the steamy and seamy details.  It involves an old and ugly, deranged and green with envy political loser enemy's attack dawg.  This one shall have adverse ramifications for a particular poisonous candidate right through his big time losing of his primary.  You can count on that political promise -- errr -- prediction!


The immensely popular and resourceful S.V.A. website hit over 17,000 verified "visits" in one day breaking the previous record of over 15,000 visits in one day.  Ironically, this is on "Gay Parade Day" in New York City and many other cities.  With all the rain in the Northeast, no doubt many people were at home searching for key "Gay" "pride" "parade" entries on their computers.  The exact figure for the day is 17,327!  Hmmm, our lucky number "27" (as in the Stonewall Rebellion on June 27th).  Congratulations to those who made this all possible such as Leigh McManus and Babsala Lynn and, particulary, the wise, energetic and promotional Williamson!  


This is one of the real happy, Gay and fun events, particularly for the Stonewall veterans.  The host with the most -- hair and flair -- is S.V.A.'s Founder Williamson Henderson.  For a special Gay Pride treat, WLH is treating everyone to a green apple martini -- or a green alcohol-free Shirley Temple drink -- as a toast to our Gay history-making and to the defeat of S.V.A. enemy "Gang-Green" at the polls in two months and two weeks!!  As has been the location for the last several years, the eatery will be the Gay-owned and SVA-advertising Hudson Corner Cafe.  It is located at 570 Hudson Street and West 11 Street in Manhattan -- at the corner!  Look for the "Peyton Place" type white picket fence.  The SW-Duncheon is held rain, clouds or shine.  For more 411, telephone former nun Sister Agnes at the restaurant at (212) 229-2727.

Sunday, June 25 -- 37th ANNUAL NEW YORK CITY GAY PRIDE PARADE @ 12 noon

The original parade in 1970 was created to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion.  The parade line-up for the S.V.A. is on Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street.  Meet us there!  It is the most appropriate opportunity to come say "hello!" and give "thanks!" to the actual veterans of the Stonewall Rebellion.  Unfortunately, many disrespecters, ingrates and opportunists rudely talk bull with undeserving others or attend a rudely-timed press conference on "Stonewall Day" to promote some losing candidate (e.g., Gang-Green or Giffy) instead of paying homage to the SW-Vetz.  That's not "Gay Pride"!  The S.V.A.'s "Stonewallers on Parade" segment and flotilla is Gay Pride at its zenith!  Stonewall veterans confirmed to attend include, but are not limited to:  Bert Coffman (President), Mark Zatlow (Treasurer), Storme DeLarverie (Ambassador) and Cristina Hayworth (Former Ambassadress) plus "SW" Executive Committee Members Leigh McManus, Countess China, Jack Rojas and Rose Giordano.  Friends-of-SVA verified to march include:  Jessica Burke, Johnny Cakes, DeeDee Donigan, Jenni Egan, Steven Gradman, Dr. Dyane Karron, Tamara Towson, et al.  To confirm yopur presence, call AnDre C at the S.V.A. at (212) 6-27-1969.  The humongous parade kicks off @ exactly 12 noon!  The "Dykes-on-Bykes" motorcycle contingency is the parade "escort".  For much more 411, call the parade organizers Heritage of Pride at (212) 80-PRIDE or visit their website at:  Gay Pride Day warning:  Weather reports advise "rain"!

Saturday, June 24 -- S.V.A. ANNUAL GAY PRIDE MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

This month of Gay Pride June meeting is the biggest and most special of the S.V.A.  It is always a renunion of many of the Stonewall veterans, many who only see each other once a year.  A special annual agenda and round-up will be conducted by S.V.A. Executive Director Williamson Henderson.  Outgoing Bert Coffman concludes a commonly-known unremarkable acting presidency.  Special attention must be given to the financial needs of the organization.  Discussions on the S.V.A. plans for the Gay Pride Parade tomorrow.  Rose Giordano will report on a group of SVA-ers who went to the HOP office to discuss "cars, cars, cars" for elderly, disabled or infirmed S.V.A. members who plan to travel in the parade.  As of this update, HOP has miserably failed to make any arrangements for the alleged "heroes" of the GLBT community, although they receive from unknowing sponsors over a half million dollars to do so!  By the way, the current age range of SW-Vetz is from 49 to 86.  Final planning will be discussed for the "Stonewall Showtyme" benefit this coming Tuesday the June 27th -- the exact date of the first night of the rebellion -- at The Stonewall.  Last item of business at the June meeting is always the election of the S.V.A. President for the new Gay year!  Unequivocably, Berti's temporary timid tenure of six months will terminate today!  (The other S.V.A. officers are elected at year's end.)  There will be many special guests stopping by at this meeting to say "Happy Gay Pride" -- and thanks to the Stonewall veterans!  Besides the two stated, other Stonewall veterans confirmed to attend are Storme DeLarverieLeigh McManus, Keith Lonesome, Cristina Hayworth and Robert Fucito.  To confirm your attendance if you wish to be a guest speaker, please schedule with S.V.A.'s AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.    

Special Guest Speaker:  Former N.Y.C. Councilmember and current N.Y.C. Housing Commissioner Margarita Lopez, reprising her S.V.A. visit, as promised, from one year ago!  Come re-welcome S.V.A. Honorary Member Margarita on this Gay Pride Weekend.  After the interesting and fun meeting, it's out to dinner at an S.V.A. advertiser restaurant.



It's always welcomed to accommodate our good -- and Gay marriage -- neighbors to the north.  This is particularly so when educating them on national Canadian television about "Stonewall, Stonewall, Stonewall".  The three "Stonewalls" are (1) the rebellion, (2) the association and (3) the car.  Williamson Henderson as the S.V.A. Founder and Leigh McManus of the S.V.A. Executive Committee plus AnDre Christie representing the Youth-for-SVA will be the interviewees.  

Friday, June 23 -- WILLIAMSON & the "STONEWALL CAR" in "METRO" NEWS

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association is nicely profiled in the Metro's "Gay Pride Guide".  In one of the specific interview questions to Williamson Henderson, here's the question and answer:  "What is your favorite part of the parade"?  He replied:  "The historic symbolism of the S.V.A.  It's definitely bittersweet as every year is like a memorial for us, remembering those people that we've lost".  The Metro included a great, lively color photo of the 1969 blue Cadillac "Stonewall Car" in all its glory in an actual Gay Pride Parade.  You can clearly see Dianne Yodice, Countess China and Rev. Magora Kennedy riding in the car, Amir Qaharr riding 'shotgun' and Ray McCaffrey driving it.  Also shown is fellow SW-Vet Jack Rojas walking alongside the car with his Gay activist sign.  For more on the "Gay Pride" article, visit:


To commemorate the legendary international entertainer, the U.S. Postal Service has created a beautiful close-up picture of Miss Garland.  It has Judy's look from her #1 film "A Star Is Born" for which she was nominated for "Best Actress".  The photo is signed "Judy Garland".  As part of a series, each 20-stamp sheet has a nice attachment entitled "Legends of Hollywood".  The self-sticking printed info has a brief Garland bio and a photo of Judy as "Dorothy" in "The Wizard of Oz".  Make no mistake, the Post Office is smart enough to release this "St. Judy" stamp during Gay Pride Week!  The S.V.A. will only use this Judy, Judy, Judy stamp on all of its mailings until Christmas!


