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Veterans' Association

Prominent Supporters
Public Officials   *   Organizations   *  Businesses


 Public Officials (Former and Current)

 NYC Mayor John V. Lindsay 
[in office:  Congressman 1959-1965 / Mayor 1966-1973]
{died 20 December 2000 @ 79}

NYS Assemblymember Bill F. Passanante 
[in office:  1955-1990]
{died 15 December 1996 @ 76}

NYS Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller
[in office:  4-term Governor 1959-1
973 / Vice-President 1974-1976]
{died 26 January 1979
 @ 70}

US Senator Jacob K. Javits
[in office:  1957-1980]
{died 7 March 1986 @ 81}

 NYS Governor Hugh L. Carey 
[in office:  Congressman 1961-1974 / Governor 1975-1982]
{died 7 August 2011 @ 92!}

NYS Senator F. Manfred Ohrenstein
[in office 33 years:  1961-1994]

US Congressmember Theodore S. "Ted" Weiss
[in office:  Councilman 1962-1976 / Congressman 1977-1992] 

{died 14 September 1992 @ nearly 65}

US Congressmember S. William "Bill" Green 
[in office:  Assemblyman 1965-1968 / Congressman 1978-1992]
{died 15 October 2002 @ 72}

New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch
[in office:  Councilman 1967-1968 / Congressman 1969-1977 / 3-term Mayor 1978-1989]
{died 1 February 2013 @ 88}

NYS Senator Roy M. Goodman
[in office 33 years:  1969-2002]
{died 3 June 2014 @ 84}

NYC Councilman S. Carter Burden
[in office:  1969-1978 / Congressional candidate 1978]
{died 23 January 1996 @ only 54}

US Congressmember Bella S. Abzug
[in office:  1971-1976 / US Senate Candidate 1976 / NYC Mayoral Candidate 1977]
{died 31 March 1998 @ 77}

U.S. Congressmember Charles B. Rangel
[served in office 45 years!:  1971-2016]

NYS Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1971-1993 / NYC Comptroller 1994-2001 / NYS Comptroller 2003-2006]

NYS State Senator / NYC Judge Karen S. Burstein
[in office:  1973-1978 / Attorney General candidate 1994]

NYC Councilmember Miriam Friedlander
[in office:  1974-1991]
{died 4 October 2009 @ extraordinary 95}

City Parks Commissioner Henry J. Stern
[in office:  Councilmember-at-Large 1974-1983 / NYC Parks Commish 1983-1989 {under  Koch} and 1994-2002 {under Giuliani 2 terms and Bloomberg 2 months}]

Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau
[in office as D/A 35 years!:  1975-2009]

US Senator Daniel Patrick "Pat" Moynihan
[in office:  1977-2000]
(died 26 March 2003 @ 76)

Councilmember Stanley E. Michels
[in office:  1978-2001]
{died 1 August 2008 @ 75}

NYS Governor Mario M. Cuomo
[in office:  Lieutenant Governor 1979-1982 / 3-term Governor 1983-1994]
{died 1 January 2015 @ 82}

US Congressmember Geraldine A. Ferraro
[in office:  Congressmember (from Queens) 1979-1984 /
US Vice-President candidate 1984 / US Senate candidate 1992 + 1998]
{died 26 March 2011 @ 75}

State Attorney General G. Oliver Koppell
[in office:  Assemblyman 1970-1993 / NYS Atty. Gen. 1994 / NYC Council 2002-present]

City Council President Carol A. Bellamy

[in office:  State Senate 1973-1977 / City Council President 1978-1985]

NYC Council Speaker Peter F. Vallone, Sr.
[in office:  Councilman 1974-1985 / Council Speaker 1986-2001]

NYS Assemblymember Alexander P. Grannis
[in elected office:  1975-2007]

NYC Councilman Herb Berman
[in office 1976 - 2001]
{died 6 July 2014 @ 80}

Nassau County Executive Thomas S. Gulotta
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1977-1981 / LI Town Supervisor 1981-1986 / NCE 1987-2001]

U.S. Congressmember Jerrold L. "Natler" Nadler
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1977-1992 / Congress 1992-present]

NYS Commissioner James L. Larocca
[in office:  1977-1998 {under two governors Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo}]