The Metro -- a popular daily New York City newspaper -- is publishing a special "Gay Pride" edition for Gay Pride Weekend.  Their choice to interview is Williamson Henderson as founder of the S.V.A. and who is the only known person to have marched in every Gay Pride Parade since the first in 1970!  The subjects for the S.V.A. are as follows:  (a) the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion; (b) the real meaning of "Gay Pride" then and now; (c) the annual New York City Gay Pride Parade, (d) the famous 1969 "Stonewall Car" impounded by the NYCPD at the rebellion; and (e) the part of the parade that means the most to Stonewall Vetz.  [See the report this Friday, June 23, when the article is published as a "Gay Pride" feature story.]



New York City's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg("M.R.B.") hosts this annual, outdoor, elegant affair replete with big tent, green lawns, lively music, tasty food and zesty drinks.  This is MRB's fifth annual GLBT event at Gracie Mansion!  The Mayor's presentation will have three themes:  the historic 20th anniversary of the New York City Gay Rights Bill signed into law by Mayor Ed Koch, the sad 25th anniversary of AIDS and the proud 37th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion.  The keynote speaker is the newly-appointed (by the Mayor), openly-Gay Commissioner of N.Y.C. Housing Margarita L. Lopez.  The annual speaker is the existing openly-Gay Human Resources Administration Commissioner Verna Eggleston.  There will also be a Gay Pride speech by the recently-selected and openly-Gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  The S.V.A. delegation, the longest-attending GLBT group at Mayoral Gay Pride celebrations, is headed by Williamson Henderson and Cristina Hayworth.  Also confirmed is S.V.A. Honorary Member Liz Abzug and her honey Erica.  We wonder if green with envy Alana Komack will be allowed in?  She was excluded from the Mayor's last GLBT event!  An individual "official" photograph with Mayor Michael is a special added feature for all invitees.  (The event is, of course, strictly by invitation only!)


Monday, June 19 -- G.L.B.T. CENTER'S 23rd ANNUAL "GARDEN PARTY" @ 6 p.m.

This is the 23rd anniversary of the Gay Community Center and the "Garden Party" itself.  The event is a large, outdoor fund-raising event for The Center.  It happens at the Hudson River Park's Pier 54 at West 14 Street.  The "Garden Party" starts at 6 p.m. and culminates with dancing from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.  For much more 411, phone The Center at (212) 620-7310 and/or visit their informative website at:

Sunday, June 18 -- GAY PRIDE RALLY in BRYANT PARK @ 2 p.m.

A little "committee" at Heritage of Pride chooses who will be the speakers at their rally.  We guess that actual veterans of the Stonewall Rebellion suddenly no longer "qualify" in their broken view.  It's queer that we were great enough to be the main attraction on stage for "Stonewall 25" in Central Park (1994) when HOP was not the chooser of the speakers.  In contrast to "SW-25" with 25 vets on stage, HOP has chosen some speakers who have been booed by the audience!  So, we suggest that you do not attend until they reinstate respcct and gratitude in their program.  In any event, Bryant Park is on Avenue of the Americas from West 41 Street to West 42nd Street.  Multiple entrances are on all of those streets.  Geographically, Bryant Park is actually located behind the New York Public Library!  


Thursday, June 15 -- N.Y.C. COMPTROLLER'S "GLBTQ PRIDE" @ 5:30 p.m.

Hey, another rude year of Billy Tee ignoring the folks that brought the "pride", namely the famous Stonewall veterans.  Ig'ing the SW-Vetz is real "dis-Respect"!  Unfortunately for him, he's still got a lot of poisonous staff left over from his predecessor Hevesi.  However, that's no excuse after into his fifth year!!!!!  His honorees still don't include any of the Stonewall veterans.  If you want free food, go to the Gay Center from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  You can r.s.v.p. to (212) 669-4466 or just show up!  Tell them that the S.V.A. sent you!  


This year is the 20th anniversary of the New York City Gay Rights Law celebration.  The Gay Rights Bill was signed into law by then Mayor Ed Koch, a longtime advocate and supporter.  Several Stonewall veterans such as Williamson Henderson were with the legendary mayor then at City Hall and, ironically, such as Williamson, with the legendary mayor at City Hall just the other day at an endorsement press conference.  This 2006 annual City Council Gay event is sponsored by Gay Councilmembers such as Melissa ViveritoAlan Gerson and Rosie Mendez.  It's held in the Council Chambers of City Hall from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  If you are a Stonewall veteran member of the S.V.A., to r.s.v.p., call (212) 788-9107 or e-mail: events@Council.NYC.NY.US.


Sunday, June 11 -- NATIONAL PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE @ 11 a.m.

The famous Puerto Rican Day Parade line-up is on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in the heart of Manhattan in La Ciudad de Nueva York.


Sunday, June 11 -- S.V.A.'s WILLIAMSON PIC in NEW YORK DAILY NEWS                                         
The nice close-up photo is of former N.Y.C. Mayor Ed Koch making the historic endorsement of Andrew Cuomo for N.Y.S. Attorney General with Williamson Henderson approving by his very attendance -- front and center!.  As founder of the GLBT activist and civil rights S.V.A., its Director WLH's presence was also strategic for any questions or views regarding the Koch-Cuomo family political history.  It interestingly stems from the 1977 mayoral race with Mario Cuomo and Bella Abzug, et al. when Koch won the Dem run-off primary.  In 1982, the Koch-Cuomo match reappeared when Mario won the Democratic nod for Governor.  And, now the son Andrew is running with the blessing of Koch!  All involved -- then and now -- are supporters of the S.V.A.  To see the full story by Robert F. Moore and the color photo by Debbie Egan, visit:

For direct link, hit the incredible historic headline:  Koch endorses Cuomo: Andy'd be Dandy A/G!



Saturday, June 10 -- 10th ANNUAL BROOKLYN GAY PRIDE PARADE @ 9 p.m.                                               
New York City's only nighttime Gay Pride Parade is in Brooklyn!  The parade line-up is @ 7:30 to 8 p.m. along grand ole Prospect Park West from 15th to 19th Streets.  The fun parade begins at the old trolley car circle at Bartel-Pritchard Square.  The S.V.A. will be having dinner at the nearby Circle Restaurant.  Guess why the eatery was so-named?  The parade rolls into the night @ 9 p.m.  For much more 411 about the festival, the rally and the parade, telephone the Brooklyn Pride Committee at (718) 670-3337 or e-mail them any question at:  Visit BP's website at:                                                                                                         




Interestingly, both of the S.V.A.'s wise and wonderful Honorary Chairpersons
-- former and famous Mayor Ed I. Koch and current U.S. Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney -- are jointly endorsing Andrew M. Cuomo ("AMC") for N.Y.S. Attorney General.  Mr. AMC would succeed active S.V.A. supporter and Honorary Member Eliot L. Spitzer.  The appropriate location is Mayor Koch's former office building a.k.a. City Hall!  The press conference will be covered on all of the New York area television news shows Saturday evening and in all the newspapers on Sunday.  Williamson Henderson, who personally also supports the candidacy of AMC for A/G, is representing the S.V.A. and AnDre M. Christie, another "AMC", distributes the S.V.A's new lavender Gay Pride flyers.  Supporters are assembling @ 10 a.m. with the press conference @ 10: 20 a.m.



This annual Gay Pride celebration by the Brooklyn Borough President's Office -- currently only two of five N.Y.C. borough presidents do so -- is held in the Brooklyn Courtroom Rotunda at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 209 Joralemon Street.  A reception with food follows the event.  The program starts @ 6 p.m.  For more 411 and to r.s.v.p., telephone (718) 802-4488.


Tuesday, June 6 -- MANHATTAN BORO PRESIDENT'S "GAY PRIDE" EVENT              

Unlike the former MBP, longtime S.V.A. supporter C. Virginia Fields, who was in regular contact, sought our advice, asked for our input and, in fact, honored the S.V.A., this new MBP Snott Stringer has done nada with the legendary Stonewall veterans.  We expected as little.  Sadly, we were correct.  Thus, the S.V.A. will have nothing to do with this lessened event.  The gathering is slated  for the G.L.B.T. Community Center on West 13th Street in Manhattan, New York @ 6 p.m.  The S.V.A. won't be there!                                                                      



S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman, Community Liaison Michael Livote and Friend-of-SVA Stephen Richardson will be attending this meeting as there has been no communication from HOP this year.  Oh, what a Gay surprise!  That's respect for the Gay "heritage"?  Nor do any of them ever attend an S.V.A. meeting.  That's GLBT "pride"?  Tonite's theme from the SVA-ers is:  "Help Save The Stonewall Car"!  HOP's executive committee meeting is @ 7 p.m.  It is followed by their general meeting @ 8 p.m.  They are at the GLBT Community Center at 212 West 13 Street in Greenwich Village.  For any questions or comments on this matter, contact Bert directly at (917) 286-0616.




This is Queens' fourteenth Gay Pride Parade!  "Pride not Prejudice" is this year's theme.  The S.V.A. to the attention of Williamson Henderson has been officially invited by Parade Chairperson Danny Dromm to lead the parade with the 1969 "Stonewall Car".  The S.V.A. has done that for 11 of their 14 years.  Parade line-up is @ 11 a.m. on 89th and 90th Streets between 35th and 37th Avenues.  Parade floats, the "SW-Car" and other vehicles will position on the avenue.  The parade strikes up the band @ 12 noon.  It takes place along 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights and continues to 75th Street where it (except vehicles) turns left for the rally.  For more 411, call the Queens GLBT Pride Committee at (718) 457-2928 or visit their website at:




The STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") has been invited again to lead the Staten Island GLBT Pride Parade with the famous 1969 "Stonewall Car".  The parade line-up is at the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier.  Parade begins @ 12 noon.  The GLBT Pride Festival is at the Midland Beach Picnic Area until 8 p.m.  For more 411, phone (718) 273-5833.  Their e-mail address is:  SI's Gay Pride Parade Committee's website address is:  



 June 2006 -- GAY PRIDE MONTH

                                   Original Gay Pride 8-colors Flag by Stonewall Veteran Gilbert Baker

Thanks solely to the "Stonewall veterans", there is "Gay Pride" and, thus, now a "Gay Pride Month" as a result of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion on the last weekend of June in 1969 -- and a couple of days at the beginning of July.  Originally, in 1970, there was a "Gay Pride Day" and a march (not a parade that year) in New York City and San Francisco on the last Sunday in June to celebrate the first anniversary of the landmark Stonewall Rebellion.  That tradition has been preserved to the present.  Soon after in subsequent years, it expanded to "Gay Pride Weekend".  Over the years, the commemoration of the Stonewall Rebellion greatly enlarged to "Gay Pride Week".  Decades later, we now have "Gay Pride Month".  The bottomline:  Gay Pride day, weekend, week, ten-days, month or year, do you know what "Gay Pride" really means?



Once again -- basically a monthly tradition -- the S.V.A. website in May 2006 became the busiest month ever with over 370,000 verified visits to the site.  Congratulations to all connected, namely S.V.A. Executive Director Williamson Henderson and him being the driving engine, for the website's tremendous success and growing interest.  The S.V.A. website always has new, relevant and interesting information, photos and images added on a regular basis.  



Saturday, May 27 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

May is always the S.V.A.'s pre-Pride planning, discussing and deciding meeting regarding all of the upcoming Gay Pride events of next month.  The S.V.A. has already been invited to lead four of the five New York City and Long Island Gay Pride parades.  The S.V.A. currently has a "drive" to round up funds for the costs of garaging the 1969 "Stonewall Car".  The S.V.A. currently owns the legendary car.  The month of May is also traditionally the Memorial Weekend meeting, remembering   the Stonewall veterans of the S.V.A. that we have lost over the decades and as recently as last month with Dave West.  

The guest speakers are 77 Films producers Kimberly Gray and Nia Gandy with a clip of their eye-opening GLBT documentary "Life on Christopher Street", directed by the also expected Maria Clara.  Besides that film, the 77 Gyrlz will also discuss their current project "Out in Manhattan" and their forthcoming documentary "PRIDE".  For more info visit:




Broadway diva Patti LuPone rose to fame thirty years ago in the starring role of the Tony award-winning "Evita" and is currently starring on Broadway in "Sweeney Todd".  In this one-woman one-night only presentation, "The Lady With The Torch", Miss LuPone is accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra and performs an eclectic collection of torch songs.  The songlist includes Patti's renowned Broadway numbers such as "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from "Evita", "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from "Sunset Boulevard" and Gershwin's "The Man I Love".  PLP's Broadway shows are always critically-acclaimed.  Putting a different spin on the face of the S.V.A. attendees is SW-Vet Williamson Henderson with Stonewall veterans Mark Zatlow (in from L.A.), Leigh McManus (in from L.I.) and Lucy Santiago (up from P.R.)  plus S.V.A.'s Webmistress Babsala Lynne and her husband Petie Lynne (our S.V.A. website scanner) as well as our documentarianess Kimberly Gray.  Oh, and the S.V.A.'s assistant AnDre.  This is a benefit concert for the so worthwhile organization Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.  The happening is at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater at 150 West 65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan @ 8 p.m..  All of the proceeds go to the greatly-needed worldwide BC/EFA.  For more 411 about Broadway Cares and/or this benefit show, please visit:



Sunday, May 21 -- "AIDS WALK" in MANHATTAN

The annual walk to benefit the AIDS cause is accomplished by their donating the walk funds to about three dozen AIDS-related organizations.  As always, the S.V.A. will have many members and supporters participating in this worthwhile event.  The walk begins in Central Park at 10 a.m.  For more 411, telephone (212) 807-WALK and/or visit:




The JED Foundation is appropriately opening a branch location in Manhattan, New York.  Their headquarters is in Brooklyn.  The S.V.A. shall be proudly represented by Williamson Henderson.  The late N.Y.C. Councilmember James E. Davis was an Honorary Member of the S.V.A. and an intimate friend of its founder.  Jed's brother Geoffrey Davis is the determined and dilligent director of the JED Foundation and an endeared friend of the S.V.A.  This milestone event happens in Harlem at 625 Lenox Avenue (a.k.a Malcolm X Boulevard) between West 141st and 142nd Streets in Manhattan @ 4 p.m.  For more 411, telephone the JED Foundation office at (718) 221-2911.


Saturday, May 13 -- POLITICAL PRESS CONFERENCE @ 10:30 a.m

Undisclosed 411 at this moment in time.  Several N.Y.S. Assemblymembers and N.Y.C. Councilmembers will be present to endorse.  For less 411, call S.V.A. Assistant AnDre C at (212) 6-27-1969.  If you don't reach AnDre, at least you will hear AnDre's voice on the voice mail!



VID's political candidates' forum is for New York State candidates including Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller as well as local state positions such as some state senators.  Confirmed candidates include Eliot L. Spitzer and Tom Suozzi for Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo and Sean Maloney for Attorney General (another candidate dropped out -- no, not Gang-Green); Paul G. Feinman (re-elect) and David M. Cohen for Civil Court (new), Brad Hoylman for Male District Leader and Keen Berger for Female District Leader -- plus Duanda and The Glickster.  Scheduled reps of the S.V.A. include Williamson, Bert, Ruthy, Michael and AnDre.  The meeting will be presided over by William Stricklin.  The political forum takes place at the Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square South at the corner of Thompson Street in Old Greenwich Village in Manhattan.  For more 411, call VID directly at (212) 741-2994.




The East Side Democratic clubs sponsoring this political forum include the Lenox Hill Democratic Club, the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club, the Gramercy-Stuyvesant Democratic Club and the Tilden Democratic Club.  The confirmed gubernatorial candidates are S.V.A. supporter Eliot L. Spitzer (update: show) plus Tom Suozzi (update: no show).  For N.Y.S. Attorney General, the confirmed candidates are S.V.A. supporters Andrew M. Cuomo and Sean Maloney plus Charlie King and Denise O'Donnell.  For Lieutenant Governor is another S.V.A. supporter, David A. Paterson.  Guests include Councilmembers Dan Garodnick, Jessica Lappin and Rosie Mendez.  S.V.A. President Bert Coffman and various Friends-of-SVA represent the S.V.A.  Location is at N.Y.U.'s Medical Center on the main floor at First Avenue and East 31st Street in Manhattan.  It commences @ 4:30 p.m.  To r.s.v.p., call AnDre at (212) 6-27-1969.


Saturday, May 6 -- FILMING for DOCUMENTARY "GAY P-R-I-D-E"

This is an on-going Gay history and pride project for the independent 77 Films, Inc., with the STONEWALL Veterans' Association as one of its prime subjects.  Producers of "PRIDE" interviewed Stonewall veterans at an S.V.A. Gay Pride meeting two years ago and last year they filmed the S.V.A. and the 1969 "Stonewall Car" at the line-up before leading the annual Gay Pride Parade.  Requested and confirmed Stonewall Veterans to be interviewed include:  Williamson Henderson (S.V.A. Founder), Emile Griffith (S.V.A. Vice-President and legendary boxing champion), Storme DeLarverie (S.V.A. Ambassador and legendary Jewel Box Revue performer), Bert Coffman (current S.V.A. President and Zappalorti Society head) and Keith Lonesome (former S.V.A. 2nd Vice-President and Citizens to Screen Judges Committee chairman).  All SW-Vetz are urged to bring photos, images and mementos from the Stonewall Era (late 1960s) and into the pivotol 1970s.  Also on hand at the closed set are the following fellas:  Tony Agnosto (studio owner), Larry Nelson (Bisexual Network), Luis Rodrigo (EG's "longtime friend, partner and adopted son") and Donzel Johnson (special guest).  The filming takes place at Greenpoint Studios (with a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline) on Green Street (btw. McGuinness Blvd. and Provost St.) in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York.  Producing for 77 Films is Kimberly Gray (look-a-like sister for our AnDre C) and Nia Gandy (" pretty as you are, you could have been a flower").  The Director of Photography is Peggy Pardo (an admitted fag-hag from Columbia).  Don'tcha luv it?!  U go, Gyrlz!  Transportation to the set via Moh in a Hummer, lunch, snax, dinner and transportation from the studio in a Mercedes SUV by D-J  will be provided.  


This political forum is happening in the S.V.A.'s home district of the West Village.  S.V.A. President Bert Coffman and associates will be there representing the S.V.A.  Candidates who confirmed with or advsied the S.V.A. are Andrew CuomoSean Maloney and Charlie King for N.Y.S. Attorney General.  Also expected there is the unsatisfactory situation of unresponsive Jerrold Nadler.  The event at the Judson Memorial Church on Hudson Street begins at 7 p.m.


Saturday, April 29 -- MEMORIAL SERVICE for DAVE WEST @ 5:15 p.m.