NYS Assemblymember Steven Sanders
[in office:  1977-2005]

NYS Senator Olga A. Mendez
 [in office:  1979-2006]
{died 29 July 2009 @ 84}

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. "Joe" Hines
[in office:  NYC Fire Commissioner 1980-1982 / Brooklyn D/A 1990-2013]

U.S. Senator Alfonse M. D'Amato
[in office:  1981-1998]

US President William J. Clinton
[in office:  Arkansas Governor 1981-1992 / President 1993-2000]

Councilmember Sal F. Albanese
[in office:  1982-1997]

United States Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney
[in office:  NYC Council 1983-1992 / Congress 1993-present]

U.S. Congressmember Edolphus "Ed" Towns
[in office:  1984-2012]

NYS Counsel Evan A. Davis
Counsel to NYS Governor Mario Cuomo

NYS Governor David A. Paterson
[in office:  NYS Senator 1986-2006 / Lieut. Gov. 2007-2008 / Governor 2008-2010]

NYC Comptroller Scott M. "The Shlub" Stringer
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1986-2005 / MBP 2006-2013 / Comptroller 2014-present]

NYC Councilmember Kathryn E. Freed
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1986-1991 / Council 1992-2001]

Bronx Borough President Fernando J. Ferrer
[in office:  1987-2001]

U.S. Congressmember Joseph J. Crowley
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1987-1998 / Congress 1999-present]

U.S. Congressmember Nita M. Lowey
[in office:  1989-present]

Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields
[in office:  Councilmember 1990-1997 / MBP 1998-2005]

NYC Councilmember Charles E. Millard
[in office:  1992-1995]

NYC Councilmember Antonio M. Pagan
[in office - first openly-Gay member of NYC Council:  1992 - 1997]
(openly-Gay; died 25 January 2009 @ only 50)

NYC Councilmember Una T. Clarke
[in office:  1992 - 2001]

Community Boardmember Liz J. Abzug
[in office:  1992 - 1999]

N.Y.S. Town Supervisor Sandra L. Frankel
[in office:  1992 - 2011]

America's Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani
[in office 2 terms:  1993 - 2001]

U.S. Congressmember Nydia M. Velazquez
[in office:  1993 - present]

N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith L. Wright
[in office:  1993 - 2016]

NYC Councilmember Andrew S. Eristoff
[in office:  1994-1999]
Queens Borough President Melinda E. Katz
[in office:  NYS Assembly 1994 - 1999 / Council 2002 - 2009 / QBP 2014 - present]

State Committeemember Carl A. Manzano
[in office:  1994 - 2007]

NYS Governor George Elmer Pataki
[in office 3 terms:  1995-2006]

NYS Lieutenant Governor Betsy P. McCaughey
[in office:  1995-1998]

State Parks Commissioner Bernadette A. Castro
[in office:  1995-2007]

NYS State Senator Catherine M. Abate
[in office:  1995-1998]
{died 2014}

Bronx Borough President Adolfo J. Carrion, Jr.
[in office:  NYC Council 1996 / BxBP 2002-2009]

Community Boardmember Thomas G. Lunke
[in office:  1996-2002]

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.
[in office:  NYS Assemblyman 1997-2009 / Bronx BP 2009-present]

NYC Councilmember Margarita L. Lopez
[in office:  1998-2005]

N.Y.S. Senator W. Bill Perkins
[in office:  NYC Council 1998-2005 / NYS Senate 2007-present]

NYS Governor Eliot L. Spitzer
[in office:  NYS Attorney General 1999-2006 / Governor 2007-March 2008]

School Boardmember Larry M. Sauer 
[in office:  1999-2003]
(openly-Gay; died 20 February 2003)

N.Y.S. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman
[in office:  NYS Senator 1999-2010 / Attorney General 2011-present]

US Senator Jon S. Corzine (New Jersey)
[in office:  US Senator 2001-2005 / NJ Governor 2006-2009]

US Senator Hillary R. Clinton
[in elected office:  2001-2008]

NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
[in office 3 terms:  2002-2013]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.
[in office:  Council 2002-2013; candidate for Congress 2014]

U.S. Congressmember Yvette D. Clarke
[in office:  Council 2002-2005 / Congress 2007-present]