The Memorial Service for Dave West is orchestrated and sponsored by the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, of which Dave was an officer, and some of Dave's many longtime Gay friends and others.  It is scheduled immediately following an abbreviated S.V.A. monthly meeting.  There will be an intermission for the stereo system, additional seating and fresh flowers to be set up.  Williamson Henderson is the Chairperson of the Dave West Memorial Committee.  The Honorary Chairperson is Dave West's mother Mitzi La Manna.  Committee members include Martino deMartino, Shelli VannelliJonathan Lane, Dianne Yodice and AnDre Christie.  The memorial service is hosted by Williamson.  There will be an invocation by the Hon. Joanne Harrison.  Confirmed speakers in addition to and after Dave's Mother include (in order):  Emile Griffith (former boxing champ), Larry Nelson (Bisexual Network), Storme DeLarverie (fellow S.V.A. officer), Bill Sands (longtime friend), Sherdina Straughn (Dave's music director), Peter Mommers (Dave's confidante), Steven Gradman (PRIDE Democrats), Jenni Egan (Imperial Queens of New York) and Bert Coffman (S.V.A.).  The event is to be held at the GLBT Community Center in the Assembly Hall on the main floor at 212 West 13 Street off Seventh Avenue in Manhattan @ 5 p.m.  The memorial service begins @ 5:15 p.m.  There will be a choice of a dinner at the Chelsea Gallery Restaurant or a private get-together party after the service at the home of a S.V.A. supporter. 

Public official condolence letters for Dave West have been received from U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General candidate Andrew Cuomo and Councilmember Melissa Viverito, to date.  In addition, funeral flowers were thoughtfully sent by former President Clinton openly-Gay aide Sean P. Maloney.



Saturday, April 29 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.


The first meeting in Spring is always a return to the regularity of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association -- and a mini-reunion of many of the vetz and the friends we haven't seen during the Winter!

Report on public officials will be provided by Bert Coffman.  There is much good and supportive news to give.  The worst offender is not a public official but his ratty staff chief "Aim-less".  A "Treasurer's Report" should be provided to paid S.V.A. members in good standing.  The financial picture (or lack thereof) is not pretty.

Special memorial tribute @ 5 p.m.:  S.V.A.'s late Public Relationist Dave F. West.  With the sad passing of Stonewall veteran Dave West, there will be a special memorial service in his honor.  See the special entry above.   





Williamson Henderson is the requested spokesperson for the S.V.A. at this significant and special meeting.  Williamson will be joined by Michael Livote, S.V.A.'s Community Liaison.  The meeting begins at their new campaign office in midtown Manhattan @ 12:30 p.m.  [Clue:  AMC]  



S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman and Community Liaison Michael Livote representing the S.V.A. -- plus a very special visitor, Dave West's mother, Mitzi LaManna -- will attend a meeting at New York statewide candidate Andrew M. Cuomo's campaign office in Manhattan @ 2 p.m.  




Among the subjects on the agenda is the unanimous reannointing of Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney ("CBM") as the S.V.A. Female Chair, the sad loss of Dave West (who CBM knew for years), new letter of praise to the S.V.A. (to be presented in person), the recent Gay Business Expo, CBM guest-speaking again at an S.V.A. meeting, leading the upcoming Gay Pride Parade, the induction of the 2006 S.V.A. officers, renewed annual  sponsorship, current candidates who are supportive of S.V.A. and a PRIDE Democrats fund-raising event for CBM this Summer!  This annual meeting with the Congressmember also fulfills her S.V.A. Honorary Chairperson's responsibility.  The Congressmember's longtime Chief-of-Staff Minna Elias and District Manager Juanita Reyes will be present at this meeting at their Congressional office.  The invitees from the S.V.A. include Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Storme DeLarverie, Michael Livote and Rose Giordano in addition to AnDre Christie.  Representing Dave West will incredibly be his mother Mitzi LaManna, as thoughtfully arranged by WLH.  The time for the meeting is 12:30 p.m. until 1:30 p.m.  For more 411 about this meeting or location details -- only if you are a current S.V.A. official -- contact the Congressmember's Senior Receptionist Estelle Rubin at (212) 860-0606.


 Saturday, April 8 -- "DAVE'S DINNER":  TRIBUTE to DAVE WEST

There will first be a private reception in honor of Dave West at his home to comfort his wonderful mother, discuss Dave's lively life and review his photo albums @ 6 p.m.  The private tribute dinner will be with Mrs. Mitzi LaManna (Dave's mother) and close friends such as Williamson Henderson, Jenni Egan, Peter Mommers, Shelli Vannelli and Jonathan Lane.  The dinner at the former Company Restaurant on Third Avenue between East 26th and East 27th Streets is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m.



Dave F. West, the S.V.A.'s longtime Public Relationist, died in his sleep very early Friday morning at approximately 5 a.m. at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, New York.    
Stonewall NEWZLETTA sad story to follow Friday evening and Saturday day.

Cards of sympathy for Dave West's family and/or the S.V.A. and donations to the S.V.A. in Dave West's name may be sent to:  S.V.A., 70-A Greenwich Av., Suite 120, Manhattan, NY 10011.  (In the memo section of your check, please indicate Dave West.)                        




Dave West was re-hospitalized in his on/off battle against bladder cancer on Thursday, March 30th at Beth Israel Hospital.  Since his fellow officers have been telephoning and sending cards, today is our 'official' day for visiting.  From the S.V.A. will be Founder Williamson Henderson, President Bert Coffman and Executive Committeemember Shelli Vannelli, among others.  Dave's mother Mitzi LaManna and his sister Lisa Andaloro will be there from Syracuse, New York.  Since we must coordinate the timing of our visits, please contact Andre Christie at the S.V.A. to coordinate arrivals.  We all hope for the best for our longtime SVA-er and friend Dave West.  




Andrew Cuomo will chiefly be analyzing the problems in Albany and his prescriptions to fix.  In other words, Mr. Cuomo lays the foundation of facts as to why there must be reform in the legislative and political processes in Albany.  Baruch College is the sponsor.  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are Stonewall veterans Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Leigh McManus, Bill Salzman and Rose Jordan as well as Friends-of-SVA Michael Livote, Anton HauserKathy Peck, Manni Rodriguez and Jay Hernandez plus S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  The venue is at Baruch's Forum Room on the third floor at 135 East 22 Street, between Lexington and Third Avenues, in the Gramercy area of Manhattan.  The event will be covered by all the print media such as Jonathan Hicks from The New York Times and t.v. media such as New York 1-News via Sandra Endo.  For more 411, contact Eli Rubin at (212) 981-5265. 




Although Dave West was with several SVA-ers at a Broadway Cares benefit for AIDS patients just earlier this month, sadly, he is now in the fight of his life versus bladder and other organs cancer.  Dave was accompanied by the Imperial Queens of NY's Vice-President Jenni Egan in an ambulance to a midtown Manhattan hospital




N.Y.S. Attorney General candidates include:  Andrew M. Cuomo, Sean P. Maloney, Denise J. O'Donnell (no show), Charlie King and a man we never heard of from Westchester.  Confirmed to attend from the S.V.A. are Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman and Michael Livote.  The political forum happens at the GLBT Community Services Center located at 212 West 13 Street in Manhattan from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  The S.V.A. will distribute its brand-new yellow flyers.


Sunday, March 26 -- EXPO 2nd DAY & EMILE GRIFFITH POW-WOW

As a get-2-gether aside, with the subject of the planned film on Emile Griffith, there was a discussion pow-wow between Emile Griffith (subject), Dan Klores (film producer), George C. Wolfe (director), Stephen A. Guirgis (screenwriter), Williamson Henderson (former intimate of Emile and with much Gay 411), Luis Rodrigo (Emile's current partner) and AnDre Christie.  One of the many interesting topics is the 1969 "Stonewall Car", which Williamson owned and Emile used to drive  A photo session will be taken at the S.V.A. exhibit with the S.V.A. banner in the background. 



The Opening Ceremonies commence on Saturday @ 11 a.m. with Master of Ceremonies Williamson Henderson.  Insofar as the S.V.A. Honorary Female Chairperson Congressmember Carolyn Maloney must be out of the state on a family matter, Williamson has extended the invitation to the current N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the lead candidate for the next Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.   

Visit the RDP Group, the original producers of the annual Gay Biz Expo, at:




As suggested by the Congressmember, this is a long overdue meeting.  "Representing the Representative" is Arturo Rodriguez.  Representing the S.V.A. is President Bert Coffman, Secretary Ruth Campbell and Community Liaison Michael Livote.



Thursdsay, March 9 -- U.S. SENATOR SCHUMER'S OFFICE for MEETING with S.V.A. OFFICIALS @ 3:30 p.m.

Representing the S.V.A. is Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Michael Livote and AnDre Christie.  Representing Senator Schumer are Sam Schaeffer and Daisy Rodriguez.  The meeting takes place at the Senator's East Side Midtown Third Avenue offices -- where we have been prior.




Female stars of Broadway in various productions perform for this salute to and fund-raiser fror Broadway Cares.  Among the fab femme stars are singer Darlene Love ("Hairspray") and the Jersey Girls ("Jersey Boys").  Special 'surprise' guests are the "Jersey Boys" themselves featuring John Lloyd Young as Frankie Valli appropriately singing -- for this "Dame" occasion -- the #1 Four Seasons hit song "Big Girls Don't Cry".  This once-a-year benefit show is at the Imperial Theater on West 45th Street off Broadway.  Confirmed to attend are S.V.A.'s Executive Director Williamson Henderson, President Bert Coffman, Public Relationist Dave West, Executive Committee Member Leigh McManus and his partner Roland, Advertising Rep Jon Buenatesta and S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie.  The Executive Director of BC/EFA Tom Viola is also Co-Producer of this great "Dame"! 



Saturday, March 4 -- S.V.A. RETURNS to "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN"

On the eve of the Academy Awards, the S.V.A. is gathering a posse to re-see -- or see for the first time -- the much-acclaimed and eight Oscars-nominated "Brokeback Mountain".  "BBM" is mostly about the twenty-year secret relationship of two bisexual cowboys in Wyoming and Texas from 1963 to 1983.  The riveting love story by E. Annie Proulx was originally published here in Manhattan in The New Yorker in 1997.  We are meeting in front of the Chelsea Cinema Theater on West 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan @ 6:15 to 6:30 p.m. for the 6:45 p.m. show.  Confirmed to attend from S.V.A. are Emile Griffith, Williamson HendersonLeigh McManus, (reluctant) S.V.A. Assistant AnDre Christie and Friend-of-SVA (and EAG's secret partner) Luis Rodrigo among many others.  We already have a party of ten confirmed.  Afterward @ approximately 9:45 p.m., an after-show dinner at The Dish restaurant on Gay Boulevard (Eighth Avenue) in Chelsea, New York.    




Wednesday, March 1, 2006 ("Ash Wednesday") -- S.V.A. CONFERENCE at COUNCILMEMBER DAN GARODNICK'S OFFICE

Confirmed to attend are S.V.A.'s Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Rose Giordano and AnDre Christie.  The meeting is held at the Councilmember's convenient East Side office on East 43 Street near Grand Central Terminal.



Saturday, February 25 -- S.V.A. MONTHLY MEETING @ 4:15 p.m.

On S.V.A. President Bert Coffman's agenda for this post-Valentine/pre-Gay Expo meeting is an update on responses from public officials to meeting with and support of the trailblazing S.V.A.  Educating the younger Gay generation for various projects in which they have contacted the S.V.A. for interviews will be reported.  Plans are in progress for the upcoming Gay Business Expo and the S.V.A.'s display on the last weekend of March.         

The special guest speaker is the controversially Gay, former Middleweight Boxing Champion-of-the-World and S.V.A.'s own Vice-President Emile A. Griffith, Jr.  On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the television release of the successful documentary about Emile, "Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story", there will also be people present associated with the film.  For further 411, call Emile's friend and S.V.A.'s assistant AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.




The 14th Congressional District Caucus, headed by Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney, holds another in its series of political forums.  This event is for the New York State gubernatorial candidates.  Eliot L. Spitzer ("ELS"), the current N.Y.S. Attorney General, has confirmed his attendance.  Also expect to see the new councilmember for that district (#5) Jessica Lappin and the adjoining district (#4) Dan Garodnick.  As always, the STONEWALL Veterans' Association shall be well-represented (snowstorm permitting), including Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Leigh McManus, Dave West, Michael Livote, et al.  The venue is a spacious, sloped-seating, mini-theater-like conference room at New York University's Medical School at 550 First Avenue and East 31st Street in Manhattan.  Once you enter the building (with long curved driveway), look for the pink "Carolyn" signs.  The forum starts very early -- especially for a stormy weekend Sunday morning -- @ 10:30 a.m.  The potential good news is that if the event actually  takes place, it includes a complimentery quality breakfast with hot coffee and hot tea. 

Update:  "Blizzard of 2006"!  The first snowstorm of the year in the New York area turned out to be a record-breaker!  All airports are closed; yet this forum is open!?  Finally, on the morning of the event during the height of the storm, they threw in the snow shovel: forum cancelled!




The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute ("BALI") presents its "Inaugural Press Conference and First Annual Breakfast".  Thus, look for plenty of press and food!  BALI was co-founded by Bella's two Gay daughters Eve Abzug and Liz Abzug in honor of their congressional mother Bella!  Women being honored today include openly-Gay, recent two-term N.Y.C. Councilmember Margarita Lopez, Melissa Viverito (District 8), Jessica Lappin (District 5), openly-Gay Rosie Mendez (District 2) and Inez Dickens (District 9) from Manhattan and Darlene Mealy (District 41) from Brooklyn.  Celebrities will surely include a big name Hollywood actress or three in addition to legendary feminist leader Gloria Steinem and singers Lesley "You Don't Own Me" Gore and Sandy "Stonewall" Rapp.  A special tribute has been added for women's rights advocate Betty Friedan, who died this past Saturday, February 4th, at 85 years in Manhattan, New York.  Representing the S.V.A. at this BALI happening are Executive Director and longtime friend Williamson Henderson, several S.V.A. officers and members, S.V.A. Editor Leigh McManus, S.V.A. reporter Vito Abzuzzo and S.V.A. assistant AnDre Christie.  This double event in honor of Bella! Abzug takes place at Hunter College on the eighth floor at Lexington Avenue and East 68th Street in Manhattan, New York.  The N.Y.C. subway train station is right there at the corner at 68th Street.  The time of the event is from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  For confirmation or more information, contact BALI's assistant Angie Jonze at (212) 346-9699 or e-female them at and the five newly-elected New York City Councilmembers:    Members of the S.V.A. should coordinate their attendance through S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman at (212) 889-4262.  