NYC Councilmember Robert J. Jackson
[in office:  2002-2013]

NYC Councilmember James E. "Jed" Davis
[in office:  2002-2003]
(murdered in City Hall on July 23, 2003  @ 41 - the youngest SVA supporter to die)

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer
[in office:  NYC Council 2002-2013 / MBP 2014-present]

NYC Public Advocate Betsy F. Gotbaum
[in office:  2002-2009]

NYS Senator Carl Andrews
[in office:  2002-2006]

City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.
[in office:  2002-2009]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
[in office:  Council 2002-2009 / Public Advocate 2010-2013 / NYC Mayor 2014-present]

City Councilmember David Yassky
[in office:  2002-2009]

City Comptroller John C. "J-Lu" Liu
[in office:  Council 2002-2009 / Comptroller 2010-2013]

NYC Councilmember Eric N. Gioia
[in office:  2002-2009]

N.Y.S. Assemblymember David I. Weprin
[in office:  NYC Council 2002-2009 / NYS Assembly 2010-present]

City Council Speaker Alan Gifford "Giffy" Miller
[in office:  2002-2005]

Councilmember Alan J. ("Gersy") Gerson
[in office:  2002-2009]

State Assemblymember Jonathan L. Bing
[in office:  2003-2011; resigned for NYS position]

N.Y.S. Senator Kevin S. Parker
[in office:  2003-present]

N.Y.S. Senator Liz S. Krueger
[in office:  2003-present]

Manhattan District Leader Kathleen X. "Keen" Berger
[in office:  2004-present]

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
[in office:  NYS Attorney General 2006-2010 / Governor 2011-present]

N.Y.C. Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito
[in office:  Council 2006-present /' Council Speaker 2014-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Inez E. Dickens
[in office:  2006-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Dan R. Garodnick
[in office:  2006-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Rosaura R. Mendez
[in office:  2006-present]

City Councilmember Jessica S. Lappin
[in office:  2006-2013]

U.S. Congressman Hakeem S. Jeffries
[in office:  NYS Assemblyman 2007-2012 / Congress:  2013-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Stephen T. Levin
[in office:  2010-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Danny P. Dromm
[in office:  2010-present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Benjamin J. Kallos
[in office:  2014-present]

 N.Y.C. Councilmember Laurie Cumbo  
[in office:  2014 - present]

N.Y.C. Councilmember Carlos Menchaca
[in office:  2014 - present]

U.S. Congressman Daniel M. "Dan" Donovan
[in office:  special election (May) 2016 - present] 

----- Chronological up to this marker from below ---- {arranging in progress} -----

 Manhattan District Leader James R. McAnus

Judge Thomas M. Fitzpatrick

District Leader David B. Reck

District Leader Meryl O. Brodsky

Judge John Stackhouse

NY Supreme Court Judge Leslie Crocker-Snyder  

NYS Assemblymember Adam C. Powell

N.Y.S. Assemblymember Matthew S. "Matti" Titone

N.Y.S. Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey L. Wright

N.Y.C. Councilwoman Helen A. Rosenthal

N.Y.C. Councilman Michael Levine

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
Empire State Pride Agenda (status "86" since mid-2003)
Imperial QUEENS & Kings of Greater New York
Institute for Human Identity
Midtown Democratic Association
People With AIDS Coalition
Gay & Lesbian National Hotline
Stonewall Car Club
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade
Metropolitan Community Church
New York State Democratic Committee
Beaux Arts Society
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Stonewall Republicans
Renew New York Committee
Human Rights Campaign
Staten Island Gay Community Group
Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
Long Island Gays United
New York City Anti-Violence Project
Imperial QUEENS of Long Island
New York University
G.L.B.T. Studies Group
Senior Action in a Gay Environment
PRIDE Democrats
Committee To Rebuild New York
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Middle Collegiate Church
Working Group On Lesbian & Gay Issues
Village Independent Democrats
Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade Committee
Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Holocaust Coalition
Liberal Party of New York
Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council
Body Positive
Clearview Festival Foundation
G.L.B.T. Political Coalition
Human Resources Administration
Downtown Independent Democrats
Triangle Transgenderists
The Bronx G.L.B.T. Pride Parade
Unity Fellowship Church
ASTRAEA - National Lesbian Action Fund
Independence Party of Manhattan
Brooklyn Historic Railway Association
Albany Gay Pride Parade
Parliament Democratic Club of Brooklyn
Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Gay Pride
  River Park Residents Association