For interesting and unique 411 regarding BALI organization namesake former U.S. Congressmember Bella! Abzug vis-a-vis the GLBT community in general and the S.V.A. in particular, visit:



Monday, February 6, 2006 -  A.B.C.- T.V. DAYTIME STARS SALUTE BROADWAY CARES @ 7 p.m.  

The ABC-TV casts of "The View", "All My Children" (AMC), "One Life To Live" (OLTL) and "General Hospital" (GH) will put on a special Broadway music, dance and comedy extravaganza to celebrate and support Broadway Cares and Equity Fights AIDS.  Women of "The View" such as Barbara Walters, Star Jones and Meredith Vieira will be the intermitent hosts throughout the two-act show.  Among the many daytime stars performing are AMC's Susan Lucci (songs "Fever" and "That Old Black Magic"), OLTL's Erika Slazek and Robin Strasser and GH's Rick Hearst and Scott Clifton.  BC/EFA's Executive Director Tom Viola incredibly has the talent and takes the time to also be co-producer of this big production!  The benefit takes place at the wonderful New Amsterdam Theater -- home of "The Lion King" -- in the heart of Times Square at 214 West 42 Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, in Manhattan, New York.  This special presentation raises its stage curtains @ 7 p.m.  For more 411 and all the details about the benefit show and how you can help the BC/EFA organization, visit:




 Former welterweight and middleweight boxing champ Emile Griffith and dozens of other boxing champions including Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Ken "Mandingo" Norton are honored at a huge weekend event, entitled "A Night of Champions", in Cancun, Mexico.  Will Emile and his partner Luis Rodrigo be distributing the S.V.A. organization cards?  "U bet!"  For event details and pix, visit:



Saturday, January 28 -- S.V.A. 1st MEETING of the NEW YEAR @ 4:15 p.m.

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") holds its first meeting of the newest year -- its 37th!  The S.V.A.'s new President Bert Coffman (former 2nd Vice-President) chairs his first meeting as presiding officer.  A report will be presented on meetings and contacts with public officials.  All of the S.V.A. meetings are held at at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("GLBT") Center.

The guest speaker is S.V.A. Honorary Member Liz Abzug, the youngest Gay daughter of the late Congressmember Bella Abzug.  Liz will be speaking on the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute ("BALI") co-founded by her and her sister Evie Abzug and named in honor of their mother.  BALI is holding their inaugural press conference and first annual breakfast on February 8th (see entry in S.V.A.'s upcoming events).  Joining Liz will be her partner Minni Forman and assistant Angie Jonze



Melissa Viverito's stunning victory in a six-way Democratic primary race last September 13th resulted in her taking the Councilmatic reign of District 8 in Manhattan on the first of January.  Today is her official induction and celebratory party.  Public officials confirmed include:  U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, U.S. Congressmembers Carolyn Maloney, Jerrold Nadler and Nydia Vazquez, N.Y.S. Assemblymember Carmen Arroyo, (new) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, N.Y.C. Coucilmembers Eric Goia, Rosie Mendez, David Weprin, Gale Brewer, Dan Garodnick, et al.  Entertainment includes the lively multi-dance troupe "Keep Rising To The Top".  Heading up the most appropriate S.V.A. delegation is Williamson Henderson, who "pulled out all the stops and employed most of the S.V.A. secret strategies to ensure that Melissa won this hotly contested race"!  The winning event happens at Taino Towers Auditorium at 240 East 123 Street, between Second and Third Avenues, in Manhattan, New York.  The program commences @ 1 p.m. and the party runs until 5 p.m.  For more 411 and to rsvp, contact AnDre Christie at (212) 6-27-1969.



Wednesday, January 25 -- S.V.A. APPOINTMENT at N.Y.S. ASSEMBLYMEMBER DICK GOTFRIED'S OFFICE @ 3:30 p.m.  

This is the first meeting with Assemblymember Dick Gotfried's office in five years.  The last one was a total waste of valuable people's time.  Let's see what this one brings.  WLH's guess is zilch!  S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman and Ambassador Storme DeLarverie are representing the S.V.A.
Non-Event update:  WLH was right as usual!



Sunday, January 22 -- STONEWALL BROADWAY SPECIAL:  "JERSEY BOYS" @ 8 p.m.

The newest Broadway musical hit show "Jersey Boys" is about the interesting lives and stellar career of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons ("FVFS").  Among the many hit FVFS songs in the popular play that were at the original Stonewall Club are the following:  "Let's Hang On (To What We Got)" from late 1965; "Working My Way Back To You" and "Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)" from 1966; and "Beggin'" and "C'mon Marianne" from 1967.  In addition, the Valli solo #1 song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" also from 1967.  Frankie Valli is perfectly portrayed and the songs impeccably performed by John Lloyd Young.  By the way, FVFS songs from The Stonewall not included in this play are "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" from 1968 plus "And That Reminds Me" from 1969.  What "a faab, non-stop, exciting show" according to all of the reviews and, more importantly, our own S.V.A. member reviewers.  "Jersey Boys" is at the August Wilson (formerly Virginia) Theater at 245 West 52nd Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, in Manhattan.



Thursday, January 19 -- MANHATTAN BORO PRESIDENT'S REP MEETS with S.V.A. OFFICIALS @ 3:30 p.m.

This will be the first meeting with the office of the new Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.  Representing the S.V.A. and confirmed to attend are S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman, Public Relationist Dave West and S.V.A. organizer Michael Livote.  The meeting is held at the Community Room of the Prince George Hotel.  



Wednesday, January 18 -- S.V.A. MEETING at STATE SENATOR TOM DUANE'S OFFICE @ 3:30 p.m.

Confirmed to attend are S.V.A. Acting President Bert Coffman, Executive Committee member Leigh McManus and S.V.A. organizer Michael Livote.