  Businesses and Campaigns

Gay Financial Network (GFN)
Village Apothecary
New York Blade Newspaper
Manatus Restaurant
Pinnacle Choice Healthcare Plan
Papillon Restaurant
Christopher Street Financial
I.W.I. Risk Management Services
Cafe Bruxelles
Hogs 'n' Heifers Bar
Express Cafe
The Monster Club
H.S.B.C. Bank
Proofreaders Unlimited, Ltd.
Bare Essentials
Frank E. Campbell's Funeral Chapel
Vintage Cafe
G.L.B.T. Political Coalition
Body Positive
Friends of Dennis Mehiel for Lieut. Governor (2002)
Hudson Corner Cafe
MacGregor Insurance Co.
Tapestry Restaurant
Eliot L. Spitzer for Atty. Gen. (1998 & 2002) and N.Y. Governor (2006)
All Med Rehabilitation Center
Cozy Nook Bar
Carolyn B. Maloney for Congress (1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014)
Kopy Kat Center
Village Den Restaurant
Michael R. Bloomberg for N.Y.C. Mayor (2001 & 2005 & 2009)
Village Copy & Computer Center
The Stonewall Club
Hakeem S. Jeffries for N.Y.S. Assembly (2000, 2002, 2006, 2008 & 2010)
DeBellis Insurance Co.
Trick or Treat Productions
Eddie L. Baca for N.Y.S. Assembly (2004)
Alvin W. Holmes Complete Computer Service
Edwin's Spanish Harlem Cafe
Tim I. Neiman for N.Y.S. Senate (2004)
The Duplex
Betsy Gotbaum for NYC Public Advcate (2005)
PRU Personnel Management
Margarita Lopez for Manhattan Borough Prersident (2005)
Mercado's Cuisine
Melissa M. Viverito for New York City Council (2005 & 2009)

Bus Stop Cafe

Leslie Crocker Snyder for Manhattan District Attorney (2005 & 2009)

Philip Marie Restaurant

Rosie L. Mendez for New York City Council (2005 & 2009)

Arrow Pharmacy

Andrew M. Cuomo for N.Y.S. Attorney General (2006)

Vada Spa & Salon
Pete Gleason for N.Y. City Council {Manh., 1st Dist.} (2009)
Care Alternative * North America

Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate
Yetta Kurland for City Council {Manhattan/3rd Dist.} (2009)
Andrew Cuomo for NYS Governor (2002, 2010, 2014 & 2018)
Petite Cafe
Fiddlesticks Restaurant
Village Party Store
Bob Turner For Congress
Bowen Pharmacy
Onegin Restaurant

Cafe Francois
Melissa Viverito for City Council Speaker
T/D Bank
Gus Christensen for NYS Assembly (East Side Manhattan/76th District)
New York Chemists
Centropolis Entertainment
Marisol Alcantara for NYS Senate (Upper Manhattan/31st District)


=S.V.A. Factoid=  
"7 or more out of 10 campaigns who advertise with the S.V.A.... win!  And, 7 or more out of 10 who don't... lose!"

   Easter Sunday 


========  Remembrance 2017  ========  
16th Anniversary of the four, cowardly, criminal, murderous September 11th, 2001 extremist islamic terrorist attacks on New York City (twice), Virginia and Pennsylvania!!!!


Rest In Peace (in Manhattan)  *  New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch
-- an appreciative, longtime and solid supporter of the S.V.A.  
It certainly brought him great results and good luck.  New York City Mayor Ed Koch thoughtfully, strongly, gladly, consistently and proudly supported the S.V.A. National STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association while he was a congressman the year of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969 and as mayor for a dozen years (1978 through 1989) and ever since!  He cleverly re-christened the 1969 "Stonewall Car" as the "Stonewall Touring Car" because of all its renowned parade work and displaying at events around New York City.  Mayor Koch also served as the SVA's Honorary Male Chairperson for an incredible four-plus decades until his sunset!  

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