Friday, January 13 -- S.V.A. TRIP to BAREBACK MOUNTAIN

A contingency of  the S.V.A. is having one of its occasional dinner and movie combo treats.  This time it's to see the number one Gay blockbuster "Brokeback Mountain".  The film, as most everyone knows, is about two cowboys (one straight, one bisexual) in Wyoming who unexpectedly fall in love with each other and all of the responsibilities and complexities involved in their longterm secretive relationship.  Dinner will be @ 6 p.m. at East of Eighth Restaurant, located on West 23 Street in Manhattan, just east of Eighth Avenue in Chelsea.  The exciting, Gay-themed love story film starts at the Chelsea Cinema @ 8:30 p.m.  Confirmed to attend are Stonewall veterans Williamson Henderson, Bert Coffman, Storme DeLarverie, Dave West and Leigh McManus plus Jenni Egan (IQKNY), Michael Livote (Community Liaison), Anton Hauser (Youth-for-SVA) and AnDre Christie (S.V.A. Assistant).  "Yeee-haww"!        






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26th busiest day:  Thursday, May 18, 2006 -- 13,284 visits
27th busiest day:  Wednesday, June 28, 2006 -- 13,195 visits

28th busiest day:  Wednesday March 8, 2006 -- 13,176 visits
29th busiest day:  Wednesday, May 17, 2006 -- 13,036 visits
30th busiest day:  Wednesday, May 10, 2006 -- 13,026 visits

31st busiest day:  Tuesday, March 21, 2006 -- 13,010 visits
32nd busiest day:  Wednesday, July 27, 2005 -- 13,007 visits
33 busiest day:  Sunday, March 12, 2006 -- 12,924 visits 
34th busiest day:  Friday, June 30, 2006 -- 12,867 visits   
35th busiest day:  Thursday, June 29, 2006 -- 12,818 visits
36th busiest day:  Thursday, March 30, 2006 -- 12,797 visits
37th busiest day:  Tuesday, May 2, 2006 -- 12,771 visits
38th busiest day:  Tuesday, May 23, 2006 -- 12,741 visits
39th busiest day:  Wednesday, May 31, 2006 -- 12,718 visits  
40th busiest day:  Saturday, June 24, 2006 -- 12,685 visits

41st busiest day:  Tuesday, January 24, 2006 -- 12,667 visits
42nd busiest day:  Friday, June 23, 2006 -- 12,644 visits
43rd busiest day:  Wednesday, May 3, 2006 -- 12,613 visits  
44th busiest day:  Tuesday, May 16, 2006 -- 12,612 visits 
45th busiest day:  Thursday, September 28, 2006 -- 12,604 visits
46th busiest day:  Thursday, July 6, 2006 -- 12,602 visits
47th busiest day:  Tuesday, March 28, 2006 -- 12,583 visits
48th busiest day:  Sunday, January 29, 2006 -- 12,521 visits  
49th busiest day:  Monday, February 27, 2006 -- 12,507 visits 
50th busiest day:  Wednesday, March 15, 2006 -- 12,499 visits

51st busiest day:  Monday, April 3, 2006 -- 12,483 visits  
52nd busiest day:  Thursday, May 4, 2006 -- 12,392 visits
53rd busiest day:  Monday, March 27, 2006 -- 12,346 visits
54th busiest day:  Monday, April 24, 2006 -- 12,340 visits
55th busiest day:  Tuesday, April 25, 2006 -- 12,334 visits  
56th busiest day:  September 20, 2006 -- 12,313 visits 
57th busiest day:  Friday, May 26, 2006 -- 12,239 visits
 58th busiest day:  October 24, 2006 -- 12,230 visits
59th busiest day:  Monday, January 30, 2006 -- 12,194 visits
60th busiest day:  Thursday, August 24, 2006 -- 12,192 visits

61st busiest day:  Wednesday, April 5, 2006 -- 12,188 visits
 62nd busiest day:  Monday, October 23, 2006 -- 12,162 visits 
63rd busiest day:  Friday, July 7, 2006 -- 12,151 visits
64th busiest day:  Thursday, March 23, 2006 -- 12,129 visits
65th busiest day:  Thursday, April 6, 2006 -- 12,128 visits  
 66th busiest day:  Tuesday, October 10, 2006 -- 12,111 visits
67th busiest day:  Monday, May 29, 2006 -- 12,109 visits
68th busiest day:  October 16, 2006 -- 12,105 visits
 69th busiest day:  October 12, 2006 -- 12,067 visits
70th busiest day:  Monday, February 14, 2005 (Valentine's Day) -- 12,063 visits

71st busiest day:  Monday, May 1, 2006 -- 12,028 visits
72nd busiest day:  Wednesday, April 19. 2006 -- 12,027 visits
73rd busiest day:  Thursday, January 26, 2006 -- 12,005 visits
 74th busiest day:  Sunday, September 24, 2006 -- 11,997 visits
75th busiest day:  Sunday, November 26, 2006 -- 11,991 visits 
76th busiest day:  Friday, January 20, 2006 -- 11,987 visits  
77th busiest day:  Tuesday, May 15, 2006 -- 11,942 visits  
78th busiest day:  Friday, March 10, 2006 -- 11,876 visits
 79th busiest day:  Tuesday, October 3, 2006 -- 11,869 visits
80th busiest day:  Monday, October 30, 2006 -- 11,847 visits

81st busiest day:  Sunday, January 22, 2006 -- 11,835 visits
82nd busiest day:  September 13, 2006 -- 11,756 visits
83rd busiest day:  Monday, December 11, 2006 -- 11,754 visits
84th busiest day:  Sunday, May 14, 2006 -- 11,748 visits
 85th busiest day:  Monday, November 13, 2006 -- 11,744 visits
86th busiest day:  Tuesday, February 21, 2006 -- 11,736 visit
87th busiest day:  Thursday, September 21, 2006 -- 11,735 visits
88th busiest day:  Friday, December 22, 2006 -- 11,715 visits
89th busiest day:  Thursday, February 23, 2006 -- 11,712 visits
90th busiest day:  Monday, December 4, 2006 -- 11,712 visits

91st busiest day:  Monday, June 5, 2006 -- 11,708 visits
92nd busiest day:  Saturday, March 25, 2006 (Gay Biz Expo) -- 11,693 visits
93rd busiest day:  Sunday, March 26, 2006 (Gay Biz Expo) -- 11,675 visits
  94th busiest day:  Monday, December 25, 2006 (Christmas Day) -- 11,648 visits
95th busiest day:  Wednesday, October 25, 2006 -- 11,632 visits
   96th busiest day:  Tuesday, December 5, 2006 -- 11,599 visits
 97th busiest day:  Wednesday, December 6, 2006 -- 11,592 visits
  98th busiest day:  Thursday, December 7, 2006 (Pearl Harbor Day) -- 11,555 visits
 99th busiest day:  Sunday, November 12, 2006 -- 11,531 visits
 100th busiest day:  Tuesday, October 31, 2006 (Halloween) -- 11,527 visits


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5 December


10th Anniversary of the 2001 Attacks on America!!!!


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